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Canes injury report for Ohio State

Here is the University of Miami football Thursday injury report heading into Saturday’s game vs. Ohio State:

LB Jordan Futch – Lower Extremity
OL Jermaine Johnson – Upper Extremity
DL Micanor Regis – Upper Extremity
DB Jamal Reid – Lower Extremity
DL Curtis Porter – Upper Extremity
DL Andrew Smith - Upper Extremity

RB Graig Cooper – Lower Extremity

LB Kevin Nelson – Upper Extremity
DL Luther Robinson – Lower Extremity

Surgery and Out for the Season
FB John Calhoun – Lower Extremity
RB Darion Hall – Lower Extremity
DL Jeremy Lewis – Lower Extremity
LB Travis Williams – Lower Extremity


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So should we be worried about depth at DL? Not a good start considering that we're likely facing a heavy dose of the Tressel run game.

Q: So should we be worried about depth at DL? Not a good start considering that we're likely facing a heavy dose of the Tressel run game. Posted by: Dline help | September 09, 2010 at 05:00 PM

A: None of those injured players were really in the mix for serious playing time. I think as long as UM doesn't suffer any major injuries on Saturday, they should be fine. Micanor Regis is back this week along with Curtis Porter. I think we'll see a little bit more playing time for Dyrone Dye because of this.

I hope Futch is back healthy. I think he was on the verge last year of taking the next step. I also think Buchanons speed with help this week. Last year, I used to have heart pains watching how long our D-line along a QB to sit untouched. Anyone who watches our D from last year is making a mistake. If Bailey and Vernon can get to Pryor. He will have a problem. I think Vernon with Petri's help will be a NFL player. He looks awesome especially when a focus is on Bailey. Marcus Fortson looked in real good shape too. I have visions of Lamar Miller being our next great back. I was never a huge fan of Coop. For the first time in awhile our players look like NFL prospects.

how could israel write that story, saying that a loss costs us absolutely nothing?it is a moronic statement, even if just pertaining to the season and its chances. a loss, among other things, would almost guarantee a win out situation to even be in talks of a nc. for the teams morale, fan morale, coaches respect, please dont tell me the oast doesnt matter. sure, players, coaches, say what u know u have to, that the game is the game, and u dont want payback, blah blah blah. trust me, i have heard enough of randy shannon to know that he ONLY says what he thinks hes supposed to say

HAHAHA UM baseball player caught selling weed and HGH... I WONDER HOW YOU GOT TO REGIONALS... artificially! Stay class UM


Good to see that Porter, Smith and Regis will be ready to go. The "U" will need all the healthy D-lineman they can get. Keeping guys fresh will be key. Manny can't waite to see what your prediction will be for this game. The closer the "U" gets to game day the more pessimistic I am becoming. I do feel that this team is better than last years. But last year on the road against quality teams they did not perform well enough for me to think they can pull this one out. It just seems that the "U" needs to play as close to perfect as possible to win this game. As much as it hurts to say, I think the "U" will play a good game and keep it close but lose a tough one 27-20. I am thinking BIG picture here. With that schedule I felt that the "U" would go 10-2 but win the ACC Coastal Division, win the ACC and play in a BCS Bowl game. Hope they prove me wrong and make me eat crow. GOOO! CANES!

i hope no one else gets hurts on the dline. we only have 4 d tackles since robinson is also out.

Q. i read since Chickillo oral commited, that the U probably won't sign anymore Dlinemen. Is that true? I think we neec at least 2 Dtackles and 2 DENDS. Also i hope we Dubose and maybe either Clowney or drew. please tell me what you think?

60% chance of thunderstorms on Sat in Columbus!

What is the word on Storm Johnson?

It's great we got Chickillo and with scholis being limited this year we also have to be a little picky. I believe we get Dubose too. The U loves D.E.'S. What we really need is a big time Defensive tackle as well as a Big time middle L.B. I think we also bring in 4 W.R.'S. I don't see us bringing in a running back.

19 Vials of Steroids? Where is the NCAA investigation? Who provided these steriods to him? How much of the team is on this stuff?

These are the questions that need to be answered.

The ENTIRE UM baseball team should be DRUG TESTED TODAY.

F I U Forever Inferior to the U!

maybe we can get the gayturds to line up for a drug test too? right after mugg shots LMAO!!!!!!!

So much for depth at DL. What is Swayze doing to these kids?

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