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New day! Canes are up and at 'em for first day of classes.

Good morning all!

Susan here on campus. It's the first day of fall classes and Randy Shannon started practice at 6:45 a.m. Sun just rose and they're off and running.

Some quick hits:

*Wide receiver LaRon Byrd (left knee covered by elasticized support) was back at practice. He seemed to run well in an early drill.

* Right tackle Joel Figueroa was initially doing some agility drills with the line, but didn't see him with that group when we walked off Greentree Field. Maybe he's just doing individual conditioning -- don't know. Jermaine Johnson was still playing first-team tackle in the part of practice we see.

* Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong was at first team.

* Defensive end Andrew Smith was at first team.

* Brandon Harris sure looks the part of All-American. He knocked the ball out of Aldarius Johnson's hands as Johnson was about to make the catch.

* Travis Benjamin has some sort of white tape on his right knee, but it's probably absolutely nothing. Just an observation. Several of the guys wear protective coverings, etc.

* In the beginning of camp, wide receiver Davon Johnson was on crutches, his right leg bandaged up to the knee. Today he stood on the sideline with no crutches, no bandage. Don't think he's practicing, though.

* UM said Latwan Anderson is, indeed, on campus. He just wasn't at football. Has to get all his stuff in order. He's on a track scholarship, so track comes first.



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Thanks Susan.

Glad to see Ray Ray get back his 1st team spot. Hopefully he keeps it up.

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO CANES!!!!!!!!!

Ready 4 some football n see how bad r we going 2 beat our foes glad 2 see ray ray where he belongs LOL from sanford, fl THE U'''''''BABY

so how did they practice today if practice ended? it was just like staying conditioned?

The $64 question is Ojomo still hurt or will he be in the rotation? I hope for his sake he is healthy and gets in the game. Smith has been tearing them up in the scrimmages.

Lamar Miller needs to be first team running back. He gives us what James and Berry is lacking in pure breakaway speed from wherever on the field and adds a differrent demention to this offense. I look for Kendall Thompkins to lead this team in TD receptions this year because the kid is just to shifty from the slot position and reminds me of Roscoe Parrish. Thompkins and Jacory Harris have great chemistry together and the Kid is a burner also. Ray Ray will lead the team in Interceptions this year and Brandon Harris needs to be our Darrell Revis and become a household name which will make him a first round pick this year. Hopefully Spence returns to old form and lead the Linebacking group, while Forston and Bailey take there games to another level finally start to put consistant preassure on the defense...

Have the DENFENSE dominate and everything else will take care of itself

What is a DENFENSE?

This has got to be the worst report in the history of professional newspapers.

Good to know that, Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong was 'at' first team. I thought the phrase was 'with the' first team.

I doubt that track comes first for Latwan!

Is this reporter working for Broad St. Elementary School paper or the Miami Herald?!

Lamar Miller needs to be first team running back
Posted by: Sporty-j

I second the motion.

Unfortunately Coach Shannon didn't ask for our votes.

What about Ojomo?

I love Mike James and I am sure he is a great worker and very nice kid. However, this is competition and business. Many times coaches put too much emphasis on their personal feelings and remain too loyal to seniors or upper classmen. Damien Berry has "it". Lamar Miller sounds like he has "it". The rest need to be riding pine while these two get all the carries. The end. Cooper is out of the mix. Thanks for the hard work but the best must play. We are here to win not share.

Mike can play FB and do some 2-back things and focus on catching balls out of the backfield, etc. Using his versatility is how he is going to get into the NFL.

Sebastian was with the first team at fullback.

List here you idiot (Troy) this is a family and they all work hard to help each other better....so just let's leave it like that!!!!
Without a family approach we won't have a successful season. Is a team... you work as a team you plays as a team... We can tell you never played any sports (here in Miami).....

Hi everyone, it's Susan. In the middle of writing a feature for tomorrow... Wanted to let you know that today, when someone asked Randy about the running back rotation he mentioned yesterday on WQAM: Mike James, Damien Berry and Lamar Miller, and that person asked if he named them in order of rotation, Shannon made it clear that he had a "whole week left" and that everyone is still competing. Then he listed the rotation as "Lamar Miller, Damien Berry and Mike James.'' He made his point well, I thought. He said he doesn't have a starting unit. It seems as though those are the three guys that, for now, are pegged to get the bulk of the carries. He didn't mention Storm Johnson, so not sure what his role will be. Redshirt? I have no idea. Not suggesting it. Don't know. I know he's a great runner, too, and also probably really good on special teams. And Eduardo Clements is doing well, too! A lot of great runners at the U this year. (And of course, Coop)

College Football News ranks the 'Canes defense in the top 10 nationwide (eighth, I think) and gives the offense an honorable mention.

CFN ranks Ohio State's defense and offense (both) in the top five nationally.

The 'Canes MUST beat OSU: must incinerate them, pig after pig, cow after cow, village after village . . .

I can't wait for kickoff, flying down from Jersey for all the home games again...Canes Ova Here..

Lake Worth-- My feelings exactly.

Susan: that's a lot of information - tell us, where they wearing boxers or briefs a/k/a tidy whities?

Gaytor trolls just can't overcome their inferiority complex - I have yet to read any articles or blogs about the Gaytors,yet these losers can't stay away from the Canes' world... it must be lonely at the barn... go procreate with your farm animals Billy Bob, and watch as the Canes climb back to the top of the college football world as your lizards go down in flames at that awful sticking swamp you call home up there in Gaynesville, a/k/a Deliverance Country.

I haven't been this pumped in a long time! We could have depth at running back like the days of Edge, Najeh and Portis. Thanks Susan. Keep the updates coming!

Just ignore that UF has much more talent. Just ignore it. Just ignore that UF is recruiting FAR BETTER. Just ignore it. Just ignore that UF has more money, better facilities, wider reach, Friday Night Lights, and better coaches. Just ignore it.

Yeah...the end of the "Lizard era"

Posted by: delusion its whats for lunch | August 25, 2010 at 05:13 PM

This is awesome! "D" Bag is losing it on multiple blogs today!

Two rat's jumped from the S.S. Meyer last week, and two more tried to jump today! The wheels are falling off of that shyt dump program before the season has even started!


Go 'canes!

Of course the doooosh gator is trolling thisblog, "Juist ignore", "just ignore".

What is so impressive about your gturds? They had the EASIEST SCHEDULE IN THE HISTORY of college football, and still finished 3rd in the nation (toohigh in my book)!

At least LSU, Alabama, and Auburn dare to play someone outside the conference and outside florida. You gator fans are delusional in your own soup of arrogance. These are the facts, ma'am:

You never had a dynasty- You never will. The 2000s decade was shared by UM, OSU, texas, USC, and yes, you. thats right. The 200s decade cannot be mentioned without the best college football in history.

You never had an undefeated team. never will despite being scared to play outside the SEC, where everyone knows everyone's playbook

Tebow will never be a good NFL QB. get used to it. Even ESPN will not be able to convert him.

The canes are back with a force. Just be happy that you don't play us yet. Be happy, rejoice in your good fortune.

I can't wait for kickoff, flying down from Jersey for all the home games again...Canes Ova Here..

Posted by: Andrew | August 25, 2010 at 04:39 PM

Andrew. Glad to here it man!
I have OSU, Pitt, So Fla, and VT on the slate. No excuses for you local guys...let's establish home dominance again!!

they WISH...they WERE... a MI-A-MI HURRICANE!!

Good stuff Manny.. Oops my bad Susan. Cane nation debating over who should be 1st team. That just prove that coach Shannon is doing a great job of bringing in talent and creating competition. That's Whipple and Lovetts job to get the ball to the playmakers. That's a good problem to have..

Arthur Brown not projected to be a starter for Kansas State. Moral of the story: #1 rated high school players come from Florida, Texas, California, Ohio State or Pennsylvania. They don't come from Kansas.

Susan, nice job again, thanks.
Note that Shannon in today's Rivals post-practice interview with Shannon quoted him as saying Ojomo had a great practice,playing hard, etc.

Off to practice! Crazy early, but I'm already getting used to it. I hear the weather is bad. About to walk out... Have a great morning everyone.

#1 rated players don't come from MINNESOTA either.

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