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Storm Johnson, Andrew Smith shine in scrimmage

Here are some highlights and statistics from the second scrimmage of the fall on Wednesday night provided by UM's sports information staff. The practice, held at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami, was closed to the media and fans.

Scoring plays:
- Mike James 20-yard TD catch from Jacory Harris
- Storm Johnson 92-yard TD run
- Matt Bosher 30-yard field goal
- Damien Berry 1 yard TD run
- Kendal Thompkins 28-yard TD catch from Spencer Whipple
- Eduardo Clements 3-yard TD run
- Travis Benjamin 25-yard TD catch from Jacory Harris
- Storm Johnson 1-yard TD run

Jacory Harris - 8-for-12, 102 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
Spencer Whipple - 7-for-8, 96 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
Stephen Morris - 5-for-11, 80 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT
Alonzo Highsmith - 0-for-6

Storm Johnson - 12 carries, 132 yards, 2 TD
Lamar Miller - 10 carries, 90 yards
Damien Berry - 6 carries, 19 yards, 1 TD
Eduardo Clements - 14 carries, 16 yards, 1 TD
Mike James - 8 carries, 14 yards

Receiving (players with multiple catches)
Kendal Thompkins - 4 receptions, 75 yards, 1 TD
Travis Benjamin - 2 receptions, 47 yards, 1 TD
Asante Cleveland - 2 receptions, 31 yards
Ben Bruneau - 2 receptions, 26 yards
Mike James - 2 receptions, 20 yards, 1 TD

Andrew Smith - 10 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 quarterback hurries
Olivier Vernon - 4 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble
James Gaines - 7 tackles (2 on special teams)
Ramon Buchanan - 4 tackles, 1 interception
Allen Bailey - 3 tackles, 1 punt block
Luther Robinson - 3 tackles, 2 tackles for a loss
Colin McCarthy - 2 tackles, 1 interception returned for 31 yards
Marcus Robinson - 2 tackles, 2 quarterback hurries, 1 tackle for a loss
Micanor Regis - 5 tackles
Jamal Reid - 4 tackles
Travis Williams - 4 tackles
Kylan Robinson - 3 tackles



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Sniffy can't wait for this season to start

what happened to aj and street. we need those guys to step up since byrd is out.

Sniff, what are you up to these days? Haven't seen you posting on grassy lately. Thought you might be tripping the light fantastic. Missing your third person posts over there.



2 weeks!!!

Man does Randy seem happy & positive. Good times are coming!

Where are Streeter and Aldarius?

I haven't seen anything on Sean Spence? What's going on with him? He's an important part of the D, yet I see no stats on what he's doing or how healthy he is this year. We need to hear 31 is flying around blowing people up!

In the video Shannon said he jammed a slot receiver on a red zone play, allowing McCarthy to make a pick. Believe he's getting limited reps to insure he's healthy when they ring the bell. LB is the area we can least afford to lose someone.

Ojomo? Spence? Hankerson?


I like Berry but I believe he is a change-of-pace back, not starting material!

I like Lamar or Storm as the starter.

The offense produced 7TDs in this scrimmage ... that's outstanding folks. Especially when you consider the talent on defense (speed, agility, athleticism, ect..). And they are not ready yet ... outstanding.

Storm for Prez:

Anyone can be a change of pace back. Whipple knows what he is doing - why not pound Berry and then change it up with Lamar or Storm? Remember, there is typically more than one way to take care of one's business. Be patient and let's see how it works - its looking good so far when you consider the stats from both scrimmages.

I am worried that I have not heard more about Streeter. Big play for Storm. This is getting me so excited.

I like how Kendal was productive in Collier's role....truly shows our depth on this team. We need to go into this season as healthy as possible on defense...I truly feel it's the reason we lost against Clemson....that one win would have given us a 10-2 season...and...ALOT MORE RESPECT around the country. I may actually work out to our benifit this year as teams may not take us seriously.


Thinking the same thing. Haven't heard a word about Streeter in srimmages or practices. What gives?

Storm's a brewin' literally...I like it fellas...I think we may have some guys who can actually break away like we used to ...SMoss, Hester, Kevin Williams, MaGahee up the middle noone could catch his ass!...Let's just keep banging away, get ready for the season...it's all new - we're 0 - 0...one play at a time...we work through this season and suprise some folks. take it easy, Mark from ATL

sounds like the defense is way behind. def. wins championships. shannon was a def. coach. doesnt sound to good

Man if this doesn't tick you off! Check out the nasty innuendos about our class and character. We need to hand them the can of whoopaff and make them open it themselves!

The FAMU Opener Is Great. Another Scrimmage To Get Prepared.

don't worry 'bored' about the D; I live in Virginia and Ryan Williams was busting 75-80 yard runs on VT's defense last Spring and Summer before his coming out party (the entire 2009 season). Ryan and VT's D both did just fine... Miami will be stacked at RB and the defense will be the best in several years; last yeat they had no depth and were #25 in CFB on D. They'll be top 15 in 2010.

92 yard TD run by Storm! Start this kid, he's beast!

Seriously, how many kids come in, reject a reshirt, and back it up. This kid has to start.

Berry isn't a starter. Someone brought this up and I agree. He's a nice back, but Storm is proving he's the real deal.

Who is playing MLB in these scrimmages. There's lots of TD's being scored. Cause for concern?

While the 92 yard run is impressive, if you take that away, he only averaged 2.0 yards per carry, hardly steller.

not worried about the D; last year's bunch was the walking wounded with key guys lost for the year, little-to-no depth, and Sam Shields at CB... And the team STILl finished #25 in the nation on D. With AB back for his Sr., B.Harris a year older, best line depth/talent in years and far more depth, speed, and size accross the board... Plus the D coord back for a 2nd year. This D will be MUCH better than 2009. As I mentioned already, Ryan Williams was tearing up VTs D; it means Storm and Lamar are the real deals (and last night was D. Berry's first bad scrimmage but his power running will be needed). Mike James better not sniff the field at RB...nice FB though...

I Really Like What I'm Seeing From Storm. However, I Still Want Berry Starting. He's The Vet And IMO He Is Poised For A Breakout Year. Keep Storm And Lamar Rotating This Year. Dont Want To Give Them The Confidence Of Starting From The Get Go. They Have To Earn Their Starts. Not Just In Practice But On Saturdays As Well.

Everybody Is Talking About Storm Yet Everybody Is Silent About Lamar Miller. 10 Carries- 90 Yards 9.0 Avg. IMO , Thats Equally Impressive As Storm's 92 YD TD.

could it be possible that spence whipple will become the 2nd stringer????

I agree luisalamambisa, Berry should start (power, experience, decent speed, 6.6 ypc and tenacity); Storm and Lamar next off the bench and yes, Lamar is equally impressive as Storm. Mike James, keep working on that fullback frame...

Howdy Guys:
Cant wait for season. Can anyone tell me why there are no stats for S Spence?????????????????

All Berry does is bruise and score TD's all while not getting any respect. He always get's limited reps and the fans at the stadium love him. He deserves his shot this year and I'm sure DB can do more than carry the load. This is not a bad problem to have and Storm will be here for a little while!

Sniff, get back to grassy por favor. Too many Bucknuts these days.

The closer we get to kickoff, the more nauseus I get, which is usually a good sign, lol. Pratice smartly Canes, dont' get injured, we need ALL of U to be healthy.

Agree with Cola cane. My stomach is doing flip flops.

What are those who are bashing Berry talking about?

Berry is good for 20-30 carries per game. Storm or Lamar cant get that load in...yet. berry is a beast. He needs to be unleashed (which RS should have done last year instead of handing it to JJ #5 so often).

Looks like it is going to be difficult to put a red shirt on Johnson if he performs in the game like he is during fall camp. Lamar looking good as well.

Liked the read on Franklin, his picture makes him look like he is catching up to Bailey in the eye test department.

For Randy, with Randy, and always will be a Cane for life!!!!!

Spent Wednesday evening at the Palm Beach Hurricane Alumni Kickoff party and meeting. We were joined by Steve Walsh, Bennie Blades, Lamar Thomas and Don Bailey Jr.

It was awesome and a shout out to Mary Clark and Ben Leis for doing the work they do to promote the U in a very positive way. It's all about the U.

Want to also tell Canes fans what a great bunch of guys Steve Walsh, Bennie Blades, Lamar Thomas and Don Bailey Jr. are. Very personal, positive and friendly people. Each one took time to chat, sign autographs and also participated in an informative question and answer session with fans.

The excitement and momentum are building for what could be a very successful 2010 season.

Thanks again Palm Beach Alumni for a great evening.

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