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Monday: 15 minutes alone with Shannon, Seantrel, Jacory and new Nike Elite Pro Combat uniforms

Hi everyone!

It's Susan on a hectic Monday. Early practice (wrote an early blog before this), then FAMU-related press conference. Also spoke to Randy Shannon by myself for a bit:

* Shannon said he is releasing the depth chart for Thursday night's game on Tuesday, instead of at the press conference, which he used to do.

* I asked Shannon if any players will be suspended for the FAMU game. His reply: "No.''

* Shannon told me that freshman offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson is "doing well. He knows about a quarter to half of the playbook and he's getting better every week and every day. He's very competitive and he's doing a great job of learning and competing and doing everything he needs to do to get ready.''

 * Randy, do you expect Seantrel  Henderson to play? "Don't know. It depends on how the game goes and how the season goes. You never know when he will play and when he won't play.

(Note: I think he'll get in there -- and so does Orlando Franklin; see previous blog -- the first game, but we'll see.)

Seantrel is listed as 6-8 and 355 pounds on roster. But Shannon told me, "He's losing weight already.''

I also asked Shannon if Seantrel does get in, how long will it take to get his conditioning and college game experience down to where he can perform well for an extended period of time.

Shannon's response: "I'll put it to you this way, Orlando Franklin played as a true freshman. He could not finish a game until the last game of the season. it's a process.''

* Good chance new defensive end David Perry, who just reported a couple days ago, will redshirt. "He's going through the acclimation period,'' Shannon said, "and he got here so late." Is it too late for him to play this season? Shannon: "Don't know. Probably is. He's got to go two days in shorts -- with that said, he's probably not [going to play]."

* Will RB Graig Cooper play Thursday? "He's been practicing every day and taking some hits and some shots, so we'll see. It's a possibility.''

* Is RT Jermaine Johnson OK? Shannon: "He was out there at practice. He's not on the scout team. He was wearing a different jersey number [Sunday] because his jersey was ripped. He got his jersey fixed." Shannon said he'll play at FAMU, but he wouldn't say if he's starting.

* How is linebacker Travis Williams ?(I saw him yesterday with crutches and a large black brace on left knee): "You'll get the injury report tomorrow. ACC rules.''

* Is RB Storm Johnson going to redshirt? Shannon: "Don't know. He can play in the first game as early as Thursday. You never know.''

* What's your philosophy on redshirting? Shannon: "I think players redshirt themselves. I tell every player that we recruit when they come to the University of Miami, if they're physically and mentally ready to handle being at the University of Miami, they'll play. I don't ever redshirt anybody until after the fourth game, because you never know what is going to happen. We have a long season to go and the first four or five games are going to be very difficult for us.''

*Jacory Harris is not wearing the white tape (protective covering) over his surgically repaired throwing thumb. He said he is 100-percent healed. "With the thumb I was going to start throwing the first game with the tape around my hand, like I had at the beginning of camp. But these last couple days I've done it without tape and I'm 100 percent. I'll be able to go.

Why the tape during camp?

"It was just in case. It was just me being scared that something may happen. But you can't be scared of everything. Things happen for a reason. You just have to live.''


I promised I'd get back to you guys on the new Nike  "Elite Pro Combat Uniforms."

The uniforms will be unveiled by Nike this Wednesday, but they're not all-black, like some people have surmised.

I just talked to Harry Rothwell, general manager of allCanes store in Coral Gables. He went to the Nike Summit last week in Atlanta and saw an artist's rendering of the Elite Pro Combat unis that will be worn Nov. 20 against Virginia Tech.

In a nutshell, they're all orange -- and Rothwell said they're "cool.''

"I think they're better than last year's,'' he said. Last year's were all white and were worn at USF and at the Champs Sports Bowl.

Rothwell: "Very cool looking. They're orange. Lightweight. They're very sleek and fast-looking. They have a different kind of number on them. I really don't know how to describe it -- it's kind of a green number with some sort of stripe or graphic in it. New shoes -- orange and green and black with the U on them. The gloves are coming back that make the U when the players put their hands together. New pants, with some stripes that go down and around them. I think there's a U on the pants by the knee."

Rothwell said allCanes, on Ponce de Leon across the street from Alex Rodriguez Park, will carry the new Pro Combat jerseys, two styles of related hats, one Dri-Fit related shirt and the gloves that are part of the uniform. He said they'll probably arrive sometime before the game, probably by early November.

These are just special uniforms that will be worn either only at that game or in a very limited number of games.



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Nice to see the pathetic and completely panicked GayTurds posting Cane hatred on here. Guess the goats are not ready for the big date tonight so they got free time to search Miami articles.

Hey you backwoods morons, UM's violations being looked at now might get about ZERO penalties due to being so minor.

And the so called major violations this scum who's feelings were hurt because x players used and abused him, good luck proving anything.

A convicted criminal's word, no paper trail, no money trail, no hard evidence to prove anything.

Keep dreaming you goat lovers. Canes will shortly own you, FSU and everybody else. Deal with it!!!!!

The Curse of Art Kehoe- Wait until the report comes out with detailed pictures of Urban finishing off Tebow in his office.

speaking of NCAA violations, aren't the Gators in deeper pile of crap because of the pouncey phags?

Barry Jackson just wrote garbage about a bandit in prison who is ready to lie because he is desperate...And crazy.

Way to go Barry...UM Alumni...Focus on the positive. You can write better articles.

I will stop talking about this piece of garbage and enjoy everything Randy Shannon brought to Coral Gables for the 2010 season.

By the way Barry why don't you compare UM's program with the other top 25 in the country on academic's, good behavior and progress on the field...Not a single suspension for the FAMU game...If you want the negative go elsewhere...

Take it from a real UM Alumni and true fan!

I love the hatred!! It simply means all the scrub teams that are good for 5 minutes every 20 years are getting scared that the U is coming back to the top. Soon they're going to be trampled over laughed at like the old days so there's nothing else they can do except talk trash for those 15 minutes of fame.

Not to mention, but isn't wining n dining at his Mansion and S. Beach and greasing high-end recruits with fists full of $20's from 2000-2009 something that the NCAA will definitely look into ? I f U think not, you're either dumb, blind w/ orange n green glasses or both.

The NCAA is already here investigating 4 different sports witin the Athletic program, and they're in no hurry. This won't end til the '08's are gone and Ur '14-'18 recruiting classes will suffer as a result. Sanctions or no sanctions .

Now, tell me if I'm lying ?

"Nice to see the pathetic and completely panicked GayTurds posting Cane hatred on here."

Actually, it's Cane on Cane hatred ...

A convicted criminal's word, no paper trail, no money trail, no hard evidence to prove anything.

Keep dreaming you goat lovers. Canes will shortly own you, FSU and everybody else. Deal with it!!!!!

Posted by: CaneFan | August 30, 2010 at 03:58 PM

Let's go to the video ... woot woot

Now back to football. We have a game in 2 days and don't need to waste time on the blog returning fire to a hillbilly moron. It's degrading.
Aj was all but named the backup. Due to his height at 6'-0", do you think Whipple has more plays where AJ can move around to get a better view of the field? J12 is 6'-4" and can afford to stay in the pocket.

Shapiro is a professional liar. He's desperate for attention and in one quote I read he was ticked off because Randy Shannon would not ever return his calls while he was stalking UM players.

He also stalked Shaq and Dwayne and they both thought of him to be no more than a pathetic groupie.

This guy made his money via a ponzi scheme. He's a criminal sitting alone in a New Jersey jail cell trying to get attention.

Had he told Federal Investigators of his accusations as he claims and if those claims had any real merit I have to believe the Feds would have flagged the NCAA as a courtesy.

Anyone can write a book and Shapiro admitted he hasn't been able to get a publisher to take this project on as of yet. Do I think he will find a publisher? Yes! That's because anything said bad about the Canes sells. Do I believe he has earth shattering evidence against the Canes? No!

The season is here--don't allow a criminal like Shapiro to make you feel bad about the Canes. A spokesperson for the NCAA commented if they were to recieve reliable information they would look into the charges, but WOULD ALSO CONSIDER THE SOURCE--code for...Shapiro is a bad guy hoping to play another scam.

Wow! The school must be sooooooo worried about the NCAA that they cannot risk playing anyone who might have committed a violation!

Let's see who Shannon suspended just in case the NCAA comes calling:

Sorry "D" Bag, UF is still the dirtiest program in the state until further notice!

Go 'canes!

"D" Bag: Dooohhhhhhhhh!

GAtor off-season so far;
Urbie doin the flip-flop (u saw how that worked out 4 Billy D), goin on vacation or rehab or whatever, goin berserk on some poor reporter & goin berserk on some nerd just 2 show his superiority.
3 defensive coordinators in a month, 4 new coaches & Billy Gonzales leavin 4 the same job at LSU.
5 arrested so far, 2 transfers so far, 1 kicked off the team so far & the freshmen in revolt.
Plus u have ur most famous ex-GAtor (Emmitt Smith) not mentionin his alma mater in his 24 minute HOF speech, ur president (bernie machen) doin the demolition derby on campus & GOJO givin his hometown team a C+.

It's a new year and we must all learn again to ignore the Gator fans who come on here just to spout stupidity and ruin the fun and interesting discussions. Let them be, please...this whole conversation is a response to some moron trying to rabble-rouse.

And Susan, Manny was pretty good about bumping these guys off. I know it's not your thing and it's time consuming, but how about it?

Good stuff Susan. Thanks for keeping the train going while Manny is wasting time with the Marlins. Tell him to get his tail back here though...real sports are about to begin!

Go Canes!

The last time I spoke with him, Shapiro was complaining that he wasn't going to renew his season tickets this year. He didn't think the school should extend coach Randy Shannon's contract or give him a raise. I think he didn't like that Randy wouldn't return his phone calls. He was always bitching about that. He didn't know that Randy doesn't really talk with any boosters.


Thanks for the information. This was good stuff. I hate to know what you did to get 15 minutes with Shannon, but whatever it was thanks for doing it :)

Your work is greatly appreciated.

can someone tell me what channel the game will be on thursday night please!!!!!

Shapiro never had a building named after him. He gave $143,550 to UM from late 2005 to late 2009, and UM "returned" $130,307 pursuant to an Order on a stipulation in Shapiro and his company's bankruptcy case. The difference between those amounts was spent on tickets, etc. - he received value for paying fair price. Therefore, the difference was not returned.

3 days and the Dominant Canes Era begins!!!


wtf... the pro combat uni's are so freakin ugly! stick with the old school PLEASE!!!

i never understood the appeal of trolling... get a life people.

btw, thanks for the info susan.

I want to see some football. Canes are looking to dominate starting in 3 days. I believe we win it all this year. Go U!!

To The Art Of Da Scuntbag KEHOE, vete pal caraj' con art kehoe abajo.

these gayturds keep posting on our site. I guess they really don't learn anything in class. Oh, wait they learn how to shoot ak-47's in the air, wait break into a car at a impound. How about urban meyer giving a scholly to a recruits girlfriend because he really want the WR recruit. By the way has the WR even played. gayturd have had 30 players arrest, they are shooting for 85.

Gayturds have always been scared of the U.

barry jackson graduated from beach high with that little pi&&ant Shapiro. Of course he wants to get him free publicity. he is his "jomey" (Jew homey). He owes him at least that.

Good for RS for not paying attention to that bag of scum. And the same to Uncle Luke, and all of the other pros who eventually brushed him off. They smelled the rat.

Ke-cra-p and all of the other sorry jealous turds are sweating in their trailers:

Did anyone see teblown throw dead ducks last night? HE S_CKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohyeah he threw a TD. All 3 yds of it!!! And ESPN had to show a highlight of it. They are so pathetic also!

Canes 48 FAMU 14

Randy will call off the dogs by the 3rd q. AJ will see playing time, so will many 2nd and 3rd teamers.

I just wished RS stopped beingso stubborn and dogmatic and allowed JH to rack up the yds.

I hope he doesnt pull the QB shuffle crp. he never ever explained why he did thatwith JH and Marve

Over/Under on attendance on Thursday.

I say 10,000

Over under about 45,000

Hey Susan...Are you going to be at the game? I have an overpriced Brew with your name on it!

Nice work Susan. Appreciate the work in Manny's absence. Sounds like you'll be due for a vacation when Manny comes back.

Lol at anyone taking this Shapiro guy serious. What's next Scott Rothstein dishing dirt on recruiting? Come on a jailed SOB is writing a book because his feelings got hurt?? LMAO he needs money and this is his only hope.

Hocutt has already said there is nothing to worry about. We're clean, unlike the jailbirds in the swamp.

Over under about 45,000

Posted by: Michael | August 30, 2010 at 09:52 PM

I'll take the under -- where can I bet this one!!!

Whatever the final score is, it better be a zero for FAMU. Go Canes!!

35,000 max

The game will be online on ESPN 3 formerly ESPN 360.... But go to the game and support the squad!

Don't bandwagon later.

Can't wait for the pro-combat jereys!

I am tired of those comments, too (re: TiredOfOffensiveComments). They just go round and round and aren't very original. I know how to delete the recent comments, but not older ones. I will ask someone soon. I apologize in the meantime. It's very disheartening, but not surprising, unfortunately. Thanks for all the other constructive comments, however. I appreciate the dialogue. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Great write-up Susan especially the details about the new uniforms. Can't wait to see them. Thursday can't get here fast enough. Hey all, there was a real good Randy Shannon interview by Joe Rose on WQAM, this morning. It can be downloaded at http://www.wqam.com/index.php?page=727

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