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Randy Shannon talks about scrimmage No. 2

Hello again everyone! It's Susan Miller Degnan here. I got a chance to hear Randy Shannon on WQAM with host Joe Rose early this morning. It was a great interview.

FYI: The team is off today, so there's no access.

In case any of you didn't get a chance to hear it, here are some tidbits about the scrimmage (closed to fans and media) from that interview that stood out, per Shannon's perspective (in no particular order):

> The guys he listed as missing  (there might have been more; don't know) the scrimmage were offensive tackle Joel Figueroa, WR LaRon Byrd, DT Curtis Porter, LB Tyrone Cornelius, CB Brandon McGee, LB Kelvin Cain, CB Ryan Hill. "All of them have nicks. But everybody thinks, 'Well, they put them in a boot and they're done.' You know and I know when you put guys in boots you're just trying to heal them quicker.''

> LaRon Byrd was walking around last night with a brace and Shannon said the injured guys walked around the Traz Powell Stadium track for a couple miles. Traz Powell was the scrimmage site. He said the next scrimmage will be late in the day instead of night.

> The safety position and second-team linebackers are the areas he's still looking at extra closely, trying to solidify the exact lineup

> Olivier Vernon is "so athletic" and "so explosive" that he could play a lot of positions, including linebacker and his current defensive end. Shannon said he sometimes takes chances that likely get coaches nervous, but often work out because he's such a good athlete.

> Freshman WR Allen Hurns, who hurt his right hamstring around Scrimmage No. 1 (that info is from me, not Shannon), is a guy Shannon would like to get back into the mix sometime soon.

> WR Tommy Streeter needs to improve his consistency. One play will be a great one; the next not-so-great.

 > His young running backs are fast!! But we knew that already.

> DE Andrew Smith, who, according to UM sports information office, had 10 tackles, three sacks and two quarterback hurries, "is in unbelievable shape." He said, "This guy is making plays for us.''

> Offensive line is still a battle. He didn't say why RT Joel Figueroa sat out last night (Jermaine Johnson played tackle). He didn't say the line looked bad, he just said it's important to have a lot of backups who can play.

> He said Jacory Harris is doing well on the field and being more talkative and assertive.

> Matt Bosher still seems to be the guy who will do the kickoffs, at least for now.

> Kickoff coverage and punt coverage teams -- Shannon said UM has about 15 guys he feels confident about who are "fast guys, physical guys" and can "make plays in open space.''  He said they're better than last year, and about eight of those guys who weren't part of those 15 last season because of injuries or they weren't around.

Sorry this was so long!! Have to get back to some other stories. Enjoy your day.



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No need to apologize as long as you're giving us the nuggets. The more the merrier. Apologize for not giving enough never apologize for giving too much.

Good read, thanks SMD. It seems like this is the year that the team takes the next step. I believe there's something special brewing in Coral Gables.

An undefeated season and a National Championship would be very welcome this year.

Go Canes!

LONG!!!! I wish it never ended. I love it. Keep it up.


Awesome job. You are the best!


A green little bird told me it was catch-as-catch-can on here once again. 5 > 3, in before the fake Manny announces the entire team is out with an injury and it's lock-down once more.

Short, Susan! Give us more!
a painful 13 days more!

Susan seriuosly, we sure do love the work your doing. You might think, " Yall wouldn't care if it was Charles Manson writing this stuff, we would still drink it in like Pavlof's dogs." Well maybe, passion reigns supreme with college football fans but really, we love your perspective and value your opinions highly. Keep it up! We all look forward to your work appearing in print and the effort behind the scenes we don't see. A BIG THANKS

A little troubling that with about three weeks to go before the Ohio State game that the coaching staff had to hold out several key players from the scrimmage. The "U" needs to be as close to 100% healthy for that game as possible. Maybe its just that these days we have instant media coverage and in the past we fans would get injury updates right before game time. It just seems that over the last two seasons the "U" has been hit hard by the injury bug with just weeks leading up to the season. GOOO! CANES!

SMD rocks - manny sucks

SMD, Love the tidbits. Just keep on keeping us in the know!


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