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Rain, rain went away! Thursday practice update.

Good afternoon everyone!

    It's Susan Miller Degnan with some brief information gathered after Thursday morning's practice. The start of practice was delayed because of rain and lightning, but got going sometime around  7.

    * Best news was that LaRon Byrd  (bruised knee) talked to us all and seemed beyond exuberant to be back after what he said was his first injury ever in football! (That's pretty amazing.) He said he feels great and is doing cardio work a couple times a day to stay conditioned. He would like to play against FAMU, but that's up to the coaches. As an aside, LaRon is a terrific young man. He is so nice and good-spirited and friendly and very up front about things. We, in the media, love that whether or not UM has a good game, or even whether or not he personally has a good game, he is always willing to talk to us afterward, and always polite and insightful.

   *Randy Shannon said coaches were trying to get running back Graig Cooper in the last scrimmage on Monday, but the rain prevented them from that. They didn't want to take the chance. Shannon said he his getting a little contact "here and three,'' but nothing heavy duty. Shannon said "he hasn't gotten tackled yet.'' I'd be very surprised if he plays at FAMU, but Shannon didn't rule it out.

   *Shannon said linebacker Jordan Futch (another favorite of ours; great kid) is "a lot farther behind than Cooper" in terms of his recovery from reconstructive knee surgery.

   * Cornerback Brandon McGee (another nice one!) is back "full speed,'' he said, after sitting out for several days with an injury.

   * Latwan Anderson is not part of the football team yet. He will be considered a walk-on, as his scholarship is for track. As soon as (and if) he plays in a game, his track scholarship will be converted to football. 

   I need to start writing my story for tomorrow.

  The Hurricanes are off for two days in a row (Friday and Saturday) for the first time since camp began. I'm sure they are ecstatic to chill a bit (in between doing homework), sleep more and heal some of those bumps and bruises. 

  Happy almost Friday!!




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Thanks for the update. Good news on Byrd, and also that Cooper is on schedule to maybe at least play some snaps against the Buckeyes. I was hoping Futch was a bit further along, he is a special teams best and we could also use him at LB. Hope he gets better. Thanks again.

I hope I don't jinx it but it looks like the "U" will be relatively healthy going into the FAMU game. Hopefully the "U" will get by that game without any major injuries. Then head to Ohio State with all of their big guns ready to go. Seems that at this same time last year the depth chart read more like a hospital chart. Not having Cooper nor Futch on special teams could be an area of concern as we head into the season. Cooper gave the offense great field position all year long on kick returns. Futch became a hard hitting force on special teams coverage. Both brought experience and proven talent which is always hard to replace. GOOO! CANES!

jra....WTF.....Consider us jinxed. Thanks alot. Laron is my new favorite player. Watch the video at the bottom. Great attitude and personality.


Hey Susan, Ask Randy a dumb question for me. If Seantrel is so athletic, any chance we see Seantrel on offense on goal line situations like the Fridge?

As usual, Great Job Susan!

I really enjoy Susan's clear concise writing style. It is easy to read and gets to the point. And the points are worth getting to. J

i like me some Susan D UM blogs!!!

Susan, whats the deal with latwan? i just havent heard anything, so i dont really understand why hes not a cane yet, orthe timeline.

also, will shannon and co. use the famu game to help decide the final two deep roster do u think, or will it be done before then?
sidenote: i have seen laron byrd in person and on tv and it always surprises me hes 6'4, for some reason he looks shorter to me lol. ill never forget his td against fsu last year, by far my favorite play of the year, classic pitch and catch.

Good one Susan. Couple questions. Anything on Davon Johnson? Also, any intel on what Randy Shannon said about an announcement coming on "facilities"? I think it's supposed to be a secret, but I heard him mention it on WQAM in either a Joe Rose or Michael Irvin interview. He wouldn't ellaborate though.

Great work. Thanks!

That's a good question from sergeant Major. Susan what say you? Can you investigate that?

and I thought you were just a baseball scribe!!

what is your guess about TV other than ESPN 3 for the FAMU game?

Your CA pal

Dr. Dan

CSS Replay on Wednesday at 7 eastern.....bout it.

Hello one last time before I go to sleep (waking up at 5 a.m. and working until 9:15 p.m. is tiring!)

Dr. Dan, awesome! How are you? Long time. Unfortunately, I think it's just ESPN3, which is the game online. I'll check about other options. Shout out to a great state!

SergeantMajor, thanks for reminding me!! A player said today that Davon Johnson just came back to practice. I don't know how limited he is, but that's good news.

Inimounts, I think Randy's roster is predicated on how people are doing at the time. I'm guessing he chooses a lineup for FAMU and then sees how it goes from there. If someone is a bit injured, maybe he'll rest them or play them sparingly against FAMU, though it would be good to get some game experience. And LaRon does look very tall when you're standing next to him! Love the Seantrel question. Michael is in fine form. And I'll check on the other.

By the way, just got it confirmed that DE David Perry from University School is at UM but hasn't yet practiced with football. That's good news. Canesport.com reported it first.

Night! :)

Omg I Never Thought Id Say This But I Cannot Wait Until Manny Comes Back...degan Is Just Terribly Awful. I Dont Want To Here About How All Of These Kids Are Nice An Whatnot. I Want Fotball Ad Strictky Football And Ssan Simply Does Not Provide That At All. Her Articles For The Herald Are Far Worse Then The Blogs. Pkease Learny Something From Armando Salguero Who Is Absolutely Terrific At What He Doea

Manny will take care of all your needs, Mike. Together we make a great team. It won't be long! And one more thing: I'll learn something from Armando if you learn to use a dictionary. Have a good night.

Mike M....you are a little late to the game, and it looks like you forgot your helmet.

For the past couple of days some of us have been giving Susan a hard time on being negative at this point in the season, or at least coming off as negative. We are all pumped up and want information and plenty of it. The last thing we want is negativity, which, if you pay attention to Randy Shannon, will only result in a cold shoulder to her and reduced information (at least through the Herald).

While some of her "positive" comments might be tongue and cheek, in response to some of our comments, Susan, to many of our surprise, is responding to us. And we have been able to open up sort of a dialogue with her as a conduit to the team. If you stop for a minute and think about (and read some of the recent blogs) she is at the practices and has access to Randy and players (to some degree) and she might, if you are lucky, just be in a position to get one of your questions answered. Even if it is a dumb one like mine.

Relax, we are all anxious to get the season started and get more information. But, your comments don't fit in at this point in the game. Lets just chalk your comments up to the fact that you might just be holding on to your superman underoos a little too tight.

It was LaRon that said Devon was back. Very good news.

I'm with the Serg, Devon is one of my favorites too but LaRon has been my boy since day 1.

Rain, rain went away!

Just gives U a chance to practice Ur, "It was wet excUses" ...

Thanks SMD--

I can do ESPN 3. just a smaller screen

all is well on the left coast-we traded Henderson (USC to UM football) for Chad Krueter's kid (from USC to UM baseball)

there must be a player or parole officer to be named later!

Thanks Susan. As for the comment by mm, I can tell U mike that there isn't much going on that Susan hasn't reported for you guys. I pay for both CaneSport and InsideTheU and we are getting just about everything that those guys are reporting, plus, she responds to our questions on occasion. That is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. For example, Manny had some abuse on his blog a while back so he took away the ability to see comments in "real time".

Please be grateful for what we have and provide some positive feedback, observations, and insight that only mm can provide regarding the Canes rather than just bashing the writers. That's not what this blog should be about. I know U got something good in U that all of us would like to hear about.

I want to echo what others have said. I think Susan has done a terrific job this week. She has told us what she knows, told us what she doesn't know, and why she does not know it, and has set a friendly tone on the blog. I've enjoyed reading it. Thank you Susan for keeping us informed.

Susan your doing a great job thank you so much for your hard work. F#@$ the hater...

Omg I Never Thought Id Say This But I Cannot Wait Until Manny Comes Back...degan Is Just Terribly Awful. I Dont Want To Here About How All Of These Kids Are Nice An Whatnot. I Want Fotball Ad Strictky Football And Ssan Simply Does Not Provide That At All. Her Articles For The Herald Are Far Worse Then The Blogs. Pkease Learny Something From Armando Salguero Who Is Absolutely Terrific At What He Doea

Posted by: mike mullane | August 26, 2010 at 10:30 PM

Another attack by the Gator troll pretending to be a Canes fan. Notice the capitalization of each word as an attempt to hide his ignorance. But it shines through with"

Omg for OMG (abbreviations are capitalized you sicko freak)
Id for I'd (unless you were discussing Freudian Psychology, for which I would suggest you use a therapist.)
degan for Degan (the first word he chhoses not to capitalize and he even screwes THAT up.)
Dont for don't (Did you miss school the three years they covered, reviewed and then tested you on the apostrophe, or had you dropped out by then?)
Here for hear (Clearly third grade homophones were also over your head.)
An Whatnot for and whatnot (how sad)
Fotball? (really sad)
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Strictky? (Strict KY? Your personal preferences are obviously in question as well.)
Ssan for Susan (You got both her first and last name wrong, yet she still knew you were insulting her.)

Truly pathetic you sicko. Please don't try again.

Mike M... Please go away and NEVER come back...

I Think The Public Has Spoken...MIKE M...You Have Been Voted Off The Island! Grab Your Pkease,Learny, Doea, And Head Back To Your Trailer.

One thing is for sure. If this blogs continues with the insults and name calling like some third grade class there will be no blog. Lets keep it to UM football discussions surrounding the info. Susan is providing. GOOO! CANES!

Rain, rain went away!

Just gives U a chance to practice Ur, "It was wet excUses" ...

Posted by: Ur STILL Owned | August 27, 2010 at 02:05 AM

Canes fans, if you are tired of this racist sicko destroying our Canes blogs with his comments, ignore him here, but bring the battle to HIS turf over on the Gator blogs. His three years of hating the Canes that started with the elevation of Randy Shannon to head coach will only end if we take the battle to his home turf, like we did to Japan in WWII and to the Taliban after 9/11. Fighting him here is what he wants, fighting him "Over There" is what we did in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and will continue to do in the future.

The Cane Fan Doctrine means that terrorists can no longer aggressively attack us here and then demand that we not go on their blogs. Over the summer, there was an attempt at a truce suggested by me, which they took as meaning we could not comment on their blogs but they could continue to attack us at will.

The choice is ours, do we continue to turn the other cheek as they steal IDs, attack our murdered players and our coaches, and ruin civil discussion on our blogs, or do we finally retaliate for their sicko attacks.

After the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, we tried appeasement, and that failed. That lesson needs to be learned here as well. So, don't retaliate on the Gator troll here, but on his home turf.


If U want Us to ignore him, why do U write a 4 paragraph reply regarding him ?

U just can't help urself can u ?

Susan or Manny,
When we play Ohio State we will be playing in front of 100,000 sreaming fans. Do you sense that the Hurricanes have been practicing their offense with silent counts or with loud speakers to try to imitate the volume to be seen at opposing team's stadiums? We will look pretty silly if we have wide receivers running the wrong plays or if we have linemen jumping off sides because they can't hear Jacory calling out the plays or an audible. Perhaps hand signals may help but I did not get a sense we used this too much last year. Any thoughts?

@ Worried Cane.Hey,I was very impressed at how we stood very solid for a VERY LOUD FSU on the road last year.Trust in the coaching staff.It was mention they have been using loud speakers and silent counts.

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