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Hurricanes Hand Game, Their Season to Gators: Seven Es lead to 4-3 Loss



GAINESVILLE – The Hurricanes got the pitching they needed. Miami even got the big hit when it was desperate for one.

Only Miami's defense absolutely abandoned ship on Saturday and the Hurricanes season is over because of it.

The Hurricanes committed seven errors – including three crucial ones in the final two innings – and watched the host Gators celebrate a two game sweep of the super regional with a 4-3 win in 10 innings.

“Obviously we didn't play very good,'' coach Jim Morris. “You're not going to beat a great club by making seven errors and Florida is an outstanding club. It was frustrating all game to watch the defense. It's something that was our strength in the second half of the season and we didn't show that in this super regional. I was concerned, no question, when we make a few mistakes that they play with confidence and get after it. We didn't do that.''

The Gators became the first team to qualify for the 2010 College World Series which starts Saturday in Omaha, Neb. This is the sixth trip to the CWS for the Gators as they try to capture their first national title. Florida advanced to the finals in its previous trip to Omaha in 2005. As Florida celebrated, the Hurricanes walked off the field with their heads down.

The Hurricanes end their season 43-20 and have lost six of their previous seven games to their rivals from Florida dating back to last year's Gainesville regional. So, Florida has ended Miami's season the past two years.

“Our main goal is to get to Omaha and we didn't do it,'' said starting pitcher Chris Hernandez. “As a team, we see this as a failure. You see it in our faces. We're all upset. We wanted to get to Omaha and didn't do it.''

Miami led 3-2 with two outs in the ninth before it committed its sixth error. The seventh, which came in the 10th, tied a program record for most errors in a postseason game.

Before Saturday, Miami last committed seven errors in a playoff game against Clemson. In 1978.

Miami led 3-2 with one out in the ninth when reliever Daniel Miranda struck out Brian Johnson with the bases loaded. Florida sent soft-hitting Josh Adams to the plate and he grounded to short. Miami shortstop Stephen Perez threw lightly to first and Scott Lawson couldn't handle the throw. All runners were safe and the Gators tied the score. Third baseman Michael Broad made an error earlier in the inning adding an out to the Florida offense.

In the 10th, Miami right fielder Chris Pelaez failed to catch a high pop up off the bat of Nolan Fontana and Fontana raced to second. He moved to third on a sacrifice and ended up scoring the game-winning run on a two-out single from Austin Maddox.

Miami threatened in the bottom of the 10th when Pelaez led off with a single and moved to second on a sacrifice. But Broad struck out looking to reliever Greg Larson and Rodriguez grounded out to short to end it.

Early on, the Hurricanes had been struggling to do much of anything offensively for a second straight night. On Friday, it was sophomore Alex Panteliodis who handcuffed the Hurricanes, pitching a three-hitter with 12 strikeouts.

On Saturday it was freshman Hudson Randall's turn to stymie the Miami bats – and for six innings, he was close to perfect.

Hudson had faced the minimum through the first six, the only Miami runners to reach being Scott Lawson (first inning single) and Rony Rodriguez (third inning error). Neither runner threatened, however, knocked off in double plays.

“I think they have the best pitching staff we've seen this year,'' Morris said.

Things changed in the seventh as Frankie Ratcliff lead off with a single. Hudson had put 11 straight down in order before that single.

With two outs, Pelaez singled putting runners on the corners. Florida coach Scott O'Sullivan brought in closer Kevin Chapman to face Nathan Melendres. The outfielder crushed a 1-1 pitch, sending it opposite field as it easily cleared the right field fence to give Miami its first lead of the series.

“It's unfortunate that we weren't able to hold the lead, but that's just the way it goes,'' Melendres said. “We made errors and handed them the game. It was definitely a boost, but they found a way to get it done. We gave it to them. That's baseball.''

Hernandez “pitched well enough to win,'' said Morris, as he came two outs from a complete game. Hernandez was lifted with one out in the ninth with runners on. He ended up giving up three hits in 8 1/3, striking out four and surrendering only three hits.


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I hate to say this, but Florida and A.D. Foley deserves credit for their domination of collegiate athletics in the sunshine state. Ouch.

What was Coach Morris thinking letting the best hitter of the night BUNT!!!! I love Coach Morris, but what the h@ll!!!! The [_] getting beat by U-Fluke....its hard to muster...........

Lets face it this team was not going very far in this tournament or the next. Go Gators 2 and out in the World series.

sad way to go out. morris needs to make changes. we dont want to be mike martin, always winning but never winning the one that counts. we have a great coach, lets hope they recruit well, and start to contend again. omaha is getting to be a dream instead of a goal, kinda like the bcs for football. just a dream


Had my Canes flag up in Michigan all day yesterday for good luck. Can't remember being this embarrassed since our football team lost to East Carolina in the late 90's. Good luck to the Gators.

Choke, Choke,Choke, thought we were the Yankees of college baseball.

since Tad Foote left UM our athletic programs have been Awful, not sure why but true. 7 errors in one game with the season on the line? pathetic. our basketball team has trouble getting the ball in bounds after a timeout. Although they do have a great point guard.

I hate hearing Gators this Gators that. But the Gators own college sports. Now baseball the Canes one sport they could claim that they are better than the Gators now have seem the past two years beaten the Gators in the tournament. The Canes upset me in baseball with their declining each year.



Posted by: TONY | June 13, 2010 at 09:11 AM


Glad to have them . Thank you very much. Ur too kind.

Not a good idea to claim to be the Yankees of college baseball and play like a last place Little League team. Is it possible to commit 7 errors in one game? Not possible, but Miami proved to be the exception to the rule. Coach Morris had it right when he said the Canes saw the best pitching this season. Marry that to slippery fingers and there's no way to win. There's always next year. -- Manny

I have never seen a Miami Hurricanes Team in any sport consistently CHOKE when the game was on the line like this one has all season. At Florida State, winning the entire game and giving up a grand slam in the 9th inning to a player that has been a Cane killer his entire career. CHOKED and gave up the lead and lost the series. Against VATECH who hasn't won a series against UM since.....I don't know....ever??? CHOKED Gave up a big lead and lost the series. Against Virginia at home, with the ACC regular season title on the line. CHOKED and lost the series and Championship.
Losing to FLORIDA at home in this SUPER REGIONAL was the general consensus of the Baseball Writers around the country. It was expected. When Melendres hit the homer to give
the CANES the lead, and we were six outs away from extending the series, with Chris Hernandez on the mound, there's no way we're gonna lose this game, right??? WRONG!!!! Another important game, another CHOKE. What the hell??? There is no shame in losing, especially with such a young team. I just never thought I'd see the day when the only improvement a Miami Hurricane team made throughout a season was in it's ability to CHOKE, and snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory. Now, please excuse me...I've got to run back to the bathroom and vomit again.
Watching the team I've loved for over 25 years lose this way.....it sickens me.

Recruiting needs to take a long, hard look at itself. I'm tired of seeing a bunch of 5' 10", skinny, 160lb players who look like Jr Hi kids. Pitching staff looks like kids from Sudan, except a different skin color. Way too much emphasis on getting the Hispanic kids in the area..most of whom have no power. I'm sure they're good kids, but they sure aren't imposing.We don't scare anyone, whether it be pitching or hitting. I know there are about 100 schools out there that would love to have the problems that UM has, but again...this is UM: being "good" isn't good enough! Find a "big bopper", Morris....oh and also someone that can really throw some "heat" would be nice.

As a loyal Alum I hate to see the Canes lose. Defense was horrible. Congrats to the Gators! Good luck in Omaha. See ya in 2013 on the grid-iron punks.

Also...let's give credit where credit is due....The Gators were a better team this year. Won 4 out of 5 from the 'Canes. Congrats to them. Hopefully either they or the "Noles bring home the bacon for the State!

College football conference realignments- what is going on ?
The PAC-10 and the Big-10 are dismantling the the Big-12 conference for two reasons:
1. They want to set up a conference champshionship game which they don't have at this time.
2. They want to open television audience markets in Colorado and Texas

What must the Miami Hurricanes do? Two things:
1. They must try to be in a high-paying conference (eg SEC, ACC, Big-10 conference).
2. They must look for premier teams to play on a regular basis(eg Notre Dame, U of F, Michigan, Ohio State). Unfortunately , we do not fill the stadium when some/ most teams come to town (Virginia, Maryland, Boston College). To be economically viable in this day, you need a team that will regualrly attract > 50, 000 fans to Miami. If playing Uiniversity of South Florida or University of Central Florida will place over 50, 000 fans in our stadium, then we need to schedule them . We need to place pride aside and compete economically with the "rich schools" in this country who are bringing in tons of money to their coffers. These are my thoughts, what are your thoughts.

I am so embarasssed and humiliated. This team choked and looked intimidated from the momentt hey took the field on saturday. They looked like sacred little softball playing girls out there. No energy no oomph. Swinging at the stoopidest pitches, droppingballs. I mean whodo you blame? Youth. Please. I am tired of hearing that. With Morris its every year something new. UF is very youthful as well, but did you see the outfielders hustle and make those plays? Did UF make as many errors or get as many earned runs as the chokers of Gables? NO.

Morris came out talking smack like he had done anything all year. All year his team choked at the end. I've said it on here before and all of the weenies came outt to call me a hater, a fair weather fan, etc, because I called for Morris" head, especially when we lostthat series to FSU and Va.

Morris is stale. His coaching moves all season long have been unimaginative and silly. He cant recruit anymore. What theheck was thatbig Paco Rodriguez kid from Miami doing playing for UF?

Morris has been given a pass since 2001. I believe baseball is just as important as football to UM, and we give him a pass? All the while Coker was fired after going to NC 2X in a row, and finishingin the top 5 3 years ina row? Why is Morris getting a pass? Um bb hasnt gone to the CWS now 2 years in a row. For a historically powerful and well-respected program, this program has de-volved terribly. It is now the football program of 2004-2008.

It is ON Morris because he is supposed to getthis team fired up. he is supposed to teach these kids fundamentals. As it is, the way they played out there in this series, they totally looked like did not belong, or want to be there or were scared. Morris is supposed to teach these kids how to field, how to play D, how to bat, etc etc.

Get out of my face , J Morris. You need to leave Miami. Youhave embarassed the Cane family with this pathetic team.

Get over yourselves please! Morris isn't going anywhere and he does not deserve your wrath. It is real easy to rant and rave and criticize on a blog, you are very brave with no one to look in the eye and say what you say.

Morris hasn't slipped. 40+ wins for the 14th time in 17 seasons. Won 43 this year compared to 38 last year. Lost in the Regionals last year went to the Supers this year. Team hit 105 homers you idiots and stole 103 bases.

Miami played without Erickson the last third of the year, Martinez was in the hospital, Ratcliff had an injured wrist, Lawson is a second baseman (All ACC last year) not a first baseman.

Professional announcers who played pro ball talked about how good he is at knowing who to pitch and when. Over 1400 wins, two national titles. Again college baseball is said to have had more parity this year than in decades.

Get the facts, yes seven errors looked bad and the U didn;t play well and were still in the game. As much as it pains me to say the Gators were better this year. So what, get a life, negative nannies!!

hurricane randy- You are making excuses for Morris. I dont care if he wins 80 games a year but loses the NC. THAT is the expectation here at Coral Gables. It is the expectation in football at USC, Texas, Fl, Ohio St and UM. In baseball, It has ben the expaectation for Um as well. That is, until 2002, and then 2008 when his error-prone team blew it in the CWS.

excuses excuses. You sound like a gator fan

It wasnt so much the level of skill that UF had over Miami. Its the way UM played. its the way they looked. Body language, intimidated, scared. Only in the 8th inning did they show any desitre, only to lose it again ad they have done over and over all year and choke at the end. THAT is coaching. If it isnt then you havent ever played organized sports. Maybe tennis, or golf but it sound like you have no clue.

I bet thousands of us fel that way.

And by the way I'll look at Morris in the eye and telll him that. I just wont kiss his butt like you would!

We're never going to be good again.

I believe, I read somewhere that baseball can only offer 11 scholarships. If so, why is this? What are the counts for other sports like, track, golf etc... Most other sports have far less member than football but they are restricted having a fraction of scholarships. When I view other sports at The "U" they are at a disadvantage compare to the state schools because of funding. Do you have further insight on this disparity?

When all is said and done, South Carolina will be remembered as the '10 National Champions. That's all that matters. The Gator can be happy about this win, but so what?? Being the first team bounced in the CWS is what they'll be remembered for this year.

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