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Extra points and observations: Ohio State

Now that the Canes have wrapped up a 36-24 loss to the second-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, here are few final post-game thoughts: 

Jacory Harris  > The Canes proved they aren't ready to compete for a national championship yet...
All week long this game was presented as an opportunity for this program to put itself back among the elite in college football. Had the Canes played better, they might have been able to say that even in a loss. But it's the way they lost with the turnovers, missed tackles, penalties and mistakes that proved to me that this team is still not ready to make the jump up. Here are the facts: Randy Shannon's record against Top 25 teams is now 1-6. His record away from Sun Life Stadium (those would be road games or bowl games) is 8-12. Only one of those wins was against a ranked opponent (FSU in last year's season opener). Point the finger at the coach as much as you want to, but at what point do the players have to start delivering? 

> Jacory Harris' interception woes continue... I put a lot of the blame for Harris' 17 interceptions last season on his injured thumb. Safe to say it's fair now to just criticize his decision making. Ohio State is obviously a very good defensive team and they deserve credit for the plays they made and the confusing coverage schemes they ran (dropping defensive linemen back into coverage on zone blitzes). But Harris is a junior now. The pacifier is out of his mouth. Travis Benjamin didn't help Harris out on two of his four interceptions Saturday, literally deflecting one pick right into a defenders hands. But the interception that bothered me the most was the one Harris threw with Benjamin's back turned to him. Both players messed up. But Harris said himself he should have never thrown the ball. The bigger issue here isn't that he manned up for his mistakes after the game. It's that he's still making them. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple shares in that responsibility. So does the fact Harris' doesn't have anybody pushing him for the starting job. Let's not forget three QBs left this program in the last three years. Maybe it's a little easier to take chances when you know you're the only guy who is going to play.

> Lamar Miller...  The talented redshirt freshman continues to show us why his teammates rave about him. His 88-yard kickoff return for a touchdown was impressive. So, was the fact the distance between himself and the Buckeyes chasing after him continued to widen as he sped away downfield. It's a shame he isn't being utilized more. He had only three carries for eight yards and one catch for eight yards to go with one other kick return (12 yards). Memo to Mr. Whipple: No. 6 needs to touch the ball more than six times a game.

> Defensive stops in red zone... The Canes' offense didn't do the defense any favors Saturday with their turnovers. Same with the kickoff coverage team, which gave up three returns of over 40 yards. But you had to like the way the defense stiffened in the red zone. Ohio State had nine drives inside the Canes' red zone Saturday and only three resulted in touchdowns. UM forced them to go for field goals five times. That's improvement. I also liked the fact the defense had 11 tackles for loss in the game. 

> The rest of the day on defense...
Sean Spence had a career-high 11 tackles and couldn't do much to stop the 18-yard touchdown pass Brandon Saine made on a perfect throw from Terelle Pryor. Spence played well and I don't think the Buckeyes threw once to Brandon Harris' side of the field. But the rest of their homeboys on defense? Not so much. Shannon guessed after Saturday's game that Ohio State had at least 70 yards after first contact. That equates to missed tackles galore. Ohio State ran for 181 yards -- Pryor picking up 113 of those on scrambles. Pryor was only 12 of 27 for 233 yards passing. But he found DeVier Posey for a 62-yard gain and Dan Herron for a 47-yard gain and orchestrated a 2-play, 80-yard scoring drive that took 36 seconds to complete. That's not good defense. Neither was just one sack and zero turnovers.

> Special teams kickoff coverage... Miller and Travis Benjamin (79-yard punt return) might have become the first UM duo to return a kickoff and a punt return in the same game -- at least through the late 1970s anyway. But as nice as those returns were, the Canes have up a lot of field position on kick coverage. Matt Bosher also had a kick blocked and a 46-yarder he missed. I'm not upset with Bosher. He's missed a total of six field goals now in his career. But why does he continue to have to make the tackle on kickoff coverage? This isn't a new problem. 

> I said this before the game and I'll say it again: This loss wasn't crippling. UM can obviously go on to win the ACC title and the season would be deemed a success. This loss was just disconcerting because we saw much of the same mistakes we saw a year ago from a team that is supposed to be more mature and ready to win. As long as the Canes continue to improve, win the next two games on the road and make a strong push to the ACC title, Shannon and Harris don't have to worry about job security.

> It's officially time for UM's other receivers to start catching up to Leonard Hankerson

> Allen Bailey and Vaughn Telemaque need to start delivering bigger plays. Bailey hasn't had a sack since Halloween, that's a seven game stretch. Telemaque had four tackles Saturday. We're all still waiting for his first career interception and fumble recovery. 

> The injuries to Marcus Robinson and Curtis Porter could turn out to be huge. The one strength of this UM defense has is the depth on its defensive line. But the injuries are beginning to pile up.

> FYI, the Canes will be off this week until Thursday and Friday. 


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The season isn't over!!

I remember back some years ago when we lost to UF in the opener, and we went on to win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

We CAN STILL have a great season, in fact we have a very good chance to be in the Top 10!! ...but we have to start NOW to play like that team did many years ago.

Let's GO CANES!! Randy, get the boys/man motivated, so that we can take our rightful place in the College Football elite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does Shannon get so much heat for no reason? You cant blame him for dropped passes, and penalties. Armstrong should have had a pick near the endzone on a drive. Ford and Johnson dropped catches they should normally make. THe guys were in the right positions to make plays. Guys just need to man up and start making plays on Kick Offs and in the redzone. Many Qbs would be afraid to throw the ball after all that happened to Jacory but he marched them down the field quite a bit. Perhaps some of the play calling will change in the redzone with more carries for Lamar and Berry since we cant depend on catches for scores

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/09/extra-points-and-observations-ohio-state.html#ixzz0zRd27B3F

I was screaming for us to run it in on first and goal before the INT to heyward, we ran the ball primarily to get down there, then it was time for Whipple and Jacory to pad the resume.
Whipple FYI Jacory is not Montana get over it and start cramming the ball down some teams throats. We should go with the Wake Forest approach, dont throw it untill they stop the run.

Great article. Manny.
It was the way we lost. Same old mistakes. What are the coaches doing? I would not give them an hour off let alone a few days. J12 and his receivers should be running routes til they can do it in their sleep which is the way the team usually looks. The defense should be out there doing tackling drills with their arm bound to their side...so they can't use them and learn to actually hit people. I was actually embarressed. I have been a supporter of RS, but if this is the way it is going you can forget about winning the ACC until the UM gets off its high horse and goes out and gets a Urban Meyer or God forbid Nick Sabin. Res ipsa loquitur..."the result speak for themselves"
Crying in Wisconsin

Gotta agree with everyone on JH - The int's killed not only drives, but any momemtum we were trying to build. We had chances to stay in, or even possibly win this game. Penalties gotta go. Dropped int's by defense, letting another FG get blocked...jeez, how many times does that have to happen every season?? -- OK BRIGHT SIDE - THERE IS ONE - We got beat by a better team. But, HOPEFULLY - they learn something...how painful this is...how you are NOBODY'S MEDIA DARLING now...rally together, don't ever feel this way again. Know that if you click on all cylinders...you are a very impressive and formidable opponent...9/23 - Thurs nite - ONLY GAME IN TOWN - What are you gonna show yourselves you are capable of? One step at a time...just do it...don't beat yourselves...there aren't many teams that could beat you...if you DON'T BEAT YOURSELVES...We did see that vs OSU. Peace and God Bless everybody!

I agree with a lot that is being posted and am very concerned with my favorite team. Van Dyke and Telemaque needs to be benched and are not playmakers at all. Need a new RT but Randy will not play Sentreal knowing Randy. I know we wanted Pryor to beat us with his arm but why give him all day to throw instead of blitz a little and the D-line did not stay in there lanes which they knew they had to. Kendall Thompkins needs to get some PT and Lamar Miller needs to absolute start at RB since hes our only Breakaway back and Storm in redshirting this year. RS keeps preaching the samething over and over and it seems like the team is not listening to the head coach because they are never focused and never seemed prepaired properly. Harris is a JUNIOR now and knows if his reciever has his back turned to just throw it away but he threw it anywaz as if hes a freshmen. He also needs to stop with this Tweeting BS. along with the rest of the team that was Tweeting an hour before the game instead of focusing on whats ahead. Team should bounce and Shannon better win the ACC and a big time bowl game this year or else lets bring in BOISE STATE head coach...

manny and everybody is right randy shannon should be held accountable for his coaching and mr harris idk he should be benched or cut he sucks at big game against weak competition he is good. i never saidthis in the past but lets get rid off randy shannon he cant recruit, cant coach cant teach he sucks.

The worse thing about this loss is the fact that if we hadn't made the mistakes, we probably would have won. With that said, I saw the same thing that others did. We actually moved the ball on the ground and through the air. We didn't get one dimensional and we made plays against a good defense in a very intense environment. Compare that to last year's game against VTech. We had 19 first downs, 7 of 15 3rd down conversions, and only two sacks allowed.

For anyone to say that the problem is the OL you have not watched the past two games. Jacory was barely touched and they were playing against a top 10 defense.

So there's a few positives we can take out of this game, lets stop all the fire Shannon, revoke Jacory's scholarship smack talk. Look at it on the bright side, we're not FSU fans!

Great atmosphere at the Shoe. Crazy game of twists and turns; from the line of scrimmage the Buckeyes were consistant while off the tee the Cane's were electric. Very hard hitting. . .especially of Jacory Harris. A tough game for him; give the kid a break, he took a beating and didn't get much help on the receiving end.

One thing no-one has addressed was the Cane's frequent use of the no-huddle offense as a factor in the interceptions/ mistakes. A bit of a gamble at the college level; especially when the margin for errors in such a big game is so thin. Ohio's solution to their problems was simply to remove the source: kick away. One couldn't help wondering if the Cane's should have just taken their time and focused on executing. Again, that wasn't Jacory Harris's idea; give the kid a break.

Finally, you do have to give Tressel credit for running down the clock at the end. The guy is a smart, deliberate coach with a plan/ system. . . and part of the system is being a class act. At the end of the game the players all huddle to offer thanks, and then line up to sing the OSU alma mater to the student body at the "open end" of the stadium. Sounds corny, but it's actually a nice and admirable tradition which began only in the Tressel era.

i was at the game miami fans are the worst i have ever met forget about 2003 look at the film gamble was held and was in bounds but the ref missed a call so what we are champions that year GO BUCKS

Stop with the 12 point lose garbage. Ohio State could have scored again at the end but stopped. The game was never a one score in the second half. Miami lost even though they two returns for TD's.

Brutal fact is offense scored 10 points. No TD's in the 1st half.

As for the D, its good not great. Name the last big play the D has had in a big game. FOrced fumble, interception, sack, blocked FG or anything. Who is the special guy on D? There are no Ed Reed, Phillip Buchanon, Sean Taylor, John Vilma and so on playing D at the U right now.

I'm tired of looking at the same crap from last year. RS must go. Lack of game preparation, no matchup advantages, poor tackling, and no game adjustments. Hey Randy, how about some tackling drills this week? How about abandoning that pro-style two receiver set? How about 3, 4, or maybe 5 receiver sets getting our receivers in man-to-man situations where they can make plays? How about some bubble screens, slants, or half back passes? Again, let's challenge every defender and see if there 3rd best corner or linebacker can run with Lamar Miller. Open up the playbook and stop making Harris throw into double and triple coverage (Hankerson had 3 men defending him on that first int) then blame him later.

I said it before and I said it again. Jacory will not win a title. Everything is setting up for Teddy Bridgewater because the line will be seasoned and ready to go with Storm and Miller.

True cane fans take note of these bandwagon fans. When we win the acc title remind them of how they were ready to jump ship at the slightest sign of a wave. Our team isnt perfect no team is. Especially not after the second week. A true fan is passionate about his team and wants them to win but wouldnt right them off before the season even starts.

I think it's pretty safe to write off this season. Winning the ACC (which we probably won't) wouldn't be much of an accomplishment this year given the quality of the conference. Knowing RS will be head coach, there are still no alternatives to Jacory at QB and we still can't put any pressure on opposing QB's gives me a pretty clear picture of what to expect the rest of this year: mediocrity. 8-4 or 7-5 playing in a weak conference.

Call that a bandwagon if you want. I prefer to think of it as being realistic about what to expect the rest of this year and hoping these problems eventually get resolved, starting with a new head coach. Either way, I know I am a "true fan".

UM won’t win ANYTHING with JaPICKY Harris. Been telling u clucks for years that he’s too frail and has a WEAK ARM. Why did you keep your head in the sand???Now, the overwhelming MAJORITY of the fan base is saying the EXACT SAME THING. I’m an F’in prophet and u clowns are in denial.

Kehoe left a special steamer on Marble Mouf’s desk

Manny, EXCELLENT assessment, you obviously were watching the same game I was. Particularly agreed with your comments about Jacory Harris...someone needs to quit filling this kid's head with the idea he is NFL bound. If his current caliber of play is all he gives, I don't care how great his arm is...he'll never even get drafted. Think Jacory, Think!

there are still no alternatives to Jacory at QB
Posted by Rick s.
I've finally grasped that Harris blows but still think Randy is viable CANE FAN? Shannon and no one else put u in this QB mess.

When I tell u "you haven't seen the bottom yet", I'M NOT KIDDING. Shannon is slowly but surely destroying the canes.
Lifetime extension

This Canes team looks physical, athletic and strong. Should you give up on Jacory and this team, in my view, you are going to miss one of the great rides in Canes football history
Posted by: CANES FAN | September 13, 2010 at 08:13 PM


U are the supreme apologist and a CLOWN to boot

@ Umfan.. Do you have any proof as to what you are saying? If not, why post it?

Randy SHannon is great. Jacory is a Heisman contender. I wish they would stay around forever. Please dont be upset at them. It isnt their fault. They are young. It's Coker"s fault. Jacory is still trying to adjust to the speed of college football. Shannon needs a few more years of patience and understanding. They try really hard.

12 point loss but remember OSU took a knee inside Miami's 20 to end the game and could have easily scored again.

ENough is enough!!! Can someone ask Butch Davis to come back??!!! This is pathetic. I'm through with being a Canes fan. This is a game we HAD to win. and we blew it! I could have forgiven them for any other loss but this is unforgivable!! If anyone wants 20 years worth of memorabilia (jerseys, photos, autographed footballs, etc...) email me at ken13@miamicanes.com....

Maybe everything is George Bush's fault.

If anyone wants 20 years worth of memorabilia (jerseys, photos, autographed footballs, etc...) email me at ken13@miamicanes.com....


Dude is pissed!

Should you give up on Jacory and this team, you are going to miss one of the great rides in Canes football history
Posted by: CANES FAN | September 13, 2010 at 08:13 PM

Pretty obvious that you are his next door neighbor. U are a clown.

All you so-called Canes fans please do me a favor; go and become Gay-tor fans. You guys are the most obnoxious, hate-filled losers I have ever seen. The boys played a good game, so give them a chance to grow. I swear all you haters are stone cold losers!!! Just my opinion!!

UM Fan exactly my concern, we are not recruiting top notch QB's. Somebody mentioned above Ray Ray was a decent QB at school, big strong and he can run, maybe worthwhile looking at him?

Can anyone see that Whipple is not being allowed by Shanon to mix it up and be more aggressive in the play calling during the game? RS is protecting J12 way tooooooo much!

My concern is, looking at the future, UM looking at only Terry Bridgewater as their only QB (obviously everyone can see that the existing group doesn't cut it)!

Randy S: Are we going to be facing the same issues with TB after J12 leaves the U? Why are we not looking at more top level QBs in addition to TB?

Posted by: UM fan | September 13, 2010 at 04:34 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/09/extra-points-and-observations-ohio-state.html#ixzz0zSn5Qbqg

great read Manny.. I'd like to add, even with the four turnovers Miami was in contention to win. Two opportunities cost Miami the W. Jacory's endzone over throw of the wide open Hankerson in the first half and Ray Ray's dropped pick in the redzone. Woulda coulda shoulda.
The Canes Character will be defined on how they come out play against Pitt.

Hurricanes BLOW!!!

The hurricanes have been down graded to a tropical storm!!!

Manny, when do we actually give up on Telemaque and just say that he isn't very good...he missed several tackles once guys broke the line. DVD can't play either. I'm glad that McGee is starting to look like a player, little by little. Is Reid able to play Telemaque's position?

Not defending Shannon but he is not 1-6 v. Top 25 teams. He beat a ranked VT team at home 2 years ago, FSU last year was ranked, OU was #8, GT was #15 and we beat them too.


I think the Jacory experiment is over. He has been treated like the second resurrection of Ken Dorsey but the results are not the same. It is time to move this offense from being on his shoulders to a more balanced one. Damien Berry, Mike James, Lamarr Miller, Storm Johnson, and Eduardo Clements are all great backs. Instead of relying on Jacory and his propensity to make mistakes, let us feed these guys over and over again, and play defense if the offense can't pick up ten yards in three tries. This defense was very good, even after Jacory put them in tough spots time and time again. Imagine if they had a ball control offense to work with.

The Jacory experiment has failed. It is time to find the best run blockers on the team, and I don't care if they are freshman or not, and let them open holes for the talented running backs. Most of these running backs were more highly rated at their positions than Jacory out of high school. In appropriate spots, let Jacory throw, but do not rely on him to be the offense.

The Dolphins made the same mistake with Marino. Yes, he could dazzle in individual games. Clayton and Duper were wonderful receivers. They never won a championship because it is too much, in a team game, to ask one guy to carry the load. Ditto Fouts, Tarkenton et al. It wasn't until Jimmy convinced Aikman not to make mistakes that the Cowboys won a Super Bowl post Landry.

College is no different. Haven't we seen, year after year, that gun slingers can give their teams good records, but not win it all? McCoy last year, Bradford the year before, and you can go down the line. Teams win as a team and do not rely on the quarterback only to win games.

Buchanan was in a different space at Columbus and that really hurt the team. Poor tackling allowed OSU to make yards that saved the game for them. Hankerson was not given the opportunity to make a real difference. But if you are objective then you must agree the Canes are much better this year and will only improve each week if they stay healthy!
Keep the faith and remain strong.

Benjamin(not Buchanan) was in a different space other than Columbus-

Time to grow? You must be kidding. Jacory will be a senior next year. They've had time to grow. Ease up on the name calling. you have frustrated fans and the only problem i see is the racist comments. Those must stop. Coach Shannon must continue to improve this team. I'm not satisfied with the progress at this point, and I'd hope you aren't either. With that being said, I think we are better than we were last year. Go Canes!!!

whoever wrote thos article, the coach IS the problem, or coaches, because our plauers are getting WORSE under shannon, and we have more injuries than anybody because our strength and conditioning is apparently a joke.
more importantly, jacory throws so many interceptions because he REFUSES to put zip on the ball, and whipple refuses to teach him. that with bad judgement (and he dpesnt concentrate or take it serious enough obviously) means we are in for a long year.

If you Canes fans feel bad after losing to the #2 ranked team in the country at their stadium, cheer up, you could be a fan of the Florida Gators.

The Gators are now two games into their annual cream puff schedule.

First, that powerhouse, Miami of Ohio pushed them all over their home stadium (that smells strangely like a septic tank) and squeaked by with an undeserved win.

Next, the South Florida Bulls showed up at Florida’s home field after firing their head coach and graduating their entire defensive line, which was the strength of their weak team. Once again, the vaunted Gators were abused by a bottom 10 team escaping with an embarrassing win after USF’s quarterback handed them the game.

If you’re upset about Jacory or don’t believe he has the talent to lead the Canes, then take a gander at Brantley. Trust me, after watching this guy you will swear that Jacory makes Joe Montana look like a clueless rag arm.

Urban Meyer was running up and down the sideline during the USF game in full panic mode—there is no way this guy makes it through the season without another nervous breakdown…simply no way! All of the defensive coordinators have caught up with Urban’s hokey high school offense and without Tebow playing fullback and quarterback they are ranked way to high at #10 in the AP poll.

Posted by: CANES FAN | September 13, 2010 at 11:07 PM

Sorry you feel this way dude. Not sure why you think the Gators have anything to do with your circumstances on Saturday.

You guys need to relax and just play out the season. By year end everyone will have forgotten about this game. I think the Canes have a great chance of winning the ACC and perhaps get a revenge match against the Luckeyes.

Posted by: CANES FAN | September 13, 2010 at 11:07 PM

Canesrule, keep embarrassing your pathetic fan base.

It's what u do.

Canes Tool last week - “We have the best receiving corps in the nation, these guys should already be playing on Sunday”

Canes Tool this week - “The first three picks were all attributable to receivers”

Canes Tool last week - “Jacorry is a lock for the Heisman”.

Canes Tool this week - “Jacorry is entitled to one bad games, isn’t he?”

U pathetic little tool of a fan. One day you will grasp what the rest of the nation has been telling you for the past four years. DaU could have the #1 recruiting class every single year, but U will not win a single title as long as Shannon is your head coach. He doesn’t have a clue - PERIOD.

We look forward to hearing your WhHHHAAAAAAAAAAA BABY CANES excuse for the rest of the season.

maybe jacory harris,bailey and others just really aren't as good as all the hype??.you know great high school player but can't get it done in the college level..see,but i think it's randy shannon..never should have been given the head coaching job at this program with ZERO head coaching exp..we all know that was a political move ...and now the program is suffering...when you have two highly recruited qb"s leave the team at the same time alarm bells should have been blaring...if any other big school team had a terrible road record and 1-6 against top 25 teams,you can bet that coach would be in the hot seat..not here,you give him a contract extension...

canester the ony reply to have of that is that RS's record has gone like this: 5-7, 7-6, 9-4. No he is no Nick Saban (thank god), butthen again, there are really only 2 teams in Alabama (troy and uab dont count) so he has the pick of the littr there. Thats why he got the contract extension.

caneso5: yes, UM only lost by 12 and tosay that OSu "coulda" or "woulda" scored more at the end, well, its the same to say " UM would have scored more if the 4 ints, 6 dropped passes, and 2 missed fgs hadnt occurred". Fact is, OSU go to the redzone like 6 times and only had 1 TD out of it. UM was in the game at the point of that int in the end zone in the 4th q. A TD and its a 6 point game. TOTALLY different ball game. Instead, they ran itback and got a field goal out of it.

Um lost to the #2 ranked team inthe country. HAd OSU played another great team, say Iowa, Florida, BSU, or TCU, one of those ranked teams would have lost as well. Someone had to lose. Thats what happens when top teams play each other. Now UM HAS to win the games it is supposed to win. Preseason, it was basically guaranteed and speculatedby the talkingheads that VTech would whoop our ---. Now Im not so sure. Gotta win that game. Also have to beat FSU, UNC and Pitt. Clemson, notso sure. I see a 10-2 season, with an ACC championship and final rank in the top 10. Thats imporvemnt over last year.

Next off season- RS should open up the starting QB competition. If J12 fails- he sits.


Overall this team looked solid. The big gaping hole is Jacory Harris. He is just not big time college football material. He seems to have the skills, but lacks the intelligence to play QB. I think he is color blind too.

I would guess that 75% of the negative comments on here about the team and coach shannon are from one or two gator fans posing as Cane fans. If you dont think so go to the sentinel blog and read the comments. Curse has been banned from there and you will see the different attitude because they are REAL fans of the Hurricanes posting there. They are by no means sugar coating things but are realistic about this Canes team. We lost to the #2 team in the nation at their house and were in the game throughout. OSU would have been FAVORED to win that game against ANY team in the country including Alabama in the shoe. As of right now we will probably be the favorite in EVERY other game we play. The ACC is ours for the taking. gator fans better worry about their own team because you have MAJOR ? marks every where. Your not even the best team in your division. That would be South Carolina.......

And for the REAL Cane fans bashing Shannon he does NOT call the offensive plays or make the offensive game plan and that with the turnovers is what LOST the game. For all the love Whipple gets this was NOT his best effort. ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about the game of football could see that.


Rut Roh!!!

Easy folks,
The Canes did not play that bad a game.
OSU is a very good team and I thought we
had a chance to win.
I think we will see some really good football
coming soon.
Keep the faith,Randy is doing well,recruiting well. I think we get 10 wins this year.

Blue Out

Memo to Jacory:





Kirby Holcutt is a FRAUD..where is the BIG MONEY into the program that you claimed you could bring in?..TWO YEARS AND NO MAJOR ANNOUCEMENTS???..WITH NO MONEY UM CAN'T AFFORD TO HIRED OR FIRE..MY NEIGHBOR IS AN EX CANE, he told me het got a call from some one in the AD office asking for money..he asked the they guy, who was the coach after Jimmie Johnson? the person couldn't answer and my neighbor asked him never to call again..Thank Donna..You bring all these outside "Hicks" to the U..who just don't get it!!!!

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