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Are Thearon Collier, Steven Wesley off the team?

Rumors began spreading this afternoon on University of Miami fan internet message boards that receiver Thearon Collier and defensive end Steven Wesley have been dismissed from the team for academic reasons.

Thearon Collier The Miami Herald has made multiple phone calls and sent text messages to UM officials regarding the matter, but had not received an answer from anyone at the school as of 9 p.m. Friday. UM spokesman Kerwin Lonzo said he was looking into the matter.

However, we've learned through sources, Collier, a junior from Miami Booker T. Washington High, is expected to meet with the coaching staff on Monday regarding his future. We are unsure if the issues are related to academics or other matters. Booker T. Washington coach, Earl Tillman, said he hadn't spoken to Collier since February but had heard he had been battling some personal issues in the offseason.

Collier (5-9, 191) caught 18 passes last season for 250 yards and a touchdown. But he made his biggest impact on special teams, returning two punts for touchdowns. He caught 26 passes for 324 yards and two scores as a freshman.

Wesley, a 6-2, 250-pound senior from Bartow, Fla., has made 17 starts the last two seasons and has 44 career tackles, 10 for loss. He had three sacks last season.


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Thearon posted a status update on his Facebook today saying he's "leaving Miami. What school should I transfer to?". He took it down just a minute Oreo later. So anything is possible at this point I guess

Hope this isn't the case and it serves as a wake up call for the boys

Or so not "Oreo" damn iPhone.

If this is true, it now becomes a serious wake up call to every young player out there in HS football, baseball, and basketball land. Miami is no longer going to play around with student athelets that do not hit the books as hard as they hit the turf, or hardwood. The NCAA is comming down hard on the 100 or so DIV I schools. I'm very sure that this school will always place grades above everything else. No longer is this school going to be an easy street to the pro's. You as a player will have to show that you have class in 2 different places. The classroom and the field of play. I applaud this action.

maybe these baby canes are still babies and have yet to grow up. or maybe collier wants to be forever young within the cycle of club rats, who knows?

I sincerely hope that this is is not the case, these are two fine young men who have made contributions to the program. These young men have also taken the necessary steps and fixed their academic situation and should be allowed to continue with the school.. We need to support our college atheletes and not look for every opportunity to throw them out when they have given their blood, sweat and tears to the school. Do not be so quick to judge.

You put things up like that on Facebook, odds are that there's some fire present. I wish both of these young men luck, I can understand why Collier is leaving, he's stuck battling for catches in a crowded WR depth chart. Wesley, on the other hand, would be a likely starter, so I would assume he's done something wrong, because it's hard to believe that he would leave voluntarily.

i hope not wesley is a great run stopper. That said collier is what 6th on the wr depth chart. Great special teamer but they have guys can take his place now. He is behind aj, benjamin, byrd, im betting thompkins and streeter. So wr wise team shoudl be fine. Wesley will be top6 de but with guys like dye, vernon,bailey the list goes on on the field not a big loss. Still its sad for the kids. Hope if they are off team they can straighten things out and excel elsewhere.

Rumors are also flying that Jordan Futch has been suspended.... let's hope of all the rumors that this is the one not true. We are seriously thin at the LB position already.

IF he's having academic problems at "THE U" and he posted on his FB "what school should I transfer to?" - he'll probably be able to go to FSU or UF....neither one of them have much to do with academic AT ALL, especially FSU...the AVERAGE reading level of the football team,it was brought to attention last season, was that of 2nd graders!

Flori-DUH State!

And, the GayTurds are not much better.

U. of Flori-DUH!

Two hillbilly schools, nestled up in SOUTHERN GEORGIA!!

It must be hell covering the Canes with Randy Shannon being so secretive about everything. I understand why he might not trust the print media but I think he takes this a little too far. He is overly paranoid.

Manny, is Seantrell Henderson with the team now? Is there any info out there on how he looks? Does he have good feet? Is he in shape? One other thing, is he gonna get red-shirted? I sincerely hope not.

Futch too

Feels like last yeat all over; some more preseason bullsh-t for the squad to deal with...

Damn! I like collier! Time for Kendall T. to step up.......

Collier has been battling things since the death of his son. Not an easy road to travel.

Could it be depth chart issues?

If he leaves Miami I wish him the best.

Good luck to both!

Come On Guys Don't Be Fools We Don't Need That This Year We Have The Talent


#28 the Black Wes Welker thats my dude.. He gotta stay. The U is loaded with junior WR talent. AJ or Collier needs a redshirt this year, to make room for Steeter and DJ and Thompkins.
IMO Collier did more for this squad than AJ did last year.
7 D Johnson

#2, 3, 5, 6 &, 7 can all play the slot well,
#1,2, 4 & 5 play the split (Outside WR) well

You can line up with 5 receivers max someone needs a shirt. Bryd Streeter and Hank all have theirs. AJ should of sat out last year and now with a log jam at the Wide out Coach Shannon is gonna need to do some extreme mentoring to keep all these kids at the U.

Let's all hope for the best for these two young men

While Collier was an asset on the punt return team, I feel like Wesley will be a bigger loss - no pun intended. He provided senior leadership, and depth on the defensive line. As we know, that part of the defense was due to be our strength this season and losing pieces before camp even starts is not a good way to live up to expectations. Time for someone to step up for both these guys. Glad Shannon is keeping the ship tight though.

Great, here we go again. Considering what happened last year on the D-line, we can't afford to lose anyone or any depth. Ugh

To lose valuable senior players in their last season would be a shame I find this very hard to believe.. As far as I know these players are in good academic standing so someone is not being truthful about the situation. Let us stop tarnishing these young men's careers as they have worked hard on the field and in the classroom.

Playing collegiate sports is a privilege. And if Collier and Wesley can't make the grades academically or personally conduct themselves to the UM standard then they don't need to play! Nothing is worse than seeing an uneducated athlete who can't conduct himself professionally, i.e Willie Williams. Not saying these guys are on his level, but if they can't meet the UM standard then it is time for them to play elsewhere. I want UM to win a championship just as much as anyone, but I'd rather see young men educated and well-groomed for life after sports than irresponsible football stars. I LOVE what you're doing Randy Shannon!

Hope he doesn't wind up in prison like his dad.

Hope not collier is nasty!!!! We need him.

every year, right before the season. this team just doesnt need distractions.

If he's dismissed for academic resons, he should be able to go to a number of SEC or Big 12 schools.

no get it right. here’s the latest on wide receiver Thearon Collier and defensive end Steven Wesley. Collier has not been suspended from the team and will play this season. According to a source, he is dealing with some non-football related issues. Collier’s mom, Tranise Harris, recently had a stroke and he’s also coping with his girlfriend having a miscarriage earlier this year.

On top of that, he suffered a wrist injury during the summer. But No. 28 is expected in uniform when camp opens Thursday.

The same can’t be said for Wesley. A source said he’s expected to be ruled academically-ineligible. He will likely pursue a transfer.

Not surprising considering Miami is at 87 scholarships currently. Somebody has to go.

@ moneycane. This not a wake up call for the boys, if you knew the situation then you wouldn't make such a statement because this is truly an unfortunate situation that is being covered up with false stories to mask the underlying deceit involved.

Many blogs are saying all kinds of things about these kids. Pretty much saying they are stupid, no brains, and act like they have all these sources.

Their comments are as stupid as they are ignorant and silly. Jumping to conclusions like many have make them all look foolish. Of course that's what some are.

I thought Oreo was cool myself.

Hate rumors... but if what Adam posted is true... saying "he's leaving Miami. What school should I transfer to?".

Then it could be, as simple as wanting more PT and being the starter. Who could blame him. The guy can play football and having too many guys all wanting the rock at the same time, somethings gotta give. His problem is being very good on a team that has many "Very good" football players, all on the same team and it is choking everyone's statistics.

Being 190 lbs, isn't helping him either. Recent addition of Lamar Miller at 205 is getting allot of attention. Throw in Hall and Clements, all looking at returning the balls on ST's must be eating at him too. The list is many and all are piling up in line... Next!

If leaving, you'll be missed and good luck but don't back !!! your's is a one way trip!... See Ya!

Good Riddance. The kid was not showing any real improvements throughout his tenure with "the U". He did not demonstrate the speed nor did he have the height required to be 'labeled' a servicable UM Receiver. During his sophmore year he was coming off the bench to red-shirted kids a year removed from high school! To top that off, he had academic and behaviorial issues (laziness)? Coach Shannon is a very patient individual- for this kid to be "kicked off" the team, I believe its more than "academics". I have zero(0) tolerance for anyone who does not respect "the U" and the boundless opportunities this school presents. Furthermore, living/growing in "da Hood" IS NO EXCUSE! Great call Shannon.

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