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Harris needs to put Twitter, racism behind him

Marcus Forston knows Jacory Harris about as well as anyone at the University of Miami. They've been friends forever -- since before Harris even became the starting quarterback on Miami Northwestern Senior High's back-to-back state championship teams in 2006 and 2007. Win or lose, Forston has learned, Harris usually bounces back and is always usually positive.

Jacory Harris So when Forston noticed Harris being unusually quiet after last week's 36-24 loss at Ohio State, he knew something was wrong. Turns out, there was. Harris revealed Sunday that shortly after the loss to the Buckeyes he received a racially charged tweet directed at him. The message: "[UM fans] don't want a black quarterback here."

"It hurt him a lot," said Forston, whose locker was across from Harris. "He never in his life would expect that to come from a fan, especially at UM, being in Coral Gables, how diverse it is down here. He didn't really tell me what happened. He just said a lot of stuff was going on from Twitter, but he didn't get into details."

Harris called the message "disheartening" and admitted "it kind of brings you to tears." He's absolutely right. The type of bigotry we still see in society today is sad. Some of the comments on this blog after the Ohio State loss had to be deleted because they were horribly racist and just flat out disgusting. And there is no place for it in public forums or even the social networks.

Harris has every right to feel hurt. But at the same time, he shouldn't let any of this get out of control. Harris' comments Sunday -- whether he intended them to or not -- is sure to shine the spotlight on him even more over the next couple days as the 19th-ranked Hurricanes try to regroup in front of a national ESPN audience Thursday night at Pittsburgh. It's only natural now that the national media will jump all over this story because of three key elements: racism, black quarterbacks and social media.

Frankly, if there is anything Harris could use right now it's less of that. As cool as he's proven to be at times throughout his college and high school career at handling pressure in the fourth quarter and leading his teams to victory, Harris showed us Sunday where his mind was at -- and it wasn't necessarily football. He was already accused of that before, when two hours before kickoff in Columbus he was tweeting how upon arrival at the Horseshoe there were "middle fingers everywhere."

Look, it's not easy being the starting quarterback at the University of Miami. Being black makes it even tougher when there are obviously some people in this world who continue to be racist pigs. But this football team needs Harris, perhaps more than any other player, to be focused on football. They need him to be a leader about as much as they need him to stop throwing interceptions.

Like it or not, there doesn't appear to be a Bernie Kosar or Vinny Testaverde here in waiting. Stephen Morris is being redshirted and that other next star -- Teddy Bridgewater -- is still at Miami Northwestern.

Racism sucks. But at the end of the day, Harris should care a lot less about being disliked by some racist idiots and a lot more about winning. He shouldn't be sending out tweets apologizing to Canes fans who stick with him and then chastising the large majority that jump on and off the bandwagon. He needs to go back to what he came to UM for. That's to win football games and to try to lead this program back to the top.

A few more tidbits from Sunday's press conference...

> Harris said receiver Leonard Hankerson is leading the team in receptions not because he's become his favorite target, but because "he's in the right spot at the right time - he's always basically wide open when I throw it to him. He works hard, does everything right like the rest of the receivers. I guess the ball is just flying that way. And it's still the beginning of the season, just two games."

>  Asked about taking chances as a quarterback and knowing when not to throw the ball, Harris said, "No matter what the situation the game is, I'm going to be the same quarterback. I don't think the less chances I take I make smarter reads. It always seems at the end of the game everything opens up and it gets kind of easy. I don't have to take many chances when I'm in the game, because it's basically there."

It's really the last part of that quote that opened my eyes a bit. If you think about it, the only thing that's usually common at the end of a game is that Harris is in the shotgun, running a no-huddle offense with five receivers. That's pretty much what he did in high school. I don't want to put words into his mouth. But it sounded to me like he almost admitted he's only comfortable throwing in those situations.

> The Hurricanes still aren't very good at forcing turnovers, but they rank No. 1 nationally in tackles for loss with an average of 12.5 per game. At that rate, Miami would finish with 150 tackles for losses this season. Last season, the Hurricanes compiled 91 tackles for losses over 13 games. Shannon said Sunday it's all a product of maturity.

"It's the most tackles for losses I've seen at the University of Miami this early in the season," Shannon said. "The more tackles for losses you get, the better you're doing because it [sets up] third and long."

CANES AUDIO: For the complete press conferences from UM coach Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris, please click on the link for Canes Audio.


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We have no place for racism here, most of these idiots are uneducated. I am sorry that Mr. Harris had to go through that. He is one of ours, black, white, green, brown should not matter. These racist so-called fans need to go away. This University is a diverse place, and the city of Miami is a diverse place. While I believe that Harris has made a tone of mistakes, and he needs to improve, I have 100% confidence in him.
These are the same people who does not want Shannon because he is black. I cannot believe this is still happening today. Miami is better than this. As an alumni I find this disgusting.

I've been telling my friends for a while: Jacory's head is not where it should be. That being, said there's no room for racist remarks on an 18 year old, considering that we are all basically minorities in this city.

I followed Jacory on Twitter and his tweets always left me scratching my head. It appears he has other personal issues besides the racist remarks that are affecting his mindset.

Either way he's our best QB so we have to ride with him.

so we have a QB who is rattled by twitter? Is this his excuse for a horrible game in columbus? Mark my words and sometimes i hate reality but we WILL NOT return to prominence with a qb like jacory under center. The guy is more clown than gunslinger or winner...how many other qbs could win 2 titles at northwestern with 6 other miami commits?

so we have a QB who is rattled by twitter? Is this his excuse for a horrible game in columbus? Mark my words and sometimes i hate reality but we WILL NOT return to prominence with a qb like jacory under center. The guy is more clown than gunslinger or winner...how many other qbs could win 2 titles at northwestern with 6 other miami commits?

There is Gator troll on this blog posing as a Canes fan who is very racist. I hope the Heralds finds out who it is and ban their IP address. Most of those racist comments come from the Gator fan.

Regarding the racist Tweet that Jacory got, it's sad really. But that person who sent it doesn't represent most folks who bleed orange and green. No excuse though. One of those people is one too many. Jacory, if you read this by chance, we love you here and we have faith that you will take this program to the next level. Forget the idiot(s) we are behind you 100%. Go Canes!

The racism is sickening no matter who it is directed at. It's flat out unacceptable.

That said, this is a high profile position. This guy should be working 24-7 on his game and not trying to make funny pictures or posting on twitter or reading other twitter remarks. He isnt good enough to not focus all his attention on playing qb and winning games.

The sad part is, it is Randy's fault. He put all his eggs on Jacory Harris and Harris just isnt good enough. All the other qbs saw it, which is why they transferred. Now Randy will live and die with Jacory.

It's ironic how others look at the color in Jacory (which is stupid) but how Jacory is color blind.

liking the 2010 opinionated M.N.

So, fake sarasota cane let me ask you, all these other Qbs that have left the program are doing what at other schools? Smith was benched at Memphis, Cook is 3rd team at Rice and Marve still hasnt done a thing at Purdue. So dont go running around with a fake id acting like you know how to evaluate talent. Your stealing other bloggers names is really getting old and boring. Everyone is just sick of you

Jacory isn't back. He's Orange and Green. So am I.

1. It was completely out of line idiotic, dumb, stupid, lowlife, racist for who ever thought it was a great ideato tweet that to Jacory!!!

2.Here we go again!!! Jacory has his priorities jacked up!!!
From talkin and texting T.PRYOR before the game and after, worrying about middle fingers everywhere in the osu stadium, building your brand comment about the deletion of tweeter, now worrying about a fan who is clearly is a dumb f^k -whom i guaranteed you that he would never say that to anyones face!!!

3. Why comment or worry about this Jacory??? Gary Ferman and any other UM affiliates why post this??? Why feed into negative energy???? How can this help o[]_[]r program??? -This will hurt us more than any1 will know!!!-Other College Coaches are going to eat off this! I would love im mean Absolutely LOVE 2 tell you guys on here everything that goes on with the UM program but I can't i may tell a couple but thats it.-SOMETHINGS ARE MENT TO KEEP IN HOUSE!!!

4.In the late 80s and 90s []_[]M players were called thugs, hoodlums, convicts, even murders .... But they played the game and did it with a chip on there shoulders!!!! They took pride in knowing who they were and know what they could do! THEY DID NOT LISTEN TO US FANS OR ANYONE ELSE...THEY DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN TO THIER HEAD COACH @TIMES..LOL For example, the Texas cotton bowl... or 1993@ WVa Mountianeer game when people where calling them N and spitting on them!-They had it waaayyyyy worse!!!! but they did not feed into the negativity just on WINNING GAMES!!!

5.Shannon needs to shut the whole program down -Meaning No interviews with players only coaches!!! No facebook etc... I loved to hear updates from players but the more I look into this do other programs have this much info from players from the media????


dont sweat it jacory. it was one idiot. and he was prolly a gator fan. learn to be mentally tough. have fun and win football games.

Jacory should play with a BLACK GLOVE.... u know what im sayin

ima throw it up for grabs deal w/ it

Manny, thanks for addressing this. These guys making these ignorant comments certainly don't speak for the majority of UM fans. If they have that much hatred in them then stop following sports. All sports are made up of people from all different types if backgrounds. Jacory should know that most of us fully support him and continue to believe that he's the right guy for the job. Go Canes!!! Beat Pitt!!!

not only where those comments uncalled for, they are idiotic. firstly, screw those type of fans, they clearly aren't real fans. secondly, they clearly arent smart enough fans to realize the blame is not on Jacory. there are instances for sure that he has thrown an int. but @ ohio state, anyone that "actually" watched the game would realize that one max could be pointed at Jacory. it was a loss sure, but overall, i thought it was a great game. the team performed well, and there is a reason why there is something called "home field advantage" miscommunication happens when there are 110,000 fans screaming. J12,.. tell the armchair QB's to shut the ____ up "not in a public forum of course, ha"
anyway, if he where a true fan he'd realize that our tradition is predominantly based on the talent of our african american athletes.
ray lewis, ed reed, edge, andre johnson, moss, wayne, gore, must i go on..

ps. i still expect exceptional things from your leadership and play.
bottom line,.. eff them, go Canes.

Whatever it takes to get motivated and focus my man. Just make it happen. We ball hard and it is still the U against the world. So man up and go beat Pitt.

BTW...Clemson looked pretty strong against Auburn but they just couldn't close the deal.

I agree with most of the posts here. One thinghowever stands out:

J12's head is somewhere else. And To say that he looked quieter than usual after the game,NOOOOOOOO. he was like that DURING the game.

J12. You arent the only brother who has faced this.

Move on./

But for G- sakes. Get your head in the game, or get out. You are killing us with all this extraneous BS.


it seems to me that its alot more people than jacory that needs to focus on football. i say again what has whipple done with that garbage he has been puting out? how many times did we run the ball? if we lost 36-12 and ostate had 49 rushes for 180 yards we had 28 for 120. we also had 11 tackles for losses. ostate didnt abandon the run and helped their qb out. berry had 12 rushes for 96 yards. why didnt we keep running him? i really like that gimmick play we started off the game with im sure jacory called that.lol what doo u think randy told whipple?

Jacory has to be tougher than this. This is not even an issue. Seriously, why bring this up?

Lots of whining here.

The official excuse box score will reflect that J23 did not "throw" ANY interceptions. The WR's "gave up" four interceptions.


Racism is bad. Offensive comments are evil. But I as a jew went through my own difficulties as a youth in a catholic school...and to use that "twitter comment" as a scapegoat is even more offensive to me as a fan of the Hurricanes and more importantly to that of Jacory Harris. If Jacory reads this, he must know that the real fans back him 110%, but he needs to grow up. he acts like a child both on and off the field. Talent will only get you son far and clealry his weeknesses are showing through. Jacory and poor leadership by Randy Shannon was the key to our loss. Randy has been given too many years and too many chance by the fans and seems to fail at every turb. Sure out records have improved. But don't forget that Randy as gave us one of our worst season ever some years ago. Randy is a recruiter, not a coach. If he wants my respect and the respect of the fans he better start whipping this team into shape.

Now this brings me back to my initial comment because if Jacory wasn't running around acting like a class clown and acted like a leader, maybe the rest of the warriors on the team would follow him into battle. And Shannon needs to teach this young talented quarterback how to leas. Some people are natural born leaders and others are not. Jacory is not. But that's okay. He can learn these traits as his talent will handle the rest.

As much as I wanted to win that game and as paibful as it was to watch our Canes throw it all away, if we win the rest of the season I might jusr change my opinions I have had about Shannon for the last few years and begin to see the potential that Jacory can offer the NFL.

Jacory, get your head out of your arse and get back to winning. The U supports you, so do what it takes to win!

J12- Toughen up. Them Pitt boys could care less how hurt your feelings are.

I am sure Kyle wright has gotten more hate mail than you. Believe me. i wanted HIM out by the end of his sophomore year. Does thatmake me a racist?

Does it make me a racist to comment that Our best tackler is white and a punter?

I mean, why come out withthis now, and in public? What good is that? Do you want people to feel sorry for you? Hold your hand and say, tsk tsk, there there, mean old racist rendnk fans!?

Please. this ia a MAJOR distraction for the WHOLE GD team 4 days before an ESPN night game, and knowing the media, they will harp on this on thursday!

UM just dropped another 2 spots in the USA today poll to 19. We can't afford anymore BS!!!!!

On a positive: The streak of a UM player scoring a TD in the NFL is alive at 124

First of all we all need to realize racism goes both way. When I grew up in Miami and attended Norland Senior high (being white I experienced a lot of racism. It doesn't matter what color we are, there is NO place for racism and these clowns making these racist comments are uneducated and should not lead anyone to believe that the educated whites out there do not feel this way at all. I'll love anyone who leads us to a national championship.

Now with that being said, Jacory Harris has PROVEN he should not be our leader and cannot lead us to a national championship- and for a true CANE fan this is all we are searching for (a national championship- not an ACC title). Harris single handedly lost this game for the canes and their fans.

I'll leave you all with this- we are all brothers who were created by only 1 God!

j12 is the best thing i've seen sence ken dorsey. go canes go j12 .dont listen to that crap your better than that we need you......

What happened to NO EXcuses? Jacory just follows the lead of Shannon. Excuses for everything. If that kid is soo thin skinned, he should give up football. He loves to draw attention to himself but cant handle anything negative. I remember people absolutely ripping Kyle Wright's parents at games. Did he make excuses.
Anybody else catch Shannon talking about how the stats were even against Ohio State though his team just lost and was dominated. Ever hear that crap from a Parcells or Johnson.

Jacory, from a white guy in North Carolina, I'd like to see you be the QB of Miami. I think you can do it and bring us a championship. Stay positive and crush the Panthers. Go Canes....

No Excuses, No Excuses, No Excuses.

We're not racist, we want you out of here as much as I wanted Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman out.

One Tweet and this kid falls apart...how is he supposed to function when the pressure is really on?!?!?


Quick question...what prompted the commentary from JH?

If he, himself, brought up the matter, then I see your point.

On the other hand, if he was asked a question and responded by describing the hate mail he received, I don't think that necessarily qualifies as not thinking about football. In fact, I'd say he's not the one who should be focused on football.

I feel bad for Jacory, but I guess I see why Randy answers questions as bland as he does and restricts the access to the coaches/players.

Wow i feel bad for jacory. Seems that curse of art kehoe and all his other alt names actually decided to tweet to him under the guise of a cane fan. I like jacory i just think he needs to stop throwing picks. Im a white guy who lives in one of the whitest states in the country maine. I personally dont care who my qb is or what color they are if they make plays. If they dont and constantly turn it over like kyle wright im gonna be unhappy. That said unfortunatly racism is a part of life that jacory is never gonna get away from unless he goes and lives in a bubble.

Even before this racial slur, Jacory Harris has no mental toughness we see it in away games and we see it off the field.

If he let this bother him and this makes news. He cant be focused on Pitt and hes not the first black QB to have racial comments thrown at them. I thought he was mentally tuff but hes starting to prove me wrong and i also thought all he cared about was winning ships but it seems like after his huge sucess after the first 2 games last year. Jacory slowly started to change with the media hype and has turned into Jacory the celebrity instead of Jacory the next UM great QB. You have already accomplished a lot by making it into college and you are good enough because your starting at the U. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you in life Jacory and im guessing this was to take some distraction away for that performance in the OSU game. Suck it up and go out there and prove that racist wrong than because if you dont he will have a leg up on u and will have proved you wrong because there have been a lot of sucessful black QBs all over college footbal. None of the great QBs at UM were texting before games and we never heard about all this stuff were hearing about with you and this Tweeting thing has to be the reason u and the rest of the team was not focused. Go kick some butt agianst PITT and prove the racist wrong...

i think this comes from the simple fact that shannon has been unable to recruit white kids from the suburbs.
you want to call that racist?
but its a simple fact.
shannon is great recruiting the hood but lacks the ability to relate to suburb kids and many of these kids are the top rated qbs in the us.

I didn't even have to read the rest. Jacory, we love you and that's all that matters. Your a quality human being and you bleed red just like all of us. I am white and it is really aggravating me that this was said not only to you but to anyone. Keep your head up high and realize this was just a dumb a** saying this. Get off of twitter and focus. Canes fans have your back!

"We are white kids from the suburbs."


Colin McCarthy
Matt Bosher
Shane McDermott

thanks for not allowing the facts to interfere with your ignorant opinions.

I'm not sure that I gathered that Jacory said that the racists comments affected his game. It just seemed like something that bothered him as it would anybody especially after playing a horrible game on national tv.

J12 will be fine and enough crying about the QB's that aren't here. Shannon didn't send them away, they left by their own accord. Shannon may like Jacory, but he likes winning more and if any QB on our roster gave him a better shot at winning he would have started him and not Jacory.

Hang in their Jacory the MIA loves you!

Racism can be found everywhere. Be glad this person is so up front about his. The world is getting better about it albeit too slowly.

I hate the interceptions too but Jacory has green and orange in his blood so I have his back. Let's regroup and take it to Wanny and Pitt. I love the CANES!

Let's take this a bit further. Not only is there no room for racist comments on Twitter, a blog, or anywhere else, there really shouldn't be any condemnation of teenage football players ever! Criticism is one thing...he doesn't do this well...he needs to focus...etc. But comments that say he sucks, he'll never be great, etc. are so stupid! Just because 110,000 fans pack a stadium to watch a game does not mean that these aren't college students putting themselves out there to represent their school, and we should support them whether they are 6-7, 7-6 or 12-0. Critique their game, that's fine. But don't bash them, ridicule them, or make fun of them. The racist comments are the worst of them all, but berating teenagers is juvenile regardless.

I still would like to know if there is proof of this.

It is very easy to find this so-called tweet and its source.

Responsible journalism would request proof of this so-called hate tweet and not just take his owrd for it.

With all that is being said - Its never too late to try something new - "RAY RAY" Please, RS give him a try. I know you saw him play QB in HS. He was a 5 star recruit. He has a stronger arm and can run. You won't regret it! Atleast try him in one play- Like the Dolphins - The wildcat where he can run or throw. Try him I think you will be surprized!

Shameful that adults would stoop so low. Racism is BS as is attacking amateur athletes after a loss. Some people need to grow up.

In two years Jacory has done more for the canes than any idiot making comments.

Go Canes!

I hope all prospective recruits are reading this and realizing they may have a better, safer future elsewhere.

Quick question...what prompted the commentary from JH? If he, himself, brought up the matter, then I see your point.
Posted by: PeteRoc | September 19, 2010 at 11:12 PM

A: If you listen to the audio of the press conference you can see Jacory brings it up on his own. Nobody knew anything about it until he mentioned it.

I do not understand how you guys are saying Jacory blamed this on the racist comment. This happened after the game. Either way, he has a right to share it with the world, and lastly do not forget he is a college kid and is playing a game he should be allowed to have fun. The only color I see is Orange and Green, because their all Canes.

Give me a friggin break!! Boo hoo for Jacory Harris! I am so tired of Harris giving one excuse after another for why he threw 4 INT's at Ohio St. Its one thing after the next w/ this guy. Grow up! If you don't play like dog s*it than I am sure you probably would not get hate mail. And all the Miami media is on this "Jacory Harris excuse bandwagon" and drinking the kool-aid like this blog. I do not care what kind of QB we have, I want wins and Jacory Harris is severly overrated. Manny, please tell me what he has done to warrant anything other than this label? He is a junior but he still plays like a freshman. Lets ask Terrell Pryor if he got hate mail being a black QB in mostly white Ohio after he torched Miami 2 weekends ago. I would be willing to bet that would be none! I was never on this so called "bandwagon" you referred to Manny, I gave this kid the benefit of the doubt up to this year and he has no more improved from 2 years ago than Kyle Wright did from his freshman year. Manny, quit giving this kid excuses and call a spade a spade, he is overrated and just not that good. Period! And until he does anything other than throw INT's, than thats what he will be labeled, an overrated, overhyped QB. Black, white, green, purple, it doesn't matter to me, just go out and get it done on the field and quit giving excuses.


Echo the racism sentiment - no room for it anywhere. - NONETHELESS - Tweeting 2hrs before the game? What about reviewing game film with Whipple, talking with Berry, Byrd, Hank, etc about the game plan...??? It's a new era of technology, that's great, but football is about playing the game on the field...who cares what people say? They are ignorant, and have no life...that's is gonna happen throughout life...get used to it...wear the badge of courage, and unity...and play like you a** is on fire.

To my understanding the real reason Randy shut down the twitter accounts for the team (this is what was reported in the Miami Herald last week). is because he felt it was a "distraction" and it WAS!! and it was evidenced by the teams "PATHETIC" play against ohio state. It was reported that jacory was actually sending twitter messages within an hour of the game!!! Is that not ridiculous!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN FOCUSING ON THE DAMN GAME!!!! He's befriended players on opposing teams like ohio states QB- terrell pryor and virginia techs QB- tyrod taylor. What the "bleep" is wrong with jacory!!!!!?? FOCUS ON THE GAME AND YOU CAN "MAKE FRIENDS AFTER THE SEASON"!!!!! The real sad thing is a story like this is getting so much attention and being used as a "smoke screen" for the teams pathetic, half-ass effort against a team that we COULD'VE, SHOULD'VE and WOULD'VE beaten. I waited 8 years for revenge against this team and the guys let us all down, plain and simple!!!!! I could've forgiven them for any other loss but this one is just too painful and to be honest with you after the game i wanted to put all of my Canes stuff i've collected the last 30 years on Ebay or Craigs List!!! Can you believe that? (I was really hot and still am)!! I probably wont forgive them unless they can win every game the rest of the year, play for (and win) the national title!! We have tooooo much talent to not be succeeding. Is it the coaching? How is it that Butch Davis is giving other teams hell with his 2nd and 3rd string players?!
Jacory needs to grow the hell up and stop whinning!! This is not a nice world and Miami is not a model city for hospitality, love and kindness. He's going to be called names, ridiculed, and made fun of. Believe me, race was never an issue when we tolerated the pathetic play over the years of guys like: Frank Costas, Brock Berlin, Kyle Wright, and Robert Marve. I think i speak for most U.M. fans when i say this: Miami is an "international city and we don't care what race, creed, or color our QB is .... WE JUST WANT A WINNER!!!!! But when you don't win.... don't make excuses and play "the race card" either!!!!!

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