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Bailey, B. Harris, Bosher make All-ACC preseason team

Here is the All-ACC Preseason Team. No Hurricanes on offense made the team. Allen Bailey and Brandon Harris were selected to the defensive team. Matt Bosher was picked as the kicker.

QB: Christian Ponder, Florida State (35)
RB: Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (45)
RB: Montel Harris, Boston College (30)
WR: Donovan Varner, Duke (27)
WR: Torrey Smith, Maryland (19)
TE: George Bryan, NC State (21)
OT: Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (43)
OT: Chris Hairston, Clemson (21)
OG: Rodney Hudson, Florida State (43)
OG: Thomas Claiborne, Boston College (21)
OC: Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (25)

DE: Robert Quinn, North Carolina (47)
DE: Allen Bailey, Miami (31)
DT: Marvin Austin, North Carolina (32)
DT: Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson (27)
LB: Alex Wujciak, Maryland (34)
LB: Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina (32)
LB: Luke Kuechly, Boston College (25)
CB: Kendric Burney, North Carolina (27)
CB: Brandon Harris, Miami (26)
S: DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (48)
S: Deunta Williams, North Carolina (41)

PK: Matt Bosher, Miami (32)
P: Matt Bosher, Miami (20)
SP: Torrey Smith, Maryland (24)

> I'm working on our Metro News desk this week (part of those budget cutbacks) and wasn't able to head over to UM today for interviews with Joel Figueroa, Demarcus Van Dyke or Sean Spence. But our Susan Miller Degnan was there. Look for a story from her later today.


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Should put her on the newsdesk and send you out there....geeeeeze.

BullS@#& if Colin Montgomery,Orlando Franklin,
Hankerson,Benjiman,Byrd,Berry & Harris aren't
better than this bunch then i'm an Ohio ST. fan.


Sorry I ment Colin McCarthy


We'll look forward to seeing the All ACC team at the end of the season when CANES will be dominant on offense and defense.


Manny we need YOU covering the U not Susan, blahh...

North Carolina is one of the most over-rated defenses of all time. All that so-called NFL talent and they lose 5 games a year. WOW!!!

These pre-season acc media poles are "cute". I guess it gives them something to do during the week.
I can't really pay attention to what some guy in Boston or Atlanta has to say about my 'Canes compared to other teams.

no cane made it on offense. hmmm thats good in a way extra motivation. this seaseon can't get here fast enough.

SI.com: the 1986 fatigue-wearing canes are the most hated team of all time.

I love it. I miss it. that is the definition of swag. That was the birth of swag. The U invented it. No one will ever duplicate it. Never. Randy Shannon wants it both ways: swag and discipline. Well, it wont happen. Players arent robots they are human beings with their own personalities and culture and upbringing.

The U needs to bring that swag back. Or else well be just one of the bunch. I'd rather be hated and win, then be a team like UF with sanctimonious Tebow or Wuerffel, all lilly white and all.

And another thing- Hated because people feared the sight of the strong, angry mean looking huge balck men in fatigues, yet if it was nebraska doing it, no word. That to me, was an underlying racism tone.

We need Jimmy Johnson back. He respected these players and let them be.

Man I miss those days. Win or lose. It was our thing. The U vs the world

Would Bosher be the first player to ever make the team at multiple positions?

Well I guess we will have to prove the ACC media wrong, once the U dominates this year they gonna wish they could change their selections.

So a guy from Duke and Maryland are better than the studs we got at WR. SOmething fishy there maybe it's like MLB allstar voting where every team must have representation. Can't wait until the post season team comes out because I'm predicting at least 9 first team Canes and 3 1st All-Americans.

They have our # recently!

Now you mean to tell me that Donovan Varner Duke & Torrey Smith Maryland are better than L. Hankerson Miami & T. Benjamin Miami ? Nah B/S, they gotta give every Acc team a plug. Now all Ponder has proved is that he can go 6-6 and run for his life. Keep hyping them and dissing us and we shall see ! SH** we have 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS off of people underestimating us ! LOVE IT!!!!!!LOVE TO SEE'EM CHOKE,SUFFOCATE & DIE ON THEIR WORDS!!!!
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!

It would be hard for a WR on our squad to make it. Jacory spreads the ball around ALOT.
So no 1 WR is going to have big numbers

Why can't the Canes play in the new Marlins' stadium?

I'm not so much interested in who makes the pre season list as those who make the list at the end of the season. I trully believe just like years past. The Maimi players never get respect. They have to earn it. So guys go out there and prove to all these procastinators that they really missed the boat by not picking more miami players.

I'm working on our Metro News desk this week (part of those budget cutbacks) and wasn't able to head over to UM today for interviews

If you get paid more for doing that (Metro News) I'm cool with it but otherwise send Susan over there so we can get our info of the Canes, because when you not working the Canes beat it goes uncovered in South Florida print.

Love to see how negative nelly vote at the season for our Canes

Mr. Williams. Is A Great Runnin Back

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