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Tirade? About time we see Nasty Randy

Banning Twitter wasn't the beginning of the new, meaner Randy Shannon. And hopefully for the Canes, it's not the end.

Randy Shannon As most of you know by now, the Hurricanes were banned from using Twitter earlier this week by their head football coach. What most of you probably aren't aware of is "that punishment" was not the worst of it. According to a story by the Associated Press, Shannon lit into his players after Saturday's loss at No. 2-ranked Ohio State. Some of you might be thinking, well, what's the big deal? He should have.

As it turns out, it might have been the first time Shannon has actually given his team a real tongue-lashing.  "I never have seen him like that," offensive lineman Orlando Franklin told AP, "but I can't say I was shocked."

Said linebacker Jordan Futch: "We deserved it."

According to the story, Shannon spared no feelings in that postgame meeting. Receivers and running backs who ran the wrong routes and played a role in Jacory Harris throwing four interceptions all felt his wrath. Linemen who missed blocks that led to sacks, they felt the heat as well. And most of the fire was directed toward those defenders who missed tackles, especially ones in the backfield - Shannon stopped counting after that list exceeded 10.

""I've never been a guy that just goes off," Shannon said Thursday after Miami's first practice since the loss. "But they needed it at that time because I was frustrated. We're a good football team. And we could have done something that hasn't been done here in a long time. Ohio State is a good football team, a great football team, but we made so many mistakes we didn't give ourselves a chance."

I've got three words: About freaking time.

As tough a stance as Shannon might take on guns, grades and goofing around, it is during the games most of his critics would like to see more of Nasty Randy. If you haven't noticed, Shannon hasn't been one to show much emotion on the sidelines at all. At times when the Hurricanes have been at their worst in his four years as coach, TV cameras have caught Shannon almost expressionless.

There have been only two times I can recall Shannon being upset. The first time was when Urban Meyer ran up the score with a late field goal against UM in 2008 and Shannon shook Meyer's hand quickly before rushing off the field. The most visible was last year's game against Clemson when he and offensive coordinator Mark Whipple exchanged heated words on the sidelines before halftime.

Those two brief moments shouldn't be what we remember. There should be at least two blow ups a game according to a few former Canes I spoke with on Wednesday night.

Jimmy JohnsonLeon Searcy, who won two national titles at UM (1989, 1991) and now hosts the Canes4Life TV show on CBS-4 every Saturday at 11:30 a.m., shared a few great stories with me about Jimmy Johnson and the fire he coached with on the sidelines.

"I remember my freshman year, we were up on Arkansas 51-0 in the fourth quarter," Searcy recalled.

"Now, Jimmy wanted to destroy these guys. Arkansas was a school that had passed him up for a coaching job. He came over to us on the sidelines and said 'If you mother [expletives] let these guys score, I don't care what the final score is, I'm going to run your mother [expletives] [expletives] for three days.' We were scared. Second team was in there. Arkansas ends up scoring on like the last play of the game. The next three days, all we did was run.' We knew the next time he said 'Don't let this happen, we weren't going to let it happen."

Fear can be a remarkable motivator. Former Canes cornerback Duane Starks (this week's guest on the Canes4Life show) told me fear of losing his starting job is what kept him pushing himself to be the best on the field every week during his time at UM. 

"I knew when I played that half-ass stuff wasn't going to work," Starks said. "You had to bring it every day or somebody was going to take your job from you. Maybe, they need a little more of that."

Part of that, starts with emotion. And that starts at the top. 

I'm not saying the players on this team don't want to win. The loss at Ohio State stung. But when players begin to feel comfortable they'll be out there every Saturday because the guy behind them can't beat them and then, they don't have anyone coming down hard on them from the top when they don't deliver, well, mediocre play becomes accepted. 


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If it took Randy Shannon this long to get upset, he should be fired.

Please Randy. This is what we need. U cant expect the different results if u keep doing the same thing. Make them scared to screw up. Let them know that mediocore is not accepted. Dont just say the words, PUT THE WORDS IN THEM!!! Grab a facemask and make sure he feels your anger.





I am a firm believer that subordinates always mimic what happens at the top. If the HC is emotionless during games, why wouldn't the players be emotionless during the same game? Remember, it's called being a leader.

Somebody better light a fire under their butts! I want Pitt routed! I want Pitt humiliated! I want a return to winning streaks, championships, and dominating play! The "U" has arguably the greatest football history of the modern era. That University, the Program, that Uniform, This is the University of Miami---i cried watching them loose to OSU. I'm from south Florida and a proud, life long Hurricane. I agree with Coach Shannon--this team can be pretty good---so get out there and make south Florida proud once more!

randy also showed emotion at the north carolina game but the cameras quickly got off that. so called fans on this site are quick to dog randy and jacory in all of this. what about whipple. why doesnt he call more running plays and we have one predictable play action pass without running the ball. what was that garbage gimmick play at the beginning of the ostate game all about. we should have come out and enforced our will against them. be fair and spread the blame around it was an overall bad showing on everyone. real canes fans know what im talking about.

Great article. Couldn't agree more with the "Fear is a remarkable motivator" statement. I look at stories of Alabama and watch how Nick Saban coaches and he is constantly yelling and screaming at his players. Using that tactic has clearly worked for him at LSU and Alabama.

But give OSU credit they're defense was on top of their game. One game does not decide a season, 12 games does. And if Randy can light a fire under these guys I can see us being in the Top 5 at the end of the year.

I have to agree with tallycane here, we are "supposed" to have a stable of running backs yet we never seem to run ball. I must agree with coach when he is talking about all the missed tackles in the basckfield... I mean wrap up guys!!!!!

It’s about time Shannon lost his cool. This group of ‘Canes is as talented as any other but obviously lack the fire and competitiveness of their predecessors. Do you think for a second that Ray Lewis, Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Warren Sapp or even Ken Dorsey would have put up with the kind of play these ‘Canes have shown? Absolutely not! Travis Benjamin named specialist of the week… great. Now pull your head out of your @ss and run the right route and catch the ball. That’s what Michael Irvin or Kellen Windslow would tell you. Ray Lewis or Warren Sapp would say you had Pryor in the backfield why didn’t you bring him down? Until you start using your G-d given talents to the fullest you will only be a ‘Canes wanna-be. Hit somebody in the mouth and don’t take mediocrity from teammates. Be a ‘Cane in the true definition of the word.

Dats what I like 2 hear, randy needs 2 show some emotion also on da sideline 2 get these kids motivated, there isn't anyone stepping up to butt heads, slap shoulder pads, ect. To get everyone hyped up and ready to destroy there opponent. Randy needs to stop being serious, and get crazy like he did in his playing days at da U, we saw how he was on da documentary. So put some fear, excitement, some real swagger in dem canes, cuz we are a way 2 good of a football team 2 lose anymore. Go canes!

it,s about time!!!

He's got no choice. Another disaster ending year like last year, won't cut it. These guys had the horses to win that game last week. If Jimmy was coaching, we would've blown them out. they're way too comfortable, and soft.

U would think after all the times Duh U has lost the last 5 years, U Cane fans would know how to spell the word LOSE finally.

That's L.O.S.E . U'll get used to it, there are plenty more coming. U'll get it, atleast until U get a real head coach.

This is an excellent piece because it addresses the core of our problems. Number 1. We do not have that fire and desire anymore. The teams for the last few years have not been overly aggressive and have actually looked weak because of it. 2. Is the lack of competition, especially at QB. Jacory knows full well that he is guarnteed a start no matter what because he is the only viable option at QB. And it has made him comfortable and spoiled. 3. The Coach MUST push harder, get mad, curse, whatever ! It's maddening to watch Coach Shannon with that blank look on the sideline as we blow games. Fortunately all the above can be corrected and without a doubt Shannon can and will get it done.

well,this is what happens when you hire someone with NO head coaching experience,let alone no emotion...what did you expect..

Glad to see it, lets transfer that outburst to the field and get back to where we belong. The intensity and focus has to increase in order for that to happen. This is in the coaches and players both.

I agree. randy needs to stiop being robotic, even with his play calling and so-called discipline.

I myself would have loved to see them getting 1,2,3 personal foul penalties early in the game, nothing too dirty, but just to letthem know where we are and how we are. F it. Should of hit Pryor late a couple of times. Heck- did anyone see him swing at the head of Brandon harris in an attemnpt at a stiff arm?

Come out like the canes of old. Hit them hard, maybe a tad late, dont purposely hurt anyone, but you all know what I mean. That will begin instilling the fear that they once created.

Its time to say eff it

chester if you cried after a football game you really need to get a life. i hope all of yur bosses scream at you today. maybe you'll get off this blog and actually work.

tallycane I am a real cane fan and I don't know what you mean. Please explain to help out us slow folk.

U would think after all the times Duh U has lost the last 5 years, U Cane fans would know how to spell the word LOSE finally.

That's L.O.S.E . U'll get used to it, there are plenty more coming. U'll get it, atleast until U get a real head coach.

Posted by: U as in LOSERS | September 17, 2010 at 05:38 AM

Folks, remember not to retaliate against this racist sicko on here. His home base is Gator Clause. Retaliation there has led to him getting removed from the Sun Sentinel site, let's see if we can get him banned from here as well.

Just like we took the fight to Japan and Afghanistan, don't reward him by responding here, give him the retaliation for his constant 365/24/7 trolling on his own site. Maybe it will teachhim to be a little less disgusting on Canes sites.

Randy showed emotion after a timeout when right before Chase Ford caught the TD, he showed emotion after the missed field goal by the OSU kicker that kept OSU's lead at 12 (slapping the hands of his special teams players as they ran off the field)....I agree with Tally, at the beginning of games, we need to line up in the I formation and pound Berry and James for like 5 plays straight, then go to the stretch play that almost always gains 4-6 yards, then start the playaction passes...

He may have been just upset that Ohio State was about to run up the score but they felt pity on the Canes and took a knee inside their 20. That to me, is more humiliating then scoring.

Ohio State was saying, we feel bad for you poor Canes, we are going to stop playing with time on the clock. We will not step on your throat and embarrass you.

Yess!! This what I meant, we need that fire back!1 We play like robot cinderella's. I have never understand Shannon philosophy of getting an early out of practice because they did things right once...keep hammering practice...that is what makes perfection. We need Nasty Randy, if your are able to bring back that fire we will go a long way. Stop JH goofiness and make him accountable, make a QB competition regardless of what you have as backups.

Its about time! If he shows more emotion on the sidelines maybe it will help these young men become more intense with their play. Football is all about emotions. Of course talent plays a BIG part-and the canes have alot of talent. With that said - I just wish RS would give Ray Ray a chance at QB- he has all the credentials - speed-not afraid to run- and a strong arm. I don't know maybe he doesn't have it between the ears to lead a team, but we will never know until you try. I seen him play QB and was very impressed! Please, give him a try!!

Wow. So he finally breaks out of his robot outfit to lash out at our guys AFTER they lost the biggest game in a decade?

Gee, thanks coach. How about showing some leadership DURING the damn game, or maybe BEFORE the damn game.

Go win games. Stop losing games. Miami deserves better results then you are providing. It is your 4th year coaching here at Miami and it's still not good enough.

Too little, too late. What must be done eventually must be done immediately. Radio must go.

I haven't smiled like this in a week. Thank God! Randy Shannon is no robot, and I agree with the above poster (TallyCane I think) that the fans are far too quick to blame certain people and not others, and to give up on a team after one bad loss. But it's the way we lose, the way we look timid and scared when things go wrong, or the way we lack emotion when we should be getting mad that really irritates. I think Randy has a lot of JJ in him, and that's why it's so frustrating when you hear in the postgame interview things like "Well, the stats were even but we had turnovers and lost." That makes it seem like he things everything is fine and these guys just had an off day, not like he recognizes that something is off mentally with these guys.

JJ's greatest quote was "let's play like a bunch of crazy men." Randy is a great coach and will eventually be a great head coach, but he's been learning right along with his team and that's why this building process is taking a while. He's not Saban or Meyer, who had plenty of on the job training at smaller schools before they figured it all out at major programs. He's not JJ, who was a head coach at a small school before he came to UM. And now it's time for Shannon to learn the last lesson...you can't be stoic, you have to be emotional. You can't coddle them...you have to light them up when they stink and treat them like men!

Maybe he's finally got that, and this will be the beginning of one heck of a run.

Go Canes!

I got Randy's back. Look at the recruiting already taking place for 2012. CANE 4 LIFE over hear on the FL West Coast.

Bout time....RS should have had those guys out there running routes and tackling Sunday morning after the show they displayed against OSU.

That game against Ohio St. was lost by the players, not the coaching. Years past, I would agree that it was coaching. It's the players that make plays, not the coaches. BUT, our def. backs are never in position. I do believe this will be McGriff's last year. Whether we go 11-1 or 1-11, I'm a CANE 4 LFIE.

Look you guys, you know why this is news? Because Randy doesn't yell. He isn't a yeller. But I know because this was out of character the guys took it seriously. They aren't saying "that's coach being coach again". This "tirade" might be historic like the Tebow presser was years ago if the Canes do what I think they are about to do...which win and win some more. Go Canes. The run starts now.

Every leader has their own style. Maybe Shannon does not feel the need to scream, but now he is changing his philosophy because he saw his players were not playing at their best. Give it a rest guys. Yelling at someone does not make them perform that much better.

I have witnessed coach show emotion plenty of times. If players are self motivated, then RS can just sit there & do his job. Being good at X's & O's is going to win game; not jumping up & down on the sidelines like a jackass. This is the lamest argument ever! JMO

I see the idiots from Hogtown still show up here.

22-18 overall

11-13 in the weak ACC

I think the upper levels at the University of Miami should be outraged that they even pay this guy any money to put up these results. These results would not stand at any D-1 school much less a team that SHOULD be competing for national championships not struggling to be the middle of the pack in the ACC. That is a terrible record, unacceptable, yet we all try and find excuses for this guy.

Randy you better start showing results, this year, or you can start planning for another job because the job you have done here has been terrible.

22-18 overall

11-13 in the weak ACC

I think the upper levels at the University of Miami should be outraged that they even pay this guy any money to put up these results. These results would not stand at any D-1 school much less a team that SHOULD be competing for national championships not struggling to be the middle of the pack in the ACC. That is a terrible record, unacceptable, yet we all try and find excuses for this guy.

Randy you better start showing results, this year, or you can start planning for another job because the job you have done here has been terrible.

Posted by: True Canes Fan | September 17, 2010 at 10:48 AM


Do you donate to the school? If not, please STFU!

Because Randy Shannon is frequently under control, this tirade may actually pay off and work for him. If it's really a rare explosion, then the team should hear him loud and clear.

But for it to have full force, somebody, a high profile player, has to lose his starting job when he makes repetitive, critical, mental errors. If your bark is worse than your bite, players will figure that out. Even if you only lose your starting job for a few series or a quarter, it's a shot to the ego. It also sends the message -- "I mean what I say about competition."

I was a little surprised to hear Shannon talk about his verbal outburst, because he usually keeps team business in the locker room. He's tight-lipped about injuries, and wouldn't even talk about guys leaving the team.

Maybe coach has realized the fans were frustrated watching all that talent self-destruct in another important game. He figures he needs to let us know he feels our pain.

Finally, a thought on Miami's inability to generate turnovers, a hot topic that last several years. Besides dropping interceptions, you just don't see a lot of fumbles created. Perhaps it's because the Canes often fail to wrap up the ball carrier when they tackle. Lots of guys going for kill shots with the shoulder, lead to extra yards after the initial contact .... not great tackling, stripped balls and fumbles.

Shannon HAS to start getting fired up DURING gametime.

Fear=Focus. We all know what that means.

Enough with the excuses. Get it done. Either the "U" is good enough or they are not. "U" fans and coaches want results. If the "U" loses one game in the ACC its because they are not as good as we thought. G-Tech loses to Kansas? V-Tech loses to William and Mary? WHAT? Florida State gets destroyed by Oklahoma? I did not expect the "U" to go 12-0. More like 10-2 but not to lose the way they did at OSU. I thought the "U" would keep it close and play a solid game. But instead it was the Wisconsin game all over again minus the terrible 0-line play. Which I thought was about the only bright spot in that game. If the "U" does not win the ACC Coastal division and win the ACC Championship game and play in the Orange Bowl its not because of this or that, its because the talent was not as good as we thought. It all starts at Pitt. Get it done. GOOO! CANES!

anyone else notice the trend over last few years which is to always look ahead to next year's recruiting class (especially after a loss)?
it should be about developing todays players;
Think that the Pitt game is a MUST win for us

How has Holcutt gotten a free pass in all this; 22-18 and we give RS am extension ?? how's that working out for us. Randy is an exceptional recruiter but clearly lacks the fundamental skills of a game day coach. How many times do we need to hear "back to the drawing board" in the middle of a season. We have the athletes but don't know how to use them...case in point Hester, Parrish, Macintosh and others who are miscast at the U and go on to successful NFL careers with coaches who now how to unilize their skills and can motivate. We see J12 with a mediocre arm and poor decision making failing miserablly and yet we recuit Teddy B. cut out of the same mold instead of a Dorsey like Jake Rudock from STA who if off to Iowa to follow a Chris Stanzi who has the Hawkeyes at #6 with far inferior talent in a much tougher conference. We have the "best RB's" in the contry yet we throw the ball to start the Game. We have a young inexperienced OL yet we ask them to pass protect which is much harder to scheme than run blocking. I am tired of Holcutt and Shalala trying to put their footprint on the program and RS not having the B__lls to stand up to them, (likely 'cause no one else will hire him). We consistently turn away athletes for grades only to watch them land and suceed at other programs, (see Noel Devine at WV)... this will only stop when we start to see other sports dropped at the U 'cause the moneymaker stops bringging in the $$ to subidize. Here we are blogging on RS sideline temperament ???..goes way beyond that my fellow diehards...!!!

After reading some of these ignorant posts I now know where "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader," gets their contestants! Hurricane Blogs.

I have a feeling these gator clucks posing as disgruntled Cane fans will crawl under a rock after Saturday.

Posted by: Anonymous Cane | September 17, 2010 at 12:25 PM

99.9% of these posts are from a turd fan that was banned from the sentinel. Don't believe me? Go check out the blog over there. It used to be the same way. Not any longer.

Well said jra

When you have the attention of the players as a father figure, which I would guess Randy has, and passion and anger to go along with it, that is a tremendous motivator. When you have any group of people you're trying to mold into performing at the highest level, having them feel very uncomfortable about disappointing you works mightily to your advantage. I was never a football coach but I directed theatre and always told my casts if you miss a rehearsal for any other reason, unless your're either in traction or you're dead, it will be your first and last absence. On a couple of occasions I had to prove I wasn't bluffing and there were no problems after that. Oh, and one other thing, they weren't getting paid.


Berry avg 5.9 yds per carry yet only got the ball 16 times. 28 rushing attempts 39 passing attempts, tackles are both former guards who know how to block. I don't know x's & o's that well but something seems wrong to me. I know fans and some writers felt too much was put on JH last year, guess the coaching staff did not feel the same way. Hope Whipple was included in the tirade.

A little to late for Mr. Shannanigans. This team is used to losing and nothing can be done about it.

OH BOY here we come Mr. Clean Tiolet Bowl Bowl.

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