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Jacory keeping things light before OSU matchup

University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris knows how to clown around and keep things light. 

Jacory Harris Last season, he showed up to class wearing funny outfits and even brought in tapes of Spongebob Squarepants after the team's 21-20 win over Oklahoma to make sure they wouldn't watch too much sports television praising them.

So, what did Harris have in store this week as the Canes prepare to face the No. 2-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes? Take a look at what he wore and tweeted (JacoryHarris12) on his way to class on Thursday morning: "Going to class with an Oakland raiders snap back, no shirt, with the Oakland raiders overalls! Fly!!!!!! I'm me!!"

Harris told us Wednesday he listens to his R&B playlist before games to make sure he isn't too jacked up. 

“It calms me down, mellows me, has me thinking about the game, really focused,” Harris said. “I don’t think a quarterback should be like a defensive lineman listening to rap music or an offensive lineman listening to rock music ”to amp him up.” That gets me unfocused. I’d just want to go out there and knock somebody’s head off.”

Two of the artists he regularly listens to: Chris Brown and Trey Songz. He especially like’s Brown’s “Without You.”

> STATE REP-CORAL GABLES MAYOR HAVE FRIENDLY CANES-BUCKEYES WAGER: Always have to love it when two state politicians try to take advantage of a big college football game to get a little press.

According to a press release, Ohio's Stephen D. Slesnick (D-Canton) and Coral Gables mayor Don Slesnick, who are cousins, have a side bet riding on UM-Ohio State Saturday. If the Buckeyes win, Stephen will receive an order of stone crabs. If the Canes win, Don will be treated to Ohio wines and Peanut Butter Buckeyes.

“I can taste those stone crabs already,” Rep. Stephen Slesnick said. “And it’s a fitting bet for my cousin, given how much crabbing ‘Canes fans did after Ohio State beat them for the National Championship.”

The friendly wager also includes Mayor Slesnick promising to wear an Ohio State jersey to an upcoming meeting of the Coral Gables City Council. If the Canes win, Stephen will wear Canes jersey to an Ohio House floor session.


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what a twig! lol buff up young man we need you to last the whole season... and put more zip on the ball from time to time. funny stuff though.

"If the Buckeyes win, Stephen will receive an order of stone crabs. If the Canes win, Don will be treated to Ohio wines and Peanut Butter Buckeyes."

Ohio wines? What kind of a bet is that?

I got twenty bucks the taxpayer is paying up on the bet....wanna bet.

Its simple for the canes this week! all the talk about how this was the year they envisioned competing for a national championship, and now it all starts with the Ohio State Buckeyes a very good but beatable team even on the road! if the D line can get pressure on him and force him to make throws to early that could lead to alot of picks! Key game for Vaughn Telemaque and Ray Ray... Terrell Pryor is gonna want to take some early shots deep and strike quickly these 2 have to be on top of their game if the D line gets pressure and those 2 play well in the back end of the secondary we should be able to control them! Offensively keep J12 protected give him time to make his reads and let plays develop properly and he is good enough to carve up OSU! D berry needs to come out and run the ball hard ground and pound them early and then bring lamar in for a change of pace get him into space and no one can stop him hands down! establish the run and then open up the playaction pass to our very gifted receivers! This is the game this is the year where it all comes together for OUR U!! play hard play aggressively and take care of business bring back that U SWAG!!! Were behind you boys go up there and shut everyone up silence the crowd silence the critics and show everyone THE U IS BACK!!! Miami 38 OSU 17!!

Here is referee

Terry Porter · phone number:
# (405) 377-5783

# 13 Liberty Cir ·
# Stillwater


This is the year the Canes return to National
prominance , not about exacting some measure of revenge for a blown call in 03 . This current group of Canes had nothing to do with that game it is simply the one that got away . The 2010 canes are about right now , that is all they control Go Canes !

"If the Buckeyes win, Stephen will receive an order of stone crabs. If the Canes win, Don will be treated to Ohio wines and Peanut Butter Buckeyes."

Typical, we (Miami) always get jipped when we go up against Ohio (with the exception of the King)! Their pb is not better than Peter Pan's Honey Roasted Spread and their wine is not as good as the Spaniard imported we get down here!

The U is back again????

Another false alarm.....every year the same thing..






all you hater need to stop living in the past this is the new U and if you are not on board get off and make room for a real canes fan go canes and beat OSU

What kind of incentive it that? You can buy boone's farm and peanut clusters at the Mobil station!


We need for Ray Ray, Spence, and Lamar Miller to have breakout games tommorrow. Pertect Jacory and he will carve up OSU defense. We must stop them from running the football and we absolutely must be able to run the football so that we can have a balance attack...

OSU.....Home of the inbred hill billy mascot...which represents Ohio very accurately....By 6:00 tomorrow, your uni's are gona be pink and silver.....GO CANES!!!

The Herald should write a nice BIG story about the UM Baseball team and how they fund raise money.. I didn't know that the crime of UM athletics carried to the baseball dimond.. Since the HErald DOES NOT cover anything about FIU, now they should have plenty of room to write about you loosers!! Enjoy!


Ohio wines????? You mean moonshine right?

The twitter stuff, I don't get, I'm old enought o be these boys' dad. Nonetheless I luv my Canes. Play hard, all game, every down, until the refs drag you off of somebody. OSU is tough no doubt, but it's about time we the U get back to putting our foot on someone's throat when we have them on the ropes. We win this game by a defensive or special teams touchdown...not going toe to toe with them ginding it out. Open up the deep passing threat, make them respect our running, and make some dang plays! We got the talent, just need to hold our own on both lines play. Rotate the D-LINE like JJ used to do...demoralize them by running to the line of scrimmage every play...just shove it in their face. THEY REALLY THINK WE DON'T HAVE A CHANCE, ---This my friends is step one to showing everyone, especially each Canes player and coach, that we are glad to be playing OSU in their house. We like it like that. God Bless all of you! God Bless America on this day of remeberance for our fallen AMERICANS.

19 Vials of Steroids? Where is the NCAA investigation? Who provided these steriods to him? How much of the team is on this stuff?

These are the questions that need to be answered.

The ENTIRE UM baseball team should be DRUG TESTED TODAY.

Green, what is your agenda?

Posted by: Da U Holla (herald flunky) | September 08, 2010 at 11:48 AM

UM has had far superior teams, having won many national championships in football and baseball. That means that there is more to write about. Far more fans, moreover, go to Hurricane games. The followers of the Hurricane blog at MiamiHerald.com outnumber those following the Golden Panthers one by about 10-1, (sports editor Jorge Rojas) says.

There is, in other words, much more readership demand for coverage of the Hurricanes than of the Golden Panthers.
– miami herald ombudsman (8/1)

UM does and should get the greater share of sports coverage, though FIU deserves more than it has been getting. Herald editors agree and are responding with staffing changes.
-- miami herald ombudsman (8/8)

pot calling kettle green ...
pray tell, what's the herald's agenda?
to be or not to be ...
that's the question ...
to foist dog food on a cultivated palate ...
no rhyme or reason ...


I will take an NCAA Regional Team that lost in the first round that has:
A player with a CURRENT 56 game hitting streak.

A great Coach and recruiter.

Sunbelt CHAMPS!

On their way up to achieving BIGGER things..

Crime Free


GO Golden Panthers!!!


WHO CARES? It's UM/ OSU week!

Posted by: Da U Holla (herald flunky) | September 08, 2010 at 11:48 AM


RUTGERS TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! Rutgers tickets are $40 each and you will also be sent the remaining 4 home games for free!
-- fiusports

here's the rub ...
because of threat, guilt or inducement ...
the f_ _king faint-hearted herald could lead with f-i-u-don't-matter all day ...
everyday ...
but it won't matter ...
the sophisticated readership skips over their articles ...
never amongst the most read or commented ...
all the while alienating the paper's core cUstoMer ...
so, you can lead a horse to water ...
but you can't make it drink ...



The Atlantic Coast Conference and ESPN have agreed to a 12-year deal that would give the network exclusive rights to conference football and men's basketball games. A person familiar with the agreement told the Associated Press that it's worth $1.86 billion over the 12 years.
-- AP

Its not easy being at the bottom of the college football food chain. The Sunbelt has a 3 year contract with ESPN to show at least 2 games per year. These games must be willing to allow for a 12 day advance scheduling window and play on weeknights. It isn’t clear if the league even receives any meaningful compensation for its product, but is looking for exposure however it can get it.
-- byucougs.com

dlandsberg@miamiherald.com (top banana)
agyllenhaal@miamiherald.com (second banana)
jrojas@miamiherald.com (errand boy)
dshalala@miami.edu (queen bee)
khocutt@miami.edu (prince charming)

the enormous University of Miami community should fight fire with fire by boycotting the f_ _ king faint-hearted herald for acceding to the outrageous demands of the 8th street extortionists ...


Green, you sound like an OSU inbred hill billy....

Kudos to Green for fighting for his FIU team

Posted by: CANES FAN | September 10, 2010 at 01:18 PM


I am what I am ...
a C-A-N-E to the core ...


Can we please forget about talking about all the BS and talk about this year this game the players something besides all the BS that goes around on this blog by CANE HATERS AND NOT REAL CANES FANS!! get off the blog if you dont have something to say about the canes!! join all the other clowns on UFELONYS BLOG!! CANE FOR LIFE!! time to destroy the Suckeyes!!

Can miami stop whining now (this was in the miami herald today):
On fourth down and three from Miami's 5-yard line, Sharpe jammed Gamble at the line. Krenzel lofted his pass. The ball hit Gamble's hands and chest. Sharpe's left arm was wrapped around Gamble's waist; his hand caught Gamble's facemask.

Porter first motioned holding, then interference. Line judge Derick Bowers signaled incomplete; he wasn't watching the receiver.

``I saw the guy holding the guy prior to the ball being put in the air,'' Porter said. ``He was still holding him, pulling him down while the ball was in the air. I gave the signal for holding. Then I realized it should be pass interference because the ball was in the air.''

The verdict after review: Porter was correct. And Sharpe committed four fouls on the play.

Wine and peanut butter suckeyes? The Miami guy got hosed

The ball was tipped at the line too if you watch the play. There is no pass interference on a ball that gets tipped.
Can porter have thicker glasses?

Tomorrow begins a new era for the U. Play for each other first, the university and fans next, and give your all. I have a feeling that if you guys play like you are capable of playing the game will be over by mid-3rd quarter. Miami 44 Ohio State 12

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