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Seantrel Henderson will sign with USC

JUPITER -- For those of you still holding out hope the Canes will sign Seantrel Henderson, you can now stop. Word from ESPN's JC Shurburtt is that the nation's No. 1 offensive tackle will sign with USC later this week.

Henderson, who picked the Trojans over UM and Ohio State among others, was waiting to get a clearer understanding of the possible sanctions USC could be facing from the nCAA. Apparently, whatever he heard convinced him to sign. Shurburtt also reported Henderson received his ACT scores and is now academically eligible. 

> UM coach Randy Shannon said last week the Hurricanes were out of football scholarships anyway. Five-star defensive back Latwan Anderson signed a national letter of intent for a track scholarship last Friday. He will walk-on to the football team in the fall, but his scholarship won't transfer to football until he plays in a game. 


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Oh well, we may not have any scholarships but we gots 11 probowlers!

Go 'canes!

Dang, I guess it was a longshot but I held out hope. To bad he could have been a great addition to our class.

Even if the NCAA penalized USC, they wouldn't feel the ramfications, while he was at school anyway. If the NCAA would of been after the "U" i guarantee It wouldn't of taken them this long to punish us. We would of been under the bus by now.

Maybe the track coach can come in at the last second and get Seantrel to change his mind. Side note: except for Jaime and a few other posters with brains, EVERY other poster here should be relieved UM will NOT get stuck with a "5 star diva", lmao@Rhardy,chicagocane and the rest ,almost left off "rickthetruthspeaker" or "christ" as he posts on other blogs,lol at those hypocrites.

i just realized that its added pressure for anderson to play in the first game. hopefully he realizes that so he can provide support in the secondary or the both aspects of the return game.

o well....i guess kiffin's strippers worked! i want miami to play those westcoast clowns one day....though i think they're scared like the gaytors


Whatever. The hammer will come down on USC soon. The Reggie Bush matter (among others) isnt even close to being settled- do you all think the Henderson camp was told evrything that is happening with that investigation? Only from the USC perspective.

Besides, USC, like UF are done. d-o-n-e.

There is a new sheriff in town. The national championship goes through the gables baby.

Good luck to him, it would've been nice to have him on the OL but we're deep at that position anyway....go canes

The question still remains...

Even IF he switched back to us, and we did have a scholly, do you really think we'd take him?

IMHO, I don't!


The big bad Canes, everybody is afraid to play the Canes!
Well except ...North Carolina, Wisconsin, etc. etc.

Five star divas..ha...a couple of years ago you were all raving about your 5 star divas, now they are all grown up and going to lead you to the promise land, please make up your minds!

I thought Frank Haith would come in with a basketball scholarship for Seantrel Henderson. Another tree to block the lane alongside Reggie Johnson in the ACC.

However, I wonder if Seantrel has the academic smarts to play at the U.

Any more pipe dream predictions left for U Cane Fan ?

BCS Game in Football ?

Post Season in Hoops ?

Omaha for de Beisbol team ?

How's that being in a Conference, playing tough teams rather than being an Independant with 60 home games beating up on all the Snow Birds year after year and hosting Regionals working out for U ?

Damn, even I'm starting to feel sorry for U. But it fits U so well ... Have a quiet Summer til U puff Ur chest Up "again" next Sept. after FAMU and before OSU and Pitt brings U right back to the level Ur at now ... BELOW AVERAGE ATHLETICS.

Now take Ur seat and watch the Big Boys from Big Time College Athletic Programs show U how it's done. On the playing fields and not with Ur Moufs.

Hell of a job this year Donna, Kirby, Randy n Frank . Can't wait for Ur Encore.

the real reason is shannon is a one year coach. next season UM will hire someone with enough ability to actually make these kids better than high school players. so much talent, all wasted on randy. hope returns next year, and i cant wait

Nothing is official until he puts the ink on those ducouments. But at the same time I don't believe he would decommit from USC again. By the way I heard Sean Henderson (his father) is trying yo get in the rap industry and that's one of the main reasons why he chose USC over UM in the first place. Even though miami's business is booming in the game I don't think it will be anywhere close to Calis' any time soon. Also I heard seantrel was going to take another visit down to Miami awhile ago but an unofficial one because he had already take his 5 official visits. Did he ever even come down again?

Thanks Manny!

I'm sorry but it was a long shot for us Canes to get Seantrel. The way I look at it is, why would you want someone that didn't want to choose us from the beginning. I guess the limo and lobster dinners we gave him weren't enough to convince him to come to the U. Must of been the dough that USC offered him that made him want to sign there. Haha Like Jimmy Johnson said, "You can come to the U and win with us or play for someone else and lose to us"

have fun with lane kifin

So Randy Shannon can't convince this STUD to come to Miami even though USC lost its coach, is going to get probation from the NCAA and Miami has a great need at OT and he might be a starter?

Doesn't sound like such a great recruiting job to me.

Too bad...this kid probably would've started from day one.

We have to get a little dirtier with our recruiting and lower our academic restricitions. I hate to ruin things for some of you, but that's how the game is played.

oh well. they probaly gave him a benz. i dont know how they still get away with it.

There are just two college football programs, really - USC and Miami. Hope they are standing at the end of the season to take us on.

Who needs the top OL prospect? Not the mighty canes, we are set and good to go. Undefeated season coming up, ACC champs for sure, look out BCS, canes to play for NC in 2010. Bust out the pink suit Jacory, get ready for your Heisman, you don't need some big bad boy blocking for you, just don't get hit, and don't throw the duck down field. Go canes.

NumberJuanPhinsfan what's your point. first of all act like an adult, could the the U have used a talent like henderson yes, does his not signing with the U break the season not at all.so really what's your point you and the few that have all the answers?

I truly think that the UM recruitment coaches and staff dropped the ball on this recruit.

No surprises here. Randy's not capable of signing the big catch.

It's stated somewhere that he "finally" got his ACT score...meaning he was not the sharpest tool in the shed....if I'm correct....normally your lineman are the most intellegent on a football squad. Pair that now with his decision to choose a school "that is under investigation"....THIS KID IS AN IDIOT....he should of at least chosen Ohio State....they seem to be the "talk of the town" and "up and coming" this year....(until the Canes get em :)


We don't need any fickle lineman and primadonnas. Hard work and commitment to the "U" will get it done. Go Canes'

any news on a contract for coach shannon?

Linder will suffice. this will be a good season. Some payback wins are due (UNC/OSU). Tic's are on sale for existing season tic holders. I got mine with my tax dollars.FREE BABY!6 rows up at the 30.Hope to see ya'll there.

We don't have any scholarships left because we gave a bunch to one star stiffs like Jimmy Gaines, Delmar Taylor, Jeffrey Brown and Kelvin Cain. All guys who were not even recruited by any other major programs. Of course according to many idiots here Randy knows better than accomplished coaches like Nick Saban and Urban Meyer but it is not even worth acknowledging the mental midgets who think that. Even though it doesn't matter for this year considering Henderson is not and was never coming here it still takes away four valuable scholarships that could be used for elite kids next year or a possible transfer from another school. Way to leave yourself with options Randy. Like a bunch of morons on here say in Randy we trust.LOL. LOSERS!!!!! www.firecoachshannon.com

Anybody know what happened to Canestalk.com?

SH, good luck, hope they got the death sentence...

Who cares we just pick up a five star recruit last week. {REAL U FAN }!!!

U din't really think U had a shot...DID U?

UM being Henderson's last stop was around weather, not importance of the program. Keep telling yourself something else.

UM's drawing power has trickled down to a drip. But by all means continue with the raucous Latwan afterparty.


I'm glad he not coming we don't need transfers nor decommits we are the freaking U!!!

who needs him anyways? usc is going no where. he does not have the swagger we need.....

UM is slowing coming back again to dominate college football. Wannabe Miami programs like UF are going to go back to being 3rd in the state again where they always belonged. If you wanna be diva and only be a college player go to UF but if you wanna make it to the NFL and make millions go to UM.

Seantrel would have been a good addition to the team. But that's water under the bridge. We have a team full of hungry and determine players wit a chip on their shoulders. It has come to known da U is behind a blackball and others hate us. Men lie, women lie, members don't.

The UM offensive line class that was inked this year is just fine-

Some five star lineman very rarely ever attain the lofty status they achieve as a high school player-

OL are very difficult to project on the D-1 level-

USC at some point will get nailed-

Good luck to the young man-

Miami's future looks to be very promising at he OL positions-

I think Linder will prove the Canes got the better of the 2!!

he wouldnt play for 2 years here, and do you think he wants to face FSU every year and UF next year along with some good ACC teams. Or go play Pac-10 defenses. Like the one UCLA had when they where ranked #1 and EJ ran for 300 yards on. easy to figure out.

He wouldve been a great addition to this team, but i understand him picking USC. I can stop wondering if our recruiting classes are being minimized because of the lack of crowd at the games....u play at Michigan u get 100k strong every week. It's a thought.

Anyone know the status of Brandon Washington's knee? I read last week it was in some type of brace, but I have seen nothing since.

What's wrong with UM baseball? Mid-week lossess to Manhattan and Fordham? Wow!

See ya later Bryce We hardly knew ye!!!

Aren't U glad we he didn't come here

ESPN reports:
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Running back Bryce Brown left the Tennessee program on the first day of the Volunteers' spring practice, coach Derek Dooley said.

Henderson going to USC. This is great news. Let me show you something that came out in Rivals.com:

"Don't feign surprise, Vol fans: You were duly warned when the Manhattan (Kan.) Mercury suggested earlier this month that former No. 1 running back recruit Bryce Brown might be planning to follow his brother Arthur to Kansas State rather than return to Knoxville to play for new coach Derek Dooley...."

Now let's talk about the other 5-star clown Henderson. You know people bad mouth the Canes and Shannon but Shannon knows what he is doing. Do you really want a drama clown like Henderson and Brown on a Miami team. Let them go to USC or wherever they want. Anywhere but Canetown baby. We are getting rid-off dead skin anyway.

Of course we would take him. Or we'd be idiots. He is an amazing talent. He's who u build ur o line around. Btw, why haven't we had an article yet on the brown brothers? Arthur is out of Miami and on his way to Kansas state, a complete bust for us, and Bryce brown, the major talent who screwed um, he has left Tennessee and as of now won't be a volunteer anymore. Both the number one player at there position out of school. Both headed elsewhere. Again.

bryce brown leaves tennessee for personal reasons...

can you believe this kid!?!?

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