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Wednesday night scrimmage stats

The Hurricanes held a closed scrimmage Wednesday night at Cobb Stadium. Media was not allowed to watch. Here ae some statistics provided by UM’s Sports Information Office.

Jacory Harris 6-for-10 - 106 yards, 1 TD
Alonzo Highsmith 5-of-6 - 76 yards, 1 TD
Spencer Whipple 3-of-12 - 42 yards, 1 INT
Stephen Morris 1-of-6 - 19 yards

Damien Berry 7 carries for 36 yards
Lamar Miller 3 carries for 27 yards
Mike James 5 carries for 17 yards, 2 TDs

Leonard Hankerson 2 catches for 63 yards, 1 TD
Aldarius Johnson 3 catches for 56 yards, 1 TD
LaRon Byrd 2 catches for 30 yards
Kendal Thompkins 2 catches for 26 yards
Lamar Miller 2 catches for 24 yards
Chase Ford 2 catches for 20 yards

Ramon Buchanan 6 tackles
DeMarcus Van Dyke 5 tackles, 1 PBU
Colin McCarthy 3 tackles, 1 sack
Ray Ray Armstrong 3 tackles, 1 INT
Kacy Rodgers 3 tackles, 1 INT
Micanor Regis 3 tackles

> UPDATE: Last night I joined former sideline reporter Brian "The Beast" London on his new online radio show along with former Canes Francesco Zampogna, Joaquin Gonzalez and Rohan Marley. Be sure to check out his show here.


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Nice to see that video, looks like a great atmosphere for a closed practice. Shannon actually said he was "thrilled" (albeit in a monotone, perfunctory tone) - when was the last time you heard him say that? Probably never! This is a very good sign, indeed.
Another great sign: a blocked punt. Can't remember the last time we did that in a game.

3 weeks!!!!!!

No injuries! I love it...

Looking at Seantrel Henderson (#77) in the background of Shannon's interview....he's one big mother-fo!!!

What's the latest on Latwan Anderson?

Anyone hear anything about the status of Latwan Anderson & if he is going to be eligible?

Watch closely and see the 575lb+ squats...

Summer workouts paying off !! Mainly skill guys.


What's a PBU? Punt blocked . . . punt blocked . . . ugly?

One QB threw only one interception but two DBs caught interceptions?

In their preseason poll, College Football News has the 'Canes ranked #11. The 'Canes don't play anybody they can't beat this year, including perpetually over-rated Ohio State (the team that head-hunts an opponent's QB and RB and still needs help from a corrupt official to win).

But we will see, we will see . . ..

Hey manny i cant find out why wesley was dismissed from team. Si stewert mandel is saying it was because they needed his scholarship for henderson is this true?

Only 1 sack with this D-line .... O-line seems to be doing their job. Can't wait 'til the Fl. A&M game , a good warm up to start the season.Hope to see ya'll there.

Which QB threw the other INT? Whipple threw one but , Armstrong and Rodgers recorded an INT each.

Q: What's the latest on Latwan Anderson? Posted by: IndianapolisCane | August 12, 2010 at 03:56 PM

A: Our Susan Miller Degnan reported that as of Wednesday afternoon, Anderson still had not been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse. If he clears, Anderson is expected to play defensive back and special teams as a walk-on in football. As soon as he enters a game, his scholarship would be converted to football.

Q: What's a PBU? Punt blocked . . . punt blocked . . . ugly? One QB threw only one interception but two DBs caught interceptions? Posted by: LakeWorthCane | August 12, 2010 at 05:36 PM

A: Those stats were provided by the UM Sports Information staff. The media is not allowed to watch practices or scrimmage. For all we know, there could have been eight interceptions and 14 sacks. But we have to take their word for it.

As for the PBU -- that's pass breakup. There also was supposedly a punt blocked by Devont'a Davis. But we have to take their word for it.

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