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TE Chase Ford ready to make an impact

Instead of being where he wanted to be, Chase Ford said he spent most of his time this spring and summer working as a maintenance man at his old high school in Corrigan, Texas, a small town with less than 2,000 people, located about a two-hour drive northeast of Houston.

Chase Ford So what did Ford do to pass the time when he wasn't mowing the lawn or picking up after students? 

"Daydream about catching touchdowns," the 6-7, 250-pound tight end said Monday as he shopped at WalMart with his family for the stuff he'll need when he moves into his new dorm on the University of Miami campus Tuesday. 

"Miami coaches told me they want me to come in and produce. They're not expecting me to be a redshirt. So that's what I want to do -- make an impact."

Ford, one of 29 football players in UM's 2010 signing class, will be among a large group of players to begin taking classes in Coral Gables this week. Six arrived in January and participated in spring football. A few others are still waiting for academic issues to be cleared up (more on that later). 

Ford was hoping to be among the early arrivals, but the NCAA denied him a waiver he needed to take off from Kilgore Community College and arrive at UM in January. At Kilgore, where former Hurricanes tight end Kevin Everett once starred, Ford caught 34 passes for 571 yards and three touchdowns during the 2009 season. 

The Hurricanes, desperate for tight end help, didn't start recruiting Ford until last December. But once they did, it didn't take them long to convince him to pick them over Arizona and interest from North Carolina and become one of four new tight ends in the class.

Ford said he's been working hard during the offseason in the weight room to be physically ready to play every down if needed. The Hurricanes, who got a huge lift from former basketball star Jimmy Graham at tight end last season, had only two tight ends in the spring: senior Richard Gordon and redshirt freshman Billy Sanders. Ford, who will wear No. 9 at UM, said he thinks he can play right away for UM. Among the biggest areas where he says he needs to improve is blocking.

"I definitely feel like I've gotten stronger, faster," Ford said. "I know I ran a 4.68 as a freshman. I run a lot faster since then. When I visited Miami, saw the guys they had here before, I felt like I fit in with them [Dedrick Epps, Graham]. Both of those guys were good."

DL DELMAR TAYLOR HEADED TO JUCO: The Hurricanes may have signed 29 players in their last class, but not all of them are going to make it into school. Miami Beach defensive lineman Delmar Taylor is the first we know won't.

"As far as I know, he's going to [Navarro Junior College] in Texas," Miami Beach coach Ralph Jimenez said Monday.

Taylor, who grew up in the Bahamas, was told by the NCAA he would not be cleared for admission because some of the classes he took when he lived there wouldn't transfer over. Taylor said he still plans to be a Hurricane. "I just have to do this before I can come back," Taylor said.

Jacksonville Raines offensive lineman Tavadis Glenn, Clovis (Calif.) linebacker Kelvin Cain and Cape Coral High WR/CB Jeremy Davis will also not begin classes this week because of academic issues.

"It's going to be slow process for him because he may not be qualified," Raines coach Deran Wiley said of Glenn. "He went to an [Drop Back In Academy] his senior year, not here, and they're going through his stuff with a fine tooth comb. I think he's going to get in, but he'll be an August guy."

Cain, who graduated with a 2.5 GPA and scored a 17 on the ACT, is hoping to be an August guy too. "I'm just waiting on the SAT score," Cain said. "I took it a couple weeks ago and should hear back soon. I've just been training, getting ready, running hard. In my mind, I'm definitely leaving for UM August 4th."

Davis, the younger half brother of former Hurricane Phillip Buchanon, hasn't answered his cell phone of late. But both Canesport.com and InsideTheU.com reported this week he could be an academic casualty as well.


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Good luck to all the new recruits entering the FAMILY atmosphere at the U. Hope you guys enjoy college life and most importantly WIN games for our beloved U.

Manny...2 for 1? Let the good times roll!

Good to have U back from the Marlins. Enough of the teal and black already, time for some serious Orange and Green.

Thats what you get when you recruit these kids who have poor academic records. Its a different world at the U. these coaches should get the transcript BEFORE they even make an offer.

What a waste. Tavadis Glenn and Jeremy davis were excellent prospects. they will never see the field as a U player.

Once again good stuff Manny. I'm hoping Jeremy, Cain and Tavadis can get in by August. Especially my homeboy Tavadis. I'm hoping he would start the pipeline from Duval to Dade.

I DEF think Chase will be a TOP target in the redzone dis year! GO CANES!

Doesn't make a lot of sense. We always hear the excuse of not being able to go after a certain big time recruit b/c of their grades, but the kids we recruit don't have the grades either. I support Shannon and The U with all my heart but this is a head scratcher.

The University of Miami itself has higher admissions standards than most universities... Kids that don't meet Miami's standards by a long shot are not recruited... A 2.5 GPA with a 17 ACT gets Cain into any other school and he is good...

On the other hand, we don't recruit kkids with 2.3 GPAs and 13s on the SAT because they are too far off...

Hope Tavadis Glenn and Jeremy Davis make it in they are good recruits. Excellent news on Delmar Taylor. He was one of the stiffs that Shannon took late in recruiting to make up for the fact that he couldn't close on more accomplished defensive lineman like J.R. Ferguson. Also hope Kelvin Cain doesn't qualify either as he was another stiff that we reached for in California. In recruiting when you can't land your desired recruits you don't go and give less accomplished players those scholarships just to reach a certain number. If Shannon had followed that lesson we would of had at least 20 scholarships available for 2011 instead of 15. But you can't expect this moron to be able to grasp a simple concept like that. Only in the PC liberal america of 2010 could a mediocre minority coach get a contract extension from another liberal idiot woman who happens to be the university president. What a Joke!!!!

how sad these kids know they need help with studies and cant pass...what a shame this could change their lives forever...GO CANES...

aes.. Let me help you, those other schools FSU especially cheat those kids through school with things like online exams they dont take for instance.
we are not going to do this for them,so they may be a little close to admission qualifications, but some legit tutors and they become good student athletes

jeremy need to be in school not making a damn video last summer J A S

We need to stop this crap with the grades issue. Unless they are below the NCAA standard, they should get in. The UM standard has gotten to a ridiculous level. This is UM not Harvard. Shalala needs to get real

AES, It's not a head scratcher, it's perfectly normal and regular practice to recruit a kid that may need to keep a certain GPA, or score a point or two higher on the ACT. sometimes these kids do what's neccessary, sometimes they don't. Kids who have to pull off a miracle to ever qualify at Miami are the kids we have little to no interest in.

Man I really hope that Jeremy Davis gets in...we need him...somebody needs to take the test for him or something

Honestly, these are football coaches and recruiting staff. They recruit based on players talents and abilities. The school work and academic issues are left up to the school administrators to figure out. And @Don, you'll appreciate college football a bit more if you leave politics out of it. There are over 100 college every year that don't get the recruits they shoot for, that how it is live with it. I mean really do you have a life it football...LOL

Ford and Canebosd, thanks for the explanation. I see your points and agree with you.

Don...you're a moron. What a horrible point of view. My favorite part is how you contradict yourself.

THIS IS WHY THE "U" needs to go after kids who can hit the books as well as the opposing playyers!

You're a little of base with your comments. I'll agree we did take some stiffs, in hopes that we could get a steal later on, with one of these dudes. We did take at least 6 reaches. The one thing you have to realize though, some things may not look good on the outside but on the inside, there plush. One or two of these guys will end up being good just like the 5 star guys we have gotten lately have played like stiffs. Your comments about Shannon though are off base. I'll admit he has been a little shakey as a coach sometimes but bring race to the table has nothing to do with anything, we've done or will do!

You idiots are something else; UM wants to educate these kids and all you can think about is athleticism. This is a university, not a fraternity. Education must come first because a football career doesn't last as long as an education.

Response to Don, it amazes me that if you look at the entire history of college football and with all the mediocre "non-minority" coaches who set back FBS powerhouse (see Larry Coker).
You have the audacity to talk about Shannon.
Go root for BYU, idiot!


It sounds as if you got up on the wrong side of the socio-analytical bed this morning. First of all, I actually agree with you about Shannon’s getting “stiffs” to fill gaps. Personally, I would love to fill those holes with tangible talent. However, we can’t know about each and everyone of these guys being recruited, and how good they really are until they play and produce. How many Kyle Wrights and Lance Leggett’s do you need before you realize that? Secondly, Randy Shannon is better that his 21-17 record indicates given what he has had to work with over the years. Larry Coker left the cupboard bare, and we have changed coordinators in each of the last 4 years. Randy has finally found a group that is competent. Consistent improvement has been made each year, and despite what you think about his recruiting classes of late, has put UM back on the National scene again and made us relevant to the CFB world. This year will be one of the most important years in determining if UM is going back to the top, so slow your roll cowboy….reserve your judgment for now until after this season. If he doesn’t get it done after this year with the tools he has in the box, then you have a right to call him mediocre. I would however have to wonder why Shannon being a minority, and Shalala being a “liberal” have weighed so heavily in your opinion of the situation. As long as they are wearing the “U” on their chests, who cares what side of the political planet they are on, or what color they happen to be. You may want to cut back on watching so much FOX news and expand your world view. It will make you a better, smarter human being at the end of the day. Go Canes!

Cool, AES!

Tavadis Glenn putting the "U" in JUCO

UM should reconsider its qualification standards. I'm a huge believer in education, but kids meet expectations. If the NCAA sets the bar at 2.5 and a matching sat score, then that's what the kids will get. Set it at 2.8 and raise the sat requirement and that's what they'll get. Unfortunately, kids being kids will simply target and meet the threshold.

Its not as if our threshold has some meaningful purpose. Its largely an arbitrary figure set only slightly higher than the NCAA clearinghouse. All it does is keep Miami from getting certain players who will be gladly accepted by a competing school.

The real academic barometer is what UM does with the kids once they're here. And UM is apparently doing extremely well. So why not just let the kids in and make sure they get the job done in the classroom?

It makes little sense to me for UM to rely on kids and suspect high schools to meet some arbitrary standard. Instead, Miami should rely on what they can control. Mirror the NCAA standards, (like nearly everyone else) gets the kids enrolled, and then show the nation how well they manage their student-athletes. Just my opinion.

There is not a single class in a major D-1 NCAA football program that is going to sign and admit all of its recruits each year. These casualties are unfortunately par for the course and part of the recruiting game.

Some has to do the math for me here. We don't have the space to get these guys in anyway. Right now we are maxed out so if they do qualify by august how will we admit them?

Raines is the only one I regret here. We need blue chip OL's and he'll be missed. I liked Cain's attitude too. Oh well.

But for you guys who think Shannon is somehow messing things up because some of his recruits aren't qualifying, get over it. This happens every year in every program, and it is unfortunate but these casualties are included in the math.

Oh yeah...Welcome back Manny!

6'7" 250lbs as a incoming freshman.WOW thats bigger then epps was his senior year.. this kid is going to be a beast !!!

Sentrel Henderson has essentially decommitted from USC. His local paper is reporting online (as of July 1) that he is now leaning towards Miami, even if he has to wait a year (Kiffin would have to grant a release). I'm surprised no one is talking about this.


i want 2 welcome all the new guy be ready it's nice to be a caine

You are as ignorant as they get. Shannon was extended becuase he will end up being one of the top coaches in UM history. He knows how to recruit and coach. When we beat OSU, North Carolina, FSU, GT, and VT this year, you will be on the wagon. Please get off now and become a gator if you ar not already...you fit in with them and we alumni don't want you. Not a PC guy just a normal inteligent person. Sarah Palin would tell you to shove it also. One of my favorties.

Henderson might be coming back to the U.... USC let him out of his letter of intent...


Ford a 6'7" 250lbs TE as a incoming freshman coached by The Whip (The Whip knows how to coach and use TE's) will be an added attraction for years to come.

Sentrel Henderson would (will if he picks the U) be a great piece of the O-Line puzzle here. Mount Mckinnie says he will start here as a freshman, "that his technique is great and was well coached in high school". He won't start as freshman at Ohio State.

Shoot, as big as he is all he needs to do is get in front someone.


This guy is gonna be great addition to the U! Greg Olsen is 6-5 255 and Jeremy Shockey is 6-5 251. At 6-7 250 freshman year is gonna be huge if he can produce.

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