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Canes post-game video: Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- Couple of thoughts and post-game interviews after UM's 31-3 win at Pittsburgh on Thursday night:

> The defensive effort I saw Thursday night was about as good as I've seen a UM defense play in a long time. The Canes' defense finished with nine tackles for loss, five sacks and two interceptions. I think I could count the number of missed tackles this week on one hand. Hats off to the coaching staff for a great job in practice this week. Now, that being said, Pittsburgh's offense was horrendous. Even when their quarterback had time to throw, he still missed open receivers downfield. When he did find them, many times they dropped it. The Canes deserve credit for a great effort. But Clemson will be a much stiffer challenge next week.

> UM coach Randy Shannon continues to put the blame for Jacory Harris' interceptions on his receivers. After the game (and in the interview you can watch below) Shannon says Travis Benjamin is responsible for four of Jacory's six interceptions this season. When I got back to my hotel room and watched the rebroadcast of the game on ESPN, I heard the announcers say that they had spoken to offensive coordinator Mark Whipple about the INTs before Thursday's game. According to Craig James and company, Whipple is also putting much of the blame on the receivers joking at one point that if he was in the NFL, he'd cut them. 

I'd love to ask Whipple myself what the issue is but assistant coaches are no longer being made available to local beat writers who cover the team -- just ESPN (TV) and WQAM (radio). I'd also like to ask Jacory what he saw on those plays. But we were informed in the fourth quarter tonight Harris would be "taking a break" from interviews. We're not sure how long it is going to last. But I'm guessing he might be the only college or pro quarterback in the country who gets to avoid post-game interviews and tough questions. Call me a whiny reporter, but even as a fan I'd be crying about it.

> Freshman offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson looks like he's making strides -- and I wonder if it won't be long before he gets his shot at the starting job. The Canes are using him mostly in rushing situations. He came in near the goalline on the opening drive and sprung the key block that got Damien Berry into the end zone.

> Senior defensive tackle Allen Bailey ended his sackless streak (7 games) on the first defensive play of the game. Bailey said he was in for about 12 snaps at defensive tackle. He said the emergence of Andrew Smith (2 sacks Thursday) is part of the reason he's been able to move inside and help the Canes' at tackle, where a few players have been lost for the season with injuries.

> Congratulations to Ryan Hill on getting a pick in his first start at cornerback. He said he wasn't even sure he had made the interception until after his teammates told him. Hill was recruited at corner, but had to play receiver when he got to UM because the Canes were shorthanded. And how about DVD? DeMarcus Van Dyke, who lost his starting job to Hill, made his second career pick to cut short a Panthers potential scoring drive. He then added to it with a beautiful 74-yard return.


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we need an offensive line that can block the run and pass

I think Whipple should ask himself why he continues to allow J12 to throw deep balls when ithas become obvious (over two seasons now) that he doesnt have the arm to do it. He is good in rhythm with short and medium passes. Even slants he throws good balls, but how is it that when you have these great runners, TEs and possession receivers and you will not accept short passing and screens ans instead ruin excellent opportunities and throw these dead ducks downfield?

Blame the receivers all you want, but the QB should know when NOT to throw a ball. The first int was carbon copy of the ones he threw at Oklahoma last year. TB runs one way, J12 thorws the other dep ball, int. Translation: He hasnt learned from his mistakes...or...he thinks he has a better arm than he does.

Other problem: silly, st-pid mistakes at one point or another. Especially in the red zone. Jol Figueroa-must be benched. He has made mistake after mistake and was the cause of 2 or more sacks and a couple of s-pid penalties. The clock managment penalty was on the QB. How can you allow that to happen?

They are close. Very close. I will refrain from saying we're back. But I see a good team that hasn't ironed out its wrinkles yet

Figueroa is a guard. He's not a tackle and never will be a tackle. He has no feet. The replay of the sack on Harris shows him trying to slide his feet to get out on the rusher and it was slow and awkward. He just doesn't have the feet to be a tackle. This will be a good line when Jermaine Johnson and Seantrel are the bookends. You can see the athleticism in Johnson that's missing in Figueroa. Fig might be a great kid and a hard worker and does everything the coaches ask but that still doesn't make him a tackle.

Nice job Canes D should keep improving and the O line, JH has to take care of the ball if they do that Canes will win alot this year.

Those two interceptions were on routes (Corner Routes) Jacory was supposed to throw out towards the sideline, where only TB could get to it. He simply under-threw it.

Good victory for the 'Canes. From all the negativity that has been spewed about this team after the loss to OSU, I was happy to see the team get a road win against a decent (not great) team. Yes Jacory threw 2 interceptions that hurt and he has to cut down on that no doubt about it, but in the 2nd half he bounced back well and I saw something last night that I have never really remembered him doing. Everyone wants Jacory to be a running QB, that is not his style or his make up. He is and will always be a pocket QB. What I saw him do is what successful pocket QB's do. He stepped up in the pocket and moved around in the pocket to avoid pressure and buy himself time to find an open receiver. If he can be successful at doing this, it will make him a better QB. Next stop Clemson, South Carolina. Go Canes!!!

I'm a J12 fan but We need a QB PLEASE is right, J12's passes float to much to be a consistent downfield threat. The fast paced crossing routes kill teams b/c of ours recievers mix of speed and size.

With that said happy to see us go on the road and dominate a team. Our D line looks scary.
Now this is where we are to suppose to see the maturity. Don't have a let down at Clemson

I am not impress with the QB!!! he keeps throwing the same pass and expects different results. Wipple if u r Going to throw the deep ball, atleast throw it to a tall receiver who can fight for the ball, not a short one!!!! U think this week was a great win, wait till clemson unleashes all their defense on J12.

Go canes

Pretty lame how they cut out media access. Stupid in my opinion, but Manny you guys are still doing a great job.



Good job guys! Stuffed the 'stache!

media don't need access all the time anyways...sometimes J12 need to keep quiet and just play and learn from his mistakes...stop crying manny and some of our fans...Man up stop acting GIRLLY...Girls whine while Men shake it off and move the hell on. WE ARE AN IMPROVING TEAM GAME BY GAME ... so one game at a time...next up CLEMSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOTALLY agree BDC. Who cares if they cut off media access. All the media does is either ask stupid questions, or get into a kids mentality. These are STILL kids, not men, and if this was the NFL then it's a bit different, but it's not. Although JH through 2 dumb picks, they were more or less like a punt, and after that hard sack, the way he came back in and brought them back down to score was very admirable.

I agree with all Canes fans on last night's game - moments where we look really good, smooth, powerful. Other times where we look inept and unsure of the play. I like the hurry-up offense. Berry is running hard, and not putting the ball on the ground. Miller looks like he's ready to start taking more of the load. Hankerson looks like a beast out there...big and hard to cover. JH - jury's still out - nice throws followed by backyard stuff...got to be more consistent. I DO NOT LIKE COACHES BLAMING RECEIVERS...Team game, share the responsibility. DEFENSE LOOKS FAST AND AGRESSIVE!! --- Please my beloved 'Canes - BE READY FOR CLEMSON ( They are a thorn in our side ) - they match up with us - speed and athleticism...one thing -- their QB does not make stupid mistakes...JH - Do your thing my man. But please remember you got great playmakers around you, a defense that appears to be on the verge of making every opponents drive tough, if given decent field position ( OSU - 6 FGs on their side of the 50 ). Clemson would love to beat us. Let's go up there and play consistent, and make no silly mistakes. God Bless you all, and have a great weekend.

JH need to stick to the short and medium passes, and stop trying to force the ball into Double coverage he doesn't have the arm strenght

You know if Benjamin is indeed responsible for 4 of the 6 ints he needs to be benched. We have plenty of talent at WR and there is no reason to keep sending him out there if he isn't correcting those mistakes. Jacory 90% of the time looks like a superstar and then there are 3 or 4 throws a game where he makes you pull your hair out. Again, if Benjamin is responsible for those throws, why do the coaching staff keep giving him that many chances?

Great victory last night, but we won't be playing PITT again. Those floater passes of Jacory's are driving me insane. For Randy Shannon to blame the WRs for those INTs is ridiculous. PUT SOME ZIP ON THE BALL, JACORY!!!
I can't believe they flashed Jacory's name up there on the TV during the OSU game as a potential Heisman candidate. That was a joke, right?

Clemson is no FAMU or PITT. NO MORE FLOATERS!!!

3 things Clemson beat us with last year in OT. Jacory Ford, CJ Spiller, and a trick play. 2 of those 3 are gone, and are D is playing lights out. Lead the NATION in sacks and tackles for loss, those are every KEY stats. If JH will lay off the deep balls unless it's blown ceverage or something, and just sticks to the short/medium passes, we should be okay enough to shut that hick crowd up at Clemson.

Benjamin has been a pretty good receiver, but like people have said, it does not look he is going to go up and fight for a jump ball.

Jacory needs to stop throwing him those routes and only go deep to him when he is isolated one on one on the outside, because we know he can make that catch. Leave the jump balls for the bigger receivers like Hankerson who have the size and strength to fight for them.

It was a good win and I think Jacory bounced back extremely well from those turnovers. The defensive line and Spence were dominating.

If we stick to short routes all game defenses will pill there heads back and pick Harris off all day like the did when scary PATRICK NIX was the OC. Weve got to throw the ball deep sometimes to loosing up the defense. Endzone pick was on harris because he should have threw it towards the corner and the other pick was Benjamins fault because he cannot let that DB pick the ball and it was a great 1 hand pick by the DB. The jury is still out and i was not impressed and Clemson has an all-american safety in Daniels. Figs needs to be benched along with Jermaine Johnson who gave up a sack this week and against Ohio st to. Ben Jones is better than both but they wont play the kid like Kendall Thompkins gets no PT. Heck Sentreal Henderson will be an upgrade over the both of them i think and hes a freshmen and probably doesnt know the PB yet...

Figeroa was getting killed last nite.

Clemson is going to be a tough game. An effort like last nite isn't going to get it done.

Did you see us on the sideline yesterday?!?! We were celebrating like we just won the National Championship. I realize these are kids, but they were actually happy with that effort.

Oh yeah Spence is a man among boys. Shannon should have let JoJO start over Telemaque not Ray Ray even though Telelmaque finally played a good game since GTech last year. I could have told you Buchanon or Futch should be starting over Robinson just like Figs is not a RT and is a GUARD. Bailey needs to stay at DT on pass rush situations with Smith and Vernon at end. Lamar Miller still needs way more touches and would not mind seeing him start even though Berry raned hard Miller provides another dimention to this offense sense the days of Willis McGahee. Would like to see Mike James used at fullback a little more catching swing passes out the backfield and i think James might as well jsut play FB because Hill misses a lot of blocks if you watch him and it seems like he slows down our RBs. Just my observations...

anyone know what side of the line Daquan Bowers usually lines up on? Hopefully RDE, much rather have franklin manning him than figs or seatrel/johnson.

What Stinks more ?

Pitt as a College Football Team ?

The Big East as a Football Conference ?


Wannystache as a Head Football Coach ?

or the ACC ?

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 24, 2010 at 10:50 AM

You are an idiot. So they should not be happy about beating a team by 4 touchdowns on their field? If you are a canes fan it's fans like you we can do without. They were not perfect but that was a BEAT DOWN. You need to relax.

Agreed: Very solid performance by the defense. They were as close to dominant as a defense can be. But Pitt's offense was terrible. The defense did have alot do to with how bad Pitt's offense was but Pitt just did not look like a good football team. I know that alot of people including the coaches are now saying that J. Harris is not to be targeted for the INT's. But on the second pick and on an almost third pick in the first half it looked as if J. Harris was forcing the ball into double or triple coverage. I am not sure forcing the ball into double or triple coverage is the receivers fault. From what we have seen as fans so far this year, it is safe to say that if J. Harris can put it all together the defense is good enough to get us to the promise land. ACC Championship Game. BCS Bowl Game. Time for the "U" to get as healthy as possible and stay focused. Because from what I have seen from Clemson, they will have an athletic and talented team next Saturday at home. GOOOO! CANES!

I do not get some football fans. Even in 2001 alot of cane fans would piss and moan when we would only beat a team by 20. They get so caught up in the negative they can't enjoy the positive. We still have alot of work to do before we become elite but we are on the right track. To me this is the best time to be a fan of a team and look forward to the climb to the top because once you reach it the only way to go is down.

Good win against a mediocre Pitt squad. I love the deep ball as much as anybody else, but absent a pure go route, you should run deep corner routes with receivers that are 6'3 or better. Jacory needs to learn to tuck it and run sometimes, and thank the Lord, Allah, and Buddah that the defense wrapped up. Jacory needs to learn to manage the game like Dorsey did because guess what your arm is NOT that strong. Would have loved to see more of Lamar Miller as well, but congrats on the win fellas....do it again next week, and the week after, and the week after that....

I agree with some of guys about Figs. He is clearly not a tackle. Love the guy (he is from my high school and all) but his feet are too slow.

I will however have to respectfully disagree about JH. Yes he threw 2 bad passes that resulted in picks. However, those passes could have easily been incompletes if Travis fights for the ball on the first one and the DB doesn't make an unreal 1-handed grab on the other.

JH placed some balls on the money… that TD to Travis... the TD to Hank. Don’t forget that the receivers did not help him out either… the ball that Bird dropped going out of bounds... the ball that Hank dropped in the End Zone... AD had a shot at a TD if he doesn't get interfered with... and so on. So to label JH is crappy or with a dead arm is false in my opinion.

Plus, who else do we have... Whip, A.J... not yet... not even close. We have to go into the fight with what we got. And frankly, I love what we have. This is the best unit I have seen since Shannon became head coach. By the way did you guys forget about those deep balls for touchdowns last season? Go back on your DVRs and look at some of those beautiful deep balls for TDs that JH throw. He had lots of them. I'm not sure I would hold JH back.

Bring on the Tigers. LETS GO CANES!

Good win last night but Pitt is garbage. I don't know how you can blame that first pick on the receiver. TB was wide open had his man beat by three yards but J12 just floated a lame duck out there about five yards behind TB and let the safety come over and get a pick. The D looked vicious and has looked good all season.

I mean if OSU didn't start almost every drive in our territory it might have been a different story. I think Whipple is trying to cover up J12 lack of arm strength but you have to take your shots downfield. And does anybody else think J12 has no pocket presence? I mean going back to last year he doesn't feel the heat coming even when it's right in his face. He doesn't move in the pocket very well to buy time. I think thats a feel you either have or don't have and J12 doesn't have it.

Good win against a sorry Pitt team. I'd like to see the receivers catch the ball in stride, once and awhile and be able to run with it, when does that ever happen? J-12 has no arm strength pass 25 yards. His ball floats to much and thats where the int's happen that's also why the WR's never gain a yard after they catch it, they have to wait on it to get there, when they have there man beat.
Figeroa is not a O-tackle, he's going to get J-12 killed.
Defense looked great and when you put pressure on the q.b. int's will come. Still to many penalties and the D-ends get pinched to much sometimes on the runs around the corners.
Sentrel needs to start because we are still struggling to run the ball consistantly. If we can eliminate the stupid penalaties and stop throwing ints, I don't see anyone beating us the rest of the way.

Pitt doesn't stink ...

Posted by: Feral Cat | September 24, 2010 at 11:28 AM

Agreed, they actually Suck .

The []_[]:

I'm an idiot?

It's my observation. They were celebrating a win over a terrible opponent. Pitt's offense was just horrible.

Not exactly a good team or atmosphere, but we're going to get one next week.

Hankerson is a great WR, that kid is for real.

Spence is playing great football.

I've never been a Berry fan, but he's a good runner. I agree that Lamar Miller should get the ball more. 3 yards per carry average isn't good enough.

I agree Figs is a guard...let Seantrell start, he's going to lose some battles, but it's the best thing for the future. We should run the ball a little more. The O-line would probably appreciate being able to get physical at the line.

I agree with whoever said the coaches should blame the WR. I think they are trying to deflect attention from Jacory, but I still don't like it.

omg! omg! look at me i'm a regular stuck up, ignorant canes fan! we only won by 28 points! our head coach and qb are black therefore they know nothing about football' i'm sitting here at my shitty job telling someone with 5x my athletic ability how to plsy qb! ive never coached on any level besides my sons pee wee league that I got kicked out of for being abusive, but I know what plays whipple should be running! we lost to the #2 team in the nation therefore we suck and jacory should be benched and randy fired!!!

god no wonder people hate canes fans

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 24, 2010 at 12:27 PM


They were celebrating a win over a terrible opponent. Pitt's offense was just horrible.

And our D had NOTHING to do with that right? A lot of the talking heads predicted a loss for us last night. We were only favored by 3. We won by 4 touchdowns and in my opinion the players have a right to celebrate. I guess we agree to disagree.

Good win. The Canes needed that one. Defense was flying around like the old days. Jacory is still trying to force some throws. Someone needs to tell him it is ok to throw it out of bounds at times.

Anyone know if he sustained an injury last night?

simmer down "sickofthefans".

Some of us wattch Oregon paste 47 at Tennesee, or Stanford put 62 on Wake and wonder, why can't the canes have games like that, where we the fans arent having cerebral hemorrhages in the 3rd quarter because J12 is still throwing the ball downfield and we are only up by 14.

Below you will find headlines on various threads posted by Canes fans from Rivals.com Canesport. These headlines were posted by Canes Fans while the Canes beat Pittsburgh 31-3. Many current Canes players, recruits and their families read that site and this site. Sadly, many comments made on this site were as bad and in some cases much worse (Yes, I know the racist with his many screen names was hard at work last night posting his insane garbage) but, he had a lot of help by others.

Colin job needs to be up for grabs

Did we lose 31-3??????

Time for #47 to start making an impact

Whipple's offense is atrocious

Tyler Horn sucks too.

This win feels like a loss


Honest Answer: What's the score if Alabama played Pitt?

I hereby nominate Figueroa as the 2010 most hated player

Total undisciplined team

Is it normal that we won by 28 and I am absolutely furious right now?


The White / Orange clown shoes got to go!!!!!!!


JH is too flawed

This team is just not that good!

Sloppy-Undisciplined- Long Ways away

OC's Fault, if you can't see that.....


Berry and L. Miller must hate Whipple!

Why can't we bench JH

Whip needs to realize that Harris can't throw a deep ball

A Fanbase Content With Being Mediocre

Lou Holtz thinks more highly of the Canes then Canesport?

Saw game in person. Good win, defense looked good, offense should have put a bad team away early but allowed them to stay in the game with penalties/turnovers. Need to improve in future weeks. One comment on Jacory, never once saw him look off a primary receiver and go through his progressions. Get the sense he knows who he is throwing the ball to everytime before the snap. Good example was the ball he threw into double coverage to Chase Ford. He expected Ford to be open, threw it to him despite double coverage. Should have read defense and gone elsewhere. In this respect, would have expected him to have grown more after a year and a half than he has. Looks like we will have to take the good with the bad throughout his career.

what i don't understand is why Jacory NEVER gets the blame for picks

I find it rather interesting that Randy has no problem throwing TB under the bus , yet continues to " protect " Jacory. Then again he should know who has " thick skin " and who doesn't !

Lets face facts at least 2 of jacory picks are benjamins fault. Both against osu. One of them he hit benjamin right in the gut and benjamin let the db take the ball away. The other he blocked on a pass play. True jacory should of thrown the ball into the ground at his feet not hoping hed turn around like he did. That said wrs are responsible for at least 3 of his picks at osu. One of them the ref is to blame. HE blocked the wr from getting to the ball. Does j 12 make bad decisions yes. Does he throw to many ints yes but when 2 wrs at osu drop the ball into the defenders hands u cant blame them on j 12. U just cant. And at osu 2 of his picks hit wrs right in the basket and they just let them either bounce off them to db or in benjamins case let the db reach in and steal the ball.

Anyone know if he sustained an injury last night?

Posted by: Dirty Thirty | September 24, 2010 at 01:05 PM

just released. Of course this will only be listed as an upper extremity injury, but reliable souces have confirmed that after an MRI this morning, last night Jacory Harris suffered a 3rd. degree sprain to his A/C joint in his non throwing left shoulder which is the worst degree of sprain without actually dislocating it completely. The injury could take 2-4 weeks to completely heal with proper rest and treatment. His status for the Clemson game remains unknown.

Hope he can get it well in 8 days and wear some sort of sling along with the "numbing needle" to eliviate the pain. But do you risk making it a cronic season long problem or get it healed up in 15 days for FSU ? DAMN !

There were reports that Jacory Harris could have suffered a broken or fractured collarbone, but all x-rays were deemed to be negative.

That could have been a 6-8 week recovery period. Thank God

Here is what I learned after watching last nights performance.

1) It was a good win. Miami should have won by 3-4 TD's and they did. Shakey at times offensivly but a good win against a BCS team picked to win their conference. Granted it was from the Big East but still, it was a good dominating win, especially defensivly.

1) Jacory is Japicky. This kid is a pick machine. My god, the guy at one point had 6 INTs in 6 quarters. Awful! Simply Awful! I stand by my comments on the last blog that this kid is overrated and just not that good. But he is the best option we have so it is what it is, we are going to have to live w/ this guy and all the INTs that go w/ him.

2) The RT position needs a 360 pound Fr to play named Seantrel Henderson. As bad as Jacory is, he is the only viable option right now at QB and if he keeps getting sacked and pummeled like he did in the 3rd qtr, he will not be around to see the UNC game. The OL line other than that played pretty well I thought against a physical front 4.

3) Our defense is sick! They are fast, big and mean! Reminds me of old Miami defenses. It will be the reason why we win the ACC and it will be the reason why Jacory gets to save face. They will be able to pick up the slack when Jacory keeps throwing picks and puts them in bad situations. But this defense is really good! I was glad to finally see the D get some turnovers. Great job guys!

4) The coaching still perplexes me. Can someone please explain to me why Shannon decided to squib kick the ball after we went up 17-3? All night Bosher was kicking it deep, our guys were down there and we were pinning them back deep, then all of a sudden we squib kick it and they get the ball at midfield. WHY!?!?!? Did Bosher miss kick it? Fine, I get it. Was it planned? If it was planned it made absolutely no sense. They didn't score but they did drive deep in to Miami territory and a good offense would have punched it in. But why the squib kick? If this was a coaching decision that was stupid and I just do not understand.

Posted by: Va. Cane | September 24, 2010 at 03:03 PM

Great work Va. Cane, you're the ONLY one reporting the "injury"! Great "scoop"! Again, nice job!

Hey VOS: I agree with some of your points. We need Henderson in there right now, Fig gets beat. J12 interception prone, he's got to re-think his throws. Where in the heck is Telemaque? I want to hear your answer on that one. Spence is Aall-American, where is Forston? another question: U think JJ would come back now?

Cool Cat, if you look at the throws from the Pitt QB, nothing was really in the middle of the field and they did not complete that many passes to begin w/ so Telemaque did not have to many chances. You heard his name and Ray Ray called very little last night. And their RB's were stoppoed alot of times at the line of scrimage for 4, 5 and 6 yard gains so they never made it in to the secondary where strong and free safetys get alot of their tackles.

Forston is in the dog house and its clear someone over there thinks he is not up to par w/ the guys that are out there. Kind of disappointing to see considering this guy was so highly rated coming out of MNW.

No way JJ EVER comes back! He is to busy hanging in the Keys, kicking it w/ Howie and playing dad on Survivor.

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