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Saturday Scrimmage Report

Saturday, while I was up in Jupiter covering the Marlins, our Barry Jackson was in Coral Gables to cover UM's first scrimmage of the spring. Here is his report...

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon was pleased with the running game but unhappy with receivers' drops and missed tackles during Saturday's scrimmage, the first of three that UM will hold during spring practice.

"The guys we're depending on at receiver had too many drops and the tight end position had too many drops," Shannon said. "As a total offense, we had too many dropped passes. The best thing was the running backs really performed well. Damian Berry performed unbelievable. Lamar Miller did some great things. Storm Johnson did some great things, and Mike James."

Berry finished with 48 yards on eight carries, and James had 46 yards on six carries. Johnson, a freshman, ran for 34 yards on six attempts. Miller had 32 yards on nine carries and scored the only rushing touchdowns - one for nine yards and one for three.

The scrimmage was not open to reporters, but UM's sports information office reported that Miller bulldozed through the middle, carrying defenders with him, on the nine-yard score. But Miller said, "I have a lot of improvement to make on blocking schemes."

Other notes from the scrimmage:

> With Jacory Harris out while recovering from thumb surgery, A.J. Highsmith completed 9 of 18 passes for 95 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions. The touchdown passes covered five yards to Leonard Hankerson, 17 yards to LaRon Byrd and 14 yards to Thearon Collier on a goal-line drill.

When Highsmith arrived at UM last year, "he scrambled more," Hankerson said. Now, "he's staying back" more and reading the defense.

> Spencer Whipple threw the only other touchdown pass, a 15-yarder to Travis Benjamin on a goal-line drill. Whipple also connected with Hankerson for the day's longest play (45 yards). But Whipple finished 2-for-10 for 60 yards and had one pass picked off by Ray Ray Armstrong, who had three tackles and the day's only interception.

> Freshman Stephen Morris, battling with Highsmith for the backup job, completed 6 of 11 passes for 63 yards. "Morris looks real good and stays calm in the pocket looking for guys downfield," said defensive end Steven Wesley, who had the only two sacks of the scrimmage.

Shannon liked how all three quarterbacks showed poise and "they didn't get down when a receiver dropped a pass."

UM didn't identify who dropped passes but said Benjamin led receivers in catches with four for 49 yards. Kendall Thompkins, trying to make a case for more playing time, had two catches for 32 yards.

> Defensively "we had too many missed tackles," Shannon said. "We got running backs that make people miss. But you know what? We've got defensive players that should make those tackles. I'm very disappointed the way we tackled. [But] we chased the football hard on defense." The defense held the offense to two first downs in the first six possessions before the offensive started playing much better.

> Linebacker Colin McCarthy had five tackles and a fumble recovery. Cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke had three tackles and four pass breakups. Shannon said senior middle linebacker Kylan Robinson "is playing a lot better. Maybe the light came on."

> Kicker Jake Wieclaw, filling in for injured Matt Bosher, converted all three of his field goal attempts - from 32, 25 and 22 yards.

> Safety Jared Campbell (knee) and left tackle Orlando Franklin (back spasms) were among those who sat out the scrimmage with injuries. Franklin is unsure if he will return this spring... Former Canes Ken Dorsey, Jon Beason, Ed Reed and Antonio Dixon attended the scrimmage.

> UM will hold another scrimmage at 7 p.m. Thursday at Lockhart Stadium. The spring game is at 4:30 p.m. March 27 at Traz Powell Stadium. Both are free and open to the public.


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To all recruits: if you want to become a top notch NFL player please check out the "U". Highest paid safety and defensive tackle in the NFL are from, THE "U"!!!!! If you want to play in a gimmicky offense that just prepares you for college then go to the Felony University of Florida. Just a suggestion!!

Drops and missed tackles...the beat goes on!!

HEY! I bet Dorsey could teach tebow how to throw. Buy some tic's people ! Hope to see ya'll there . I'll be there 6 rows up at the 30. 1800-GO-CANES. CANE TIL' I DIE!!!

Thanks Manny.....

Overall sounds good but we gotta tighten up on da drops (Hankerson, Sanders)our WR core is too deep and nobody job should be safe...It looks like the OL held up well(esp run blocking) which is key for us...the bummer is BOTH starting CBs got hurt lets HOPE the injuries are NOT serious...u can find more info on http://miami.rivals.com/default.asp

I really hope Kylan Robinson's light truly did come one bevause he has size and running back speed that would be devastating for opposing defenses.

It's going to be a show this season! I hope ya'll get your tic's. I'll be there to witness it. Use your tax dollars , it's like they are free.See ya'll there 6 rows up at the 30 . CANE TIL' I DIE!!!

The Herald missed one of the biggest stories in that Rivals 5 star recruit Latwan Anderson was reportedly in attendance at the scrimmage. Anderson still hasn't signed his LOI and seems torn between WVU and Miami. His announcement is expected soon.

Anderson's "official" visit to Miami this weekend was reported about a week ago. I'm surprised you guys didn't pick up on it, or did I miss it?

if the canes can stop missing tackles their D"WILL BE UNSTOPABLE....CANE4LIFE

uh, i guess this is where i say, first!!!

manny thanks for the info....


Get Ken Dorsey and Ed Reed involved with this program!!

Shannon better produce this year.

Highsmith's performance is a very good, early sign. A back up QB could have made a big difference last year in a few losses where Jacory was obviously hurt.

As far as the dropped passes go, the Canes have lots of wide receivers. They need to decide who wins the starting jobs, so those drops might eliminate some people. Perhaps Mark Duper could work with these guys in the summer the way he did with Hankerson last year to turn his performance around and improve his ability to hang onto the ball. The biggest hole seems to be TE.

Finally, the running game get equal billing with the Canes passing, so it's great to see them firing on all cylinders. Also, looking forward to seeing Wieclaw kick successfully from 40+ yards. We need a back up for Bosher. Too bad Wieclaw hasn't kicked off well. Maybe the light will go on by fall.

Thanks Manny...

Randy..."we had too many missed tackles," Shannon said. "We got running backs that make people miss. But you know what? We've got defensive players that should make those tackles...

We all know that we have a sound running defense...

Funny thing is,... is that I want to see more missed tackles. LOL... That's telling me that the RB's are putting a little more shake and bake on the routes...!!!

Ya gotta love it!

Cat 5:

We don't have a sound running defense...did you see the bowl game?

People, we don't have a sound anything. There's not one single thing that we do well consistently.

There is no strength on this team.

The only consistent players we have is Buchanon and McCarthy.

Come on you guys, we gotta go get Doc J and Eightball!

Doc J and Eightball are WASTED!

Check that...Brandon Harris and McCarthy. These are the only consistent players. I don't blame the other kids...I blame the coaching staff.

What about me Coach?

Did I always have heart?

Whats the deal with the anderson kid and henderson? when do they actually HAVE to sign..


Going to Miami vrs Ohio state. Can't wait to see Miami beat them in there own stadium.

the junkie is telling the truth. we dont have a strong point on this team. next season, the new coach will get these guys playing like the canes of old. randy has had plenty of time, but its time for the "decision". save the program

After OSU doormates the CANES on Sept 11, the countdown begins for GOOD BYE RANDY, GOOD BYE SHAYLA. I am tired of having an average football team. The Alumni need to demand a University President that is pro football and a top-notch coach. The Gators have both and that is wy they are a top 3 program.

You guys are by far the worst sports writing staff I have ever read. You go days at a time without reporting anything and then when you do it is rehashed from the fan website. Lets not get started on the grammar and errors in spelling.

Canadian--- I think April 1st is the date they have to sign by....but not sure

Check out the article the team already has tons of injuries- how are these cream puffs epecting to last an entire season? i can't for thelove of me, ever recall such a soft bunch of panzies on this team. brace here, crutches there, limping here ACL there. I mean WTF?

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