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Latwan Anderson and David Perry at football practice (two backup qbs talk)

Good morning. It's Susan.

Just came in from the beginning of UM football practice.

UM track signee and former high school football star Latwan Anderson, a defensive back, is at practice, wearing Thearon Collier's old jersey No. -- 28. He had no pads on and wore what looked like black gym shorts. He will be listed as 5-10 and 170 pounds on the roster.

Defensive end David Perry, out of Fort Lauderdale's University School, also is at practice, wearting jersey No. 95. He looks big -- and he is. Perry will be listed on the UM roster as 6-7 and 230 pounds.

It appears they are just observing and not actually taking part in any drills. We saw about 10 minutes worth so we'll know more after we talk to Randy Shannon. POST-PRACTICE NOTE: Shannon said both guys have to abide by NCAA practice rules and start out in shorts, and proceed slowly, as the others did at the start of camp. He would not elaborate about Latwan or his projected position and kept saying he was a walk-on.

Also: the linebacker position continues to be in flux.

Today it was Colin McCarthy in the middle and Sean Spence and Kylan Robinson on the outside -- first teamers.

 McCarthy, who played on the outside last year, is still in the middle -- where he made  the move recently.  Robinson recently moved from first-team middle to second-team middle, and today obviously moved to first-team outside. Ramon Buchanan had recently been practicing outside with the first team. Today he was with the second team.

 Right tackle Joel Figueroa is back at first-team, but no sign of Jermaine Johnson at practice. Not sure what that's about. (POST-PRACTICE NOTE: It's now after practice and Randy Shannon said Jermaine Johnson was in practice -- nothing else. We saw who we thought was Jermaine after practice wearing a duplicate jersey number (66), same as Harland Gunn, who was at practice.)

 Jermaine Barton played second-team guard today. On the first day of practice, Barton, out of Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas High, was on crutches with his right leg in a boot. 

 Adewale Ojomo is with the second team defensive ends, along with Marcus Robinson. The starters today were Olivier Vernon and Allen Bailey. Josh Holmes and Marcus Forston were the first-team tackles.

 Since this week's game against FAMU is on a Thursday, not Saturday, today was like the usual Tuesday practice -- usually the most intense one of the week. I'm not sure at all, however, whether it means every guy who played with the first team early in practice today will be starting.


* Freshman linebacker Travis Williams just hobbled by on crutches with a large brace over his left knee (saw him from inside a building; our friends at Inside the U made the I.D.)

* Also, we talked to backup quarterbacks A.J. Highsmith and Spencer Whipple today. Freshman Stephen Morris had to lift weights so he couldn't talk to us. It was the first time we got the backups. Shannon wouldn't say who the No. 2 guy is, but that's pretty obvious right now. We're going with A.J., who, by the way, said he wants to be called A.J., not Alonzo. He said he basically put his name on the roster as Alonzo on a whim, but that it didn't really mean anything in particular.

Whipple, who said he is sharing reps on the scout team with Stephen Morris, will be doing the holding, so he'll be in every game in that capacity.'

Have no idea if Stephen Morris will be redshirted, but it seems that could be the case.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and evening!



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That's a start. No need to rush these guys. We're loaded. A redshirt for both wouldn't be all that bad. Look at Lamar Miller. He's a RS freshman and it almost seems like he's a team veteran. He should be graduated, working on his post-grad program and most-likely ready for the big leagues (if he so chooses) by the end of his junior season.

Thanks Susan!

Agreed completely. This is the benefit of Shannon building depth. The best players on our team (finally!) are juniors and seniors, so we can afford to let players mature naturally instead of forcing them to play before they're ready. Even if he had arrived earlier, Perry would still be behind Ojomo, Bailey, Smith, Vernon, Robinson and Dye. And all Anderson could do at this point is kick returns, where we already have a lot of talented players competing. Redshirt 'em both and let them develop on the scout team.

Go Canes!

How can we watch Thursday's game on tv? I can't get espn3 because Comcast does'nt offer it.

My tic's stare at me every morning when I wake up and every day when I come home like those Geico dollars with those googly eyes. I cant wait 'til Thurs. The drive will be grueling but it will be more than worth it .


If you have a Comcast Internet account you can watch the game on your computer.

Your right seargeantmajor. I love how Coach Shannon has not rushed these guys into action. I strongly agree in redshirting them both. Good article Susan, you do a great job keeping me informed.

ESPN 3 online is only for people with accounts with certain providers. Its really unfortunate they couldn't find a channel to put the game on real tv.

Just goes to show you how deep we are when guys like Andrew Smith, Minacor Regis and Ramon Buchanan are not in the "starting line-up." I say "starting line-up" loosely b/c like Coach says, "We don't know who the starters will be till game day"

Speaking of redshirts. I think another young man that could benefit from a redshirt is Jeremy Lewis. Just my opinion.


Can U Say DEATH Penalty ...

U get the gas face loser

Florida A&M-Miami Hurricanes NOT On TV

It is only four days away, so if you don't have tickets (or aren't planning on getting them) for the Hurricanes' home opener Thursday against Florida A&M, make sure your computer is ready.

The 7:30 p.m. game will not be televised, but will be carried on the Internet at ESPN3.com , formerly ESPN360.


Yup U Are America's Team Alright ... Pathetic

hahaha.....this guy is funny!! what else ya got??

There are certain sites with "hijacked" broadcasts of the game. Just look around about 30 minutes before game time. you'll find something. I even found a link posted on a game blog on the Herald once. Where there's a will, there's a way. I'll be at the game drinking a beer and enjoying every minute of it. (rubbing it in).

Almost forgot to say thanks for the update to Susan "don't call me Dirk Diggler" Degnan! Thanks

Hey Susan, We know that UM will be using a new Nike Pro Combat Uniform this year. Anyway you can get some idea of what color the uniform will be?

Maybe Black or Camo?


Who gives a crap about some loser from UM who stole from people....HE HAS NO credibility...The U will not be punished in any way because of this....keep dreaming gayturds...the only way you can beat us is by not having to play us....HOW SAD....

the dude didn't go to the U he was a bottom feeder back in the day and he still is. We have given back the money he gave to the university and none of his player allegations will be proven accurate. I have firsthand knowledge of this situation and i assure everyone this is bull. This guy got into some financial misdealings and asked a few former players for a hand out. They said no and now he's pissed. he's also sitting in prison where felons go.....how many Gaytors went to jail out of the 32 felony convictions since 2005?

i'll be there thurs. got season tickets....Go Canes!

Flying in from Brooklyn for the game. Undefeated for two seasons - you heard it here first.

miggs... Love the optimism! Go CANES!

hint ... two words , Shapiro ...

B U S T E D - J _ W

U know ...

hint 2 Ojomo's smile

gimme an E

Good morning! About to leave for practice. Michael, I'll try to get an answer for you on the unis. Susan.

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