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Jason Fox a Lion, but still talkin' Canes

Hi all! This is Susan Miller Degnan, filling in for Manny while I try to get some stuff written for The Miami Herald's preseason football section. Tonight is UM's second scrimmage, but it's closed to the public and media. When UM releases something on the scrimmage, Manny will post it late tonight or in the wee hours tomorrow.

Jason Fox I had a chance to speak to Jason Fox a couple nights ago by phone. Jason, as you all know, is one of the most loyal Canes of recent years. He played hurt (knee) for a long time, sacrificing his body -- and perhaps, a round or two in the NFL Draft -- for the sake of the team. He started 11 games for UM last season and had 47 career starts, third most all-time by a Hurricane.

I wrote a story for today's Herald about Orlando Franklin, and Jason said if he could think straight during the Lions' grueling preseason camp, he could come up with some funny stories to share. But on this night, he just wanted to let Canes fans know that he believes Franklin will do a great job at left tackle, and that Joel "Fig" Figueroa will be a standout at right tackle opposite Orlando.

Franklin was struck by how Fox told him to enjoy his last year as a Cane, because there's nothing like your college years.

Some nuggets Fox told me:

> "First of all, I should say, it's such a great opportunity and experience to be where I'm at. It's different here because the guys you play with, most of them are married and have kids. Whey they leave work they go spend time with their families. Unlike college, where we were such a close group that when we left, we'd always go out to eat together, hang out together. It's literally a job now. I told Orlando that this is the last year he'll be playing for fun."

> "[Center] Tyler Horn as been waiting on his opportunity, and he's finally getting it. [Guards] Harland Gunn and Brandon Washington are stepping up into big roles, so they're all excited. I've heard great things. I've talked to several of the guys around the program and I've heard nothing but good things.''

> "Going from guard to tackle, the biggest difference is you're playing against more athletic people. You kind of get put out there on an island sometimes with a really quick guy and it really tests your feel. In the middle, you've got to be strong to go against those big D-tackles, but a tackle you're sometimes matched with the speed guy so you need to be able to move your feet. Orlando got reps at tackle at the end of the season last year and he was always an emergency backup tackle, and always got tackle reps in practice. He's gotten used to it.''

OK guys, that's it for now.I was thinking about other Canes who have sacrificed their bodies during the season, and played instead of sitting. Most guys play hurt, but sometimes it's a fine line. There have been dozens of those guys at UM. The first couple who come to mind recently: Jacory Harris, former defensive back Randy Phillips and running back Javarris James.

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Susan, this was good. It would be nice if you could follow up with the other Canes who just started the NFL.

Thanks Susan good blog report.


Anything on the Canes Baseball signee's?

Great idea, K-Man! Thanks. :) Thanks Sean, etc.

Joe, I guess you already know that former UM catcher Yasmani Grandal and former UM pitcher Chris Hernandez just signed contracts with their Major League teams -- Grandal with the Reds and Hernandez with the Red Sox.

The following five players, who recently graduated from high school, opted to sign professional contracts by 11:59 p.m. this past Monday instead of coming to UM: 3B Nick Castellanos (to Tigers), 1B/OF Christian Yelich (to Marlins), P A.J. Cole (to Nationals), 3B Yordy Cabrera (to Oakland) and P Luke Jackson (to Rangers).

The other signees will not be officially released until later this fall, according to UM Sports Information. If anyone knows them, feel free to post. Hope that helps a little.

Darryl Sharpton may be starting for the Houston Texans at LB

Good to hear that the o-line is comming together. Ohio State has four of their offensive lineman comming back and 14 overall starters comming back this year. If the "U" has any chance of winning that game the o-line must step up. In my opinion the "U" needs to pound the football early. That way they can take full advantage of their superior passing attack. But then again I am not the OC, Whipple is and for all we know he may find something on film that tells him that throwing the football 50 times will win the game. Nevertheless, the o-line is one of several areas (special teams coverage, pass rush, creating turnovers) that needs to improve if we have any chance at an ACC title. GOOOO! CANES!

Trust me, Susan you and Manny's hard work is GREATLY appreciated by us Canes here in TX. And Fox of course, being a Texan, is especially special for us! LOL He was a great Cane and I look forward to him doing great things in the NFL for years.

Hey the Don... if you feel you are out in the hinterlands... just imagine the feeling I get trying to follow my CANES (two UM degrees - BA in 1973 and JD in 1992 - and having gone to the OB starting as a 6 year old kid in 1957 and missing games ONLY when I did not live in Florida from 1974 to 1980 and 2004 to now...) here from Buzios (Brasil). I will strongly second your statement that Manny and Susan (even if she did go to UF) are greatly appreciated from the southern hemisphere.

An expat in Brasil

Whoa!! Expatinbrasil, I did not go to UF. But thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. I went to George Washington University, which disbanded its football team years before I ever got there. That's pretty cool that you're following the U from Brazil.

desculpe.. I was mis-informed. GWU is a school I respect (not for football) but having experienced the OB for close to years and being a UM grad for nearly 40.. I am one of those who truly does bleed ORANGE AND GREEN - remembering the days of Andy Gustafson, Charly Tate (who my dad hated)Curci et.al... I can truly say that I believe we are on the verge of another great era. Once again, sorry for thinking that you went to that soon to be techincal college (have you seen what they are doing in laying off falculty in non-revenue generating departments??) to the north... sorry for my error...

expat but not an excane

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