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Sun rising, Canes practicing... three days away.

Good morning.

Susan here.

We had about five- to 10 minutes out there today.

No. 1 national incoming freshman Seantrel Henderson -- literally the Hurricanes' biggest catch -- was playing second-team right tackle. Henderson is listed on the roster as 6-8, 355 pounds. He seems like a beast on the field. Defensive end Marcus Robinson was having no luck getting past him when I was watching.

I'm thinking Seantrel will play against FAMU as one of the rotating backups. I'm also thinking UM is ecstatic he's on the roster.

POST-PRACTICE NOTE: Starting left tackle Orlando Franklin just talked to us and talked about Seantrel: "He's doing real good. For a guy that big, I think he's doing real good. To be honest with you I was somewhat surprised to see him come in and do the think he's done. He's huge. I could hide behind Seantrel, and I'm not small. So I'm just pretty excited and like I said, on Thursday we're going to see what that kid can really do, and it's going to be an exciting day.''

Franklin also raved about freshman center Brandon Linder.

* I mistakenly thought Fig took part in an early drill and then was on the sideline being tended to by a trainer. I was told by UM he was being stretched by a strength and conditioning coach.

* On the first play we saw, cornerback Brandon Harris broke up a pass to receiver Leonard Hankerson.

* Tailback Damien Berry, playing with the first team, sprinted straight down the middle of the field for a touchdown.

* On a deep pass by Spencer Whipple, Tommy Streeter beats Lee Chambers near the sideline.



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And it surprises you that Streeter beat Chambers why???

Hey, Does anyone here know about the accusations being talked about in that guy Shapiro's book about paying the Canes players? Susan? Manny? Wow someone please tell me this isn't true.

3 Days boyz and the head knocking will beginning.

Thanks for getting up early to give us the update. 3 days, 10 hours, and 30 minutes...

Hard to tell exactly what the allegations entail since Shapiro is being tight-lipped to boost interest prior to publication. One can guess that he'll allege steroid use, improper benefits, etc.

The NCAA probably won't take much interest because 1) Shapiro is writing the book to help pay those who he bilked in an investment scheme; and 2) many of his allegations likely will be for players and coaches no longer with the team. With the exception of Marve, Barry Jackson's article didn't mention any players recruited while Shannon has been head coach.

I do remember, for example, the Meriweather/Willie Cooper shooting incident being a little shady because they lived in a house owned by then-DB coach Tim Walton. So I'm sure some of the allegations are legit. But I'd be VERY surprised if this leads to any sort of sanctions against UM. In fact, it would appear Shannon has proactively dealt with the "bad seeds".

The guy who stands to get hurt the most from this, given his current issues, is Butch. If Shapiro's book denigrates our 2000-03 teams, it will hurt our championship legacy somewhat, but moreso I think it would reflect poorly on what Butch allows to take place. It seems pretty clear Shannon runs a tight ship.

Thanks again Susan. This has been the best Canes info this preseason.

Thanks Ben, I am just so pissed about this. We finally have something good going here.

Good job Susan...

Barry Jacksonis a graduate of Beach High (1986), around the time that little punk a%# Shapiro graduated. They had to have known each other, and they probably are good friends, which to me is probably the reason the Beeznatch jackson is writing this. I say-- look at the credibility factor. I agree with Ben. This di-t bag is seeking revenge on the very school he claimed to love? Because he felt disrespected by the players? Pleeease! What did he want in return? His sole motivation is to create a scandal, sell books to try to make money and some if not all of his allegations may be suspect if not outright lies or exaggerations. If the NCAA even give this puke a shade of attention, I'll be sick.

He should watch his back when he comes out. Believe me, little s--t, there are many of us who hold the U in very high regards and would do anythingto protect our beloved canes.

Since the book is going to be released around the end of the year, the other issue is how some Canes fans perceive the allegations based on our record. For example, if UM goes 7-5 this year, and the book accuses Shannon of lots of wrongdoing, many fans will be more likely to believe the allegations (or ask for Shannon's ouster) than if UM goes 10-2 or better. But, again, I really don't see Shannon being implicated.

I don't think it's fair to say Barry Jackson had any ulterior motives in writing that story...

Come on stop wasting time on this book. It's just a clown trying to make a dollar. There will be nothing new, just look at NC this year to see Butch Davis does not follow rules as he should.

But as Kirby Hocutt has already said this idiot has no credibility and we have nothing to worry about.

I am just sick to my stomach right now. The U is very dear to me and this A** H*** is upset the players don't talk to him anymore?? *&^%$#@

If the allegations are true, then the school faces sanctions, no matter who is in charge. The guy is just like Jose Canseco, and we all know he was right though. We will see what happens, but his credibility is tainted and all this is old and might be difficult to investigate.

Shapiro claims to have told the feds about this and they didn't even pass it on to the NCAA. I know it's not their "deal," but they didn't even make a phone call to notify anyone.

The Jose Canseco analogy is probably a good one. He was right about steroids, but wrong about a lot of the allegations against specific players. Butch and Coker (especially Coker) probably didn't run a very tight ship and I bet Coker lost control towards the end, but I doubt seriously that the NCAA will punish Shannon given what he's done for the school, the kids, and the community. Meriweather and the boys are long gone.

Go Canes!

As the old saying goes. Where there is smoke there is fire. This dirt bag had a portion of the athletic dept. named after him. He did have very close ties with the athletic program and former players. He had the nickname given to him by former players "little luke". This guy is out for blood and seems that he will stop at nothing to ruin others because of his misery. If this scum bag keeps at it like the accusers in the Reggie Bush fiasco an investigation will take place and sanctions will be given. Man right when it seemed everything was coming together the "U" gets this piece of bad news. First the texting problem now this. As fans and as a football program we have gone through two rebuilding periods over the last 15 years. One as a result of sanctions and the other from poor recruiting and coaching. Going through something like that again as fans and as a football program would really be tough. I mean how many times can a program rise from the ashes and become a power house again? I hope all this blows over but I have a funny feeling about this one. Nevertheless, GOOOO! CANES!

The NCAA would have to feel the facts and evidence would HAVE to be overwhelming to allow their reputation to be perceived as being directed by a felon behind bars. It would in either regard lower their ( The NCAA )credibility overall in the public court. It is a built in conflict of interest to them I would imagine. ie... Felon in jail benefits by the more books he sells: NCAA talks of investigation creating more hype which sells more books; Felon in jail sells more books gets off easier thus perception is created NCAA helps Felon get out of jail in very public case; people who got bilked by felon are mad and go after NCAA for turning felon into rock star.

If the Herald had never run the story about Shapiro would anyone know?

Like someone else said, this guy is trying to hype up his book so it will sale.

Just play some football..Shannon is running a great and tight ship..plus, the players they have seem to love the U.

Just wanted to say thanks for your thoughts Ben. Just emailed Manny all the very same questions you just commented on. I hope you're right. Just wanted to say thanks and GO CANES.

Where is Jermaine Johnson? One minute there is talk about him starting and then he seems to litteraly disappear....Great to see Henderson and Linder are doing so well. Is Johnson hurt? Even that doesn't make sense as there was one report he looked good at RT and then poof. No matter what, I think the O Line is big time ready for osu and everyone else!!

Agreed Sanford...the O-line shoudl be ready. Lets just hope these guys are not soft like they were against Wisconsin(coming from a small, non athletic scrub).

Shapiro is a professional liar. He's desperate for attention and in one quote I read he was ticked off because Randy Shannon would not ever return his calls while he was stalking UM players.

He also stalked Shaq and Dwayne and they both thought of him to be no more than a pathetic groupie.

This guy made his money via a ponzi scheme. He's a criminal sitting alone in a New Jersey jail cell trying to get attention.

Had he told Federal Investigators of his accusations and they had any real merit I have to believe the Feds would have flagged the NCAA as a courtesy.

Comparing this guy to Canseco is a stretch as again he was a groupie that I am sure the players used, but that does not mean they violated NCAA rules.

Anyone can write a book and Shapiro admitted he hasn't been able to get a publisher to take this project on as of yet. Do I think he will find a publisher? Yes! That's because anything said bad about the Canes sells. Do I believe he has earth shattering evidence against the Canes? No!

The season is here--don't allow a criminal like Shapiro to make you feel bad about the Canes. A spokesperson for the NCAA commented if they were to recieve reliable information they would look into the charges, but WOULD ALSO CONSIDER THE SOURCE--code for...Shapiro is a bad guy hoping to play another scam.

Not to mention, but isn't wining n dining at his Mansion and S. Beach and greasing high-end recruits with fists full of $20's from 2000-2009 something that the NCAA will definitely look into ? I f U think not, you're either dumb, blind w/ orange n green glasses or both.

The NCAA is already here investigating 4 different sports witin the Athletic program, and they're in no hurry. This won't end til the '08's are gone and Ur '14-'18 recruiting classes will suffer as a result. Sanctions or no sanctions .

Now, tell me if I'm lying ?

Barry Jackson just wrote garbage about a bandit in prison who is ready to lie because he is desperate...And crazy.

Way to go Barry...UM Alumni...Focus on the positive. You can write better articles.

I will stop talking about this piece of garbage and enjoy everything Randy Shannon brought to Coral Gables for the 2010 season.

By the way Barry why don't you compare UM's program with the other top 25 in the country on academic's, good behavior and progress on the field...Not a single suspension for the FAMU game...If you want the negative go elsewhere...

Take it from a real UM Alumni and true fan!

It is funny how the Gayturd fans come on here talking sanctions when UFelony is merely months away from Scholarship losses, Bowl bans and back to be bottom feeders again.

I mean, man, i'll try to be respectful of others comments, but this guy is as uninformed as he is ignorant. "Waasssssup"...??..and a little bit of a goof, hahaha!!

Montreal-Cane, you are right. You are a better person than I. I normally don't respond to kids who are just trying to stir things up a bit.

I'm looking forward to a great year.
12 more days till Columbus!


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