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ACC voters pick Canes to finish 2nd in Coastal

They're just preseason predictions by dorky writers like me, but Virginia Tech was picked to defeat Florida State in the ACC title game later this year. Your Miami Hurricanes were picked by only 10 of the 98 voters to win its first ACC title.

Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder was the overwhelming favorite to capture the ACC Player of the Year. UM quarterback Jacory Harris received two votes.

> ATLANTIC DIVISION (first-place votes in parentheses followed by overall votes): 1. Florida State (78) 565; 2. Clemson (16) 479; 3. Boston College (4) 389; 4. N.C. State 283; 5. Wake Forest 203; 6. Maryland 139.

> COASTAL DIVISION: 1. Virginia Tech (62) 532; 2. Miami (20) 444; 3. Georgia Tech (11) 408; 4. North Carolina (5) 379; 5. Duke 169; 6. Virginia 126.

> ACC Player of the Year: 1. Christian Ponder, FSU 45; 2. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech 16; 3. Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech 11; 4. Russell Wilson, N.C. State 6; 4. Robert Quinn, North Carolina 6; 6. Joshua Nesbitt, Georgia Tech 4; 7. Kyle Parker, Clemson 3; 8. Mark Herzlich, Boston College 2; 8. Jacory Harris, Miami 2.

The All-ACC Preseason Team will be released Wednesday.


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Until we start wining, we will get no respect. The only good thing here is that nobody expects much from UM and that in itself gives this year's team a great advantage in the ACC.

That figures. Until we start playing up to our capabilites and quit playing down to the competition, we aren't ever going to get no love. We have to start beating our albetros teams, Va. Tech & UNC. It seems like every time we play those teams we fall apart. We have the parts in place to win the Ship. The keys will be, can we protect Jacory, can we have a consistant pass rush, will the new T.E.'s be relavent, can we find someone to cover a T.E. and will the 5 star kids on the team (Forston, Anderson,Armstrong & Henderson)break the Jinx)and play up to their potential.We also have to stay healthy for once.

Not a surprise. Let's hope we prove them wrong.

Miami is still the new kids on the block and get no love. Jacory 8th place..LOL
Miami gets V-Tech at home this year...im very confident they win that game!!

No matter how bad FSU is, they should win their division. Hell, they have probably 5 of the 6 weakest teams in their division.

The canes will let thier record speak for them at the end of the season. all forrecasters have predicted this to be a very active HURRICANE season. There will be at least 1 CATEGORY 5 storm.

This should really serve as the soundtrack to the season.....instead of "no excuses" this season should be called "no respect".

Just like back in the day when my Canes would be underdogs against the Oklahomas, Notre Dames, Michigans, and Florida States. We'll get no respect until we take our respect.

Chrisitian Ponder is mediocre to me. I do not see what everybody else does.

I wish we played in the Atlantic

that is literally the worst division in the country besides the Big XII North

ibis 1966, I think the U is going to need more than 1 category 5 storm, 10 would be ok, but, 11 or 12 would be better. Of course 13 would be even better. The U is beginning to get the quality players to back up the starters. With the starters playing at their 100% level the backups should get enough playing time to improve even further as the season goes on. Go canes

Until the "U" can prove it on the field and...win a big game down the stretch the voters are spot on. Two years in a row we are teased early only to fade down the stretch into mediocrity. This clearly speaks to conditioning, poor situational play calling and coaches not making necessary in-game adjustments. I am all for using our speed on the outside to stretch the field but knowing when to use it as important.
Let's get back to what we do best and run the pelota to set up the pass, not the other way around. Keep J12 clean, go with a TE that can block and commit to your big play studs Ray ray and VT at safety.
Concerns, on "D", undersized LB's and lack of shut down CB.
On Offense, it's simple, man for man we won't play a single team with talent like ours; it comes down to play calling and Whip needs to understand and coach to ability.

Season ticket holder since '86 and I'm tired of being an apologist for the program. Anything short of the ACC title we've underachieved.

Wow, so much for "Football Experts," making "Smart" choices. Have any of these idiots not seen the growth of the program over the last 3 years?

We will get no fan support again this year. Fans will overlook VT and NC at home and not show up to the game. And I gurantee we lose one of those games because of a crappy atmosphere.

gotta be able to run the football. gotta protect the quarterback. gotta pressure their quaterback. gotta stop the run.

It's all good, The U will represent this season and play real HURRICANES FOOTBALL!!!

If we can get past the freakin Tar Heels we would have had a shot last year. We got both VT and NC at home this year, and have all the talent in the world to accomplish the ACC championship. We have to prove it on the field for the votes will come. GO CANES!

Who would have thought that just a few years ago, we were faced with very few outstanding players on either side of the ball. Now look at us!!! All that is left is to live up to our potential. Go Canes!

i like bieng the underdog. the younger guys who taught last year after winning a few games that they were on cloud nine needs this extra movitation. if u listen to the press confrence by brandon harris he said it. we don't need to start on top we just need to finish on top thats all. just a reminder for those of u who think we cant beat va tech, what we did to them the last time we played them at home. our d shut them down, the couldn't move the ball. the beat us in a bad weather game last year so what. lets go baby i'm so pumped. made some bets with some turds fans today that we would win more games than them this year. lets go.

Let's just face it. The ESPN world DISLIKES the Canes. Nevertheless, it is time for UM to win games. I live in Portland, OR and over the past 6 or 7 years we have stunk up the place. There are no more excuses! If it's not done this year -BCS Bowl or NCAA Championship game- Randy should walk away.

To me predictions are crap! We've all seen from last season college football in general was unpredictable. There was a lot of shockers when it came to certain games. Our canes I feel are going to surprise a lot of ppl. Its good to have doubters because then the boys play with a chip on their shoulder.

VaTech has won it 4 times, GaTech twice, so what do you expect?The Canes will have to prove it every week to get any respect.

It ain't nothing to say it, but it is a mutha' to do it. Can the Canes do it?

Most of Those Media Fools who Voted, are just voting for WHO THEY WANT to win the ACC, and the ACC Coastal. Not...Who they Really THINK will win the ACC Coastal. If they had Good 'Football' Common Sense, They'd Know that there's a Very Good Chance that (after how VT Embarrassed Miami in their backyard last year), Miami is going to be licking their Chops when they come down here....looking for Big Time PAYBACK!...and a BLOW-OUT!! So, the Chances of VT getting out of Miami ALIVE (With a Win) are Extremely Slim....to TOTALLY None!...But Obviously, they aren't Considering That, because they don't even want to SEE that.

Every Damn CFB 'Preseason' Year, Mostly ALL of the CFB Media (ESPN CFB Media, CFB Sports Writers, other TV sports media...etc..) OVERRATE VT. Most are even putting them in their Preseason Top-5, and predicting that they will be playing for the NT. Just like they've been doing every Damn Preseason, for the past 10 Damn years. WHEN will these Fools EVER learn. It's like they're Hoping to Somehow Magically 'WISH' and 'WILL' those VT Clowns to win a National Championship....Some Miracle.

The Very LAST team, that they would want to see win the ACC, is Miami. "NO....NOT MIAMI!" And Miami better not even THINK about playing for a National Championship, and actually WInning it!!! They'd probably Blow their Brains out, if THAT happens.

VT is the Media's ACC Darling Team....they could do no wrong. North Carolina is Right Behind them. They're ALREADY starting to put North Carolina on the pedestal, talking about "They have 10+ First Round Draft Picks"???!!! Yeahhh Rightttt.....BULL!!!!

Media Bias, and False Propaganda, at it's best. They must think, that all of us are Pretty Stupid, and Naive, don't they. For Most....they may be right.


VT and North Carolina, Darlings of the ACC.

I'll tell ya what....F-It!...Let's just Forget about playing the 2011, CFB Season....Go ahead and just give both of them the ACC Title, and the National Championship.

Make ALL of the CFB Media Happy, Happy, Happy...Ever After! Hold Hands and Sing "Kumbayah" together with Butch, Beamer, and the Rest of the VT and NC Football teams.

Yep....that'll do it.

Canes must find a way to win games against ACC teams who play great defense. I live here in VT country. They are confident in another beating versus us because the CANES haven't responded when punched in the mouth. UNCs defense this year will be a beast. Miami has the talent and the leadership on both sides of the ball. Now it's time to play football. The running game and defense must take pressure away from Jacory. Covering the TE this year will be big. Wisconsin exposed the Hurricanes soft secondary in the Bowl loss. Let's go Canes. Time to get our 6th ring. Time to earn some respect.

I love it, Remember the name Damien Berry, He will be the ACC Player of the year!

Respect will not be received until the U exhibits self-respect. Two away games at Notre Dame, one home game four years later???!!! To me that's a lack of self-respect. Please please play us, ND, we'll do anything you want.

I am cautiously optimistic. We could be and will be much improved but the schedule is a difficult one again.

I am 100% behind this team and Randy Shannon no matter what! After all they are family.

I don't see a problem with that at all ... I don't want anyone give us respect ... I like to beat it out of them :)

I hope Coach Shannon has this "PAINTED" on the wall in the locker room...talk about a motivator...Go Canes!

Preseason predictions that's all this is...put on the locker room wall, all over the school...see it everywhere...then - go out and play like it's the last time you get to step on the field. Leave it all out there! Run it down there their throat...hit 'em with the deep pass, blitz 'em constantly...rotate D-Line every 2-3 series like Jimmy used to do...just demoralize them...let them know, you're not tired, not scared...and we're having fun hammering you all game long.

Well that prediction is a no brainer. The "U" finished either 3rd or 4th in the ACC Coastal Division last year and failed to show up for the Wisconsin game. Which was a team who also finished either 3rd or 4th in the Big 10 or Big 12. With all the conference changes who knows anymore. The lasting impression of that fact has not left the voters minds. Not to mention that the "U" failed to show up for the VT game too and got beat bad. The good thing is that the "U" has VT, FSU and NC at home this year. Ohio State is a big game and so is the Pitt game but the truth is that the games versus VT, FSU, NC, G-Tech and FSU will determine the "U"s fate. This year its not about winning the National Title but winning the ACC, winning the ACC Championship game and playing in a BCS bowl game. No excuses. Anything else should be seen as a failure. GOOOO! CANES!

As native of Miami, a proud alum and have been going to the CANES games since 1964, I could not have articulated it any better than Hurricane Randy. I am 100% behind these wonderful young men, Randy Shannon and his coaching staff. We are family and they are doing a great job! The future is only going to get better and better. We really need a tight end like Winslow, Franks and others. We are and always will be The "U", there is not a program on this planet like ours!!!

Motivation, men.

I understand why we aren't 1st and Virginia Tech is but I don't understand why Florida State is ahead of us. They have been winning 7 games a year the past few seasons and Miami has been improving each year with 9 wins last season. Miami is way better regardless who wins head to head. FSU also have a new coach who has never been a head coach ever, remember Shannon taking a few years to start winning after no head coaching experience. Miami better win this season.

Question for you Manny...

do you think we'll wind up getting both Sammy Watkins and Kelvin Benjamin? If not both, who do you think has a better shot at landing in Coral Gables?


I agree with Poseidon and Mike P-

First of all Um has more talent thanjust jacorry. Please. Damien Berry and allen Bailey? Watch and see when Damien Berry is unleashed. I mean UNleashed.

Second what the - is it with the media and Miami, and the media and VT? I mean I know how UM lostlast season, but lets be real, if Vt is as good as they predict, then UM is worse than many think, and that is notthe case. Its the opposite.

Um will stop the VT running backs just like it stopped Georgia Tech last year. and Frank and his lunch pale boys will sigh about another "what if" year.

These people come out every year and pick vt & fsu to win and play each other and it never happens. The fact of the matter is that when we win we will shut all these people up and then they won't be able to help but talk about us. Honestly an ACC title doesn't really do much for me. Around here we like the BIG TITLES. Nobody likes us, sometimes not even our own hometown writers have anything good to say. Trust me when I tell you all this nay-saying is great motivation for this team to go out there and WIN !


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