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VIDEO: Canes after first two-a-day of fall

Freshman offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche, sophomore defensive tackle Curtis Porter and senior fullback Pat Hill met with reporters after Friday's practice, the first two-a-day of the fall.

I also shot some video of Seantrel Henderson interacting with a few local pee wee football players from the Hammocks. Check out the little kid challenging Henderson to a scrum at the line. Funny stuff.

UM OL Seantrel Henderson 8/13/2010

UM DT Curtis Porter 8/13/2010

UM OG Malcolm Bunche 8/13/2010

UM FB Pat Hill 8/13/2010

8/13/10 - After Morning Practice with Coach Shannon


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I know Shannon has been talking up his team, and I think Miami will beat OSU, but I didn't see any Miami players on the SI covers.


Miami has a lot to prove this year. Once they get up to the top, can they stay there?

go canes

did malcolm bunche burp in his interview?

Seantrel is a beast of a man...no doubt about it. Let's hope he can play. I wasn't thrilled about adding him, but he's here now.

Any word on Latwan Anderson and Jamal Reid?

Manny thanks for the updates, use you exclusively to keep up with fall practice to see what is happening, keep up he good work and thanks again.

great to see these guys pushing eachother that the only way they'll get better as individuals and a team.

First video is too cute.


Really liked the video with Henderson, he seems like a terrific young man. I thought his interaction with the kids was awesome. Not only will he be a great player and Hurricane he seemed to enjoy the interaction with the fans and handled it well.

Manny, thanks for the great videos!

I do wish we could open up the comments section again. It is tough to discuss things with others with the delay in comments.

Healthy Pat Hill and we are BCS bowling, would bet the house.

Thanks Manny!

Are you yourself getting more calls from out-of-state, "national" publications trying to get more background on the Canes?

If it hasn't started yet just wait a few weeks.

BTW, I heard that the Sun Sentinel changed the beat reporter. I hope he follows in your footsteps, Manny!

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