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Canes talk Clemson

Come check out a few video clips from today's interviews with Sean Spence, Tyler Horn, Vaughn Telemaque, Marcus Forston, Ryan Hill and LaRon Byrd as they all looked ahead to Clemson.

We also have audio interviews that go further in depth on other topics including Randy Shannon's entire press conference from today. 

I'll have more notes and thoughts for you later today.


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Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Post by: Curse is destroying his own blog

I am writing a letter as well. Both of you are wasting our time with this endless back and forth. Why don't you juveniles just IM each other? Cane fans stick to your blog and gators stick to your blog. You both are on here all day long? Do you not work? And please save me this retaliation rhetoric - your inclusion of our troops/war while you bring up sodomy is down right disgraceful and embarrassing.

That being said, we need to shore up our line. We Can't let Jacory take any more big hits and in the same token - he mUst make better decisions. I am not sure what Randy is tRying to do with the blame and/or coddling of Jacory(and Subsequent media blackout) but if we are not effectivE Saturday both are going to draw the ire of all UM fans. This is an important game for not only both schools but the ACC as a whole.

I hear the over/under for Jacory's ints is 5.

Canes win easily..relax.
Defense will DOMINATE. Office just needs to manage the game...score about 17 points.

Oops....I meant offense!!!

all I have to say is if this team plays like it did last week, we will not win. This is clemson, not pitt,

And please save me this retaliation rhetoric - your inclusion of our troops/war while you bring up sodomy is down right disgraceful and embarrassing.

Posted by: Sane Cane | September 28, 2010 at 06:40 PM

First of all, I never brought up sodomy. You have me confused with someone else. There are more than one Canes fan posting on here.

And I definitely did not link our troops with sodomy. Since a bunch of posts apparently got wiped out, perhaps that was done by the sicko while stealing my name.

I am proud of the work our troops do. They work 10-12 hours per day in 100 degree heat while in full body armor and carrying supplies and weapons. Then they go back to "safety" in areas that are still occassionally attacked.

Never let that sicko trick you into believing I don't feel pride for our American troops.

We will dominate this game, we will dominate all the rest of our games. After this all of the talking heads will say Miami dominated. But at the end of the day they will down play the win and talk about how bad the ACC is. We are in a lose lose situation. The out of conference season is over so we can not prove ourselves anymore. We will win out but never make it any higher than 7 in the polls because all of our wins will be against ACC teams. A lose, lose situation. OSU was our seaon, and we blew it.

Ummmm, Dallas, what happens if the Canes win out and beat a top 10 team in a BCS Bowl game? Would the glass still be half-full for you?

Bigggg IF Mr. Pig.......Just remember that BCS bowl game will not be agaist ACC competition!! This is the caliber of those opponents(Nebraska;Boise;Auburn;Stanford;Oregon;TCU;
Oklahoma;S.Carolina)....I'm a diehard 'Canes fan, but I'm no fool...WE'D HAVE A HARD TIME BEATING ANY OF THE TEAMS I JUST NAMED

OSU was our lone chance to get into the championship game/discussion....we would be challenged to find a top ten team we could beat in a BCS bowl... Miami's team still has some glaring deficiencies
1) Harris throws too many INT's 2) Benjamin, Johnson, Ford,and Byrd aren't consistent receivers 3)Spence is a liability in coverage 4)Defense as a whole are not good tacklers...let's hope these areas improve!!!

Sociology can teach us how to be more open minded about issues going on in the world today. It shows us and attempts to teach us how to live in the “what if” moment and not always have the attitude of “oh it wont happen to me.” Sociology also teaches us how to look past the different cultures other than our own to see how humans are affected by a disaster like Hurricane Katrina.

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