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Desmond Howard: Canes will play Alabama in BCS National Championship game (and lose)

Good afternoon all! It's Susan Miller Degnan.

I just finished watching the preseason special for ESPN College GameDay, and the Canes were hyped up like the old days. So hyped up, in fact, that two of the three analysts predicted Miami would win the Atlantic Coast Conference title for the first time -- Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit (he also said it recently).

Howard, who lives in Miami and won the Heisman Trophy as a Michigan receiver in 1991, was the only one among himself, Herbstreit and Lee Corso (Chris Fowler doesn't do predictions) to predict the Hurricanes in the BCS national title game (in Arizona) -- against Nick Saban's Alabama.

He did say Alabama would beat the Canes, however.

Corso picked Nebraska beating Florida in the national championship -- "just like in 1995,'' he said. "Nebraska's defense wins it.''

Herbstreit, a former Ohio State quarterback, picked Ohio State to defeat Oklahoma in the BCS title game. "I think [coach] Jim Tressel will open up the playbook this year for [quarterback] Terrelle Pryor. I think Ohio State's defense will be maybe one of the best that Jim Tressel has had.''

As for the Atlantic Coast Conference title, here are the predictions: 

* Desmond Howard: Miami --  "I think they're going to have the talent to do it this year. I think the coordinators are in place, finally, for two years in a row, so I think Miami pulls it out.''

Lee Corso: Virginia Tech -- "I go with Virginia Tech to win it the old fashioned way -- run it, kick it, play defense. Virginia Tech."

Kirk Herbstreit: Miami --  "I'm going with Miami as well. Miami over Boston College. The Canes have been a very young team the last couple years. They grow up this year, show some maturity, more consistency. I like the Canes over BC.''

There you have it.

Have fun today. Be safe tonight.

Susan Miller Degnan


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Nebraska over Flotida,...not so fast my friend.

If I was a betting man ( which I'm not) I would put my money on Alabama or LSU vs. Texas or a sleeper. Like I said, I don't bet :-)

If that OLine is on point. The Canes will win it all.

Let's not worry about the NC. Let's all(players, coaches, writers, and fans concentrate on kicking Herbie's boys into Canada on 9/11. Then Pitt...In spite of Herbie's comments this OSU team has many realtive weaknesses for the U to exploit. An excellet team but right now a lot of areas are veneer not solid cherry. The OL for example has 4 excellent blockers, a so so LT and a drop off after the first team. They have 1 really good reciever. Tressel can't rely on passing for all of the above including Pryor is not a pin point passer. Last year when you account for the discrepancy in pass attempts, OSU was a scant .7% better in sacks. 7% Vs 7.7% per attempt. That is 10% better but nothing to write home about. Also if they increase passing attempts, it direclty impacts their rushing as Pryor was their #1 rusher last year.

Don't listen to people that say how good you are....Just show it on the field and listen to sponge Bob.

Nice to finally get some praise. That 13 ranking is bs and reflects more that people don't think we'll do well with our schedule than it does people's perceptions of our overall talent level. People know we have the talent, they just think we'll go 2-2 with those tough road games and FSU early in the season. What they don't remember is that the Canes always have had these kinds of schedules, and we have always won titles (at least when we had players with some talent).

I don't know about a national championship...getting there is a crapshoot. But I think we have a real shot at the ACC and, if we get through with 1 loss with our schedule, we'll probably be playing for the title...in the stinking Fiesta Bowl. But that's all hypothetical. A 1-loss season is a lot to ask of anyone, and isn't always decided by talent alone. So we'll see, but it's nice to have some hype again.

Go Canes!

why is this a news story?

Ever heard of being hyped up so they can laugh while you fall. The people at espn hate miami; don't kid yourself. They hyped us up after a couple of early wins last year and then we all know what happened. Screw espn, they are there for the sole purpose of hype, ignore them!

Kind of funny that after the canes last closed scrimmage where ESPN analyst Todd Blackledge was present. Alot of his co-workers are jumping on Miami's bandwagon. Things that make you go hmmmm.lmao.

I agree with Dolemite. ESPN has been disrespecting The U for a long time. We are not their friend. Actually, mass media period! We've got to bring it this year, no more excuses. I'm tired of seeing all these "Hillbilly Teams" get credit while UM is being disrespected. Coach Shannon should put in player's heads that it is UM against the NCAA -world.

@RALO Exactly, enough with the artificial hype. It's time for shannon to earn his contract renewal!

Thank god Lee Corso did not pick the U, that would be the kiss of death. He is an FSU Criminal anyway! Respect from the media means nothing, we need to make the teams we play respect and fear the U. We need to go into their house and claim it MIAMI NORTH at the shoe and take what we want leaving nothing for the Suckeye fans to take solstice in.

It's good to see that the Canes are now solidly back in the national conversation.

Is it true that Craig James didn't have Miami in his top 25?

In my view Kirk Herbstreit is by far the best analysis in all of college football. Lee Corso works very hard at not saying anything positive about the Canes, but so what!

Susan, once again, thank you for the great work.

The canes are back!
Can't remember where vie heard that before.
Oh yeah. The last 3 years.
Not gonna happen!

Lets hope da boys from da bottom stay focus on dis mission of 12-0......Dam I Luv Da "U"!!!!

ESPN does not disrespect the "U". The "U" has been their cash cow for years. Last year's UM / FSU game was the highest rated ABC / ESPN game of the year. UM has something like 7 out of their top 10 highest ratest games. I think OU - UM was top 5 last season as well.

The problem is just Corso. He is as big of Cane Hater as there exists. He ONLY picks Miami when he knows there is no chance they are going to lose. Holtz is not much different.

I love this team, they are a reincarnation of the 2000 team. If they can beat OSU, I think they can run the table. Like 2000, OSU is this year's UW (2nd game of the season road game) and they have VT & FSU at home. Get past FSU without a loss, they play for the NC. Go Canes!!!

Hype or no hype in 5 days it all starts. One way or the other we will see what all the teams are made of. Pre-season rankings mean nothing early perdictions mean nothing. What matters is who has the crytal ball at the end.
The U has the talent pool that is close to the 2000, 2001 , 2002 team but it is all about how that talent is used. On Sept. 11 we will find out more about our boys.

Let's go CANES

There is no less informed, biased, idiotic, self deluded moron 'analyzing' college football these days then that garden troll Lee Corso. He should be selling Ginsu knives on late night sell-a-vision or dressing up as a clown and doing a Saturday morning 'Bozo' show for kids. Corso has zero place in any intelligent conversation about college football. He is a retarded, braying jackass who should go back to trying to make crayons out of soybeans. Moron.

I love it when people spend time talking about espn hating miami. If they don't praise us, its cause they hate us. If they do, its cause they want to see us fall.......we truly have morons for fans..... and yes i mean you, if you are annoyed at this comment.

Manatee High rolled to a 48-10 win over Tampa Plant, a team that was ranked as No. 1 in the country by RivalsHigh 100.

Admitting that it was a high school game it just proves that all of the preseason hype by the so-called experts rarely comes to fruition.

Within 3 weeks of the upcoming season the college football top 10 will look nothing like it does today and the Canes have their best opportunity in the last 6 years to make a big statement.

Duh- Is that word "duh" what comes to mind when someone asks you anything?

It is true- Craig James hates Miami ever since his college days. Lee ( Marble mouf) Corso is as dumb as they come (hence the FSU like), buthe absolutely hates Miami. So do Musberger and Chris Fowler (do you all forget his disingenous critcis of the canes after the FIU brawl?)

I would not buy the hype. But if they play in the NC, they will not lose to bamy.

Florida vs Nebraska? That person must either be on drugs, drunk, both, or had a stroke and brain damage. Oh, yeah, That's Lee Corso, the least verbal, least eloquent,least intelligent, and least entertaining talking head in sports, barely ahead of Brent Musberger.

And if indeed Uf does make itto the NC (because they beat Alabama), they will nlt lose to Nebraska. I'm telling you Corso is a blabbering blabbber of blabberdom.

The canes will be at best 13-0, at worse, 11-2. Of course the truth always falls somewhere in between!

Agreed With Duh. Some Of Us Are Completely Insane To Think That These People That Dont Pick The Canes To Win An ACC Title Have This Grudge Against Miami. Come On. Its Just Their Opinion. Its Not Insanity To Pick VT To Win The Acc Title This Year. They Have An Excellent Running Game, Great Coaching Staff, And Despite The Numbers That They Lose On D, They Always Put A Solid Unit Out There. Its All Just Preseason Hype And If You Get Swept Up In It Then U Need To Take A Step Back And Get Excited For When The Games Actually Start.

Win or lose I am a Miami Hurricane... The Media is not a friend of Miami, remember the NCAA changed a lot of rules because of Miami. So my opinion is this, Miami will never, never, never, never get the respect it deserves of lets say USC or ND...Shannon has kept the schools money maker's nose clean for some time, but that does not matter... It is still Miami... The rule changer...Like I said, win or lose I am still a Miami Hurricane.

I can see the prediction that Desmond Howard made. I feel as though UM will be taking and making the next move from this year on!! One correction, whoever they play they will win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS.

This is the first guy to call Miami the NC game -- and the only one of the bunch who watched Miami practice this summer. Not a coincidence. Canes will not lose over the next two years. Easy to see this as a cheerleader prediction, but nobody in the country has more talent or depth, and this team is all about focus - the schedule taught the players that last year. Combine that and it's not a very daring call, y'all. See it live later this week.

The CANES will go undefeated and beat the crap out of alabama, and nick saban will get what he deserves for what he did to the dolphins

I just watched Dragonball Z and Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans!!!!

I like pickelow myself

another 9-3, 8-4 season. thats as good as shannon gets. and we lose to osu, pitt we beat, and 2-3 conf losses. no rings with shannon. acc or national. reality stinks, but this is reality. these players still have never beaten a team who finished in the top 10. the closest one was GT, and they are one dimensional.


These espn predictions mean nothing to me.

Self touted "reality" predictions mean nothing to me (Alabama was 0-2 vs top 10 teams in 2008, Florida was 0-2 vs top 10 teams in 2007, LSU was 0-2 vs top 10 teams in 2006).

The next 33 days mean everything to me.


...hope to have some of you guys watching my back in Columbus in 2 weeks.

Nebraska can't help but win 11 games with their schedule. They play only 1 team in the pre-season top 40.

Win the ACC.... don't worry about the rest. Just win the ACC!

Roll Tide!

Desmond Howard picked Miami to play in the NC last year as well.

I really never read anything into these predictions. But just a thought- no team in this decade has won back to back championships. The Alabama D lost many of its valuable starters this year- Rolando Mcclain, Terrence Cody, Javier Arenas, and Kareem Jackson. Thats significant and they play in a Pro-Defensive conference. The Gators last year had the team to repeat yet, look at where they finished. We had the best chance to repeat in 02, but thats a whole other dissatisfying story. History is not on Alabama's side for a repeat. They still have a #1 team but I would question a repeat.

bama sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! go canes

Miami will beat OSU. First they need to take one game at a time and keep Jacory from getting beat up. If he stays healthy Miami should have a good shot at an undefeated season.

I love how you guys come on the the Miami page just to let us know how much you sweat The U.

dreamer, nothin but a dreamer.

its all about the osu game. most imoirtant since 02. bar none. the question is can we win it. wisconsin handlingnus last year has me worried.

We ahve the juice to win it all. The biggest question can we win on the road like the canes of old. Pryor will give us problems because of his running ability and he will give us more problems passing if we don't put no heat on him. We have a unique ability of letting mediocre passers eat us up because we give them all day to throw. We have no excuses. We have the skilled people to put points on the board, no matter who we play. Yes, we may have a few green horns on the O-Line but everybody we face will have questions marks of their own. The defense has to bring it up front, plain and simple and if they can do that then there won't be no T.E.'s eating us up all day.

Have you every heard Kirk Herbsteit predict a NC? He is a jinx. Mark my words... We are gonna need that old cuban santeria magic!!!

Lets go CANES!!!

I've been a cane fan for 20 years and I've seen both the best and worst of times wig this team. The fact is, we have a ton of talent and speed all over the field but our Achilles heel is the line of scrimmage. We beat OU fate an auspicious start last year by controlling the LOS and running the ball. We lost against VT and Wis by getting pushed around up front and not stopping the run. Our CBs will be able to man up OSUs relatively weak receivers, but young safeties will provide opportunities for deep play action balls if we're not careful. We will need to play physical defense and stop the run, which is possible with our front 7. The biggest question mark here though is our Oline. If our "meat" can protect jacory it will be a looooong day for OSU. If we get smacked around like in the Wisconsin game then we don't stand a chance. It's the simple truth and we won't really know until sep 11th. Even with a loss we should have a good season and win the ACC. VT will not repeat their performance from last year. I'm more worried about FSU than VT. Ponder is scary...

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