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A good day for UM recruiting

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Is it just me or did Wednesday's news regarding five-star defensive back Latwan Anderson feel like the first big victory in recruiting for the University of Miami in a while? 

Latwan Anderson I'm not trying to put a negative spin on it. It's great the Canes were able to land a top-notch recruit they weren't supposed to get. But ever since Jacory Harris and those other guys from Miami Northwestern came in as part of ESPN's No. 1 recruiting class in 2008, the public perception has been the Canes have missed out on most of the big-time kids they really wanted.

You remember the names and the stories. It started with Patrick Johnson (now Patrick Peterson) dumping the Canes for LSU. Then, there was Matt Patchan, son of a former Cane, choosing the Gators over UM and talking trash about his dad's program. A year later, Kayvon Webster, Defensive player of the Year in Miami-Dade, switched from the Canes for USF on National Signing Day. Then, there was the whole Bryce Brown fiasco, which ended with him choosing Tennessee a few weeks after NSD. This year, Canes fans crossed their fingers for Seantrel Henderson and Ivan McCartney. Again, UM came up short.

Today, though, was a good day for UM. Anderson, a big-time talent in Ohio State's backyard, basically fell into the Canes' lap. Before Signing Day, he wasn't really even on the Canes radar. A U.S. Army All-American, he picked West Virginia on national TV and was all set to go there. Now, he's headed to UM without even being really recruited by UM coach Randy Shannon and his staff. 

The general response I gathered from fans since the news broke Wednesday morning was "it's about time." But is it really fair to say that? Last month, when the Canes wrapped up their 2010 signing class, the overall consensus from experts was that Miami underachieved. The thought was the Canes were supposed to do better with all of the talent available in their backyard. 

The truth is, nothing burns Shannon more than the perception he and his staff aren't doing their jobs as good as they should be doing it when it comes to recruiting in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. In his eyes, there have been a lot of great recruiting days since Jacory and company picked The U.

Randy Shannon LUNCH WITH RANDY... Three weeks ago, I got a chance to go out to lunch with Shannon. There were no tape recorders, no note pads. It was just two guys born and raised in Miami talking about the college football program they've been around (In my case, from a seat far away from the field for most of it). The hour and half I spent with Shannon was about as close as I've been able to get to him in the four years since I've been covering the team.

Shannon, guarded by nature, doesn't trust the media one bit. He thinks most of us don't do a good enough job investigating anything before we write it. But he also doesn't think he needs to volunteer any information he doesn't have to. This lunch -- in part -- was for us to get a better feel for where we come from, where our opinions are formed. 

In this case, Shannon doesn't want the idea to get out there that he's bashing programs in his backyard. So you won't ever read or hear any quotes from him saying high school programs are failing him. But the truth is he's worried about the way many local high school programs are being run these days. 

He says there are many issues that has made recruiting local players to UM a lot tougher than before. At the top of the list: Academic failure (test scores or low GPAs) and arrest records. The old UM might have been to take a chance those kids. But not this one run under President Donna Shalala. 

Then, there is the issue of individuals (street agents/assistant coaches) who are making deals (either for money or employment) with other colleges to send players away. On top of that, there are a few high school coaches for one reason or the other who have agendas against him and the program (in some cases because Shannon didn't hire them as assistants he was named UM's coach). Add it all up, and the field of high-end available recruits available to UM has shrunk. 

Shannon says he isn't asking for pity. He says he just thinks there needs to be a better understanding of why UM ultimately might not recruit a certain player or end up with them on National Signing Day. Ultimately, he says, every player now at UM has gone through the recruiting ringer (background checks, academic checks, character checks). Ultimately, he says, he is the final person to sign off on any written scholarship offer the program hands out. That whole Todd Chandler fiasco? Consider it one of a few mistakes by a now former assistant. But we know through Miami Northwestern coach Billy Rolle that Chandler was never given a written offer. 

Shannon says he is trying to help as many local coaches (many who are young and replacing legends) as he can better understand their responsibilities. He said he talks to them about image (he's scolded several local coaches for wearing bagging jeans and sunglasses on the sideline), instilling discipline (he says not enough suspend their best players for breaking the rules or missing practice) and not falling prey to recruiting promises (some high school coaches he says have been burned by college programs who promise they'll give them a job in exchange for a recruit). But it's hard sometimes, he says, to get through to them.

Whether you are a Shannon supporter or not, you still have to respect the fact the position he was put in wasn't easy. The Canes were well on the way to going in reverse by the time he took the steering wheel. Little by little he's made the program better than it was when he took it over. Nobody can argue that there isn't more talent on this team here now than when got it. Miami has a chance in 2010 to be really good again. And the bottomline is Latwan Anderson would not have picked UM if he didn't like the direction the program is headed in.


> I didn't make it up in time to catch the Canes basketball team practice at the Greensboro Coliseum, but I'll be at Thursday's ACC Tournament game against Wake Forest. I'll be sending updates on Twitter throughout the game. Our Michelle Kaufman wrote about the Canes' uphill battle coming into the tournament.

> Here is a highlight video I found on Latwan Anderson on YouTube.


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hi Manny good read and fair assessment of what Randy and the high school coaches relationship is like.

I think you meant to use the word prey instead of pray in that sentence.

Great post and a much needed W for Canes fans. Really interesting read in regards to the challenges RS has faced and from a policy perspective how he is trying to make the establishment a smoother running machine that serves athletes agendas 1st through proper coaching and education.

RS is ok in my book

Hey Manny,

Hope you are doing well. I have to say I disagree with you about Anderson being the first big time recruit RS has signed since the NW boys came on board.

So called recruiting experts say the U's recent class is unimpressive? So what? Its just opinion.

Good thing RS doesn't leave his recruiting choices up to them. I believe Linder would qualify, T. Glenn, K Nelson, Storm Johnson, Shaylon Green, Tyrone C. and a few others.

Also what has Webster accomplished at USF? I believe he played against the U and I don't remember his name being called if he did.

Matt Patchan, what has he done at Florida? Riding the pine is what he has done so far and managed to be with the wrong crowd or at the wrong place to get shot!

I have heard an unsubstantiated rumor that Bryce Brown has left UT. This from a fan and friend who lives in Kansas. It was rumored that he was going to join Arthur at KSU.

With all the shenanigans he pulled did he really get away or was he let go by RS because of his actions and his street agent.

Patterson has turned out to be a very good player but I saw him getting beat quite a bit last year. Not only that, but their were rumors that he wanted guarantees that he would start as a freshman, Again did he get away or was he left to go elsewhere because of this?

Also RS has said that they didn't go after everyone in the So. Fla. area due to team needs and knowledge of grade or character issues. Also some of these kids want to get out of town and surprise, surprise, their favorite team is someone other than the U.

I will predict, that the U's next Championship will be anchored by this years outstanding recruiting class!

Thanks for the sounding board.

I've been a Randy Shannon supporter since Day One. Is Randy the best gameday coach out there? No, but he's learning. Is Randy the best X's and O's coach out there? No, but he did hire Mark Whipple. Randy gets a lot of criticism from fans and media people, but he's exactly what Miami needs as a head coach. Let's not forget how bare the cupboard was when Coker left and Randy stepped in. Coker took over a team filled with NFL talent and literally ran it into the ground in a few seasons. What Randy has done since then is nothing short of remarkable. Granted, there is still much work to be done, but I have faith in Randy. Remember, Butch Davis was criticized for the majority of the time he coached at the U before he finally broke through in 2000. Point being, don't be so quick to jump all over Randy. Show some patience, and you will see that the Canes will eventually return to the top. Maybe even as soon as this season, who knows?!

Manny, One of your most interesting articles yet. If Coach Shannon stays at Miami for a long time, I see him as a good role model for area coaches. If he can open his door up to these coaches and build long-standing professional relationships(time permitting of course), recruiting could really take off. It seems like he's trying to do that despite the off year locally.

Yes, it was a great day for Miami track and football.

That was weak. I never heard Jimmy Johnson, Schnell, or Dennis Erickson make so many excuses. Are you two saying that in the 80s and 90s all of UM's prized recruits were dumb and criminals?

Are you saying that Donna aka Karl MArx Shalala has ruined the program?

Why not take a chance on a kid with problems? They are kids. Randy- you grew up in the rough areas, why not take a chance on a kid? That was a BS excuse if I heard one.

In the documentary the U, it was clearly shown how Schnell, a white man, would walk into the O-Town to recruit athletes. Question... Are current UM coaches willing to put the extra mile to get recruits? And why not go out of Dade. Broward, PB, Lee County have many good athletes as well. In Lee County many are going to UF.

How od these rash of excuses explain how UF got so many 5 star blue chippers and Rnady with his limited communications skills did not?

There is the answer: Limited communications skills. YOu need to sell the program, and he hasnt.

L.A. will be doing some Brantley Hunting come 2013.... if, he is not thrown in the alachua county jail system.....
Big get for The U!

Manny, RS never said they did not recruit Latwan Anderson.

Why give that impression, Idiot!

P.S. Use a little grammar.


The only image coaches care about in high school are the "W's" that follow them in the win colum. There are few that want to be second dad's to these kids out side the school because many of them have there own problems or agenda ie.. keeping there job or how many D1 schools they sent there kids too, so they can pad there resume. But RS will keep doing his job the right way the new "U".

Randy Shannon is paid a hell of a lot more than almost everyone else who works at UM. And, damn it, he is NOT being paid for for EXCUSES.

Since Jacory and his crew came aboard, he's been a BUST recruiting, improving, and keeping top athletes in/for the program; and we're still having end of season tailspins. But now he wants a fat contract extension and a raise (despite the fact that salaries are frozen for all other UM faculty and staff, the new student union has been delayed, and campus construction of desperately needed classroom space and new dormitories was frozen too, due to the economic crisis). ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

He's a great guy . . . for sure. But is he a great coach? Is he a 5- or 4- or 3-star college coach? No, he was a PROJECT who came to the UM head coaching position with a lot of POTENTIAL but who has yet to prove that he is a difference maker (on the field) in the ACC.


PS. At least Coach Shannon's team isn't LAST in the ACC (unlike Coach Haith's team). And 2010 may be a breakout season for the football team. Let's hope so!! UM NEEDS A WINNER. And, in truth, we all want Randy Shannon to succeed as Da U's head coach.

Manny, is it any surprise that Randy doesn't trust the media. Look at what the Herald did during the probation day's to UM. Dan LeBatard who used to hang with the player's as a student, used his personal experiences to betray the friends he coveted while at UM. The Herald has been notorious for ripping UM conduct in the past. On the other hand, where is the expose on UF and the parade of arrests under Meyer? I support Randy's skeptical view of the media because we all know nothing sells more than dirt in south Florida.

So this guy is basically making up enormous excuses for his failures, and trying to instill his failed tactics into local HS's? Shannon should worry about his own damn job and inability to produced good results at Miami and let HS coaches worry about their jobs and what they where on the sidelines.

It sounds to me like this guy just is not well liked in South Florida, that would make more sense since he's not exactly a people person.

The YouTube video at the bottom of the page was awesome. Thanks manny



dont win ?

get someone who can.

"He said he talks to them about image (he's scolded several local coaches for wearing bagging jeans and sunglasses on the sideline), instilling discipline (he says not enough suspend their best players for breaking the rules or missing practice) and not falling prey to recruiting promises (some high school coaches he says have been burned by college programs who promise they'll give them a job in exchange for a recruit). But it's hard sometimes, he says, to get through to them."

Is that really his job though? I mean, he is going to a high school, and then lecturing a person that will be a strong influence on the recruits that they are DRESSING wrong?

I wonder how 16 or 17 year old Randy Shannon would have felt if he had seen his coach getting berated for his attire on his own sideline by JJ or Dennis. You can hold high standards, but you don't walk into someone's house and then tell them that they are not dressed well enough for you.

Again, he can hold to his principles on HIS sideline all he wants, but no need to rile up people you are trying to win as allies to the cause.



It's good to hear Shannon is giving you some quality time... That's a good thing! as he's not one to normally share his feelings openly... As we all know.

Maybe someday you can help him with his book... "The Man, Behind The Glass Wall"... Whatcha think?... LOL... I bet it would be a blockbuster!

Shannon, if you are reading... You have thousands of fans, here and around the country, who wants to support the U and your visioned path to NC. For the true fan, we understand it is a tough haul, but please try to keep the communication open, as many times, what we perceive to be the truth, normally isn't.

There is an old saying, that goes something like this... What is truth?
What someone actually said or what you heard and perceived to be the truth from someone else?

Just your average and crazy Fan,... Go Canes!

Thanks Manny!

Is this an Ed Reed highlight? Go CANES!!

That's the Manny we know and love !!!
Thanks Manny !!! Smart move by Shannon to go to lunch with you. man, I wish I would have been a fly on the wall that day !! Best Wishes Manny !!!

Excellent work again Mandingo; you kick Shandel's butt in a daily basis.

Great piece manny.

Wow, Manny you need to go into business yourself. It is clear that Shannon trusts you more than some of the other media outlets (Gary Fermator). Great work, thats a tough story to dig up.

Of the 4 recruits you mentioned UM missed on:

1) Only Patrick Johnson has gone on to be an impact player at LSU. However, we did get the #1 class that yr. & you can't get them all. Plus, Patrick Johnson's father played some games in the process & UM wound up passing on him more than he passing on the Canes.

2) Matt Patchan has been a bust at Florida. He's been hurt every yr. & has hardly played at all. By the way it looks now, it doesn't look as if Matt Patchan will ever even get on the field much.

3) Kayvon Webster is a clown. He commited to UM & did not even have the courtesy to call & tell them he changed his mind. The 1st time Miami knew he wasn't coming was at the press conference at his H.S. on N.S.D. No big lossl, he was a 3 star player who was burned in the secondary numerous time last yr. at USF. Now the coach that stole him away isn't even there anymore.

4) Bryce Brown was more UM dropping him than the other way around. Once it became a circus, Miami distanced itself from Brown. Bryce was even saying he wanted to win the Heisman Trophy his first yr. in college. Last season he made very little impact on the Vol's team as a backup running back. When Bryce saw Lamar Millar & Mike James at the U he knew he would be #3 at best. Kansas football is no where close to the caliber they play in Dade County.

So of the 4 mentioned above, Only Patrick Johnson (now Peterson) was really the only one I would have like to have kept. Him & B.Harris would have been a solid dual for Miami at the corners both now entering their Junior yr's.

Now if we could just get the track coach to take over recruiting for the football team fulltime. That was tongue in cheek. Great day for the Canes, I must say, as much as i critiscize R Shannon, a lot of it is warranted still in my opinion, BUT, I can't argue that there is more talent on the team now, than when Shannon took over. Manny, not sure that this is the first recruiting victory in a while though, Ray Ray and Dyron Dye out of Sanford Seminole were huge gets last year, but i'm nitpicking here.Now to Rhardy and ChicagoCane, and the rest you know who you are, why are you so thrilled? i thought you don't want "primma donna" 5 stars on the team, hmmm, i read the last blog comments, and it was all out euphoria, and you guys want S Henderson too? not only is he another, dreaded 5 star, but he did'nt pick Miami inmediately, and you guys don't want anyone here, who:"Doesn't bleed orange and green", hmmm,i thought we PREFER 3 stars who do not feel entitled, was that not the company line for the apologists? anyways, this is a great day!welcome to the U Latwan!

You get a good feel for how difficult recruiting has become after reading your article. Coach with high standards like Coach Shannon is gonna lose a few. Coach Shannon is leading us in the right direction.

Thanks Manny. Great work.

A question if I may: Does the report that the UM football team is out of scholarships mean we are don pursuing Seantrel Henderson? Or does it mean that if he chose Miami, Henderson would also get a scholarship from a creative source (Track, Basketball, etc)? What is your take?

Great post Manny regardless of what all the detractors say Randy Shannon is doing a great job of recruiting quality kids from around the nation and especially MIA alot of these kids come from the rough streets and it's hard for them to let go of those influences but with good mentors and a family oriented college program where people are more important than W's and L's he must be praised for his efforts. I love the U and i want them to win always but it's good to see that there are still good role models in the real world of sports.

One more thing, in fairness to Shannon, who i still think is an average to below average coach, his one asset, or supposed asset, since the last couple yeras have put that in doubt, was recruiting ability, but in fairness, it appears more and more that Donna Shalala is really handicapping his ability to recruit! Here is prayingwe get Seantrel too, and more importantly that we have a great season, please do not sign Shannon to an extension yet, if he delivers this year, by all means , heck give him a 10 year deal if you want, but let him earn it first! GO CANES!

Great post. It is great to hear some of this stuff. It has always been obvious when watching Randy Shannon recruit that he is evaluating these kids based on a LOT more than just talent. I think that is important, for UM, for these kids and for the country, and should be rewarded and applauded. On top of that, Shannon is going to win with the kids he chooses, and when that happens we could really see a huge ripple effect across the country.

UM changed the way recruiting was handled and the game was played back in the 80's. I think it was for the better (many inner city kids were given a chance to get their degrees and get rich), but it obviously came with a lot of problems. Now we're going to do it again by showing the world that the inner cities produce high quality, good character kids that can handle their responsibility, keep out of trouble, and graduate, and who don't need to be pampered or have their a__es kissed.

We're going to win a lot of titles under Randy Shannon, and the entire south florida region is going to be better off because of the demands he's placing on the local kids and their coaches.

Go Canes!

Manny by far this is the BEST and most important blog I have seen you write and the most in formative. I hope all of you Shannon haters and bashers read this and get a better understanding of what is going on. I knew his had was/ is forced by administration which is understandable but I feel that administration should finally admit and realize what the program has done for the school,community,etc (watch the documentary)but they won't. I'm pleased to see that Shannon is helping the High School coaches in the area and although he can't recruit everybody, and the coaches and programs in Miami need to step their game up as far as conduct and discipline. You can see it on TV when Northwest played Central, it was a good game marred by penalties. The undisciplined football has to go. Undisciplined football = undisciplined players= TROUBLE. So quit with you bashing and hating of Shannon. The program will be fine.

the only way Henderson can get a scholarship is from the football program because he was a football recruit initially. Hopefully we can use Brown's scholarship (trasfer to KSU) for him. L.A. was not recruited by RS because he figured he was a lock for OSU, thats why we could offer a track scholarship.

I feel sorry for all of you negative people. I really do hope your life gets better!


That boy can run And I agree- looks like a baby Ed Reed. He looks like a cane from the way he runs and hawks the ball.

manny, this wasn't a good blog it was a great one. i've been wondering and asking "what the hell is going on with UM recruiting?" now i finally understand.

Great article Manny! I would agree that it is harder for UM to recruit So. Florida with UM's higher admisions standards, but in the long run, the kid's that want to go to UM will know what it will take to get into school.

I really think Randy is building this program for the long haul.

Go 'canes!

Thanks Manny!

Manny this blog just confirmed what many of us have already known. Shannon is doing a excellent job in this day and age of college football we are in. Shannon is already a firm believer in discipline and compounded even more by the restraints by upper management (Shalala). This is not the recruiting days of Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson etc. If you idiots would have read the blog you wouldnt be commenting about how he's making excuses and how he should take a chance on players. He cant, even if he wanted to. Do any of you have any idea how much goes on behinf closed doors, what players and coaches ask for, how many kids have arrest records, how many kids dont have any grades, cheating and grade scandals etc. Shannon has tp weave through all of this and get a combination of the best and most qualified player. he is doing a excellent job.


he took a junior laden 7-6 team and made them 5-7 a year later.......stop the presses and realize what it is you're asking thinking men to consider logically. Every coach in America that's been newly hired has made the talent better?? That's not some eye opening broadcast.......it's the NORM......the norm. He doesn't get credit for the NORM. This is UM, da U.....normal isn't accepeted here! No one will argue it bc we're not impressed.......the win/loss record is what impresses us..........Miami has a chance every single year to be good........under the right Head Coach!

Shannon is an abortion of a head coach!

All these weak excuses, now coaches in the local areas are black balling him huh?? Well maybe if he wasn't 11-13 in the ACC then they might respect him more.

Manny, hopefully you'll give me some love and post my blog, just because i'm in North Carolina, don't mean I don't bleed orange & Green.
Finally we have some insight of what's going on, with the recruiting. I'll say this, the 2010 class was not that bad. Did we have some reaches, yes. Did we miss out on some players, yes. Every class has some of the above. The problem we have as far as recruitng goes is our depth chart, especially at W.R. kids coming out this year could obviously see there wasn't any playing time to be had this year or next. A kid like MCCartney could see that. Premadonnas are not going to wait around to play no matter how much they love the "U". How many times a year do you read a recruit say "I'M a die-hard Miami fan, only to see him sign somewhere else? Bottom line, if Miami has had an albatros in recruiting it has been offensive linemen. Even Coach Shannon said you have to go up North to get them. We have also missed the boat on getting stud defensive linemen. When's the last time we had one? I'll tell you Wilfork. The other factors has been our mediocore play the last several years, plus the numerous coordinator changes. We've had no continuity in that department and probably Whipple will be gone after the 2010 season and will need another one, of course who can blame these guys because we won't pay them anything. Shannon is the lowest paid coach in the A.C.C. and yet he gives his heart and soul for this team. He may not say the things everyone want's to hear and he may blow timeouts at the wrong times but he does have the "U" back on target toward the national limelight. We now have depth (except at T.E.) and with some luck, which every team needs a little of, could win the National championship. It depends on two things the O-LINE and getting a pass Rush from the D-LINE.
Does South florida have an abundance of talent everyone in the nation knows this and they are pounding on these kids doors. Face it, we can't get them all and some kids just want to get out and see the world. We will get our share. It's been almost 10 years since we mattered the kids that our now coming out of High school only see Florida as the big dog, now. they want to win, they want to play and they want to play in front of packed houses, which we have been average at best. We will change that perception when we become consistant players again on the national seen. We are like the Dallas Cowboys, you either love us or hate us but the nation needs us to be back to the way we were because college football is more exciting when we matter.

Good article.Finally, a reporter that sat down with a coach & find out the real facts & things that are going on with a team whether it be the pros or college.This is what I am talking about when it comes to a real coach.The bigger picture.Behind recruiting & coaches.Remember Miami was going through a coaching change about five years ago & thats why its hard to pull in recruits.A couple of days after signing day people were ripping the coaching staff about recruiting but they fail to realize it is deeper than that.Coach Shannon is right when he say that recruiting & how coaching have changed over the years.I think 90 percent of that have to do with money know of days.Thats why USC & these other programs are always in the news for violation problems.I've been talking about this when I blog during the month of Jan & Feb.The coaching staff want to choose the right guys for the job & it dont have to be about the 5 star guys. e have to many players in the NFL that are not 5 stars & they still did a good job.What he was focus on is getting depth because of injuries & graduation.The picture is bigger than 5 stars.This is an article that every Miami fan needs to copy & save for later xxx-pescially when it comesw aroud recruiting time.

Wait a minute! Why is everyone saying last year’s class was a bust? From what I hear we have a starting safety from that class Ray Ray, a potential starting d-end Vernon, two good running back James and Miller. Nickel back McGhee all in their sophomore year. So far I think that's a decent class thus far, so let’s give them a chance before we call that class a bust.

Posted by: jaime | March 11, 2010 at 06:41 AM

Do the names Jeremy Davis (Cape Coral) and Stephen Plein (Fort Myers) ring A bell. Last I checked those schools are in Lee county.

Wow, some people here still think Shannon's recruiting is a bust since Jacory's class came in? Well, it's only been 2 years and now 2 top 10 classes later........a bust. Only to the uneducated.

Completely agree that he isn't a salesman, at least not in the way us outsiders conceive of it. Maybe one on one he comes across as genuine and moving. But there is zero translation of that, if it exists, in the public arena.

Think about who is drawing all the big recruits: Lane Kiffin, Urban Meyer, formerly Pete Carroll. These guys are all big personalities. They're always on television, getting their schools talked about. The only thing the media ever says about Shannon is a rehash of his tough childhood.

I honestly believe Shannon thinks it's bad to talk to the media, that it will somehow create problems for him. Maybe he doesn't want the players pandering to the media to avoid potential behavior problems. It is the same guy who took names off the jerseys, after all.

It may turn out that he's getting done what he needs to get done, but we won't ever watch him in a post-game presser without cringing, and I'm sure that some athletes pick up on that. Kiffin may be cocky and a little arrogant, but the guy is confident. Ditto for the others. Randy, not so much.

Donna S.: presumably your school has a good communications department. Shannon needs intensive training, intensive one-on-one with the best people you've got. The current image is inarticulate and defensive, and, reality check, he is your school's principal spokesman. (It's not "linemens" it's "linemen"!) We love Shannon and want him to succeed. Great that you forced him to sit with Manny, now let's keep it moving. Open his world view to the media, and work on his confidence. Swagger starts at the top.

Nice! I have been saying the whole time that scouting services and stars do matter! Now when we get Sentrell we can pass FSU/Gators in recruiting!

Go 'canes!

Great insight! Most people have no idea what goes on behind the recruiting lines and are quick to judge RS.

Give me a five star any day. Just another pro bowler to add to our 11. I predict an undefeated season and an NC championship or 2!

Go 'canes!

he took a junior laden 7-6 team and made them 5-7 a year later.......stop the presses and realize what it is you're asking thinking men to consider logically. Every coach in America that's been newly hired has made the talent better?? That's not some eye opening broadcast.......it's the NORM......the norm. He doesn't get credit for the NORM. This is UM, da U.....normal isn't accepeted here! No one will argue it bc we're not impressed.......the win/loss record is what impresses us..........Miami has a chance every single year to be good........under the right Head Coach!

Shannon is an abortion of a head coach!

All these weak excuses, now coaches in the local areas are black balling him huh?? Well maybe if he wasn't 11-13 in the ACC then they might respect him more.

Posted by: TeeDrap

There's a bus leaving Govt. Center Down-town for Aventura at 5:00pm today.....be under it!!

Where do these jackazzes crawl out from? Armchair recruiters and fools who want the team to to make up for what's lacking in their own pathetic losing lives ?

Now ...for the rest of us who have triple-digit IQ's(and live in reality)....it's good to see Manny finally put to print what some already know. Recruiting is not as cut and dried an many would imagine.
The Miami staff does it's homework and look for the the kids WHO FIT what they want to do.
A knucklehead who runs from camp to camp or Combine to combine while carrying a 1.8 GPA SHOULD NOT be recruited. The same goes for the kid who thinks hanging out with wannabe gangstas ...even after he's been told to quit it and concentrate on school-work.

Whining about "how we did it in the '80's.." is just DUMB!! Do you still paly Air Supply and Pat Benatar? Do you still wear ten gold chains and a mullet or shag? I bet you are just waiting for Disco to come back.

I applaud Shannon for letting HS coaches know that there's nothing wrong in looking like an adult on the side-lines. It's great that he let's 'em know that a little discipline helps in the long run and to keep up on kids' grades.

Every year we lead the nation in kids signing D1 scholarships. Every year we lead the nation in kids flunking out of D1 scholarships because the kids can't handle the academics once they get to college !

miggs, eat isht and die. what part of his image comes across bad in press conferences? he doesnt have to talk to reporters. other coaches do the same thing with frigging reporters, they (coaches) avoid them (reporters). what a numbskull you are. hes not a salesman, but yet you admit that he might come across real, one on one. how else do coaches sell recruits? face to face of course! shannon has no need to be buddies with reporters. he does his job on the friggin field you moron.

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