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Miller ready to flash breakaway speed

You have to give Lamar Miller credit -- at least he tried. Twice during track season the 5-11, 212-pound running back said he challenged receiver Travis Benjamin for the title of fastest Hurricane. And twice, Miller laments, Benjamin got the better of him -- barely.

Lamar Miller  "It's hard to beat him," Miller said of the much thinner Benjamin who placed fourth in the 60 meters (6.74 seconds) and two spots ahead of Miller (6.84 seconds) at last weekend's ACC Track and Field Indoor championships. "He runs at warp speed."

Miller might not be fast enough to catch Benjamin in track, but on the football field he's fast enough to grab just about everyone's attention. Tuesday, as the Hurricanes resumed spring practice in full pads and shorts, the redshirt freshman was back on the football field, flashing his speed and talent. And just like last season, he's receiving rave reviews.

Travis Benjamin "I couldn't wait to see him come back out on the field," said redshirt freshman defensive end Dyron Dye who faced Miller plenty on the Canes' scout team. "The things he sees, does, I've never seen a running back do the things he does. It's very exciting to go against him. It's crazy. I'm excited to see what he does this year."

Miller said he had a couple "big runs" Tuesday. "One, we were running a counter and I saw the hole, cut back and outran everybody," he said. "The next one was a stretch play, I cut back in the inside and did the same thing."

Miller knows the Hurricanes are likely to rotate running backs plenty this season and he said he just wants to earn his share of carries with the other guys -- likely senior Damien Berry and sophomore Mike James. He said his goal this spring is to stay healthy, drop down a few pounds (he wants to weigh 205 when the season starts), and work on his pass blocking -- something he didn't do a lot of at Miami Killian.


Dyron Dye  > I almost made the mistake Tuesday of confusing redshirt freshman defensive end Dyron Dye with senior Allen Bailey. Dye isn't as beefy as Bailey yet, but you can definitely see his 6-5, 250-pound frame has room to grow. Dye, who had knee surgery before the Oklahoma game last season, said he has added 15 to 20 pounds since returning.

"The way I put it on, I don't feel heavy," Dye said. "It came on bit by bit. I feel real good. I'm still moving the same as I did before."

> UM coach Randy Shannon said he hopes to run about 130 to 140 plays during Saturday's closed scrimmage at Greentree practice field. That's seems like a lot more than usual. The Canes usually run about 75 to 80 per scrimmage. Shannon said all players -- including the quarterbacks -- will receive equal reps. The scrimmage is open to local high school coaches and youth football coaches who participate in UM's weekend coaching seminar ($50 to register).

> The Hurricanes will have two open scrimmages for the public. The first one is Thursday, March 11th at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium at 7 p.m. The spring game is set for Saturday, March 27th at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami. Kickoff is set for 4:30 p.m. and the game will be broadcast live on CSS. There will be an autograph session for fans an hour before both scrimmages are set to begin.

> Shannon said he was pleased with the first week of spring practice including the progress of his young quarterbacks in the offense. Occasionally, he says, a few scuffles have broken out between other players because of the intensity of the workouts. "That' the one thing you like, that those guys are really going after each other," Shannon said. "Instead of `you're my teammate, my roommate,' it's more of `you're on offense, I'm on defense, now I'm going to get after you,' which is good."

> Shannon praised receiver LaRon Byrd as one of his one of the opening week's biggest standouts. "He made a lot of plays last week, improved from last year," Shannon said. "We told him, and I told him Saturday, `Hey you had a great week. But now when we come back you have to have a different mentality; what you did last week is over with.' I'm trying to prepare those guys for next season, because we had success early in the season, guys were feeling good about themselves and probably slacked off. Now this is a time you can actually work on it to see if you take that next step, not relax now."

> Former Hurricane Ed Reed watched Tuesday's practice.


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Manny, why dont UM have a Jr. day for recruits and I read how Auburn has another big cat weekend for recruits where they signed 10 out of 22 blue chip recruits do the U have anything like this

It's all about the "U".

yea manny whats up with that? do we have a junior day? and what exactly is the coaching seminar?

answers/details would be great. thanks.

Ray Ray, Dye, Cookie do yallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll thang!!!! put CENTRAL FLA ON YA BACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REPRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LLLLLLLLLLove this team, there may have been better Hurricane teams, especially on defense, but I can't remember any with as many weapons on offense as these guys. With the exception of tight end, they're very athletic, fast, and big everywhere.

Good article! With Miller n Storm making explosive plays out da backfield n Benjamin n Streeter on the outside I see ALOT of BIG PLAYS dis year!

@James Carter Da U doesn't have Junior Days cuz Coach Shannon says "dey like to do one on ones with recruits" and most of those Junior Days have hundreds of personnel who u CAN'T possible give everybody da same attention

Get'em BOYS !!!!

Manny this is just what i needed to hear to pick me up. i feel a whole better. thank you,

hurricanes: please please take advantage of every single moment you breathe. and that's for everybody who reads this. take advantage of every breath that god gives you.

this could easily become the greatest compilation of running backs and receivers in the history of miami hurricane football. who is gonna play?? my god its scary. and if we can protect jack.....watch out!

Any news about sentrel Henderson??

It's all about the "U".

Posted by: JOHNNY | March 02, 2010 at 10:23 PM

That, it is. It's great to be Cane fan.

The CANES definitely need to have a JUNIOR DAY!! That will help tremendously with recruiting! There's nothing negative about it! Can you imagine the recruiting classes that we'll bring in?? Top 5 in the nation every year,at worst!!

I bet Shannon will limit Miller's carries. I don't know why, can't undertsand why, but I bet he will even if Miller does well in Spring and fall. Shannon has to see the talent thathe has and put it on the field even if that means dissing a senior. lastyear he stuck tohis stubborn guns with Javarris more often than he should have instead of letting Berry loose.

Tb might be fast but wasnthe injured 1/2 of last season? We need more than just fast gumbys. Tough big receivers who can take a hit adn CATCH the ball.

ESPN,,,just did an article on were back crap...AGAIN....of course all the bloggers. ripped up apart...losers, Th UGS crap...but mostly BIg Ten and WISCY and OSU about the lovley bowl game..us huddled around heaters etc....I sure hope these kids play hard this year and beat the teams they supposed too...GO CANES

Sweer....Ed Reed in the house at practice...what more could a UM player ask for!


I see that the line need to improve. what about the DB's. They gave up to many big plays last year. I like Brandon Harris but he got beat alot to. Are the canes really solving these questions this year?

Anybody seen that new MTV video by Roscoe Dash, which features Soulja Boy? See iTunes. The video is filmed in Miami. In the video, there is a part where Soulja Boy has a crowd behind him dancing, then he flashes the U right in front of the camera (Soulja Boy is a known Cane fan). Haven't been this excited for the Canes since I got my picture taken with my son with Scottie Pippen at Mia game v. Ga. Tech (Scottie lives in Mia and says he is a J. Harris fan).

see "U" on the 27th ! GO CANES !

Auburn aint reddddey...they aint ready! For the U

I've been looking forward to seeing this kid play. Hopefully there's enough touches to go around. I like Berry, but there's a lot of good talent in that backfield...how do you not give Miller at least 10 touches.

what about depth at fullback?

Berry, M James, L Miller is a nice problem to have. Storm is impressing the coaches and we still have Darion Hall and E Clements on the way.

I'm excited Miami got Maurice Hagens in thiss class. We'll have Pat Hill this year which is great and then this beast will be our FB. I'm still wondering where John Calhoun is. Anybody got any word on him?

Saint, the dbacks may have gotten beat but that's gonna happen if there's no pressure on the QB. We are gonna be heathier next year, I hope. BTW, Brandon Harris was much improved last year and recognized by many. I hope he continues to get better. Go Canes!

The only reason Miller might not see the field this year is because he can't block and/or catch the ball out of the backfield. Hopefully he's good at those things, but who knows at this point. That, according to Shannon anyway, is the reason Berry remained down at #3 last year, and I believe it. Looking back, I can't think of a single time Berry caught the ball on a passing play. That's important, of course, because if every time he's in there the other team knows it's a run, it really limits the offense. It takes a long time for some of these shiftier backs (that we hear about breaking off long runs in practice) to turn into the complete package that lets a team run its entire offense while they're in there. Blocking schemes and route running are complex and take time to learn.

But he's definitely going to light it up at some point. So is Storm, and I agree that this could be the best compilation of backs since Portis, Davenport, McGahee and Gore were on the same team. Here's hoping they develop well.

Go Canes!

Split the carries between Berry,James,and Miller and get Storm carries here and there

Miller should be on kickoff returns as well so that will increase his touches



This is much better. Check Snoop from California, who we all know supports USC to the fullest giving respect to the U. This is the year. Check what he says at 3:16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5-V_EVvnDk

Manny, why don't we see more of a 4 wide no TE and a single back. I think that set would take advantage of our WR and RB's.
thanks for all the updates

seantrel henderson que se vaya pal carajo!

i'm guessing miller's biggest impact will be on kick return....sounding a lot like this year's greentree all american. Hopefully i'm wrong but we here these type of stories every spring around this time.

@Dean-O I hear you but I live in Atl & uga and GA tech have like already had 2 Jr days and all of GA top recruits come and most have both schools in their top 5. Plus I read the Auburn had a Jr day last year called tiger prowl where they invited 22 blue chip recruits and on signing day this year had a top 5 class and sign 10 of the 22 recruits so this must work. No on can tell me Gene Chizick is a better coach or recruiter than Coach Shannon

manny; i looked around and seen that lawtan anderson is down to miami and west virginia... have you heard anything about this, we could use depth at the safety position???





pick your tandem. pick your poison. they all own!

if we just get some OL's and CB's to step up... we'll be holdin that crystal come january...

Anybody seen that new MTV video by Roscoe Dash, which features Soulja Boy? See iTunes. The video is filmed in Miami. In the video, there is a part where Soulja Boy has a crowd behind him dancing, then he flashes the U right in front of the camera (Soulja Boy is a known Cane fan). Haven't been this excited for the Canes since I got my picture taken with my son with Scottie Pippen at Mia game v. Ga. Tech (Scottie lives in Mia and says he is a J. Harris fan).

Posted by: UCane305 | March 03, 2010 at 09:17 AM


U have a kid and U still watch MTV and get all excited because a no talent hack flashes the U ? Lemme guess, No doubt Ur the type of fanatic that pushes little kids out of the way for an autograph from pro athletes because it makes U feel better about Urself ?

I am sooo excited!!!

Why all the love for Miami these days? Well, because the Canes are practicing.

A few notes from Tuesday's practice session, according to the sports information department:

The Canes worked on third-down blitz situations, inside run, and pass-rushing drills along with the usual offensive and defensive position drills before wrapping up practice with 11-on-11 team drills.
Redshirt freshman running back Lamar Miller practiced for the first time this spring. Miller, who spent last week getting ready for the ACC indoor championships, had a few long runs along with running backs Damien Berry and Mike James.
Sophomore safety Vaughn Telemaque intercepted a pass in team drills and also made a pass breakup.
Senior wide receiver Leonard Hankerson continued to impress as he caught several passes in 7-on-7 and other passing drills.
Junior wideout Travis Benjamin had a 20-yard gain from quarterback A.J. Highsmith in 7-on-7.
Junior quarterback Spencer Whipple also had a nice pass to Thearon Collier in team drills. Collier and Kendal Thompkins made a few nice receptions in the team period.


Berry's pass blocking was not that good which may mean he was unable to read defenses and know where to pick up the blitz. He also could not catch that great out of the backfield.

Just because you have some decent runs does not make you a complete back. Berry was not seeing the field as often because of this.

Remember, RBs have to do other stuff than just run the football.


Just 6 months now....

Trust RS. A good chef always gets his ingredients together before the great show.

I understand everybody wanted Berry but the bottom line is he could not pass protect and thats why he was watching the game with us. Shannon is a stand up guy for not coming out and saying it but that was it.... I'm not so I will... I hope he has it together now if not it will be a long year for him. wit that said lets go canes..

We have been pretty deep at running back for the past 5 years or so, perhaps deeper now. As good as the skill players are consistent offenses always comes down to the offensive line. (Ditto DL)

Does this years O Line look to be on paper better, same, or worse than last years? The proof either way is the play.

Fellow Cane Fans.
I just booked a vacation to South Beach with my family.
I haven't been to Miami since Bernie was behind center!!!
Staying at the Loews. Plan to get at least one day trip to Coral Gables
Any good restuarants you could recommend in S. Beach area as well as Coral Gables would be appreciated!
its all about the U!!!!!

I'm excited about the 2010 season, we have some studs at receivers, good looking running backs, good QB, but at the end of the day if our O-line doesn't block none of that matters.Hopefully they'll play better this year,if they do "WATCH OUT AMERICA".


Houstons in Coral Gables. Cant miss.


Or Fox Cafe on Miami Bch.

@James Carter...I feel u on dat! But Miami does do Summer Camps so we will be able to do some good recruiting then...who turns down visits to SoBe in da Summer? haha

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