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Bailey to see more time at defensive tackle

With the defensive line thinner because of injuries, look for defensive end Allen Bailey to play some defensive tackle -- particularly in third-down situations.

Allen Bailey Bailey, who has started at left defensive end each of the last two games, hasn't had a sack since last Halloween. 

"He came close a couple times, but that's part of it," Shannon said. "It goes in rhythms. Like last year, he didn't have anything , then all of a sudden in the middle of the season he got seven real quick, then dialed off a little and kept coming back. It just goes in rhythms and cycles on what the protections are doing and what people are trying to accomplish on offense."

A few more tidbits from Thursday morning's practice: 

> Defensive linemen Luther Robinson and Marcus Robinson were dressed but on the sideline not participating. Both were seen limping. Shannon said both "should be back [practicing] probably tomorrow or the next day. They walked around today, did some stuff. At least they're not in a boot or nothing like that, which is good. They should be back, but we still always move guys around [on the defensive line] in practice.''

> Defensive tackle Curtis Porter, who was carted off the field at Ohio State with a right-knee injury, was not at Greentree Field Thursday as far as we could see. When asked about the extent of the injury, Shannon said: "long term, don't know yet. We'll just see how he comes along." 

> Shannon on his defensive line philosophy: "When you're able to rotate guys, that's when you'll play real good. If you only have got five guys that are real good then only five guys are going to play and you've got to get in great shape at defensive line. But fortunately we have numbers and guys we feel real good about playing and stuff like that."

> Shannon also said right tackle Joel Figueroa was "a little nicked during the Ohio State game but then he came back, bounced back.''

> We also didn't see linebacker Shayon Green. Shayon had his right forearm wrapped in ice and was holding it up gingerly after Ohio State.

> Of outside linebackers Kylan Robinson and Ramon Buchanan, Shannon said: "Ok, coming around. You still want those guys to get a lot better. You're always wanting them to be like Sean [Spence] and those guys but, you know, everybody is different. When there are two backs in the game they'll be playing a lot but when there are three receivers you just go best personnel. Our best personnel with three receivers in the game, you just put in an extra DB.''

> Shannon said he never thought about taking out quarterback Jacory Harris after things started snowballing with the interceptions (despite at least one not being his fault): "No, no, no, no,'' the coach said, "because he wasn't frustrated. He was disappointed, but he wasn't frustrated. ..He's a gamer. He's not going to be a guy who shies away.''

> Shannon said linebacker Jordan Futch, in his first game back from reconstructive knee surgery, "wasn't sharp, wasn't crisp. But as far as running around and all those things he did all the twisting and turning in the game and played on special teams. You've got to ease him back into it.This week when we play Pitt he'll probably get a little bit more action, maybe on base defense.''



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this has to be the lamest , biggest wsdte of time report ever..how about a report with some content or usefull information?

this is more like an injury report than practice notes....

You want a practice report?

Jacory threw about 15 picks yesterday.

Damien Berry looked good. Too bad he was invisible against Ohio State.

Marcus Forston is yet another high star player who just hasnt developed under Shannon.

You need more? Arthur Brown. Another one.

I can keep going.

The hype is over. The season is here and it is already over.

Enjoy the rest of the year and all the things to do in South Florida. You will need it to get your mind off of this miserable team.

Any news on whether Thompkins and/or Streeter will see some playing time? After watching Aldarius regress it's time for other receivers to get a chance. While it's true that player development does seem to be lacking using Arthur Brown as an example doesn't work. Brown isn't even starting at Kansas State. #1 rated linebackers coming out of high school don't come from Kansas. They come from Florida, Texas, Ohio, California or Pennsylvania.

Let the injuries begin! We'll see in two weeks when they lose again, how the injuries will start to be used as an excuse. That being said, this team will go as far as Jacory will take them, and if history is any indicator it will be good games at home, and interception fests on the road.

I agree with Toretta, this team needs to throw more bubble screens, and quick outs like the Pats do with Wes Welker. Throwing 15 yd outs is not Jacory's strength and doesn't give our WRs the ability to run after the catch.

Sjbytes......so that's it....aldarius regressed after one drop. All the practices meant nothing, he dropped one pass so he needs to be replaced. We have to have about the stupidest fans in the world..... no more reading the comments, it can only make you dumber.

Moreover, I think Jacory needs to tuck it and run more often. There were a few times during the OSU game that he had lanes that he could've used to pick up 5-7 yards. Instead he opted to throw incompletions. Instead of having 2nd or 3rd and short, the team was left with a 3rd and 10.

I agree with the previous post. As a general rule I'd rather have a 3 star recruit from Florida than a 5 star from most other places. They have been consistently playing against the best competition in the country. And a team comprised of kids with the same background will form a common bond and gell as a team better. I look at the teams Miami won national championships with as evidence.

I just want to see Jacory, put just a bit more zip on the ball, and not try to float the ball in every time, Faster defenses like OSU can get in front of the WR every time and pick the ball off, The Floating works, if there's a WR wide open down the field, but it will not work in goal line situations, Shannon needs to get this through to the kid, if he wants to play at the next level

One drop? Aldarius hasn't made a play since his freshman year. This goes beyond the dropped touchdown pass against Ohio State. Yeah, he got injured last year but he wasn't playing well before that injury. He's regressed. He's a possession receiver. Possession receivers have to, I repeat, have to catch the damn ball.

Wow, you guys give up on things so easy. It is 1 game to the number 2. It is part of football, the team will be fine. You guys need to stop crying it is so annoying already. Go root for another team if your going to rip them every time anyone writes anything. Everyone loses, If recall correctly Florida lost to Ole Miss ans still won the NC. Not saying we are going to win the NC, but the season is far from over. If you want to cry go hang out with Tebow and Urban you guys can hold each other every time things do not go as planned.

Lol u guys. i can see curse of are kehoe all ovr these posts. This guy ruins all canes blogs. He says is a gator fan and with all his actions im betting itts true. Hes just as mucha thug as the players the gators have. Stalking charge for rainey. Hey curse did u teach him how to go about it. I know u are a stalker u stalk all the canes blogs regularly pretending to be a cane fan to scare cane recruits away. Or just spouting your racist crap against randy. Go away curse. We dont need u or want u on our blog.

What do you mean Berry was invisible, he 16 for 96 yard, doesn't sound invisible to me. Jacory needs to get a little zip in the ball. He seems to be trying to guide and touch the ball into the receiver. We need to recruit more QB's. None on the roster aside from Jacory seem to be 1st teamers for D-1 schools.

K-Man - I agree 100% -- we can as fans dwell on the downside. But seriously, Berry had almost 100yds against OSU. We got some playmakers ( been missing for the past 3-4 yrs ) on punt and kickoff return teams. Def was up against the wall all day, and made OSU go for 6 FGs. Yeah, JH needs to man up, quit TWEETING 2hrs before the f'ing game and play lights out! I'll say it now...we put PITT away, tough game against Clemson, but find a way to come out with the w...and then take FSU to the woodshed. I love my CANES, I am disappointed...but, you don't jump off a shil that has a leak...we don't need to start getting buckets and bailing out water yet. It starts THUS @ PITT...Primetime - show 'em what you got, bring it , and don't give them any possesions they do not earn JH - THROW it 3 rows IN THE STANDS...OR FRICKING RUN! God Blees

Oh my god! Our fans are total morons.......why don't u destroy the program then. One thing's a given: if u got a new coach today, U'll want to fire him tomorrow. U are all pathetic.


While I agree the pass Aldarius dropped was about as unacceptable as it gets to say the kid hasn't done anything since his freshmen year is bogus. I believe he hurt himself on the first drive against FSU last year after catching a nice ball down the middle of the field and if I remember right he saved the Wake Forest game with a big 4th down catch. 2:40 seconds in....

He'll be just fine and so will the rest of this team.

My Take. Recievers need to get it together. Glory Biys thats all. When the get hit, they fold period.. Why are guys playing when they run the wrong route.
Harris, needs to act and play like a QB. He has no clue. He still is playing like its sand lot ball.Throw the ball and move the team downfield.
We don't need a pretty boy. He has good stats because we have a good team.

"Gators 2-0, Canes 1-1"? Hey Gator troll, talk to us after the season. Your Turds (AKA The State's highest rated penitentiary) are in for a 3 loss season. If you don't see that it is YOU that is delusional. By the way, I will take great pleasure in seeing everyone of those losses.

For man up chumps...

You mean Gators 2-0 against non SEC (those teams suck, and in your house) stupid, which by the way you almost blew by not even snapping the ball right...A little look into the future and your about to get your a@@ handed to you by Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, and Georgia..Get your lazy boy ready to watch the Canes in a BCS game while your fundamentaly lacking Gators stay home, day dreaming about the days Teabag and Urban cried on each others arms....GO CANES!!!!

Hey Man Up Chumps, you make some good point, but then again you write some really stupid things tha make you sound like a moron. Yeah UF is 2-0, and UM is 1-1. They play a bad Miami f Ohio team even for 3 quaters, that's a team that was 0-11-1 last year, and a bad USF team. While The U played a good FAMU team and destroyed them, and play the number 2 team in the country pretty evenly. So I would think your point on that one is not intelligent. Your right Jacory is floating too many pass, and is acting like a joke in the way he dresses for class, and his twittering. But right now he's a better QB than Brantley. In fact as far as throwing the ball he was better tan Tebow for that matter. Tebow did have running, and leadership on the plus side.

Randy does need to recruit QB's better. Jacory is the on 1-A QB on the roster. Randy need to recruit multiple QB for the position to get better, and open up the position to competition.

Forston played fine, Hankerson was 7 for 90 yard he was fine, and the O line play fine against a very good D line for OSU. In fact there are some high draft choice on the U right now according to draft gurus on both the NFL Network and ESPN. BTW Mayock said Hankerson would be a high 2 or even a low 1. Right now the U looks like the better team between The U and UF.

The secret of talking trash is that there is some semblance of truth in what you say, and in your post there's just not enough truth. You look like a moron, and if you went to UF like I did, you're no a moron.

you said it colorado cane, Aldarious bailed us out hardcore against wake last year when whipple go probably the most pass happyhe's ever been. I was pretty furious he dropped that catch against OSU though. SJbytes is dead on that our possession receiver has to make those catches in traffic. especially on the road against the #2 team.

it has been 30 years since florida played a out of confrence away game!!!ya we lost to the number 2 team on the road but at least we have the guts to do it. i agree jacory needs to stop throwing picks and start putting up some points. our D is strong and we can run the ball so we will be in most games. penalties and turnovers will loose you most games

i like the curse of keyhoo on here it brings back memories of when nebraska put up 62 points on them in the desert. tommy frazier is still running. or when spurier cried because state beat up danny the waffle woofull.lol that backed into the national title that year if that what they want to call it. an even better memory is after whatching the teebag cry urban caught dizzyspell and needed some medical care all about a loss at alabama. where you a gaytor fan then too. there is no traditional major college powerhouse that isnt struggling or going through some adversity right now. if the players at fla were so good would they need to be stalking chicks? hes a backword groupie ha.lol

For all the lets fire Randy bandwagon fans, lets look at some numbers and do a little comparison shall we?

As much as it pains all of us VA. Tech has been the standard since they moved with us to the ACC.

Frank Beamer was hired in 1986. His coaching record the first year (87) was 2-9, second yr.3-8, third yr. 6-4-1, fourth year 6-5 totals being 17-26-1. Compare to RS and what do we see?

Year 5 VT was 5-6 and yr 7 2-8-1. Va. Tech stuck with Beamer, believing graduating players and developing young men was an important part of college football.

Beamer as of January 2010 has now become the 2nd most winningest active coach in Division 1.
Tied with Tressel and Paterno.

He has had 10 wins or more each of the last 6 seasons and has been named by one source or another 12 times in his career. His bowl record is 8-9.

One of the most highly successful and thought of college coaches in the game. He has kept his staff in tact and that provided continuity all these years. His current record is 229-115-4, not counting the two losses this yr.

He has won 3 Big East titles and 3 ACC crowns.

All this to say, in our day of instant gratification and fast service demanded and win at all costs (See Gator Football) Miami fans and administration need to give RS this same consideration and show some patience.

Randy Shannon in his first three plus years is 22-18 compared to Beamers 11-21 after three and 17-26-1 after four complete. I'd say all indications are for RS to have a great record and career as our coach. And he is not going anywhere soon, so relax and look to yourself and family to provide you with the satisfaction you seek rather than 18-21 year old college boys.

Go Canes!!!!

To resorting to call Miami QB Jacory Harris, JaPicky is classless and comes from a fan who needs others to succeed for him and to live vicariously through a bunch of 18-21 year olds to get any satisfaction with his poor pathetic life.(Referring to Hurricane Hank post)

Calling a kid names like this is childish and says alot more about the name callers character than it does about the target of his insults. The name caller is weak and a fan of winning, not the Canes.

Man Up Chump = LOSER

Posted by: Anonymous Cane | September 16, 2010 at 01:25 PM

Man Up Chump = LOSER

While I agree he is a loser........

Man Up Chump = Turd Fan

Man Up Chump= Turd.....He must be, because a real Canes fans supports this team through thick and thin. While making a criticism and pointing out where the team may be deficient is our right as a fan, insulting and tearing down the character of a 18-20 year old kid is disgusting behavior, he must be a Gator because disgusting behavior is par for the course in Gainesville.

It's amazing that after 3 years, the Hurricanes HAVE NOT progressed. All that talk about "we're coming around, guys doing good in class, no discipline problems, Jacory is a winner, blah, blah, blah" has gotten old. Can't even stand listening to Randy on WQAM and hear him give excuse after excuse like if we are a new program trying to establish ourselves in D-1 play. We are extremely thin at the key positions, LB and Safety. Aside from Jimmy Graham giving football a shot, TE has been a bust postion with 10th year R. Gordon and graduated D. Epps. The D-line for all the talk from last year to this year that we have the most talented players and depth, its one injury after another with a mad QB scramble and no pressure every game. QB is now a position that lacks a playmaker. Jacory played in a high school offense (spread)that does not transfer over to UM's pro-style offense. He was not used to seeing the defenses that he is seeing now and believes deep down inside that his soft touch passes are his greatness to being a QB. I can't stand the moppy, down, lost, dazed, and confused look that he always has on the sideline when we lose. Has anyone noticed that every loss that we have had has resulted with the same factors: Int's, poor tackling, lack of special teams, no leadership, and poor coaching in game management and player substituion.

At least John Brantley can throw the football to the right team...Jacory must be color blind...

Randy Shannon= Ron Zook without the intelligene or passion

Jacory Harris= Ryan Leaf without the talent.

MArcus Forston= Paris Hilton both are on their back 99% of the time.

Hope Randy Shannon keeps showing "improvement" so he can stay down there forever. He has NO shot, NONE of winning any national title. He is incompetent, a complete joke. Has no idea how to prepare a team for a big game.

11-13 against the WEAK ACC
22-18 overall---that in and of itself is terrible.

18 losses in 4 years and the year just started.

Keep convincing yourself, the Canes are back. DELUSIONAL!!!!

hurricane hank and anomymous cane have said it best regarding the canes. great info on beamer's record... for gods sake people we played the #2 team on the road and still had a chance to win even with all the mistakes. hell, osu will probably be the champs this year.
and man up chumps is a typicially loser fan that never played the game and knows nothng about how college football is played. u should go post on the jets blog!

Thursdays practice report

Jacory is "improving" he threw to the Canes team today. It was the defense, but at least he is getting his teams' colors down. He is also banned from tweeting which may hurt his acting career that is scheduled to start in 2 years.

Marcus Forston has been doing well. Has a little backache but other than that is living up to his 1.5 star rating. He has dropped 3.5 stars since Randy Shannon has become his coach.

The Canes have "improved" since last year. They only have 1 loss this year and last year they had 4. What an improvement.

We can all complain about what went wrong last weekend but if you stop and think about all the points we left out on the field last weekend it does give reason for hope. 2 dropped passes in the end zone. One over throw in the end zone to Hank. One uder thrown ball to Benjamin at the 5 that should have been called pass interference. One blocked field goal, one missed field goal.We had the chances, we just choked. One thing that bothers me is that we can never seem to complete a pass where our WR can run with the ball after the catch. I watch all these other teams and it amazes me how they have no problem getting WR open to run with the ball once they catch it. It's just a plain fact though, we have to be one of the worst teams in the last 5 years at creating turn-overs. I just don't understand it. Moving Baily to tackle is a no brainer, that's where he belongs.

We have depth at d line so we should be fine.
. DE ( Bailiey, Ojomo, Vernon, Smith, Dye and M Robinson when he get’s back)
DT (Bailey, Forston, Holmes, Regis and Luther Robinson)

What we need to develop is LB Depth, I though we would be better at that position.. I mean come on Shannon was a LB, Barrow was a LB and All American.. We only have 2 linebacker that we trust.. McCarthy and Spence… I like Spence he just looks like a Safety out there.. Pryor broke his tackles like nothing.. I find hard to believe we can develop a 3rd linebacker… Move Marcus Robinson on the outside he is 6-1 235-240 and can run, used to play that position in High School..… We have more than enough at depth DE.. Anyways that is my little rant… Peace Out Everyone!

Sarasota Canes mommy, sounds about right, that you would have your mommy post for you.

um fans once again proving they are among the least loyal and least informed.this fan base is the biggest joke in college football. nothing but complainers. its amazing that anyone wants to play for this school.

Don't think for one second that the fan base of other teams don't rip into their squads ALL THE TIME...I'm sure if you go back to the Ohio State blogs after their horrible loss to Purdue in '09 you'll find people caling for Pryor's head. Fact of the matter is we all have high expectations for this squad, we see the talent, but then they go and beat themselves and it's FRUSTRATING! Yeah we love our squad, who else are we gonna cheer for the Dolphins, FAU, FIU?! LMAO! The talent is there, let's put it together. We HAVE to make a statement next Thursday...it's about returning to elite status AND staying there...that's all...see you in October at the FSU game.

Jacory Harris is all on randy shannon. jacory is terrible and has regressed during his time here. I guess all the other qbs that transferred saw it.

The story now becomes: "Can Jacory Harris overcome his tendency to throw interceptions?"

This will be a test for Mark Whipple. He's not only the OC, but the QBs coach. Can he cure Jacory's pick problem? Will the Canes rewrite the playbook to help Jacory? Or will Jacory find his mojo? Does he have the heart to overcome this challenge or will he be psyched by the pressure?

The Pitt game will answer a lot of those questions. Only one more game before the start of the ACC season ... away at Clemson.

How can anyone justify that Randy Shannon still has a job? His record has been terrible. We have been making excuses for him for over 3 years. When does he become responsible? How long do you give a guy to ruin a program? I think the saddest part is when other teams want you to keep your coach and other teams want us to keep Shannon. I am as frustrated as can be because I do not see this team winning a national title under this guy. I think we have talent but I do not think these guys are developing like they should be at our school.

Miami has lost three of their last five games against D-1 opponents.

I would say that is improvement!

What will Jacory do with all his free time now that he cant tweet?

He cant pass and he cant tweet. What will he do next? Maybe he will be dominate at something, maybe something like Farmville. He should give that a try.

No matter what happened last year, no matter what happens this year, even if we go 1-11, I AM A CANE FOR LIFE!!!! For all U crybabies and Gayturds, true Cane fans are family 4 life, through the good times and rough. It's a Canes thing, and quit frankley, U don't, and will never, undestand! Keep your 5 stars. We recruit players, not stars! One thing about The U, WE WILL PLAY ANYBODY, ANYWHERE. U want us to play you in your backyard, fine. Tell us when and where. I don't see Urhasbeen Meyer playing Ohio St., playing Miami, playing USC, playing Michigan, playing Notre Dame, playing Texeas, etc., etc. To all my CANE 4 LIFE fans, ITS ALL ABOUT THE U!!

I have a question I'd love to hear answered. When Leonard Hankerson was dropping passes, he participated in extra workouts with former NFL receiver Mark Duper. Leonard worked hard for two off seasons and has dramatically improved.

Jacory had 17 interceptions last season. What special workout did he do in the offseason? What consulting coach did the Canes bring in to work with him?

U can 305: You got it holmes. Thats what I'm talking about.

we cane fans come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are more fair wethered than others. Some are more forgiving. Its hard for some of us older ones. we've been through thick and thin. I've seen it all:

1978- Basically almost over for any football at UM
1983- Lose to UF get whooped in gainesville- then run the table, beat almighty Nebraska. Win the NC...Who would have even thought it possible? Then next year...1984, team loses a heart breaker to BC then a heartbreaker to maryland, then Arizona State in the bowl.

1985, 1986, long long years.

1987... The thrill,the ecstasy.

1988...the robbery at South bend.

1989... the thrill, the elation/
fast forward...

1991, NC
1992, The humiliation of that Alabama beat down
1993-1994 stale, idle
1995 One last shot at glory only to fall short (from Warren Sapps poor conditioning to Nebraska's ground and pound)
1996-2000. Misery has no company. Beta downs by FSU, Syracuse, 2 losss to East carolina. I mean, We have seen it all. And the U always comes back.

Miami comes back because of So Fl; athletes, and because of that U attitude that NOBODY has. Yeah the gators and the noles seem to try to copy it, but they are only copies. The swag is back. You cant win em all and youcan still carry the swag.

This was a better loss than having a 2-0 record agaonst cup cakes. Its a loss to the Number 2 team at their house. The U wasnt afraid to go there. never will be.

Even if Miami played the top 12 ranked teams all season long, UM would never back down.

We'll be back. we will regroup. recall, UF has 3 NCs never undefeated. LSu had 2 losses a couple of yrs ago.

Youll see.

Hey canes fans, I know the kids drop the game at OSU. However there's no reason to go crazy. Sure it sucks for the kids as well as all the fans. I agree with one post here tonight about Wide receivers. I just don't understand why Whipple will not play a bit of the spread and maximize the pressure on defenses. Put the speed on the field with players like Miller (slot), Travis (slot),Berry RB, Hank WR, and Byrd /Johnson WR, Stop the max Protection carp, Have receiver point out the blitzers to the J12 so his reads are easy. START ATTACKING GO CANES!!!!!!

Whipple was a bad hire. He ran a limited # of plays vs OSU. Should have used Miller more!! 1 minute left before half, you get the ball to start the 2nd half with a chance to go ahead. Bad play calling. I blame Whipple, too many quarterbacks with weak arms have excelled with good coaching and play calling.

To All,
This is our team....win or lose. This loss hurts, of course, but it is a non-conference loss. A early season loss is a whole lot better than a late season one. RELAX. Too much talent on this squad. Just read what Kirk Herbstreit said post OSU loss about Miami. We can play with anyone in the Country. Starts with Pitt! 38-3 Canes in a statement game before we start conference play. Nobody in the ACC is on our level, We dominate conference play, win the ACC, and with a little help maybe a one loss Miami team might be seeing those Chumps from OSU on January 10th. Plz......Plz stay positive, all.


Are you crazy!??! Whipple has been a great OC, his offense gives us a chance to stay in games inspit of our poor defense. His sets and playcalls are genius.

Dude should be the head coach, not Rnady Shannon.


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