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Canes could still add two high-end recruits

With spring football in full swing, a forgotten storyline playing out behind the scenes these days in Coral Gables is that the Hurricanes are still in the running to add two of the nation's top 2010 recruits: cornerback Latwan Anderson (5-11, 185) and mammoth offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson.

Anderson, ranked the second best safety in the country according to Rivals.com, visited UM with his father last week and is expected to choose between the Canes and West Virginia Wednesday morning at his school in Ohio around 9 a.m.

Anderson originally committed to West Virginia, but chose not to sign a national letter-of-intent, instead opting to weigh all his options. If he chooses UM, word is he would come in on a track scholarship and then play football in the fall.

Henderson, who chose USC on National Signing Day but didn't, still has the Canes in the running with Ohio State. No word yet when Henderson will sign. But he is waiting to get a clearer picture on how the NCAA will come down on USC for possible NCAA violations.


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It's official Anderson signed with the Canes!!! This years recruiting class just got a whole lot better.

Seantrel has too much Drama... But Anderson we would love to welcome you to the U with OPEN ARMS...

so anderson picked UM... weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anderson chose UM this morning. Welcome to the U !

we got latwan. now we gotta get seantrel. mcgahee, reed, lewis, and mckinnie needs to take his ass to a strip club to get him to sign already. the o-line in the fall from left to right. henderson, franklin, linder, washington, jones.

L.A's. Pick should put us in the 10 class this .... This kid picked us over WV , because he wants to get back at. OSU for not going after him ..

we got latwan ! thank god , because were weak in the secondary

Looks like we got Anderson. Welcome to the U!
As for Henderson, rumor has it that the reason he didn't commit originally to the U is because Shannon has not received an extension. Have you heard this rumor and what is your take?

SI is reporting Anderson has picked Miami!

For those of u who haven't heard yet Anderson is NOW a CANE!!!YES we need DBs(esp CBs)

Latwan Anderson is a Cane. One down.

He signed and thats great as of today Wednesday. Adding another DB or Safety. We need more defensive recruits for next year.

Yeeeehaw!! One down one more to go! Great news! Top recruit Latwan Anderson, a defensive back from Glenville, Ohio, will commit to Miami, SI.com has learned. Anderson, a U.S. Army All-American, was ranked as the No. 15 player in the nation by Rivals.com.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/highschool

That's great. regardless- check out the other MH article that mentions all of the injuries especially in the OL. Exactly what this team doesnt need or can ill afford.

In my 30 years as a Hurricane fan, I have never heard of these many injuries to so many players. Are these freak injuries, a problem with conditioning (too little or too much), or just plain soft players. I mean, there is so and so in a brace, and so and so in crutches, and so and so limping and what not.

For those who see the world in all pink and starry eyed, who say, "at least i happened now and not in the fall", how can you expect these players to last an entire season with real pounding in the trenches, etc etc?

The other problem is dropped passes- what is the problem? I know of two kids who have excellent hands who hardly ever drop balls, who didnt even appear on UM's radar, but Um recruiting is all about the 4-3 40 gumby- what has that gotten us?

Ryan Moore
Lance Leggett
Leonard hankerson and is 2008 dropsies epidemic (sure he imporved in 2009)

Please. This team needs to think outside the box- check out that stud walk-on at Mchigan State, or texas' jordan Shipley, or someone like Wes Welker.

Do you all see a common denominator here? Exactly.

Anderson = Cane!!!

Latwan Anderson chooses Miami:

Anderson cast his lot with the Mountaineers in January at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl but had been wavering almost ever since. He scheduled a trip to USC but never went to Los Angeles. West Virginia kept trying to hold onto the Glenville, Ohio, product but to no avail. He made an official visit to Miami last weekend.

"I felt that all things were equal between West Virginia and Miami," Anderson told SI.com. "The only difference was the football. In my opinion, Miami is far and away closer to winning conference and national championships than West Virginia."

He also added: "Even if I don't make the NFL, I could see myself living in Miami after I get my degree. I don't know if I can say the same if I went to West Virginia. I don't know if I can see myself living there after school."

We got Anderson now lets steal Sentrel. Maybe that's a new recruiting ploy, ignore the big names, and then they will see the light eventually.

We got Anderson!!Should help DB depth.

Thas what I'm talkin bout!

Latwan! ....Welcome to the U!

SH, get over here and move on with your life, son. You're wasting precious time waiting for an undetermined outcome, and yet an undetermined record of a coach. Time doesn't wait for anyone, why would you?

This may turn out well for the Canes. Good post Manny thanks for keeping us updated.

SI reports Anderson is coming to the U !!! Great signing.

Manny, it's being reported that Latwan Anderson did actually sign with the Canes. Is this true?

Thanks for the update Manny.

The deadline for Henderson is April 1st...he has to make a decision by then. Hopefully, Canes players are in contact with both prospects, I know coaches can't contact them. Landing both or just one of these recruits will vault our recruiting class up a couple of slots for sure.

Well, per Rivals, Latwan is signing with Miami. This is a welcome change from kids going elsewhere. As for Seantrel, as much as I'd like to see him here at UM, I don't think it happens. The NCAA will come down on USC, count on it. But Seantrel still has time to change his mind. Miami is an outside shot, IMHO. less than 10%.

Anderson is a great get for the Canes. What is Anderson's best position? Is he going to be a big, physical corner or probably move to safety? Either way, we have a lot of young DB's now that are ready to compete for playing time. Hoping that the NCAA brings the hammer down on USC so that Henderson has a change of heart.

If you put the instincts and ball-skills of Greg Reid with the speed of LaMarcus Joyner...you get Latwan Anderson. Thats how I'd descibe him. He reminds me of a combination of those two players, size-wise as well. I've seen him play numerous times here in Cleveland.

Seantrel- Check out the injuries on the UM O-line. You may be starting right off the bat, son. Put 2, maybe 3 years at the U, a NC and you will be commanding silly money in the draft as a 1st round pck.

Latwan Anderson signs! Stole one from WV today, go canes! Welcome to the family!

He's Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeee, welcome to the 305 latwan.

I read elsewhere that Latwan Anderson has selected Miami. Is this true? Will he qualify for admission? Has he actually SIGNED the lettr of intent? If all of the above are answered "yes" then it is a good thing indeed.

So far 1 for 2. Henderson, come on down young man. We have the defense in place for years to come and with you joining the linemen, the same would be true. West Virginia won the battle for Ivan's service, but we won the WAR for Latwan Anderson's service and it's a trade off I would welcome any time, any day.

It'll be interesting how these recruits think through their decisions. Hopefully they will add a lot of weight to the scenario where they can be an integral part of building a program to the elite level and can tangibly see the results of their labor directly impact the program, versus just another clog in a smooth-running football factory school like Ohio State or USC. Hopefully they also pay attention to stats like historically a lot more players from Miami get to the next level. And hopefully they ignore the small crowds at the game! Cross your fingers!


latwan picked us. now all we need is seantrel and this will be a very good class. not exceptional like '08 but very good.

it's clear that some people on this blog care more about how they are percived by others? you are the same that wanted RS head on a platter! now b/c 1 or 2 late signings you'll be in line to kiss his @SS! DA U needs you to support them all the way or just go away. and remember it's always ABOUT DA U !!

Another welcome to The U Latwan!

Manny, please.

the other sites can't seem to really get access to the coach. he needs to be asked directly about Seantrel- are they going after him and is there a spot?


If Anderson signed a track scholarship because we reached our scholarship limit, then what will Henderson do. Sign with the swim team, LOL. Hope we can get Henderson. Great pickup. We need depth in the defensive backfield, more-so at corner. Go CANES.

Sorry to bust anyone's bubble but...... that's it as far as the 2010 recruiting class. You can stop holding your breath about Henderson UM just doesn't have room for him. Shannon has said they are out of schollies and that would be it.

Randy is now saying that there are no more schollys for anyone. They are at the max of 25 that's why LA had to come in a track scholly. Does this mean Seantrel is out? Or can we bring him in on a basketball scholly?

How exceptional was 08 though? With Arthur brown being a bust, aldarius johnson, Sean spence, Marcus forston, and jacory Harris having sophmore slumps, Im starting to wonder. My main worry is that these coaches are making these players something u don't see in college football.....worse. I remember the fresman years of those guys, not to mention Travis Benjamin (remember him? Devon hester part 2?) Colin mcarthy, I could go on. Why don't cane ayers get BETTER lately?

More thUgs for the U



For all you doubters and haters... RS gets it done! Not in the flashy fashion we are all accustomed too with the great days of the 80's but College football recruiting has drastically changed since then, and there are many more schools to choose from and various options for kids to explore! RS and his staff will bring a championship back home within the next year to two... Guaranteed!

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