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UM has loaded up on young offensive linemen

If there is one thing the University of Miami has done consistently over the past two seasons it's recruit offensive linemen. Counting Seantrel Henderson, the nation's consensus No. 1-rated high school left tackle in 2010, the Hurricanes have netted 11 offensive linemen in their last two recruiting classes.

When you consider UM was only able to bring in four combined (Orlando Franklin, Tyler Horn, Harland Gunn, Ben Jones) in coach Randy Shannon's first two classes in 2007 and 2008, you begin to appreciate the tough coaching job assistant coach Jeff Stoutland has ahead of him. The good news for UM? The last couple of classes have featured some highly-regarded players, most of whom fill the bottom five of our Top 60 player rankings.

Malcolm Bunche> 56. Malcolm Bunche, OL, Fr.: Originally part of UM's '09 signing class, Bunche spent a year at Milford Prep in N.Y. where he played a lot and developed plenty. At 6-7, 328 pounds, he expected to compete at right tackle, but spent of his spring at right guard, a position currently expected to be filled by senior Joel Figueroa, who has been troubled by shoulder injuries throughout his career. Bunche is definitely big enough and athletic enough to move to tackle if needed. But with Henderson's arrival, he likely would only move out there in the case of injury. Barring that, I expect Bunche to see a lot of time on the scout team, where he'll receive plenty of competition from other incoming freshmen Jermaine Barton and Andrew Tallman, who probably will not end up at tight end.

> 57. Stephen Plein, OL, R-Fr.: A tight end at Fort Myers High, Plein redshirted last season before seeing a lot of playing time during the spring at left tackle. With Franklin out, he and Cory White took the majority of snaps on the left side. Plein looked to be a little further ahead of White, but barring injuries will likely spend another season on the scout team and trying to add more weight. He was listed at 6-6, 260 in the spring.

> 58. Jared Wheeler, OL, R-Fr.: Wheeler (6-5, 330) started for four years at Plantation American Heritage High, but will likely spend another year on the scout team developing barring injury to anybody in front of him on the depth chart. He has spent most of his time at UM playing at left guard, where sophomore Brandon Washington and junior Harland Gunn are entrenched.

Shane McDermott> 59. Shane McDermott, OL, Fr.: A U.S. Army All-American at Palm Beach Central, McDermott arrived in the spring hoping to compete with junior Tyler Horn. McDermott, though, struggled a little adjusting and had a couple mishaps on snaps. Still, the 6-3, 275-pounder has a lot of upside and has coaches excited about the future. With St. Thomas Aquinas standout Brandon Linder arriving this summer and expected to work some at center, McDermott could potentially move to guard down the line. But it all depends on injuries and how Stoutland wants to line his guys up. If Horn is injured, most expect Washington to slide over from guard to center.

> 60. Cory White, OL, R-Fr.: Another tight end turned offensive lineman, White played a lot at left tackle in the spring with Franklin out. At 6-5, 260 pounds, he still needs to add some more weight before he sees the field. He will likely spend the year on the scout team once again.


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Welcome back to the beat Manny. Should be a exciting year!
Go Canes!


Thanks Manny!

Brandon Linder?

Now that is what we call some big uglies. One thing is for sure, the o-line will be tested early and often this season. The good thing is that the o-line will begin this test against a very solid UM d-line before the season begins. The one thing I remember that many former Miami players would say from the glory years is that by the time the season would start they felt more than ready to face the opposition. This was because they were facing players on their same UM team that were better or atleast on the same level to what they would be facing during the season. Win ACC, Win ACC championship game, go to BCS bowl game. No excuses. GOOOO! CANES!

Yes it's true Coach Shannon only had 4 offensive lineman come in in his first 2 years but 3 of those guys (Washington, Johnson and Bunche) went to prep school first. So when you factor that, it's a bit more even. Not a big deal but something to think about if you're going to bash Coach Shannon for not doing his job.

Manny, please, please, please get back to posting everyday. This spring/summer drought has been a killer... I need the 411 in the ATL, Mann-ay.

Q: Brandon Linder? Posted by: spyhazard | July 20, 2010 at 03:59 PM

A: I didn't include any freshmen in the Top 60 who were not in for spring football. That's why I did my wild card blog.

Great to have you back Manny! I'm looking forward to your blogs and articles...


I hope someone besides Washington can fill the center spot. Washington is a beast and should be at guard.

I'm lovin both lines this year.

Go Canes!

Manny, do you see guys like White and Plein ever playing important snaps?

I expected more out of Wheeler by now. Looks like he'll be another Ian Symonnette or maybe a Robert Bergman from of the Butch years.

all the hype i hope they have a good year protecting jacory

SHANNON: please stress to your players to keep their noses clean and the program as well. Winning is all the more sweeter when everything is done right.


Welcome Back! As you can see many of the canes faithful were thirsty for some Canes news from YOU. There are many out there who give some tidbits on the canes, but not like the way you do.

Allow me to say this: Please do not allow others to interrupt the flow of the exchange on here amongst cane fans. Personally, it's frustrating having to wait on you to approve a content before letting it post. The true fans can't have a great exchange about the Canes because we can't see what each other is posting until hours or days later if you ever decide to post them.

My humble suggestion is that you allow the posts to be posted in real time as opposed to being delayed. Please take that into consideration.


@canatic- we cant have that becuase of all the BS that canehaters want to post. its irritating to see that, I thinks its good just the way it is.

The last thing the nation should want to see is JC ith time to look over the field and go to his second and thrid reads. I smell some scary offensive numbers and I think that the D has more talent. Where is the BCS championship this year i need to get tickets to go watch the U reclaim our spot on top.

"Stupid Humans"


Don't we have the ability to ignore their comments? Why can't we concentrate on the true canes making remarks as opposed to a loser?

oh thank god youre back...Welcome back Manny!

We will play anyone anytime for the $$$$$$$$$$


how do we win our nc's? win every single game. no excuses. jra, get your arse up here.

I'd like us to recruit more actual o-linemen, than kids that are T.E. types coming out of High School and trying to make them O-linemen. If a kid comes in at 260 that's cool but someone like White, Plein, & Talmen were maybe 230 to 240 coming from High school and at best they reach 280 to 290, and that's maybe by their r-shirt Jr. year. There are not to many teams in this day and time with 290 linemen nuless they play center or are D-2.

raw talent is raw talent basketball players do it so can he. remember adrian peterson a man among boys. joe cane for life jcfl

This is an awful idea. The top 60 current players really??

How in the world do you know if White is wore than Plein or Wheeler. Liek really.

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