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Henderson's addition huge for Canes

Remember what Bryant McKinnie meant to the Hurricanes offensive line? Consider the potential addition of Seantrel Henderson just as large.

Seantrel Henderson Although a few sources at UM as of late Tuesday night could not confirm Henderson (the nation's No. 1 high school offensive lineman) was already on his way to South Florida after being released from USC earlier in the day, indications are it might not be long before he becomes the last addition to the 2010 signing class.

Apparently, the only hold up at this point according to a UM source, is that the Canes have to wait until Wednesday -- when he is officially cleared by the NCAA -- to talk to him. After that, Henderson has to make it through UM admissions and the clearinghouse (so it probably will take a couple days before UM makes it official). Henderson would then likely start classes in August. I've been told UM, which looked like they would be about four over the 85 scholarship limit, has a scholarship to give to Henderson. By being released from his national letter of intent by USC, Henderson does not have to sit out this season.

Henderso, who was reportedly in Miami according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press this past weekend, hasn't spoken to any reporters in weeks and his father, who did most of the interviews for him late in the recruiting game, hasn't been answering his cell phone the last couple days. While there is likely some wiggle room (he could always back out and go to Ohio State), the word is Miami is his first choice. 

Henderson (6-8, 337) is the type of lineman that every coach dreams of. Described by Sports Illustrated as "the most polished linemen of the past decade," he would become the most highly touted lineman to sign with the Canes. McKinnie, drafted seventh overall by the Vikings in the 2002 draft, was the anchor of UM's national title team. Henderson is of the same ilk, a player most expect could at least contribute right away if not start at left tackle and keep Jacory Harris' jersey free of grass and blood stains for the next couple years.

If he comes, it would also mean young, perhaps, less talented players like Ben Jones and Jermaine Johnson (slotted to compete for the starting right tackle job) will not have to be depended on to carry a huge load right away. All three could potentially all end up splitting playing time until one emerges. Neither Jones or Johnson has played much yet and are still developing. 

Couple more tidbits...

> I was told the likelihood of freshman cornerback Jeremy Davis getting into school in August was "about 40 percent." Davis (5-11, 162) is one of four DBs in UM's 2010 class.

> It is expected that offensive tackle Tavadis Glenn, who attended an academy school his senior year while playing for Jacksonville Raines, will end up at prep school. 


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WooooW... what a huge get this could be for coach Shannon and the Cane nation. I was hoping Davis and Glenn got in. Ooh well we will wait on them. Once a Cane always a Cane. Seantrel "Big Baby" Henderson welcome to the family.

great news about henderson. Dissapointed about davis and glenn. Isn't davis the second player out of the ft.myers region to not suit up on opening day. step it up cuzzz... how do you college is gonna be like.


Nice work Manny but I don't think Seantrel's played against the same competition for the last 9 months that Jermaine Johnson has. If he can come in and take his spot then all power to him but I don't think it's going to be that way.

Either way though, it's a huge pick up for these NC runs we're about to embark upon and a huge statement about this staff's ability to recruit, something no one seems to want to acknowledge.

Keep it coming...

This is ALL ABOUT THE U!!!!!!!!!

i hope this mammoth kid comes rollin into the gables and brings us the final piece to our return to greatness and our 6th title!!


I hope he decides to join the "UM FAMILY" - also, imagine what the GayTurds will be doing up in GaysVille...probably holding guns to their collective heads, since they wanted Henderson so badly.

Hey, GayTurds, in case you haven't noticed, the tide is turning in a BIG WAY...kind of the way "The Tide" ripped you in the SEC Champ. game last season!

Welcome, if you decide to come, Mr. Henderson!!

Thanks for the scoop, Manny!

Go Canes!

BIG news with Henderson
BIG news

But how about Davis WTF get him in by all means

Great piece, no doubt this would be big news. Go Canes!

Sho me the $$$$

this show just how good randy is people need to give him more credit for what he is doing in miami this class just hit the top ten and just help the canes become a top 10 team because this kid can play now

Thanks for the heads up Manny!
Hope youre having a great summer.

This is BIG (6-8 337 lbs) news for the Canes! Crossing my fingers.

U Gotta Believe!

What is the status of Ohio ATH Latwan Anderson? Is it true he cannot report to campus until Fall due to his 'track' scholarship?

Henderson would be the biggest piece in years for Miami. Miami has needed a blue chip T prospect for years. Normally, Miami takes an undersized OL, who usually is named a TE out of high school, and lets them grow into the position. Henderson will have the size and strength to play right away, and be the road grader needed on the line.

Do Miami fans realize how long it has been since they average as much as 4.0 yards per carry? It has been years when you account for yards lost by sacks. Brandon Linder is another OL with the size and talent to play very early, and these two guys manning the T positions the next two years after this one should make all Canes fans smile.

For all of the talent in S. Florida, the one area that seems to be a trouble area in developing, is of the monster LT-type prospects. Henderson, Linder, Bunche, Feliciano, McDermott all in the same class gives an amazing talent infusion, and some talent evaluators seem to think Barton has a mile-high ceiling as well. He can redshirt and create a little separation of classes for the Canes.

Come to the U Seantrel!

Who are we more excited about brining to Miami --- Wade/Bosh or Seantrel?? For some reason, I am more excited about Seantrel. I'm probably crazy though..

What a day it would be if Henderson signs with Miami soon. First Wade/ Bosh and now this! The 2010 recruiting class is looking a lot better with Anderson and Henderson!

I can see it now....Hurricanes - ACC Champs

Wow! If the "U" gets this monster the flood gates for recruiting will not break open but explode open. If the "U" lands Henderson that would make up for the Brice Brown fiasco. Bridgewater at QB and Henderson at tackle smells like a winning combo to me in 2011! GOOOO! CANES!

Finally some new Canes info. Manny come on brother its time for some insight. Hey how about a follow up story on the progress in the weight room the boys have had this summer?

We definitely need a stud O.Lineman and I also heard that Ego Ferguson won't be getting into L.S.U., what's the chances he lands at the "U" because that's another area we need studs at, D. Tackle.

If he does come I hope he lives up to the hype

If this happens this would be a large boost for the O line for both the running and passing game.

As I said earlier, this will be big!

The time-line sounds very encouraging, he was here last weekend - then to USC during the week to request an out - then he's back here?

If all is true then I think we have ourselves another great OT.


This woUld be hUge for Us if this was to happen! Talk about a whole new look at our incoming class! If Shannon pUlls this one off there's no doUbt we will be in the hUnt the next few years for the Nat.Champ!! I can't wait for the Upcoming season MANE!!! Slowly but surely coach has gotten us rite in all phases and we will be a force once again! Who says he's not a good recruiter now??? Fingers are crossed....

Was hoping to hear good news about Glenn and Davis. They are both good young men and I hope whatever they do, they will end up at the U one day.

Both of these young men are gifted players and they would be a real asset to the Canes. Still hoping for some good word about them..as Yogi says, "its not over till its over."

Manny thanks for the updates.

Sometimes, Good things happen to Good people, if Randy and the U take SH good for them and good for SH. SH is much better off with Randy S.

Go Canes!!!!

We can do this, I know it.

The kid is amazing.

Canes will be able to run wild with this guy. He is the real deal. Can't wait. Go canes.

A very reliable source has informed me he has already made his mind up and wants to be a CANE!!!!!

that is a tremendous news for UM.

This would be huge for the CANES, especially if Glenn isn't able to enroll! GO CANES!

if seantrel ends up coming here, then this O-line will be ready, experienced and mature in 2 more years, the problem is that jacory will be gone so whoever inherits the position from jacory will greatly benefit, the line will be good this year and the next, but the year after it will be unstopable

this story is almost too good to be true - if if it falls right it will be huge for Randy and the Canes , Huge for JH and HUGE for SH.
SH make a statment here and you will be a #1 pick, I hope I will be able to welcome you to the U - Good Luck

nice!!!! Big nasty comin to coral gables woooo

this would be a great addition to this team hopefully his dad don't try and stick his nose in and be like marves old boy. lets go canes can't wait.

Come on down Seantrel, go Canes!!!

no matter how good he is, he won't make a contribution while jacory is under center. Hes going to keep teddy's shirt clean...

Its starting to shape up nicely.
We not only are going to win at the Shoe,
we will dominate.
Back to normal, with turds mouths shut.

Man o man if this kid comes in a lives up to the hype he could solve a lot of problems real fast. The offense will be much better if we can Jacory walled off and the running game gets that mush better. Anyone who dosen't want this kid is crazy>

Not counting my chickens yet, but if this kid is committed to hard work, this could be a hugh plus for us!


Still waiting ever so patiently :)

Hopefully will be a great piece of the O-Line puzzle!

bamo Manny get these comments approved!!

Im jacked up!!! This is a real coup if Miami ends up with Henderson. This offense will be sick.

This will be bigger than Mt. McKinney

Seantrell, "you want the NFL...go to the NFL". And Miami is the best school to help you get there according to a ESPN report calling Miami the pipeline to the NFL. I mean why wouldn't you want to come to South Fla? Its a no brainer.

Good read on the Seantrel situation:


Miami is the perfect fit for him (provided his dad agrees)...can step in and contribute right away and would theoretically be the missing piece to a potential national title contending team. Hope he signs and gets in shape quick...

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