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NIT passes on Canes

Frank Haith's basketball team made a lot of noise in the ACC Tournament. It apparently just wasn't enough to get the attention of the NIT selection committee.

When the NIT brackets were finally unveiled on ESPNU for the 32-team tournament moments ago, the Canes (20-13) were nowhere to be found. Unless Haith has a change of heart, that means UM's season has come to an end. Last week, Haith told reporters if his team received an invite to anything other than NIT, it would pass.

It's a tough way for UM to end the year, especially since they seemed to be playing at their best now. 

Miami won an opening round NIT game last year at Providence before losing to Florida in the second round. The Hurricanes have been to the postseason in four of Haith's first six seasons as coach. 


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Good for Haith turning down the CBI or whatever it is called. Why do people keep saying that Thomas will be the only Senior next year. Thomas came in with Asbury and Graham, if he returns that would be a 6th year. Who is he, Steven Frazier?

Absolutely stunning that a team that finished dead last in its conference wasn't invited to postseason play. I don't think "Coach" Haith would have to worry about turning down the CBI and CIT, either. I doubt they'd come a-calling anyway.
But after watching him call off the dogs down 3 with two seconds left yesterday (how about trying to strip the ball, if nothing else?), should we be surprised that Haith is nothing but a stinking quitter?
Durand Scott's a hell of a player. For his sake, I hope he transfers to a real program. Because this one sure as hell isn't.
DFL in men's basketball, DFL in women's basketball, and, coming up this fall, DFL in football. The University of Miami -- It's All About Looking Up At Everyone Else In The Standings.

U know what's effed up? That all haith was talking about at the beginning of te year was wanting twenty wins. He got them, but in the most disappointed fashion.

Man I cannot believe we didnt get in the runner's up tourny! Oh well medicroty is our middle name!

Go 'canes

What a bunch of BS this is. North Carolina gets in, and as a 4 seed, with a 16-16 record. Yeah right, politics don't have anything to do with it...NOT! Those blown second half leads against BC & NCSt. at home, not to mention Duke, ultimately were their undoing.

Why is those so much hatred towards the 'U'? As I watch the game yesterday Icould help but noticed how overrated Duke is year in year out, reminds me of the Notre Dame just simply prejusticed in the ACC for basketball. Doesn't help when you have announcer getting paid to give false information about schools, but thats why America is jacked up. Too many of these kids aren't what the hype has them being. College basketball reminds me so much of the early years all white teams playing against a better all athletic black team. Thats why UNLV didn't win back to back or Michigan ever win. Its sad that racisms is so big in college basketball.
Coach Haith you did a damn good job inspite of what you face year in year out with hatred in the ACC. No one is going to come in the ACC in make Duke look bad regardless of who they are. Then most of Duke great players are all on the bench back at Duke intead of the league, goes with out saying he aint the good of a coach, in my opinion.
With the underclassmen we have the ACC better look out cause we are going to cause alot of noise for sure. Players don't hold your heads down just know you are going against the racist south when you are playing in the ACC. Reminder the 'U' is the only school with half the population of all the other schools in the conference but is the most hated. Lets pull out and become independent again then make the choice of who is the better fit for the 'U', cause the ACC sucks with so much hatred towards the 'U' period.

There is absolute zero justification for Frank Haith to decline an invitation to ANY postseason tournament. His excuse for the team's failure to perform this season, and it was an excuse, was that we were too young and rebuilding. While there is plenty that can be said about that, and I'll ignore doing so, the best way to improve for next year is to keep playing basketball.

More practice time, more game situations, and more chemistry- ESPECIALLY when we will be returning 4/5 of our starting lineup. And let's not act like Frank Haith does not need to work on game coaching. Although I should not be surprised. We quit yesterday against Duke in a 1 possession game by not fouling. It should follow that we quit now on improving as a basketball team.

Why is Haith still getting paychecks from the school?


Pure silliness. An ACC team that advances to the semis of the tournament doesn't make the NIT? Next!

fire haith!

they were terrible all yr. 2 wins doesnt get you in.

Interesing! Canes SMEAR by more than 20 points 2 days ago a team that is a top seed in the NIT.... Hmmmm....

Why would Haith pass on an opportunity to give Durand Scott, Reggie Johnson and Malcolm Grant get a few more practices and at least one more game together to grow into next year? Not to mention, to see whether or not the light has finally come on for DeQuan Jones or not? How are the CBI and CIT any more meaningless than the NIT? We're too "good" for these tournaments now? They're beneath us? Who the hell are we? We were in last place for a reason. I'm trying to think of anything we are good at right now, and nothing's coming to mind. Even baseball. Oy.

No way the NIT was going to select a team that finished the regular season LAST in its conference.

Bottom line: Da U had too many bad losses; and too few good wins.

Did U Cane Fans remember to turn Ur Clock forward last night to the year 2010 ?

Really the NIT passed us up? Who does these selections. They should have been a lock after their performance last week

This "diss" is the final nail in Haith's coffin.

Although I do think that the powers that be are FOS. UM beat Ga Tech, Wake and VTech all in the NCAA. They played (in my opinion) one of the final 4 teams, Duke, very hard twice. And they played in a conference with 7 teams in the NCAA and still won 20 games.

W-&t F?

How does UF go in with 21 wins, from a conference with only 3 teams in the NCAA?

Answer: ESPN has a deal with the sec and Uf is still themedia's darling. LOL.

Well we tried.

UM's new motto, "There is always next year!"

Go 'canes!

canes suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

At 16-16, NC getting in is an example of how corrupt college athletics really is. It isnt about competition, not about fairness, not about who deserves to be in. No sir. its about name recognition, pulling strings and history. Pure politics.

Do the math mow runs: 20-13 vs 16-16.

Gee thanks coach Haith! Getting tired of excuses. We're too young....blah, blah, blah, can't finish a game. Poor out of conference schedule.

By the way, how's our badminton team doing?

It's all about the upside down U. I ain't smilin.

It really is sad that a team (UNC) with a 500 record gets into a tournament over a number of other deserving teams. Politics, politics, politics. Would have liked to see us in the NIT. A few more wins even in the NIT and it helps our recruiting. That being said, we need to learn from our mistakes. First, we have to improve our non conference schedule. Big thing is that we can't keep having these lapses during critical parts of a game. Blowing an 18 point second half lead to BC and the NC State game leaves just a whole lot to be desired. Whatever that's been missing this year needs to be improved big time if the program is to have any kind of future.

WOW !! We got robbed

Yeah, the hoops team finished last in the conference in the regular season. They also beat Wake twice, VaTech twice, GaTech, South Carolina, Providence & Minnesota. That's 8 wins over teams in the RPI top 100 with a 20-13 overall record. Plus 4 wins against NCAA tourny teams. Also they advanced to the semi's of the conference tourny. You don't have to be a fan of the "U" to see they got robbed.

Bring in Brandon Knight & spend all of next season getting revenge...

It would have been fun to see how many NIT games the Canes could have won after their hot run in the conf tourney. But at 4-12 in a weak ACC and an embarrassing non conf schedule (Nova Southeast? Stetson?), the NIT just didn't bite. At least they have a positive finish to build on for next year.

Just a thought....do you think the fact that UNC won the entire NCAA last year had anything to do with them getting a NIT invite over UM? UM deserves to be exactly where they are during the post-season. Beating slumping Wake and All-Nobody V-Tech does not make up for a half season of losing.

Some of you people writing this crap might have down syndrome. Of course North Carolina got in, why shouldnt they? They finished ahead of miami in the ACC standings but beat us head 2 head. Not only that but Miami plays one of the WORST OOC schedules,(and dont say they scheduled minnesota as that was part of the ACC Little 10 challenge) which inflates our wins and gives fans hope, but ultimately hurts the team as they are not ready for ACC play which is evident in their 1-5 start in ACC play and actually a couple of those games were close, (maybe if we played better competition earlier we would have been ready for a little adversity and finished out those close games!!)But you dont reward a team with very little fan following with an NIT berth just because they got 2 wins in a row in the conference tournament lol, and for those of you who actually follow the canes you would know that was their first back to back ACC wins of the WHOLE SEASON.... I know were all Canes fans here but call a spade a spade, we were VERYYY BAD this year, but we got some young talent and hopefully we will be better prepared and maybe get some better coaching next year as we are continually finishing close to the bottom in Assists every year which shows a lack of ball movement on offense (coaching)

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