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Swinney says Clemson has to put heat on Jacory

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney spent 10 minutes on the ACC Teleconference Wednesday morning talking about Saturday's game against the 16th-ranked Hurricanes.

Dabo Swinney Among the keys to beating the Hurricanes, Swinney said, forcing quarterback Jacory Harris to feel uncomfortable in the pocket. The Tigers rank 10th in the country in sacks and have two terrors at defensive end in Da'Quan Bowers and Andre Branch, who each have three sacks through the first three games of the season.

"We’ve got to just try to not give up big chunks of plays," Swinney said. "They like to get their offense in chunks. They’ll throw it up and they got really talented wideouts that we’re going to have to do a great job with. The biggest thing is just getting pressure on the quarterback. We’ve definitely got to affect him, not let him get comfortable in the pocket. He likes to be in the pocket. We have to make him get on the run, so to speak.

"Against these guys you better tackle well because if you don’t there’s a lot of yards after the catch or some type of homerun score. So we’ll have to do a super job on that. they have an excellent group on offense. they like to be balanced. They do a lot of formations, a lot of unbalanced type of alignments which can create some issues for you as far as getting lined up on defense and stuff."

Swinney said he was impressed by the growth he's seen from UM's defense under second-year defensive coordinator John Lovett. They key will be the battle up front. The Tigers have only given up two sacks this season -- one against Presbyterian and another in their loss to Auburn. Left guard David Smith, though, one of four returning stareers, will miss Saturday's game with an ankle injury.

"They’ve got pretty good people and stats to back it up," Swinney said of the Canes. "No. 1 defense in our conference and we have total respect for them.

"Our offensive line has got to win at the line of scrimmage. No doubt about it. we cannot let them tee off on us. We have to do a great job at the point of attack whether we’re running the ball or throwing the ball. That’s a big matchup. We’re not giving up a lot of sacks – we’re one of the better teams out there and they’re obviously one of the better teams in getting sacks, so that matchup is going to be critical throughout the game."

> Gene Sapakoff from the Post and Courier writes about the Tigers' search for receivers after the depature of Jacoby Ford.

HERBSTREIT THINKS CANES CAN RUN THE TABLE: ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit told WQAM's Joe Rose Wednesday morning the 16th-ranked Hurricanes should finish the regular season 11-1.

Herbie "If I were a Miami Hurricane fan, instead of spending time worrying about Jacory Harris and taking shots at him, I would be looking at this week as pretty much, if you win this game, Miami's not losing another game the rest of the year. That's how much is at stake this week," Herbstreit said. "I don't see anyone beating Miami. I've told you since August, this team's gonna win 10 or 11 games and go to a BCS bowl game, and I don't see any reason to change my mind. This game Saturday at Clemson is two of the best teams in the ACC going at it. I think Miami wins this game and goes on to win the rest of their games."

So what happens if the Canes do go undefeated the rest of the way? Could they play in the national championship game? There's always that possibility -- but vaulting an undefeated team like Boise State isn't likely. In fact, there's a chance the Canes might not face a ranked team the rest of the regular season. And that would obviously hurt them in the BCS standings.

The Seminoles, who will play at Sun Life Stadium on Oct. 9, are the only remaining team on UM's schedule who is even receiving votes in the Associated Press poll. Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and North Carolina -- all teams most expected to give UM fits in conference play -- each have two losses. And South Florida (2-1) hasn't looked very good. The Bulls struggled to beat Western Kentucky 24-12 last week.


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Oh well, as much as I like Herbstreit's confidence, I want to wait until after the Clemson and FSU games to worry about that.

After all, Texas lost to an unranked team and were stuck ahead of us. Iowa lost to a lower ranked team than OSU and were stuck ahead of us. We won't get any help from the pollsters this year. But then we didn't in 2000, and it motivated our 2001 team to go undefeated.

I won't mind that at all...

I'm beginning to see progress with this team, but lets not get ahead of ourselves when it comes to running the table. Winning the Coastal is a fantastic goal for this team, and if they win the ACC title game, the season is a success.

With the O line coming together the way that it is, and the overall youth of this team, even if we lose another game or 2 this year, watch out for this team in '11 and '12. History may be repeating itself from 10 years ago.

Like i said before after the Clemson and FSU games we will know what type of team we have. Those are the only 2 teams that have a chance to beat us and FSU is the most dangerous 1 because its a rivalry and there offense can score some points especially with Dual Threat Ponder...

I am glad to see no racist troll here today. However, reminds me of quiet before the storm during the battle of Troy. We could use Joe Zackagi's melon as the Trojan Horse.

Canes 1 game at a time..Don't read the hype..Just play sound assignment football.

Go canes!

Are the Canes going to have trouble getting into SC with the weather or will they leave tomorrow?

Keep JH12 clean=The U winning by 14.

Seriously, if Dandy loses to Dildo Swinney that just shows you where the program is at. Butch is already his kryptonite and any other coach when we're on the road against any opponent that is .500 or better

Slow down they only beat pitt, and this team isn't young anymore

The Clemson game is as big a challenge as the OSU game. Clemson obviously brings alot of talent of both sides of the ball, has had a an extra week to prepare and will be playing this game for homecoming. And from what I have gathered, Clemsons homecoming record is very very good. Also, if anyone saw the Clemson game versus Auburn one saw that Clemson played a very physical game, losing in overtime on the road to a very good Auburn team. That Auburn squad has a quarterback, whose name escapes me at the moment, who is a T. Pryor clone. Last Saturday, this same 6-6 245 pound Auburn QB who was contained for the most part by Clemson's defense, ran for 3 scores and threw for 2 others versus a very good South Carolina team. No doubt the "U" will have their hands full in this one. We will find out on Saturday if the "U" learned anything from playing at OSU. I see the "U"s chances of pulling out a victory at about 50/50. GOOOO! CANES!


There must be two teams playing!!

El Ponce - every coach has a team that is a thorn in their side...do you know what Butch's record against V-Tech was? How about FSU? I bet you'd be surprised

Clemson isn't as good as OSU, they are an unranked team.

Don't make this team out to be more than they are...we should come out with a win. Expect a disgruntled fan base if we don't win.

this game would be not as difficult if we had an o line that cpuld play at division 1 level.

Canes have had trouble with everyone of the teams mentioned by Herbstreit, so I'm not buying until I see it. As it sits right now J12 is on pace to break his own interception record and I know all here will agree that turnovers affect the outcome of all games. The ACC schools will not roll over just because the "U" is in town. I hope these young men stay hungry they have not proven anything yet.

Kirk Herbstreit is desperate for the Canes to run the table because his Buckeyes beat Miami. And the Canes are one of only a very few tough matchups OSU has this season. In fact, they only have FOUR road games.

So, the Buckeyes' schedule will hurt them in terms of earning a spot in the national championship game.

As much as Miami fans would love to see the Canes run the table the rest of the way ... Herbstreit and the fans in Columbus need it.

Having said that, the Canes could win out ... but they really need to just take it one game at a time.

Howdy Canes Fans

Clemson is a very good team with a good QB. Our D should do fine but O MUST protect Jacory. This is most important game of season.

waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa criticize this criticize that alllllll I do is diss a team I could never play for! I'm your regular ignorant canes fan.

"If I were a Miami Hurricane fan, instead of spending time worrying about Jacory Harris and taking shots at him, I would be looking at this week as pretty much, if you win this game, Miami's not losing another game the rest of the year" ~Kirk Herbstriet

First of all, Kirk Herbstriet is by far the best analysis covering college football. Not trying to be disrespectful, but it is laughable to think Herbstriet is speaking highly of the Canes in an effort to make OSU look better.

Secondly, anyone who watched the Clemson/Auburn game, which Clemson should have won, knows well that Clemson is loaded with great athlete's, is well coached and one of the best teams in the country.

Finally, should the Canes find a way to beat the Tigers at their place it will prove that the Canes should be at least a top 10 team, if not in the top 5. It's going to be a war!

Go Canes!

5 time National Champions!

Ranking don't mean anything. Clemson is a good team.

Utah is ranked #13 and all they did was beat Pitt in OT by 3pts... we mopped the floor with them.

What's up with that? OSU would've blown Utah out!

at home too.... we were on the road.

How about Oklahoma? They have the same team we beat last year. Furthermore, they've squeeked out two 1 TD games vs. subpar teams at home! #8?

Don't even get me started with the Gators.... And what about Boise? WOW they beat a #24 team at home. #3? really?

I wouldn't say we can clean house, like Herbie says, but I think we aren't getting as much credit as we deserve.

Hopefully we can win this week and move up.

I recall that Harris completes about 80% of his passes when the opposing team blitzes.

So Sweeney, go ahead and bring heat to Harris, you will find it to be the wrong decision.

Hey Shannon, make sure you buy plenty of pacifiers for Jacory - because after all, it's Benjamin's fault that Harris is getting intercepted.

I love Herbstreit he always has confidence in the canes!! I agree with him this is our biggest game and best opponent left on our schedule we will win in clemson and run the table and play in the orange bowl bcs game against florida!!!

Clemson's "impressive" numbers came against "mighty" North Texas and Presbyterian. When it came time to play Auburn, a real team, Clemson showed that it's starters don't have the conditioning nor does the team have the depth to play four quarters against a solid team. Couple that with a less than enthusiastic crowd due to the early gametime and you have another Canes win.

You forgot to add "None of the Above" as a choice for which Miami Northwestern star is most likely to play in the NFL.

Jacory - no arm
Spence - love him, but he's too small
Aldarius - too slow
Forston - you're kidding, right.

Clemson is good, don't kid yourselves. They aren't OSU, but they have good talent. Playing at home is also a huge advantage for them. That stadium is LOUD!

Going undefeated in the ACC this year will be something nobody has done in ten years.

We beat Clemson, I will feel confident that we can accomplish that.

zach thomas and demeco ryan were to small to play in the NFL too right? pennington's aem is weaker than jacorys

One thing in Miami's favor is that Clemson's QB isn't the type of player who runs around a lot. The defense routinely gets skewered when a good running QB like Tyrod Taylor or Terrell Pryor take off when a pass play breaks down. Hopefully, Parker won't be doing that much, or at all, on Saturday.

If UM can manage to play a clean game, I see good things happening. The Canes have beaten themselves in these types of games with turnovers, penalties, bad tackling and special teams breakdowns. It would also be nice if UM players catch the ball when it's thrown to them -- on offense AND defense. Bottom line: If the turnovers are even or in UM's favor, Miami wins this game.

Spence and Forston will play in the NFL barring injuries. Spence should be the size of Beason was before he left. Forston played well as a freshman and red-shirted due to being hurt last year and is playing well this year. Aldarius needs to keep his weight down and get his speed up. He has the hands and runs the routs. You don't have to be a burner to make it in the NFL as a wideout. As much as I like Jacory I just don't know with him. His arm strength is OK but he needs to go through his progressions and not be afraid to check down or throw the ball away.

Did yall notice the Big 10 Conf playing all those weak a___ non-conference games last week especially Ohio State & Wisconsin. This has happen for the last 2 weeks except when OS & Miami played. Poor Penn State, evry year there schedule is watered down. The SEC will not go out of there conf & schedule someone that has a winning record. I mean it should be one cup cake team on your schedule but not two teams. Now the SEC, Auburn is the only school that is close to scheduling good non-conference schools for the past 3 years. My god the SEC is weak. You are going to have alot of top ranked teams that plays a cup cake team the last week of college football. The only reason why (SEC)&(Big 10)& (Big 12) they are claimed to be so good is because when you put the whole conf in the top 20 in the rankings making it hard for another conf to get teams in & also it is hard for them to drop in the poles. The Big 10 is good for this to having alot of teams in the rankings. The reporters & ESPN will talk about Tebow & Alabama all the time on College Football Live & other programs thats on ESPN channels. They have not talked about how Alabama play Ohio Stat High school the next to the last game of the year. You have never seen Alabama or Florida go to play a PAC 10 or a Big 10 school unless they schedule a scrub team like when Alabama played Duke at the bottom of the conf. Another thing, I wish they stop it with this TCU & stupid Boise State crap. I was withem them on this topic the first two years but now this is getting out of hand with all this talk. Yes V-Tech should drop out of the poles for getting beat by Northwestern his school & Boise which making the conf look weak. We will run the table. Come on.

Should.be a go.ball game everytime these two.teams.get together it isclemson def. Has to play. With no.let UPS keep foot on the pedal the whole game. As far as the comment bout clemson couldn't hang for four quarters .Duh! They went in overtime. Think.they past the four quarter . They should never got to it.Def . Let up in the 3rd

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