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Extra points and observations: Ohio State

Now that the Canes have wrapped up a 36-24 loss to the second-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, here are few final post-game thoughts: 

Jacory Harris  > The Canes proved they aren't ready to compete for a national championship yet...
All week long this game was presented as an opportunity for this program to put itself back among the elite in college football. Had the Canes played better, they might have been able to say that even in a loss. But it's the way they lost with the turnovers, missed tackles, penalties and mistakes that proved to me that this team is still not ready to make the jump up. Here are the facts: Randy Shannon's record against Top 25 teams is now 1-6. His record away from Sun Life Stadium (those would be road games or bowl games) is 8-12. Only one of those wins was against a ranked opponent (FSU in last year's season opener). Point the finger at the coach as much as you want to, but at what point do the players have to start delivering? 

> Jacory Harris' interception woes continue... I put a lot of the blame for Harris' 17 interceptions last season on his injured thumb. Safe to say it's fair now to just criticize his decision making. Ohio State is obviously a very good defensive team and they deserve credit for the plays they made and the confusing coverage schemes they ran (dropping defensive linemen back into coverage on zone blitzes). But Harris is a junior now. The pacifier is out of his mouth. Travis Benjamin didn't help Harris out on two of his four interceptions Saturday, literally deflecting one pick right into a defenders hands. But the interception that bothered me the most was the one Harris threw with Benjamin's back turned to him. Both players messed up. But Harris said himself he should have never thrown the ball. The bigger issue here isn't that he manned up for his mistakes after the game. It's that he's still making them. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple shares in that responsibility. So does the fact Harris' doesn't have anybody pushing him for the starting job. Let's not forget three QBs left this program in the last three years. Maybe it's a little easier to take chances when you know you're the only guy who is going to play.

> Lamar Miller...  The talented redshirt freshman continues to show us why his teammates rave about him. His 88-yard kickoff return for a touchdown was impressive. So, was the fact the distance between himself and the Buckeyes chasing after him continued to widen as he sped away downfield. It's a shame he isn't being utilized more. He had only three carries for eight yards and one catch for eight yards to go with one other kick return (12 yards). Memo to Mr. Whipple: No. 6 needs to touch the ball more than six times a game.

> Defensive stops in red zone... The Canes' offense didn't do the defense any favors Saturday with their turnovers. Same with the kickoff coverage team, which gave up three returns of over 40 yards. But you had to like the way the defense stiffened in the red zone. Ohio State had nine drives inside the Canes' red zone Saturday and only three resulted in touchdowns. UM forced them to go for field goals five times. That's improvement. I also liked the fact the defense had 11 tackles for loss in the game. 

> The rest of the day on defense...
Sean Spence had a career-high 11 tackles and couldn't do much to stop the 18-yard touchdown pass Brandon Saine made on a perfect throw from Terelle Pryor. Spence played well and I don't think the Buckeyes threw once to Brandon Harris' side of the field. But the rest of their homeboys on defense? Not so much. Shannon guessed after Saturday's game that Ohio State had at least 70 yards after first contact. That equates to missed tackles galore. Ohio State ran for 181 yards -- Pryor picking up 113 of those on scrambles. Pryor was only 12 of 27 for 233 yards passing. But he found DeVier Posey for a 62-yard gain and Dan Herron for a 47-yard gain and orchestrated a 2-play, 80-yard scoring drive that took 36 seconds to complete. That's not good defense. Neither was just one sack and zero turnovers.

> Special teams kickoff coverage... Miller and Travis Benjamin (79-yard punt return) might have become the first UM duo to return a kickoff and a punt return in the same game -- at least through the late 1970s anyway. But as nice as those returns were, the Canes have up a lot of field position on kick coverage. Matt Bosher also had a kick blocked and a 46-yarder he missed. I'm not upset with Bosher. He's missed a total of six field goals now in his career. But why does he continue to have to make the tackle on kickoff coverage? This isn't a new problem. 

> I said this before the game and I'll say it again: This loss wasn't crippling. UM can obviously go on to win the ACC title and the season would be deemed a success. This loss was just disconcerting because we saw much of the same mistakes we saw a year ago from a team that is supposed to be more mature and ready to win. As long as the Canes continue to improve, win the next two games on the road and make a strong push to the ACC title, Shannon and Harris don't have to worry about job security.

> It's officially time for UM's other receivers to start catching up to Leonard Hankerson

> Allen Bailey and Vaughn Telemaque need to start delivering bigger plays. Bailey hasn't had a sack since Halloween, that's a seven game stretch. Telemaque had four tackles Saturday. We're all still waiting for his first career interception and fumble recovery. 

> The injuries to Marcus Robinson and Curtis Porter could turn out to be huge. The one strength of this UM defense has is the depth on its defensive line. But the injuries are beginning to pile up.

> FYI, the Canes will be off this week until Thursday and Friday. 


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Why are the 'Canes off until Thursday and Friday? They were off on Saturday - wasn't that enough?

Overall, I didn't think the defense was too bad - they were usually working with pretty bad field position. Tackling still seems to be an issue.

Demarcus Van Dyke is seriously the same player now as he was as a freshman, which is pretty awful. He has done nothing to impress me in 4 years. No wonder a converted WR had to start over him last year. Thank God for Brandon Harris.

Manny is right, Telemaque needs to step up and make some plays. It seems like the only thing he wants to do is hit, and he is not even too good at that.

When was the last time someone on the defense forced a turnover that wasn't in a game against FAMU? How about a punt block or a field goal block on special teams?

We have the players, Manny. Sure, it's the players that make mental mistakes and don't wrap up when tackling, but I strongly believe the coaches should take full responsibility for not having the players mentally ready. Also, when was the last time Randy took the blame for not having his players ready? I believe in Randy's system but his biggest fault is his own accountability.

Manny, how serious are Porter's and Robinson's injuries? Also, I think this team will be ok. Harris will improve, and this team will step up to the plate. We will win the ACC and next year we will be title contenders.

Agree with evrything except this: " UMis not ready to play for a NC". That is your opinion, and just because you are a sports writer doesnt automatically make you right. In my profession , I use logic a lot and here is my opinion with logic injected into it:

This years SAME OSU team beat this years same Oregon team (minus Masoli) last year inthe rose bowl (?neutral territory)and beat them by about the same amt. as they beat UM at home. So you are telling me that Oregon is not a big time team?
Fact is OSu will beat almost anyone inthe country including Texas and Oklahoma. Iowa and Wisconsin to me, and Alabama will give them trouble. Thats 3 teams. So using your logic, at this time, Only Iowa, Wisconsin and Alabama will be able to play for the NC? Not likely.

Wait and see at the end of the season. You may eat your words.

But I agree with EVRYTHING else you said.

DVD should get benched.

Lamar Miller should start at RB.

Spence was great on Saturday. He's the only NW recruit who is living up to the hype.

Jacory Harris sucks, plain and simple and we will NOT win a championship with him.

He doesn't appear to be a leader on the field, doesn't carry a fire in his belly, looks stupified on the sidelines all the time, doesn't see to expect excellence from himself or his team mates, and can't seem to throw the football HARD.

He sucks. We can't play Florida A&M every week.

It only took me a year to figure out that Coker wasn't the guy, but everybody called me crazy because he won a national championship that year. Randy Shannon is NOT the guy. He's way in over his head...

The offensive line was extremely good in pass protection and even on the running game if you take in consideration OSU running defense is maybe tops in the country only Alabama is better.

Harris was not harassed or even hit once I think. New guys like Johnson was OK. By the end of the year Johnson, Bunche and Henderson will be playing a lot and I mean a lot.

This game is getting blowed out of perportion. This is still a good team. Don't buy into all the media crap. They're saying now OSU is a team poised for a national title after this big win and at the same time saying Miami isn't ready to compete with the big boys. It was a 12 point loss to the number 2 team in a game where the canes clearly beat them selves. We will rebound from this game and win the ACC. GO CANES!!

Why does Shannon get so much heat for no reason? You cant blame him for dropped passes, and penalties. Armstrong should have had a pick near the endzone on a drive. Ford and Johnson dropped catches they should normally make. THe guys were in the right positions to make plays. Guys just need to man up and start making plays on Kick Offs and in the redzone. Many Qbs would be afraid to throw the ball after all that happened to Jacory but he marched them down the field quite a bit. Perhaps some of the play calling will change in the redzone with more carries for Lamar and Berry since we cant depend on catches for scores.

We have improved, we will be a better team now. We should run the table for the ACC title!! Canes fans have faith and belive!!!! Yea we lost, but a small set back, to the big picture!!!! GO CANES!!!!!

Where is this "great" D-line of ours? I know Porter and Robinson are hurt, but where is Bailey, Forston, Ojomo? Big time players make plays in big time games.. The only ones up to the challenge were Brandon Harris, Hankerson, Spence, and Lamar Miller.

See I agree with canesjunkie.DVD has been atrocious all 4 years. Vaughn Telemaque is becoming another DVD.Also agree the NW boys so far have been a bunch of busts. Time for Shannon to put aside his pseudo-nepotism and start looking elsewhere:

Broward, Palm Beach, Lee and Collier. I mean... How and why did UM let Rolle end up at OSU? Why, because our D is so good?

I agree with all of the posts about J12. He is showing no fire in his belly. That whole blank demeanor to me is annoying. It would be fine if he actually did something like he did his freshamn yr against Duke and UVa. But then he totally regressed.

The clincher for me has been that whole issue with his Tweeting and attitude like he is all that. Newsflash Jacorry: You are not all that. You were 2nd in the nation in INTS last yr and You are well on your way to get that title. You were overmatched and schooled by Pryor. Youlooked like a boy next to a man compared to him. And if your attitude is notto try to rally your team and feel sorry for your self, than you need to sit.


That said, losing to what I feel is the best team in the country is not that huge of a deal. At least Um didnt get 47 pasted on like FSU, tennessee, or lose to a 1AA team like Kansas did, Ole Miss or Va Tech.

How about something simple like running more and throwing less? We have great RBs, a terrible QB and mediocre receivers. Let's rely a little more on the guys that know how to play and work that depth into the rotation. At a minimum, we should be 50/50 run / pass. Jacory obviously has big problems with decision making and INTs. Why do we feature him so significantly in the offense?!

I agree with the comment above about Shannon taking some responsibility. I have never heard him do that, including during his time as DC, when the D first started breaking down. It's about time he did so and teach his players a little something about responsibility.

Right on with your take on the game and what to take from it.


Disagree with blog that RS is in over his head.
I wonder what credentials you bring to the table to be able to make such a ridiculous comment. What is you total football experience? Have you ever played, high school, college, pro? Have you ever coached, pee wee, high school, college, pro? Play Station and Madden don't count! Do you have a degree in sports information or education or some other athletic related discipline?

What gives you the right to be so critical.

So many experts out there, how did you escape the eye of the U when we needed a new coach?


As a die hard fan and season ticket holder since'86 I am through making apologies for poor play game after game when we play good teams. Our talent position by position is as good or better than OSU and yet penalties, and poor execution continues to limit our upside. This one time I give RS a pass as I thought play calling and intangibles developed in off season were solid. The fact that we don not have a Backup QB to throw in when J12 is struggling is a major issue as think he would benefit from being pulled for a few play after game changing to's. He still floats the ball on short passes and locks in on primary receivers way too much; Hank 1 half and TB second half. Where are 47 and Streeter in these types of phisical games as they can go up a beat DB's for the ball. Where is the pressure on QB'?; how come our db's and LB's cannot hold on to int's thrown right at them. why do we not go on first count on running plays in the red zone in loud environment ?; DVD has to be benched. yes I see improvement but enough...I don't think so.

It doesn't take any special qualifications or credentials to see RS is in way over his head.

Expressing an opinion about the coach doesn't insinuate you are better qualified to be coach either.

I've said it all along. Shannon must go!! he gets constantly outcoached, his teams are never prepared and player development is very poor. We will NEVER win a NC with Shannon as HC period. Look at UNC with all the 2nd and 3erd string players (most freshmen) the way they played the first game.That is COACHING
Satan's first tear NC and now he will win a second. Lets have whipple run the team and see what happens.

What was so great about Pryor? I am not knocking the young man, but his feet impressed me more than his arm. He would have had at least int if we catch the ball. To say he out schooled JH12 is crazy. Folks act like Harris is the only QB that tries to force it from time to time. Hell, you have guys in the NFL that tries to all the time. Outside of the pick to Heyward, I was fine w/Harris. Why aren't him giving the guy props for playing when he was cramping? But you want to question his desire? GTFOH!!!

There is no comparison between Pryor and Jacory. Anyone who thinks Jacory played a good game must have been watching a recording of the Duke game from 2 years ago.

Ummm, Saban has been a head coach for how long now? I'm not sure if coach is the right guy, but to mention Saban when his record @ MSU was fairly average is crazy. Our coach is in his 4th year now & his record con't to improve, yet folks want to complain because we lost on the road to the 2nd rated team in the country! Wow!! Either go throw some Holcutt's way to get a new coach or simply stfu.

Vaughn Telemaque is a complete bust he has done absolutely nothing since hes been here! And people tried to compare to Ed Reed??? He shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence as Ed Reed! He missed so many tackles saturday! But he was always talking trash like he did something! 4 tackles no picks no forced or recovered fumbles but he did miss atleast 6 tackle! Get him off the field he is not a leader in the secondary and he makes no plays at all! As far as Jacory is concerned he needs to throw the ball with some ZIP if he would do that alot of his interceptions he throws would be completions if they were thrown to Hankerson who is the only reliable receiver we have on what was supposed to be one of the best receiving corps in the nation! YEA RIGHT! This team is very talented but only a few of them want the ball in big time situations and the so called playmakers on defense havent done anything (bailey ojomo telemaque) Ray Ray got beat deep one time and dropped a pick but played well overall! B Harris is a beast and Sean Spence is great as well but to many MISSED TACKLES on 3RD down! We have to clean that up and please Randy GET TELEMAQUE off the field!!!!!

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how else do you explain splashing fledgling football on the front page 7 straight days ...
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lest you forget ...
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something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...


I'd be happy to donate to get rid of RS if I was asked by the U or if I knew how to make sure my money went to remove him rather than pay him. Until he goes, however, I'm not donating another dime.

And you make a great point about RS, who just like Coker before him, had NO head coaching experience, and is in over his head. You can't compare him to Saban or others with appropriate experience. He isn't qualified to lead this program!

Don't get me wrong. I love Harris. I think he has a lot of talent. But I think the "Keep the team lose" mentality needs to stop. It is time to focus. I for one did not think we would win there anyway. I am still looking for an ACC Title. Heck, just give me 10 wins. I am looking forward to next week. I know Shannon will have them ready. By the way, what happened to the other receivers?

I was at the game and am an avid Buckeye fan. I was very impressed with the Canes. They stuffed the run, had very good pass protection, and moved the ball quite well. The most amazing thing to me was how many time the last Cane to stop a long return always made the tackle. In my mind it happened at least 5-6 times. I also thought Harris had the better arm.
Good Luck with the rest of your season. I was impressed.

We need a new coach. He is the one who is not delivering. Look at his record against ranked teams. Don´t be fools. He is the boss, and boss is not a good fit for THE U. Sorry, but he has to go. Period.

We have good players. We have a team that can win many games. He have been recruiting well under RS, but if he can't get them ready for the games and get W's, we are wasting our time, money, and specially, talent.

I'd contribute to get rid of Randy Shannon. It's so annoying to have him as our head coach.

I listen to talk radio and all I hear are former players all saying 'Randy will get them to work on it' or 'Randy will look at the film and figure it out'. Michael Irvin, Randall Hill, and Lamar Thomas aren't going to speak out against Randy, but don't force-feed us that bull anymore.

Randy Shannon has been coach here for 3 years....nothing has been figured out yet. How much film of whippings are we out to accumulate before something happens?

If you haven't noticed, most of these guys are due to graduate soon. When are things going to click for them?

Never with this coach.

And those of you who say don't compare Randy Shannon with Nick Saban. Fine. Don't compare Miami with Alabama and other bigtime programs. If we won't commit to getting a better a coach, then we're not in their class.


I was at the game too and I heard similar comments from a few other Buckeye fans. Thank you for being classy. It was good to finally see some class cause we were surrounded by Jerky OSU fans most of the time. I wish you all well and wish we would have played better. I hope our fans treat you well when you visit and dont subject you to some of the crap we were subjected to.


any news on the severity of the injuries to Porter / Robinson ?

Just look at UNC. Average players, and WELL Coached, (even when they have half the team suspended, they play well). We have much better players and we can´t beat them.
"It is what is" Do these words sound familiar.
People, RS is a nice guy, but not a HC. He has to go. ASAP.

202cane is Jacory Harris.

This has to be true. I'm going to praise te guy for playing with cramps....Randy won't take him out!

Go back to Twitter!

I CAN'T BELIEVE WITH ALL THE TALENT WE HAVE WE CONTINUE TO PLAY LIKE BUMS ON THE ROAD. I've NEVER SEEN A TEAM SO INEPT AT CREATING TURN-OVERS AND THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR THE LAST 4 OR 5 YEARS. WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT J-12 SAME OLD STORY 4 INTERCEPTIONS AND FLOATING PASSES WHEN HE SHOULD PUT A LITTLE MUSTARD ON THEM. The secondary is only as good as the D-line putting pressure on the Q.B. and of course when we play big time teams we can't get any pressure (1 flipping sack). Same old offense : dropped passes, penalties over throwing open receivers. Ohio State is over-rated, no way are they the second ranked team in the nation. If we would quit playing scared and play more wide open, no team left on our schedule should beat us, PERIOD! Miller should be the starting R.B. Lastly how about a reverse or a screen pass or wheel route. Whipple needs to show some diversity in his play calling.

Good read Manny! I would have added the pass intercepted intended to Damien Berry for a possible TD was the worst...The worst by Harris...Berry was very open....Also Harris threw a couple of passes behind his receivers avoiding them to run after their catches for extra yardage and possible TDS...

Manny, agree with everything you said but will add that I counted the Canes dropping at least 3 easy interceptions. Those obviously would have made a difference. The D-line injuries seem to happen every year which is why I wasn't happy to see Wesley go.

The obvious question is do you think this team has the talent to take it to the next level with different leadership? After they had the talent in place, Jimmy and Butch were the master motivators to get the team to play hard with fire with passion. I'm not seeing that here. I think Saban, Meyers or the Boise St. or TCU coaches could take our team and have them prepared and coached up to go all the way. What do you think?

I have to say. Taking a knee 4 times when they could of run it in for another score showed class I didn't give the buckeyes credit for...
Then again, maybe they were thinking ahead to our home game...anyway, there were too many areas to point to and say that's the problem which points to coaching

Went to the game Saturday and sat right behind the canes bench. Incredible place to watch a game and a good showing by canes fans. OSU fans know their football and they all were impressed by Miami. The D played tough except for the one two play TD drive. Pryor did not make any mistakes and is a "monster" in person. He is bigger than most lineman and runs like a tailback. OSU made more big plays when needed. Their D made the picks and cought the deflections. Ours did'nt. OSU's made enough big 3rd down conversions to put the game away. We are going to have to live and die with Harris this year so be prepared for more INT's. He is a competitor and did not back down on Sat. I like is fight and hope he can bounce back from Sat.

For all of Bailey's measurables he just doesn't make plays. I go back to Cortez Kennedy when a reporter asked him about not having a good 40 time, not bench pressing a lot of weight and not having a good vertical jump. Kennedy told the reporter he wasn't a track star he was a football player. Cortez made plays. Bailey is not a football player. He doesn't make plays. If you don't make plays in college you certainly won't make plays in the NFL. Fop all the NFL scouts who keep talking up Bailey about being a 1st round pick stop looking at your stop watches and the bench press and start looking at game tape. He is not a 1st round pick.

I was at the game and my observations mirror what everyone else is writing here. There is no reason why we can't still win the ACC and move onto a BCS bowl. If OSU defense is ranked in the top 10 in the nation, then I feel good for our season. Say what you want, the offense moved the ball against that team. The INTs is what killed us (especially in the RED ZONE).
However with some additional film study and adjutments, we should be able to bounce back just fine.

Finally for the idiot who wrote we need more white guys on the team, the only colors that matter are Orange and Green, not black and white.


I love reading all this negativity coming from the Hurricanes fans...I thought the Buckeyes fans were tought but you guys take it to another level. After watching the bowl game against Wisconsin and a few of the Hurricane games last year in the ACC...I was very confident that this Miami team could not beat OSU...Harris is too mistake prone and scared to run when needed. All I hear is that; if not for the turnovers Miami would have won...I could say if not for the two touchdown on special OSU would have blown you guys out. Bottom line stop making excuses...Miami should be much better than they are...get over it you got beat by a much better disciplined team. Swagger mean nothing if you can't back it up on the field...see you next year. Get a coach your players will respect and listen to obviously something is missing on the sideline.

Grow up Junkie. I meant praising JH12 for playing w/cramps due to the comments about the guy not playing w/passion. He simply could have caved in & asked them to take him out.

you guys might think I'm crazy - but I saw Ray Ray Armstrong play QB in HS and he can run and throw better than any of the QB's miami has including JH. I wish RS would give him a try at QB. He is not afraid to run with the ball too. He could make a difference and I know he would make that team alot stronger at QB.

The team has talent, but something, obviously, is missing. I think it's the OL and DL. You got to perform well up front, and that's killing us right now.

We got the number 1 recruit on OL, but can't find him playing time.

RS is not the problem, we had OSU in the first half, was making it competitive. But we could not keep the heat on. RB's are best in the country. Receivers might be a little overrated, what ever happened to A. Johnson? Not aggressive enough...Drop crucial TD pass

J12 has to start making things easier. I say we lose one more game, go to a decent bowl game. Telemaque has to step it up at FS. Ray Ray is good. Spence OK. But it's the DL...

I thought jacory was more mentally tough than he showed on saturday. If he gets pressured, he gets rattled and starts making bad decisons and floating the ball. On that int by Heyward, not only did he not see the coverage, he short armed the pass, and didn't step in to the throw, even though he wasn't really being pressured. If the line doesn't give jacory enough time to make a sandwich back there, he folds like a tent.

Speaking of the line, how soon are these freshman going to get some serious consideration for playing time? I've gotta imagine that Brandon Linder, coming from the excellent coaching at St. Thomas has to be close to ready, and as soon as the humidity diees down for the Fla State game, Seantrell Henderson should be starting right tackle. The o-line was bullied once again, especially fig and harlund gunn.

Memo to Ray Ray Armstrong: If you want to mentioned in the same class of safeties as Bennie Blades, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, and Kenny Phillips, you make that interception when the ball hits you square in the numbers!! Vaughn Telemaque: Quit yapping and start playing! You haven't done squat to talk as much as u talk on the field.

On the bright side, Miami can Still win the All Crap Conference...Man up for Pitsburgh!

Hurricane Randy,

I played college footbal and coached at the high-school level before moving on to bigger and better things. Randy Shannon is the one that took a job with high expectations, with the knowledge that he would face a lot of scrutiny. When you make the types of mistakes that tis team CONTINUES to make when they go on tough road games it a sign that the team is not growing. So I have every right to criticize and make observations. Why don't you get off my salty sack and go make more excuses for Randy....he's gotta go! But I'll give him credit for "un-Cockerizing" the team I guess. A former linebacker can't recruit guys who can tackle, receivers dropping teh ball, no rush from the d-line. It's a coaches job to get a team ready...they were not ready and I'm tired of "next year." It's the way they lost you idiot, this team is S-O-F-T!

Jacory's interception problem is big handicap. It should have been solved in the offseason and it hasn't. That was the most discouraging part of the game. The talent is there. It was there last year. When we play w/out mistakes we dominate. The thing is, we are always making mistakes: picks, dropped passes, dropped picks, mutliple missed talkes, giving up a bomb on blown coverage. And it has been 8 straight years that we lead the world in false starts, offsides, and holdings. We are good, but we suck too. I am not sure that will change. And now that the ACC sucks, there are no games left for redemption.

Can anyone see that Whipple is not being allowed by Shanon to mix it up and be more aggressive in the play calling during the game? RS is protecting J12 way tooooooo much!

My concern is, looking at the future, UM looking at only Terry Bridgewater as their only QB (obviously everyone can see that the existing group doesn't cut it)!

Randy S: Are we going to be facing the same issues with TB after J12 leaves the U? Why are we not looking at more top level QBs in addition to TB?

It would be nice if we didnt have the worst QB in the NCAA.

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