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Harris needs to put Twitter, racism behind him

Marcus Forston knows Jacory Harris about as well as anyone at the University of Miami. They've been friends forever -- since before Harris even became the starting quarterback on Miami Northwestern Senior High's back-to-back state championship teams in 2006 and 2007. Win or lose, Forston has learned, Harris usually bounces back and is always usually positive.

Jacory Harris So when Forston noticed Harris being unusually quiet after last week's 36-24 loss at Ohio State, he knew something was wrong. Turns out, there was. Harris revealed Sunday that shortly after the loss to the Buckeyes he received a racially charged tweet directed at him. The message: "[UM fans] don't want a black quarterback here."

"It hurt him a lot," said Forston, whose locker was across from Harris. "He never in his life would expect that to come from a fan, especially at UM, being in Coral Gables, how diverse it is down here. He didn't really tell me what happened. He just said a lot of stuff was going on from Twitter, but he didn't get into details."

Harris called the message "disheartening" and admitted "it kind of brings you to tears." He's absolutely right. The type of bigotry we still see in society today is sad. Some of the comments on this blog after the Ohio State loss had to be deleted because they were horribly racist and just flat out disgusting. And there is no place for it in public forums or even the social networks.

Harris has every right to feel hurt. But at the same time, he shouldn't let any of this get out of control. Harris' comments Sunday -- whether he intended them to or not -- is sure to shine the spotlight on him even more over the next couple days as the 19th-ranked Hurricanes try to regroup in front of a national ESPN audience Thursday night at Pittsburgh. It's only natural now that the national media will jump all over this story because of three key elements: racism, black quarterbacks and social media.

Frankly, if there is anything Harris could use right now it's less of that. As cool as he's proven to be at times throughout his college and high school career at handling pressure in the fourth quarter and leading his teams to victory, Harris showed us Sunday where his mind was at -- and it wasn't necessarily football. He was already accused of that before, when two hours before kickoff in Columbus he was tweeting how upon arrival at the Horseshoe there were "middle fingers everywhere."

Look, it's not easy being the starting quarterback at the University of Miami. Being black makes it even tougher when there are obviously some people in this world who continue to be racist pigs. But this football team needs Harris, perhaps more than any other player, to be focused on football. They need him to be a leader about as much as they need him to stop throwing interceptions.

Like it or not, there doesn't appear to be a Bernie Kosar or Vinny Testaverde here in waiting. Stephen Morris is being redshirted and that other next star -- Teddy Bridgewater -- is still at Miami Northwestern.

Racism sucks. But at the end of the day, Harris should care a lot less about being disliked by some racist idiots and a lot more about winning. He shouldn't be sending out tweets apologizing to Canes fans who stick with him and then chastising the large majority that jump on and off the bandwagon. He needs to go back to what he came to UM for. That's to win football games and to try to lead this program back to the top.

A few more tidbits from Sunday's press conference...

> Harris said receiver Leonard Hankerson is leading the team in receptions not because he's become his favorite target, but because "he's in the right spot at the right time - he's always basically wide open when I throw it to him. He works hard, does everything right like the rest of the receivers. I guess the ball is just flying that way. And it's still the beginning of the season, just two games."

>  Asked about taking chances as a quarterback and knowing when not to throw the ball, Harris said, "No matter what the situation the game is, I'm going to be the same quarterback. I don't think the less chances I take I make smarter reads. It always seems at the end of the game everything opens up and it gets kind of easy. I don't have to take many chances when I'm in the game, because it's basically there."

It's really the last part of that quote that opened my eyes a bit. If you think about it, the only thing that's usually common at the end of a game is that Harris is in the shotgun, running a no-huddle offense with five receivers. That's pretty much what he did in high school. I don't want to put words into his mouth. But it sounded to me like he almost admitted he's only comfortable throwing in those situations.

> The Hurricanes still aren't very good at forcing turnovers, but they rank No. 1 nationally in tackles for loss with an average of 12.5 per game. At that rate, Miami would finish with 150 tackles for losses this season. Last season, the Hurricanes compiled 91 tackles for losses over 13 games. Shannon said Sunday it's all a product of maturity.

"It's the most tackles for losses I've seen at the University of Miami this early in the season," Shannon said. "The more tackles for losses you get, the better you're doing because it [sets up] third and long."

CANES AUDIO: For the complete press conferences from UM coach Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris, please click on the link for Canes Audio.


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well said ken13.

I am sure J12 wouldnt be whining like this (nor would the fans) if we were 2-0, and had beaten wisky last wiinter.

I still need proof of this tweet.

Manny- you reported what j12 said, now, lets get some proof thatthis actually happened.

Roger - you think this doesn't go on anywhere else? Give me a break. There is no REAL danger here, just stupidity, you included.

Bottom line, Jacory is going to have to deal with this as long as he wants to play QB at any level. I remember when 4 weeks into the NFL season a few years ago and ESPN had Rush Limbaugh as an analyst and the fat fool said that McNabb is not a good QB but gets a free pass because he is black. That is just as racist as calling the guy the N-word as far as I am concerned. It is wrong, but as my mom used to say "Sticks and Stones will break your bones..." We all know the rest.

90 minutes before the game Jacory was more focused on sharing his walk into the stadium with his Twitter fan base then getting focused on his opponent. Block everything out and go and play the game.

Win or lose, you are not going to change the view of a racist, but if you stay focused, you will give the team a better chance to win and then atleast you will shut the racist up and that is all you can control...

The real fans are behind you Jacory, now get focused and play hard!

One thing for sure, if the a*hole who sent that tweet was just trying to get into J12's head, then it worked.

Time to to stay off the social media at least until the end of the season. Every minute spent on that stupid waste of time is a minute of your life you will not ever get back.

Still too many idiots posting on this board. It appears that winning is all some of you care about.

Go be a Gator fan, now that you have jumped off the USC bandwagon.

We don't want you on this board or as a fan of the U.

When the U train gets going, please don't post as a life long, diehard Cane fan. Stay in Trailerhassee or Felonyville, your kind is welcomed there.

Come on Man!
Everybody knows i'ts the dumb ass Gator
people sent Jacory that Tweet.
Can't listen to that Sh*% Jacory,
99% of those idiots never set foot
in a college in their sorry little lives.

Go Canes,Tear their ass up

Yeah what that dude wrote is pathetic....now moving on.....how about tackling drills? How are those going? Will we wrap Thursday night, we better, because Pitt has a dynamic RB!

Jacory needs to get his mind straight. Quit worrying about fan criticism, including racial epithets, and start performing on the field. This program needs a quarterback, not a drama queen.

And stop throwing stupid interceptions.

deleted my last post manny? really that bad?

J12, there are very few hateful eyes among the 45k base. If this did truely upset you, you have let emotion block off logical thinking. Make the correction kid or The U will be your last stop as a qb. Like Mighty Mos said 'Slow Down'...feeling makes those thoughts move too fast to process.

Sound like gator fans klanning it up...

The post "No proof just nonsense" was not me.

I wrote the prior one asking for proof of the tweet. I am not saying its nonsense.never saidd that. The impostor did,.

I am sickened by racist comments anywhere. They have no place in this arena and I am hoping this was just a one or two idiots.This is not the opinion of most UM fans!!!
Hang in there JH.

Get your head in the game Jacory, and stop worrying about TWITTER for crying out loud!!!!

We have no depth at QB and that is the weak link on this team. Not having an elite QB is probably the reason that we are not 2-0 right now.

Shannon needs to recruit better QBs!

tackling that's all that matters, if you can't tackle you can't win

If this guy is a true Cane fan and wants this team to win. Hate messages like this one isn't going to help, just make it worse. J12 is great quaterback and even great quarterbacks have bad games. Look at Jake Locker's performance Saturday. You don't see his fans turning their backs on him. I sure this same person also wanted Marve benched for Harris 2 years ago, so Keep your stupid racist comments to yourself.

We all know that technology has provided a wonderful forum for nuts. But as THE team leader, Jacory has to rise above it. The whining sends a terrible message to the rest of the group, especially the young guys.

hang in there jacory your a great kid ignore the idiots the main thing is get your education and you will be a winner!GO CANES

This has nothing to do with the game or solid fundamental football, which means tackling, tackling, tackling....sound coverage on kickoff, and making the other team PAY when they blitz

First why are we so stuck on these ints. My question is why are we not running the ball more. We have 4 backs that could start any where and we are throwing it. We run a pro style off. In the pros they throw only when they need too. WE NEED TO RUN.

To my understanding the real reason Randy shut down the twitter accounts for the team (this is what was reported in the Miami Herald last week). is because he felt it was a "distraction" and it WAS!! and it was evidenced by the teams "PATHETIC" play against ohio state. It was reported that jacory was actually sending twitter messages within an hour of the game!!! Is that not ridiculous!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN FOCUSING ON THE DAMN GAME!!!! He's socializing with players on opposing teams like ohio states QB- terrell pryor and virginia techs QB- tyrod taylor. What the "bleep" is wrong with jacory!!!!!?? FOCUS ON THE GAME AND YOU CAN "MAKE FRIENDS AFTER THE SEASON"!!!!! I agree with everyones sentiments but the real sad thing is a story like this is being used as a "smoke screen" for the teams pathetic, half-ass effort against a team that we COULD'VE, SHOULD'VE and WOULD'VE beaten. I waited 8 years for revenge against this team and the guys let us all down, plain and simple!!!!! I could've forgiven them for any other loss but this one is just too painful and to be honest with you after the game i wanted to put all of my Canes stuff i've collected the last 30 years on Ebay or Craigs List!!! (I was really hot and still am)!! I probably wont forgive them unless they can win every game the rest of the year, play for (and win) the national title!! We have tooooo much talent to not be succeeding. Is it the coaching? How is it that Butch Davis is giving other teams hell with his 2nd and 3rd string players?
Jacory needs to grow the hell up and stop whinning!! This is not a nice world and Miami is not a model city for hospitality, love and kindness. He's going to be called names, ridiculed, and made fun of. Believe me, race was never an issue when we tolerated the pathetic play over the years of guys like: Frank Costas, Brock Berlin, Kyle Wright, and Robert Marve. I think i speak for most U.M. fans when i say this: Miami is an "international city and we don't care what race, creed, or color our QB is .... WE JUST WANT A WINNER!!!!! But when you don't win.... don't make excuses and play "the race card" either!!!!!

It is a sign of Jacory Harris's immaturity and hubris to give any significance to a derogatory comment from a fan. It is a sign of the media's stupidity that they magnify this insignificant event (hey it's a TWEET!) into something important. If the QB (on any team) plays well and the team wins, the QB is placed on a pedestal and given much more praise than he deserves, for example Heisman hype for Harris. If the QB plays poorly, he will be criticized. When the criticism is from racist bigots or homophobic morons, it will be tainted by racial slurs and homosexual accusations. The UM fan base is loaded with both types of weak individuals who are too uneducated and ignorant to make a forceful statement without degenerating into the vilest of language. What concerns me as a Hurricane fan is the knowledge that our QB and other players are so emotionally fragile that they can be unnerved by by a comment made on a social media site. Knowing this, it can be expected that opponents will deluge our players with criticism and racial slurs, knowing they will be distracted and more concerned about their bruised feelings than playing football. What irritates me is to listen to UM players sounding like ignorant high school dropouts during interviews. If the players can't speak English when they have been at the U for several years, they should be studying the language of their future job interviews rather than wasting time on frivolous social media. It is clear that when Shannon talks about maturity, focus, etc., he is under some illusion that these qualities describe his players.

i don't know if u can question his toughness. i saw him at the ohio state game before the half ended barely being able to stand up. yet he kept going kid is tough. just needs to focus and put some more zip on the ball. i believe all this is gonna make him a better qb in the end.

The race card rears it's ugly head.

I tell you people are just stuck in the past and can't grow up because of the way they were raised. Racism has no place in Football or society. I'm a soldier from Miami and with that said all a soldier see is Green when we look at our team " The U.S. Army". Win or Lose Football is just a sport, a way for kids to escape everyday struggles in life or just a way to get to college. The fact is this Football is a team effort and 1 man cannot win it alone. So J12 I'm on your back win or lose. J12 take a note from Drew Brees, he's the Heart of his team and gets them pumped before every game. Let the team know you are the Ground beneath thier feet and wind behind their back and just be one. Like we say in the Army 1 team 1 fight. Motivation is the key to winning. If you want it go get it.

I'll GAURENTEE you that Jacory has used that word a thousand times and let a white guy say it in a different tone and all of a sudden it's racial hate. I am white and grew up in a gov. housing project and we were the only white Family there and i do not see race,but this our freedom of speech ya'll are killing.Slowly but surely!

Quit whinning and play ball!

UM doesn't want a black QB? Maybe, sadly, its true. Fans wanted to see Ryan Clement and Ken Dorsey (never thought I would see those 2 names in the same sentence) play over Ryan Collins and Kenny Kelly respectively, even though both were pretty good.

This is not even the 3rd most racist thing I have read on the internet this week, let alone this year. It is being way blown out of proportion.

The Tweet does imply that Jacory might not be able to do the job because he is black, or that UM runs a style of offense that is not complimentary to running QBs, who are disproportionately black. Either assertion is not accurate or fair. However this racism sensitivty is so stupid. Who cares what some fan thinks. I give Jacory credit for down playing it.

Relax media (and Manny) with the "we're above this" rightousness. This is no worse than every single time a white linebacker is compared to Dan Morgan, or a white running back compared to John Riggins, or a white WR being called a possesion receiver even though they are nothing like the actual comparison.

Anything to take our eyes of the real problem- he's not a good div-1 QB

I agreee with DPG/K 100%, fans here look and see 5 titles won by guys named Bernie,Ken, Steve and Craig- all white QB's , whereas Kelly, and Clement did'nt do so well (very true that the Berlein, Wright years were forgettable) but look around see trophies being held by white Qb's. Stoops had the same problem at OU when he wanted to open up the passing attack - he got comments like "thats not how we do things here at Oklahoma " but after you win people forget those things, something Jacory has not been able to do, and sadly from what I have seen won't

Sorry Ryan I meant Collins

And one more thing I don't care if he's white, black, or green - I want a QB who is good and wants to win , WE do not have that right now- its really time to give 'ZO a shot or Whipple somebody because we are in trouble unless 8-4, or 9-3 is what we want from our school

I have to say that this whole twitter thing is ridiculous...put the handhelds, laptops, etc. down and concentrate on frickin football. I am tired of hearing about this twitter crap. If your gonna let one comment effect you than you shouldn't be a starting qb on any football team. Playing qb is the toughest position on the field, because all eyes are on you. Maybe this guy posted the comment to motivate you in a way that is yet to be determined. You are our qb Jacory...concentrate, make the right reads, run when you have the chance, and throw the ball away when you don't. Jacory can do this! I have complete faith in J12...just keep your helmet on because U are in the GAME!

Maybe it was Tressel, after you know " good kid" Harris made fun of him?- I like all of you saying what a good kid Jacory is like you know him. All I see is a kid who talks real big, makes fun of other teams, and craps out in big games and acts like he's hurt every game he plays poorly in, but keep believing in him and his " funny" comments- looks like someone can dish it but cant take it- good thing he has you guys to help him thru the troubled times 8-4 here we come

Whether White or Black or any othe Ethinicity. Jacory is a HORRIBLE QB. 4 ints NOT FORGIVEABLE nor ACCEPTABLE.

I speak the truth with no ill intent and my message gets banned. Hmm. I guess miami wants an inferior QB. Like I said earlier, whether white or black Jacory SHOULD not be a QB.

If you say Jacory is a bad qb, you get banned because he is black. Jacory is a bad qb. Bar none the U will never win a championship with him at QB. He is too STUPID.

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