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Will Coop play at OSU? Shannon: "I don't think so.'' Plus, Canes talk Buckeyes.

A few additions to Manny's notes, from a short chat with Randy Shannon this morning:

Do you expect Graig Cooper to be involved in this week's game? Shannon's reply: "He didn't practice. I don't think so.''

From watching replays on TV, Cooper was hurt when he was knocked out of bounds. It looked like defender's helmet got him near the knee. But he bounced right back up after that. Some reports have him with an ankle injury.

Some other Shannon comments:

* On right tackle Joel Figueroa: "All of them did well on the offensive line. They did some good things. But every week you've got to get better and this week his technique will have to get a lot better from last week to now. That's the key.''

* On starting right tackle Ben Jones: He did some good things in the game that show you he's maturing. He's still got some things he needs to improve. The more he gets opportunities like that, it'll make him better and we'll get more depth at that position, because he's a young one.

* CB DeMarcus Van Dyke "is fine.''

* DE Andrew Smith and DT Micanor Regis "practiced today." D-tackle Jeremy Lewis, who was last seen on crutches after the FAMU game, "didn't practice today. We'll find out more about him later this week.'' 

* RT Jermaine Johnson: "He practiced today and didn't feel any kinks in his arm. He felt pretty good. We'll find out as the week goes on.''

It appears Lewis might be out for a while. The injury report will be released Thursday.

What are the similarities between Ohio State and Wisconsin (from Champs Sports Bowl)? "It's going to be a very physical game up front.''

That didn't bode well for the Canes in December. Maybe this time will be different.


A couple quick notes from a busy media day at UM as the 12th-ranked Canes prepare for a trip to No. 2 Ohio State on Saturday:

> Running back Lamar Miller was selected as the ACC Rookie of the Week after leading the Hurricanes with 122 all-purpose yards in his debut against Florida A&M. Miller led UM with 65 yards rushing on 11 carries and scored his first touchdown on a five-yard run in the third quarter. He added 34 yards on kick returns, 15 on punt returns and eight receiving yards.

> I know a lot of you have been asking about Storm Johnson and his status for this season. My money is on a redshirt unless one of UM's top three backs go down. This week, the only guys I think will be carrying the ball at Ohio State are Damien Berry, Lamar Miller and Mike James. UM coach Randy Shannon told WQAM's Joe Rose this morning that a red-shirt decision isn't usually made until after the sixth game of the season. 

> Cornerback Brandon Harris -- now neck and neck with Berry for the best go-to- quote on the team -- said the toughest thing about watching the 2003 National Championship game for him was watching his close friend Willis McGahee go down in a heap of pain: "We grew up in the same neighborhood, in the same block," Harris said. "When he got hurt, it was devastating. That's what was most memorable for me that game. The ending was controversial and all. But we have no control over that now. The only thing we can control is what happens Saturday."

Here are a few video interviews with Brandon Harris, Vaughn Telemaque, Colin McCarthy and Marcus Forston discussing the challenges of facing the No. 2-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday and Heisman candidate Terrelle Pryor.


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Let's go Canes!! Let's play like a bunch of crazy men!

Posted by: Jimmy Johnson | September 07, 2010 at 01:15 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/09/ums-tuesday-practice-before-ohio-state.html#ixzz0ysXNzhSq

I'm glad to see the DEE get some sacks and pressure on the Q.B. but that was FAMU, not OSU. This will be the tail of the tape for the Dee-line. What you did against FAMU was well and good but now you're going to have to do it against a team with the talent to match you. I guarantee if you don't put the heat on Pryor he will eat you up.He's overated as a passer but any stiff can complete passes as long as they have a day and a half to throw, which in the past Miami has been proned to let happen (last years Clemson game) we let Parker eat us up. We need to bring the Wood and this is pay back time. Only way we get beat, is if some bookie pays us to take a powder. Canes 23 OSU 13.

People who get on here and rage against THE U are ignorant!! We don't care and not many of us go onto to your teams blog and do this. Worry about your soory as team and their decline. i think they see and know the future and are very scared. Climb back under your rock, after next week when we beat down suckyou, then what, who knows and THE U don't care.

I love how other fans come on the canes site to let us know how much you sweat us.

Got a question for you guys....what is the rule on redshirts? It seems sometimes we play some freshmen for a few plays in some games and then make them redshirts....then i hear that some players burn their redshirts after a play in a game. So not sure if there is a limit to the number of plays before you can redshirt?

Actually, that thud was the gators dropping in the polls. Ole Miss really showed Jacksonville St who's boss.

Limp wrist and sweaty is no way to go through life nor is it a good excuse as to why you can't snap a football.

What will the excuse be when USF beats UF?

It is incredible how the canes are the only team in all of the NCAA that have other teams fans comment on our blogs, pages and anything that are suppose to be for the canes fans. Just remember one thing Ohio State, you will soon see what a well rebuilding machine coach Shannon has put together. I was there in 2002 and when the real ref who was five feet from the reciever and corner called it incomplete within less then two minutes the stadium was cleared of the ohio runnaway fans. Get ready to cry on Saturday because it has been a long time comming. We are healthy and deep and like many teams in the past you will loose by two touchdowns.

I love the haters, all they do is make half baked predictions. And take facts out of context. Gator fans: you guys better start worrying about usf, keep playing like that and all the canes forums are going to get real quiet with no haters to keep Miami fans fired up. OSU fans: y'all know the deal, you took our crown, we took your king, and now we coming for your little prom queen football team.

Get ready to get really mad.
I'm gonna smile so big for alla y'all though.

GATORS fans will finally get lost after this week anyway..lets see some guy will burn Korans in Gainsville plus they'll loose against USF...what a horrible DAY IN CANESVILLE that will take place...CAN U SAY COMPLETE MELTDOWN.....LOL

Hey this is a Canes fan from Columbus Oh. there saying that they are sluff . They are talking so much crap up here it is starting to pi$$ me off. It is time to show them that the U is back . I will be there at the game wearing my orange and green . LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!

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