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It's official: Thearon Collier now at USC (but UM got Seantrel) -- & Sunday practice update

It's Susan Miller Degnan, about to head for Sunday's practice, but before I do..

After a long time waiting for the official stamp of approval, former UM receiver Thearon Collier is now officially a USC Trojan.

USC coach Lane Kiffin talked about it after his team's scrimmage Saturday, at which Collier was present (not playing, obviously). Collier will have to sit out a year, per NCAA rules, but he can practice with the scout team.

At UM, Collier would have been a junior. His two-year career numbers: 44 catches for 574 yards and three touchdowns. On punt returns, Collier had 20 returns for 193 yards and two touchdowns.

And who could forget that beautiful 29-yard catch he made on third down in UM's game-winning drive at Wake Forest last season.

I personally liked Thearon a lot, and I think he has tons of talent. I know he had a lot of personal stuff to deal with. His baby boy died during birth not that long ago. His father died while his mom was pregnant with him. Apparently he was not doing the right things in terms of class attendance, etc., according to some UM sources, but I hope he does well at USC. 

"He's been through a lot, had a very tough life so far," Kiffin said, according to espn.com. "I'm glad we can give him an opportunity. Talking to a number of people, I think it's very clear this is something that's good for him, to get away from home and have a fresh start."

As for UM's acquisition from USC.... 6-8, 330-pound Seantrel Henderson (No. 1 recruit in nation)... Let's suffice it to say that UM fans got a really big catch!!

BACK FROM SUNDAY PRACTICE: Today's walk-through was totally closed, but a few notes:

* Randy Shannon said tomorrow's scrimmage will be a lot of first-teamers against first-teamers. Some of them have been held back in the other two scrimmages, to see what the younger players could do.

* RB Graig Cooper and LB Jordan Futch will not play in Monday's scrimmage.

* RT Joel Figueroa missed practice again with an undisclosed injury. Shannon said one of the reasons he's holding him out is that he wants to make sure he's OK for the season. Joel has had shoulder problems in the past. Jermaine Johnson has taken his place in practice.

* Shannon said his players won't be practicing at Sun Life Stadium because the infield dirt is too hard on their bodies and he doesn't want anyone getting infections from the dirt and sand. That has to make you cringe a little, knowing what's in store for them. I've talked to players before about it, and it's not a pleasant experience getting those abrasions caused by the hard surface.

* JoJo Nicolas has not been practicing, though Shannon wouldn't elaborate.



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Its like losing a knight and gaining a bishop And a rook

Maybe a change of venue and a year of sitting out will help Thearon to grow as a player and more importantly as a person. Wishing him the best - unless UM and USC meet on the field.

I hate USC but I'm a huge Pimp Jr supporter. I played football with his father at Beach High. Get your priorities in order and focus on being the best you can be. I know you have made your father proud so keep doing the right things in life.

good luck Thearon

What the F was he doing having a baby boy while still in school. Some of these "student" athletes ain't too bright.

he still has to go to class no matter where he go's

Miami and USC just like the NFL. One team cuts a player and the other picks him up. One player is unhappy so the team releases him and another team signs him.

We basically traded Pimp C to Seantrel Henderson. Pimp c was one of my favorite, I hope he does well over there. Good luck to him

Hate to see you go BUT it might be the best moove for you and your family future...GOOD LUCK Thearon...God Bless you.

In my mind you will always be a cane. Good luck Thearon. Show them west coast boys how its done in the 305.

Good luck Thearon. Wish you the best over there.

I hope collier does well....good news is we won't have to ever play him right? Isn't USC's ban for 3 years, or just two. I would hate to face him in the championship in three years if the ban is less....he is really good!

Hope you do well at USC TC...this will hopefully be a blessing in disguise for you. Please concentrate on school...AND BUY SOME JIMMY HATS....get your education first and set the wind in your sails before starting a family...keep it real.


Yea best of luck to Pimp... Ball out man... He needed a change of scenery... Unlike some of our past transfers he left without making a fuss... I hope he does well... Ball out and still rep the U... Get your work as well... Go Bless...

Go Canes!!!!!! Its our year!!!!!


* Shannon said his players won't be practicing at Sun Life Stadium because the infield dirt is too hard on their bodies and he doesn't want anyone getting infections from the dirt and sand.

huh ? Come on, Buck up boys.

gators suck

* Shannon said his players won't be practicing at Sun Life Stadium because the infield dirt is too hard on their bodies and he doesn't want anyone getting infections from the dirt and sand.

huh ? Come on, Buck up boys.

Posted by: fast actin Tinactin | August 22, 2010 at 04:22 PM


On a similar note, Coach Shannon will no longer accept an Bowl bid invites to games that will played in Orlando during December for fear that the team will be subjected to "The Harsh 50 Degree Elements" and risk getting runny noses and the sniffles ...

good luck thearon.

I could have swore the catch she's talking about against wake forest was a 4th down pass to aldarius johnson.

shannon misterious like always doesn't like practicing in the dirt now, if thats the case then he should hate playing in it. Lobby for a stadium somewhere on campus.

shannon needs to constantly supply his athletes with condoms.

HE wont accept a bowl bid inOrlando because that piece of garbage swamp land cow pasture almost cost Cooper his livelihood. That stadium is a dump. I will never go there again. The grounds, the stadium, the area around it (made the OB look like it was in Weston), the whole thing was awful, plain awful. I cant believe they actually held world cup events there . What an embarassment.


Earlier In That Drive There Was A Third Down Play In Which Collier Tiptoed The Sideline Forthecatch. Real Nice Catch.

I still remember the pass he dropped on 4th down against Wisconsin - had he caught the ball Miami would have kept the drive going and had a chance to win the game. But I wish him well at USC.

Good riddence to someone who didn't go to class and couldn't keep it in his pants. You have to make good decisions in our life and he didn't do a good job. It's terrible about the child, but it should have never gotten to that point. He'll fit right in out their.

that comment is unnecessary. good riddance to you fool.

I sure hope it all works out for him. He couldn't control the tragedies that befell him but he can control the way he deals with them. God bless and the best of luck to him.

USC not a good fit. I think there were better choices. TC won't have the steady hand of Randy Shannon in Westwood. Hope he makes good decisions and goes on to great success, but being in Kiffen's tent, I have my doubts. I hope I'm wrong. USC has good academics so it won't get easier in the classroom and the new AD Hayden should help but the problem there is all the temptations and lack of supervision. He is a long way from home and from his kids.

Nevertheless, I wish the young man much success and the best to him on the field.

Another comment

The things he has gone through make life difficult at times and he has been through the gauntlet for sure. Those experiences can change a man. It seems that Randy Shannon and the experiences he has had in life make him the better coach to play for. How does Kiffen relate to this young man? Running from them never gets it done. Each of us must face our problems head on if we are to overcome them. I hope he dealt with them before he went. Hope the change of scenery will help.

All the way to the west coast...think that kid wanted to get away from Florida!?!

@jim- are you aware of what happened to him. do some research and then you will see.

@canesjunkie- its a whole new world in LA. the density of the population of LA makes OverTown look like the country

To Randy's secret football compound:

It's not Randy's job to tell you and the media about his players injuries. What happens if it's a bad leg and than someone from another team that read the article hits that kid on purpose in that leg? Career ending cause Moron(you) and Moron 2(media) needed to know that he had a inflamation in a his knee. I wouldn't ever give out injury news. Fuel to the Fire.

Japicky? I guess you are a Gator fan and got to see Jesus Jr. get lit up in the preseason game cause he is only able to run the rock and not throw. I love the media trying to say he delivered the blow...HAHAHAAHHA! ROCKED!

Is the guy that snapped Teary Timmy's ribs at practice??
Just like the Arkansas game we know who really won the battle

Now Canemutiny the media might be right, he delivered the blow under the bleachers right after the game

TC was good. This was one I was hoping didn't get away. He helped us last year.

Best of Luck Thearon Collier... you are very talented and just need to mature and do the right things... plus you will always be a Hurricane!

I too wish the young man luck and success. From what I've read, he's a good kid that's seen his share of hard times. I hope he tears it up at USC and gets his NFL contract. I truly do. THAT BEING SAID, there no longer exists room at the "U" for just "athletes". The "scholar" part must exist as well. Thearon couldn't or wouldn't succeed in the classroom. He had to go. The "U" is now the 47th ranked academic school in the country. Our athletes must meet standards as well. At USC... they don't. Kudos to Coach Shannon for sticking to his guns. We'll miss his playmaking ability and great hands, but we are not hurting at receiver. Oh, one lsast thing. For you Trojan fans, I'll take Mr. 6'8" Henderson over Thearon any day and twice on Sundays. Dominance is once again headed east where it belongs in Coral Gables.

hey randy....F-ucla is in westwood....USC is downtown/south central LA...like coral gables-carol city comparison

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