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So long Thearon: WR dismissed after meeting

Thearon Collier provided the Hurricanes with a pair of exciting punt returns for touchdowns last season. The next time he tries to bring one back to the house, it probably won't be in a University of Miami uniform.

Thearon 'Pimp' Collier Collier, a junior receiver out of Miami Booker T. Washington, was informed after a meeting with UM coach Randy Shannon on Monday that he is free to leave the program should he choose to according to a source. The Palm Beach Post's Jorge Milian first reported the story late Monday night. According to Jorge, Collier was told he can continue taking classes at UM if he chooses, but won't be part of the team. UM begins practice Thursday.

Collier is being banished for a series of team violations that began in the spring, according to Palm Beach Post's story. Collier did not participate near the end of spring practice and did not play in the spring game. A source told me Monday afternoon Collier had not been going to classes regularly -- a team violation -- and had been given numerous chances by Shannon before finally being told he had run out of them during his meeting Monday. Collier had also been battling off the field issues. He recently had a child die at birth. But I was told his problems in school started before that.

Collier is the second veteran player to have his UM career cut short this week. Defensive end Steven Wesley, a senior who started 17 games over three seasons, was dismissed from the team Friday. Although it has been reported Wesley had academic issues, it is believed UM simply did not renew his scholarship for a fifth season.

Since 1973, scholarships have been renewed on a year-to-year basis -- ending the four-year period that scholarships used to cover. According to what I found on NCAA.org, after fulfilling an award period, an athletics scholarship may be renewed, nonrenewed or reduced based on the recommendation of the head coach. It is consistent and reasonable to expect that student-athletes be required to meet minimum academic athletics standards before athletics aid is renewed for subsequent years. On occasions where a student-athlete’s scholarship is not renewed or is reduced, the accountability and burden should be placed on the coach to remove the scholarship from the student-athlete and there should be stronger institutional appeals procedures in place.

I tried to find the same type of info on UM's website, but couldn't find one.

The Canes obviously have been teetering on the 85 scholarship limit. With cornerback Latwan Anderson and offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson late additions to the 2010 class, the Canes had to find space somewhere. Receiver and defensive end are their deepest positions. I'm not saying that's why Collier or Wesley were released. It seems each had their issues. But technically, by NCAA rules, UM can do what it wants if it thinks an athlete isn't cutting it.

> I had a few more interviews from Monday to share with you -- including ones from a pair of local defensive backs the Canes are hot and heavy after for their 2011 class, Jackson's Robenson Therezie and Pace's Jabari Gorman


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All I can say is that... You go to college for a degree, so that you will have a future after football. Hit the books and you can hit the field. Go to class, do the homework, pass the class, and you can catch a pass on the field. It is as simply as that. I feel these two had all the chances in the world, and they blew it. I can understand problems, we all have them. Have your head, and your heart in the right place and all will work out. However you must make an effort first.

What's the issues with LB Jordan Futch? I've been hearing he will no longer be on the team. Is this true?

Pimp Collier will be missed. He a Playmaker simple as that. Wherever he end up he should do well.. Get right Big Bruh and take a redshirt and get back to the []_[] next year.. Stay watching film #28 and U will be a million $ Pro.


IT's nice to see that UM has gone away from being OK with team violations...thus, ridding the old "thug U" label from UM.

The rest of the nation can use that old "thug U" as much as they want, but EVERYONE KNOWS that it's no longer the case.

The new "Arrest U" is in both Tally and GaysVille, by far!

Nice to see UM cleaning up its act...along with the FACT that UM and Notre Dame led the nation in academics among major Div. I football programs! (FSU's football team, reported last year, had an AVERAGE READING SCORE of 2nd graders!!)

But then again, what else would one expect from
"Hillbilly U" - same for the GayTurds...both of those "SOUTHERN GEORGIA" schools s*ck!!

Man that sucks. If you asked me a year or two ago who the best WR on the team is, I wold have said Collier. He was a terrific slot receiver who never dropped a ball here. Looking forward to seeing Kendal get some p/t now.

good info manny. Question, you write that he can continue taking classes. Will the university continue to pick up the tab or is he on his own?

sucks about Theron. I know what he is going through..family isnt healthy and losing a kid...just gotta keep your head on straight...keep on going man. dont let this get you down. Go U

Congratulations to Coach Shannon for having the guts to draw the line and kick a guy off the team. If he did this more often UM wouldn't have enough guys to field a team.

The slogan - I'll wager if I tried to use that word in commenting on a Herald story, it wouldn't pass the Herald's laughable dirty word screening software. Maybe the blogs work differently.

Uuuu!! I like this 2 kids a lot, specially Gorman, he has leadership and future star written all over him!!

Go Canes

Manny, I thought Latwan came on a Track scholarship and Seantrel had one of those vacated by 2010 class recruits that went to Prep School, in this right?

I hope Collier find his way, loosing a child is though, specially at such a young age. Once a Cane, always a Cane!

Too bad these kids seem to forget that school is part of the deal. To read that he was given multiple chances says a lot. No one threw him under the bus. According to many reports he might have been beat out by Thomkins or Johnson. Hope he catches on somewhere else. He has a lot of potential.

I hope it doesn't come out that either were released becuase we needed their scholarships for our late signees...It sounds like in the case of Collier no, but I have not heard anyhting that makes sense yet with Stevens.

If true, I feel bad for SW. The staff is screwing this young man over. They are pushing him out for Seantrel.

Why not get rid of Davon Johnson or Kendall Thompkins instead? They ride the bench. Ian Symonnette isn't back either. I have no problem not renewing scholarships now that there is a 85 limit per team.

Yeah, Latwan is on a track scholarship and doesn't count against the 85. I really liked Collier, hate that he's off the team.

The Booker T. Washington teachers and coaches who conspired to pass Thearon along without a proper and fitting education are partly to blame for this. The word is that Thearon even had someone take the SAT's for him. I'm certain that at least some of the staff at Booker T. Washington knew of this and even participated.

It's a shame. He should have never been admitted to college in the first place.

At the end of the day a decent human being will wish these guys the best. I don't think Randy made these decisions overnight, and I'm sure they were tough decisions to make. This Good luck fellas I hope you shine wherever you are.

During the Jimmy Johnson years he would use the year to year scholarship to motivate his players. It is said that the players during his coaching years new of this. This is because he told them that if they did not produce that their scholarships, which were actualy year to year contracts, could be taken away at any time. On another note. Are the Canes a better team without Cooper, Wesley and Collier who not only bring proven talent but experience? At this time so close to the beginning of the season I don't think they are better. Only time will tell but talent and experience are hard to replace. GOOOO! CANES!

Ouch! Collier is a good player. I always thought he was one of the better route runners and he was a serious threat after the catch. Obviously he was a return man specialist. With that being said, this team has got to be about the team. And reports were leaking that Collier was lazy starting his freshman year.

No great loss. We have plenty of D.E's and W.R.'s. Wesley was a fringe player that did a good job but nothing outstanding, plus I'd rather play a kid that's younger and has more potential in the long run, than a veteran who is average. Collier, while good wasn't great either and we already have Tompkins, Johnson and Benjamin who play the same position. It's great that he returned 2 punts but they were against 2 nobodies. Benjamin is supposed to be the fastest person on the team, why is he not returning punts anyway?

WE STRAIGHT! "[]_[]"

Good luck Collier. Stay focused and don't get discouraged...all of "U"s are pulling for you!!!
Once a Cane...always a Cane

Quick few Questions on Miami:
1) Who becomes our slot guy? Collier always seemed to come up with a timely catch or display great hands, such a shame he crossed the line too often (the first game at Dolphins stadium, Wake Forest 2008 and 2009 - huge plays, great bursts against A&M, Wisconsin, etc).
2) Has there been any consideration of Futch moving to MLB? He's shown he can deliver a big hit (GT 2009) and he looks the part and can add more muscle to his frame.
3) When will DVD come up with some plays? He doesn't cover 1 on 1 all that well and hasn't made picks when in the zone. Is he lacking film study or is he uncomfortable in the D? He will have a lot of passes thrown his way with Harris really beginning to shut folks down.


continue doing it the right way this sends a positive message to the rest of the team and young men that want to come to the U if you want to slip and slide go some place else,their are people and programes that will be happy to have you,but do they really care about you or your future.

Love Collier's return skills....didn't like his drop on the last play vs. Wisconsin...but either way this is not a good thing...we can't lose good talent. bah!

Manny, who was the guy doing the interviews? He is horrible! He sounded like a bumbling, inarticulate fool. I'm sorry if he's your friend, but he needs to learn how to ask questions. My 7 year old cousin has a larger vocabulary than this guy.

Just a rumor but I just heard that T. Collier will be playing ball at FIU.

Maybe Seantrell can play slot receiver?

I'm sorry to hear that we lost two good players especially Collier, He was a clutch WR, perfect slot man and decent Returner who earned the PR duties. Benjamin is amazing, but was missing that spark we fell in love with the first season.
Now is the time to move forward, the O-line has jelled, D-line has matured, Everyone has experience, Now it's time to shine. I'm hoping Jacory, has gotten better touch, and arm strength behind his passes. And also works on running the ball, he good at making time in the pocket but sometimes I wish that he'd run up field and slide or go out of bounds, gain some positive yards, He's a great leader and quarterback, I just would like him improve, And strive for every first down which will lead our offense to many Touchdowns...
Canes are on a mission.
For several years to come. Starting this season September 2. C.A.N.E.S. Go Canes!!!

Wish Stevens and Collier the best. Hope for Collier that he can get his head on straight and get over the rough ride he has had lately. If I were him I would stay at the U and get a great education and seek reinstatement. Randy is the kind of guy that believes in second chances. Maybe he had more than that? I don't know, but I think he couldn't be in a better place than with RS and the U.

They needed a scholarship for Seantrel and someone had to go.

The timing is heartless, I dont know how anyone can say the coach is doing the right thing.. you are going to tell someone this 2 days before preseason?? thats cold.. how will he find time to transfer? This coach has been there all these years and he cannot even win the ACC - he is not at the level to coach UM.. He cut these 2 players to give the money to transfers period!! As for Wesley I wish him the best - he is a good player and I never saw any off the field issues with him. I was in some of his classes . I never saw Wesley violate any rules...everyone has actually said he was well behaved so that excuse from Shannon will not fly. They were deep on the DE so they freed up space for soomeonelse and sacrificed him for it in his last term..There neeeds to be a serious investigation..

This Clearly Opens The Door For Kendal Thompkins, Who Many Felt Might Take The Slot Job Away From Collier Anyway. I Feel Lik Thompkins Has More Speed And Better Agility Than Collier, Two Vital Components 2 Playing In The Slot. However, Collier Had Very Reliable Hands And We Can Only Hope That Thompkins Are Just As Good.

this is unfortunate... best wishes to thearon. he was a damn good ball player. i hope he finds success.

Yes Latwan is on a track scholarship and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it get switched to a football scolarship once he gets in a game? So I think they would have to have a scholarship available. We all know Randy is a disciplinarian but I think this was a case of cutting the fat. Maybe if we didn't need those 2 scholarships they may still be on the team.

dats bull**** dat dey dissmissed collier..miami will never get bak to dominance if dis keeps goin on. Everyone always talks about da gators crimes but dem boyz win games, get fame, and are goin to da NFL. All top teams hav their problems but dnt put a team in a hole by suspending or dissmissing a player unless its real SERIOUS. This is horrible to release a dade county born n raised playa. It mite even ruin recruitin frm Booker T. Washington.

Collier and Wesley should both go to Fiu regards flip

miami never let him go he let his self go pimp been wanted to leave they begged him to stay in he's not going to fiu try ucf

I think he goes to FIU he had a scholarship offer from them coming out of high school, and they got 2 scholarships open i think.

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