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Scrimmage highlights; RBs Storm, Miller continue to shine

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- I wasn't at Thursday night's open scrimmage at Lockhart Stadium. But we had a few Herald correspondents there. Here are some of the highlights and stats provided by UM's sports information staff along with a few injury notes...

> STARS OF THE SCRIMMAGE... The big stars turned out to be freshman running back Storm Johnson and sophomore safety Vaughn Telemaque. Johnson ran for 104 yards and a touchdown and Telemaque had two interceptions.

> THE RUNNING BACKS... Johnson carried 10 times for 104 yards and scored on a 6-yard touchdown run. Redshirt freshman running back Lamar Miller carried seven times for 63 yards and two touchdowns. He had a 44-yard TD run and 5-yard touchdown run in a goal-line situation to end the scrimmage. Sophomore Mike James had 12 carries for 18 yards and one touchdown.

> DEFENSIVE LEADERS... Telemaque and junior defensive end Andrew Smith led the defense. Telemaque's first interception came on the second offensive possession of the game. He added another one right before halftime.

> QUARTERBACKS STRUGGLE... Sophomore quarterback A.J. Highsmith completed 7-of-11 passes for 94 yards and one touchdown, but was intercepted three times. Junior Spencer Whipple went 7-for-9 for 75 yards. Freshman Stephen Morris was 0 for 3.

Some Scrimmage Stats

Aldarius Johnson 3 catches, 45 yards;
Leonard Hankerson 2-35; Storm Johnson 2-14; Travis Benjamin 2-8, TD; Billy Sanders 1-17; Kendal Thompkins 1-16; Davon Johnson 1-14; Tommy Streeter 1-14 yards;
Lamar Miller 1-6.

Jake Wieclaw 2-for-2 Field Goals (33 yards, 27 yards).

Highsmith 8 yd TD pass to Benjamin

> Miller 44 yd TD run

> Highsmith 13 yd TD run

> S.Johnson 6 yd TD run

> James 1 yd TD Run

> Miller 5 yd TD run

Defense: Andrew Smith 3 sacks;
Nathan Gholston 1 INT; Micanor Regis 1 sack; Tyrone Cornelius 1 sack; Adewale Ojomo 1 sack; Allen Bailey 1 sack; Ray Ray Armstrong 1 fumble recovery.

Did not participate: Running back Damien Berry (knee), guard Brandon Washington (knee), tackle Orlando Franklin (back), Brandon Harris (hamstring) and Joel Figueroa (shoulder).


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No life til' leather!

not much said about dropped passes or missed tackles. hope they improved this week.

It's great that the running backs are doing so well but that just makes me think our d-line is a little weak.

Either we got a great running game or the defense cannot tackle.

5 paragraphs and no update on Jacory?

@CaneFanInCharlotte: There were quite a few dropped passes. Shannon specifically called out the Hankerson.

Per Rivals: "There was a dropped pass by Hankerson early on, and he later dropped a pass on the right sideline on a trick play pass from Johnson. Richard Gordon also dropped a pass with Sean Spence in tight coverage. Tommy Streeter also had a drop.

"They dropped some passes, but I thought Aldarius showed up tonight," Shannon said. "Hankerson dropped too many passes, but Aldarius really made some plays.""

any video guys of scrimmage

It's all about da "U".

Lamar Miller will be a 1st round draft pick after next season. The kid is faster tham Willis McGahee and has vision out of this world. I hope Kendall thompkins gets that slot position because hes brings more to the table than Collier and if you dont belive me just go look at at wisconsin game when that linbacker hawked him in when he came across the middle. Thompkins would have left that guy in his shoes and hes the hardest reciver to guard from what the corners say.

No dropped passes but 3 ints by AJ. That does not bode well.

3 ints means one of 2 things- the D is much better, or he just isnt good enoughand is thrying too hard to impress.

Whipple may be better than evryone thinks you all. Watch out.

The running game is for real.

The D-Line gets that many sacks and you have to think it was partially them and partially the fact that most of the O-Line starters were out. However, how were the RB's able to run like that with the 2nd team in at O-Line? I guess run blocking is easier than pass blocking.

Either way, with this trio of running backs we better not be throwing the ball all over the field like last year. It's just not necessary. Whipple gave up on the run waaay too early in games last year.

After being at the scrimmage, I can honestly say that Storm Johnson and Lamar Miller are simply two outstanding backs. The way that they hit the hole with authority, the moves in the open field and break out speed afterward was crazy. The D-Line did pretty.

The irony is the that one of my concerns is the O-LINE. Too many bad snaps and the D-Line has gotten pressure the whole scrimmage.

Pencil Spencer Whipple in as our number 2 QB.

ALL i KNOW IS we cant not afford for jacory to go down I was at the game and the backups dont look solid......The Qb's are weak and the O-line is not ready or the d-line is that good.....The running backs are going to be a problem this year.....Storm Johnson is the real deal this kid shook a defender and had the WHOLE stadium sayin OOOOOOOOOO.LM IS SCARY FAST.One guy at the gm was sayin Somebody is going to need to transfer to F.I.U(LOL) cuz these young backs ready to make an impact.

I think clearly the problem going into the season is'nt the defense cane man.The reason we're able to get those long runs is because we have an impressive stable of running backs.With guys like berry, johnson,miller and james, watch out acc.The one critical area is our offensive line.They have a long way to go, i think these kids are talented but very young and inexperienced.

I think we got problems with our defensive line. uh-oh...another mediocre year coming up.

Go 'canes but fire Randy now!

ACC Championship or we start over with a new coach.

Thanks Manny!

2010... Good for 10!
There's no stepping back... Jack!

ACC is down this year...lots of change and lots of opportunities too.

FSU's offense and NC's returning starters will be our toughest games to win in the conference.

Pitt and OSU, yeah... they'll be tough too, but they're not conference.

The clock is ticking... It's time to go to work!... Tic,Tic,Tic!

Just a few months to go!

Wishful thinking "Fakey"! But we are discussing UM, not UF!

Go 'canes!

I don't know. The fact that the D-Line got a bunch of sacks means either that the D-line when completely healthy is just awesome or the O-line is even worse than last year. Injuries to the O-line did have something to do with the lack of protection but the bodies that took over needed to step up. Does anyone know whats up with M. Forston? Is he still injured? Did he not play in the scrimmage? GOOO! CANES!

Geneesposito?? Is that Steeler Gene??

Start over with a new coach.. If that's the case, why don't we start over with new players and a new coach, since you're so eager to get rid of Shannon. That would be only fair, right???

Thanks Manny

Sarasota cane, and Canes Junkie, i'm with you www.firecoachshnnon.com!

that injury to b.washington really hurts. That o-line could really be our downfall since the team is loaded everywhere else. Also imo thompkins needs to replace collier. Collier is both lazy and slow. Though i see mccarthy moving over to mike, how has shayon green looked this spring?

Give Shannon 1 more year with his players and Ohio State is going to determine if hes going to be around or not. That 1 game will determine the season and i dont know Y we are not playing McCarthy in the middle now so that he can get comfortable there because we all know that where hes going to end up. If Mcgee can make the impact that Harris made last season. Look-out!!!

I LOVE MY CANES !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow...what's up with these negative fans on this blogger??? What does it takes to please you guys. Spring practice is use for teaching and working on the basic, and you guys find some reasons to complainant!! If you don't like what you see, find another team to cheer for. Enough is enough.....


Please stop with the get rid of shannon talk. Compare his record with other coaches that are in there 4th or 3rd season and U will be surprised. Guess what gang he is near the top and the program is accending. So stop hating and support the coach and team. Manny, what's the hold up on the extension? I can't beleive Shannon is the lowest paid coach in the ACC. That's pathetic.

I agree with the get rid of Shannon comments!! He has a good record and knows how to recruit!! This is the first time a few years that he has his O coordinator and D coordinator together for a second season!! Not that it matters, but players will miss some tackles and drop some passes in the first spring practice! Rather the players miss tackles and drop passes in a spring game than in a real game!
Now how about that big signing today!! A 5 star finally lands in Miami!!

I wouldn't panic too much about the oline because THREE starters did not play. How bout those young backs though? Speeeeeeeed!!!!

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