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Tirade? About time we see Nasty Randy

Banning Twitter wasn't the beginning of the new, meaner Randy Shannon. And hopefully for the Canes, it's not the end.

Randy Shannon As most of you know by now, the Hurricanes were banned from using Twitter earlier this week by their head football coach. What most of you probably aren't aware of is "that punishment" was not the worst of it. According to a story by the Associated Press, Shannon lit into his players after Saturday's loss at No. 2-ranked Ohio State. Some of you might be thinking, well, what's the big deal? He should have.

As it turns out, it might have been the first time Shannon has actually given his team a real tongue-lashing.  "I never have seen him like that," offensive lineman Orlando Franklin told AP, "but I can't say I was shocked."

Said linebacker Jordan Futch: "We deserved it."

According to the story, Shannon spared no feelings in that postgame meeting. Receivers and running backs who ran the wrong routes and played a role in Jacory Harris throwing four interceptions all felt his wrath. Linemen who missed blocks that led to sacks, they felt the heat as well. And most of the fire was directed toward those defenders who missed tackles, especially ones in the backfield - Shannon stopped counting after that list exceeded 10.

""I've never been a guy that just goes off," Shannon said Thursday after Miami's first practice since the loss. "But they needed it at that time because I was frustrated. We're a good football team. And we could have done something that hasn't been done here in a long time. Ohio State is a good football team, a great football team, but we made so many mistakes we didn't give ourselves a chance."

I've got three words: About freaking time.

As tough a stance as Shannon might take on guns, grades and goofing around, it is during the games most of his critics would like to see more of Nasty Randy. If you haven't noticed, Shannon hasn't been one to show much emotion on the sidelines at all. At times when the Hurricanes have been at their worst in his four years as coach, TV cameras have caught Shannon almost expressionless.

There have been only two times I can recall Shannon being upset. The first time was when Urban Meyer ran up the score with a late field goal against UM in 2008 and Shannon shook Meyer's hand quickly before rushing off the field. The most visible was last year's game against Clemson when he and offensive coordinator Mark Whipple exchanged heated words on the sidelines before halftime.

Those two brief moments shouldn't be what we remember. There should be at least two blow ups a game according to a few former Canes I spoke with on Wednesday night.

Jimmy JohnsonLeon Searcy, who won two national titles at UM (1989, 1991) and now hosts the Canes4Life TV show on CBS-4 every Saturday at 11:30 a.m., shared a few great stories with me about Jimmy Johnson and the fire he coached with on the sidelines.

"I remember my freshman year, we were up on Arkansas 51-0 in the fourth quarter," Searcy recalled.

"Now, Jimmy wanted to destroy these guys. Arkansas was a school that had passed him up for a coaching job. He came over to us on the sidelines and said 'If you mother [expletives] let these guys score, I don't care what the final score is, I'm going to run your mother [expletives] [expletives] for three days.' We were scared. Second team was in there. Arkansas ends up scoring on like the last play of the game. The next three days, all we did was run.' We knew the next time he said 'Don't let this happen, we weren't going to let it happen."

Fear can be a remarkable motivator. Former Canes cornerback Duane Starks (this week's guest on the Canes4Life show) told me fear of losing his starting job is what kept him pushing himself to be the best on the field every week during his time at UM. 

"I knew when I played that half-ass stuff wasn't going to work," Starks said. "You had to bring it every day or somebody was going to take your job from you. Maybe, they need a little more of that."

Part of that, starts with emotion. And that starts at the top. 

I'm not saying the players on this team don't want to win. The loss at Ohio State stung. But when players begin to feel comfortable they'll be out there every Saturday because the guy behind them can't beat them and then, they don't have anyone coming down hard on them from the top when they don't deliver, well, mediocre play becomes accepted. 


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Take a closer look at your OC Whipple. He's the problem. He choked at OSU. Maybe the crowd got to him. A good coach develops talent. He's the QB coach. Poor play calling, offsides, lined up wrong, wrong routes. People give him too much credit.

Posted by: pepe el pinguo | September 17, 2010 at 01:42 PM

You would think turd tard would know how to spell toilet after all he lives in one.

Randy is suppose to be this defensive guru. Why the hell are you not blitzing the qb and cause a little choas out there. Was at the ohio state game and the defense played on its heals the whole game instead of attacking. Offense didnt do much better. RUN the dam ball and then do a play action pass. Better yet if the wr is being covered with 2 or 3 guys on him throw the dam ball out of bounds. Stop the heisman talk about harris just play qb manage the game and dont throw f*&king interceptions.

This team is ready, I think.. Full ride nothing, if you can't play the game, sit their
butts down and let someone else in there. Wide
outs suck;;;no heart.. Catch the ball. They are afraid of the hit thats coming...And, forget that sideline passsssssss.
Miami Bob

Did anyone see the WOLFPACK... Come on, win this year or get someone eles in here.

Can't believe what I'm reading. All i see is talk about getting fired up at gametime. The passion of a leader needs to be expressed during practice. Practice should be tougher than any game. That is what draws out heart. A great leader Pushes you until your watching your breaking point disappear in the rear view mirror. practice hard, play easy, and know you have the biggest heart on the field.

Too much of anything is bad, a coach that screams all the time at his players looses the team but be too passive and they run you over. Randy needs to get on these guys a little more, he needs to show them the way. I would say the same thing for Jacory, every time they showed him on the sideline he was off by himself staring into the middle distance. I like the fact that he doesn't panic but I want to see the fire and leadership from him, this team needs it. Maybe we should send him to Chad Pennington for a leadership 101 course.

About time...he got angry...maybe this is our Washington game we lost 11 years ago...

One more time I drug all my 'CANES' parafanalia out to decorate the 'man cave' at my home after disgustingly stuffin' it in a closet after last year's loss to Wisconsin. I've got helmets, posters, hats, mugs, toothpick holders, footballs, signs, a clock, pens and more! "This is the year", I told myself one more time with the naive notion that J12 had grown up and was ready physically and mentally to get it done. One more time I told myself the coaching staff was in control with great planning and discipline. "My Gator and FSU friends were in for a shock when the 'U' hits the field this year!" I stupidly told myself. I am so 'burned out' from disappointment and seriously pissed-off at the whole damn mess. I would have been happy to have beat Ohio State and lost every other game. Now the only thing I can do to save my flagging enthusiasm is to go on-line and look at YouTube videos of game hightlights from the good ol' days. Boys and girls we used to kick so much _ss and all the other teams could taste was shoe polish all the way home. Maybe we could start a 'Double-Dutch' jump-roping team or perhaps 'Hop-Scotch'. I am depressed.

Sorry but Shannon is no HC material. He is a great DC. He's is the problem not the players. Out coached most of the time and his teams are unprepared most of the time.
He suck's as HC and we will not even win the ACCless title...


Look at where we are with Shannon .... most are saying Pitt is a must win!!! wooo Pitt is a bad team and we are treating it as a must win ...we should cruise ... now Clemson will be tough and Shannon has to defeat DADDY BUTCH Davis who one his az.. Butch beats shannon even with his 3erd string players against our 1sts... We will get pasted by FSU at home and that will be the end of Shannon... next year will be interesting...

Great article, Thanks! About time indeed, what type of reception would any of those players mentioned, specifically Harris, received walking off the field to meet Jimmy Johnson??? OMG, can you even imagine! Come on Randy, you've done the hard part of recruiting all these excellent athletes, now just "instill a fear of failure" mentality...God knows they (UM Coaches) did it to you when you played!! GO CANES!!!

Here's what we need: We need Telemaque flying around like Bennie Blades; we need Allen Bailey busting up like Sapp; we need no catches here like Ryan McNeil; we need receivers like Mike Irvin. Get me that and we're back.

As punishment for Saturday's sloppy performance, the players should have been forced to run windsprints until they puked. Nothing like 20 "gassers" to get their minds right about the consequences of losing.

Shannon is way too soft on the players. And it shows on the field.

Man I played for Butch during the mid 90's. He instilled the fear God in all his players. The team would feed on butch's emotion and elevate their play just to not let him down. When you let him down in a game, he let you know. When you made a big play, he let you. Football is a game of momentum and emotion... also helps having the players (we went 5-6 in 1997). Players feed off of energy..

Please already with the fans that continue to give Randy a pass. He is weak, and it is his team. You can't continue to give the coach a pass; its insane! When a company in the private sector folds, who do they blame?
The employees...no the blame goes to the top. All of you talking, "Its the players, its the players," are sadly mistaken. If you can't produce results, you don't have a job. That is the American Way. As HC, he has to get the most out of the players. Instead, we have seen intimidation, confusion, and insecurity in these boys when they play in big games. That is clearly on the coach. However, I am not surprise. This is the same game that he told the team to remember last year when they lost to VT and that they shouldn't be concerned with revenge because they wasn't playing in the last OSU game. Being over-confident is one thing, but killing the players motivation for a game is another. Let the guys go out and play. McCarthy was quoted saying this is a wonderful opportunity and he plays middle linebacker. You think Ray Lewis, Jonathan Vilma, Beason, or Morgan would have went into the game saying this is a wonderful opportunity. The reason UM was so good in the past was because they talked so much smack before the game that they had to go out a defend their words. During big games, this team plays like the emotionless look on Randy's face. I'm sorry but you can't play football without emotion. The U played with assertiveness, intimidation, and confidence. People now refer to it as swagger. Let these boys play RS!

"The Dolphins found themselves doing tackling drills during September practices, not typically a time when coaches want their players on the ground because of the injury risks. This year, the Dolphins believe they improved their ability to make more open-field tackles before the season began. Bell and Clemons said they are seeing better results because of the emphasis that has been placed on the skill by new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan." Take a hint RS! As for the offense, how about spreading the defense out. Last I heard, we have one of the deepest receiving corp in the country. How about putting these guys in one-on-one situations forcing their 3rd and 4th defender to play. Put pressure on their dbs for a change, give our receivers some space, allow our rbs to run from 3 or 4 receiving formations, quick passes from a spread offense, and stop J12 from throwing to receivers that are doubled and tripled covered. The spread Whipple and Shannon. Try it...it will work. Save your jobs and open up the offensive playbook.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/09/17/1828787/new-miami-dolphins-defensive.html#ixzz0zpW9RV9p

caneforlife, you sure seem to have a great plan going there
Why dont you just call the staff up and let them know about that great gameplan of yours
Youre just another so-called expert bandwagon Cane fan who always has something to complain about
Another typical fan only when the Canes win, otherwise everything is doom and gloom
canesforlife....yeah right...who are you trying to kid
Thankfully we do have some real Canes up in this place

It's too late for the yelling. These guys aren't going to flip a switch and go undefeated.

We are in a must win against Pitt!?!?! Look at what we have become.

About time someone tore into this team.

They've played 2 good games, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma last year. Otherwise, this team isn't very good.

Cane2896 Birkdale:

Dude, I'm 100% with you. This problem goes all the way to the top. It's not going to get any better, we will lose again.

Moronic Gator fans posting on here as Cane fans
Gee isnt that original.
Go back to where your team hangs out and leave here. Dont for 1 second think the fake Cane fan routine is fooling anyone FU troller

j12 is a d-2 qb
he was a mistake of a recruit
only brought in to secure the nw class that have ALL been failures.

Shannon is an unwanted coach anywhere else.
who else would give him a hc job?
only us cause we got him on the cheap.

shalala is a joke, go work for obama and stop ruining the U.

We are in trouble.

Need a new coach and QB from the suburbs.

j12 is a d-2 qb
he was a mistake of a recruit
only brought in to secure the nw class that have ALL been failures.

Shannon is an unwanted coach anywhere else.
who else would give him a hc job?
only us cause we got him on the cheap.

shalala is a joke, go work for obama and stop ruining the U.

We are in trouble.

Need a new coach and QB from the suburbs

You gayturd fans just worry about your juvenile delinquents. Thirty arrest in 5 years? Do they have a tunnel that goes from the jail to the field to accommodate all the UFelons? Is there a bailbondsman on campus or does Turdban have them on speed dial? Must be very proud. When u have 5 NC you can come on here and talk trash. Until then STFU!

We have our own problems, no need to discuss Florida on this blog.

ok, i guess i'm in the minority here....look we have RS for the season, is what it is.

i know it's all about points and we all agree OSU is an excellent team. that said here's what i noted play by play in the first half after watching it on dvr twice in slow motion:

-we were not intimidated by the crowd, credit to the coaching staff
-we dominated in the 1Q...we had 19 "good" plays to their 4. i was amazed at how well our D players were in the right position--yes some tackles were missed, but that's Pryor.
-our initial D line presence caused OSU to double team Fortson or another interior lineman, which allowed Spence and CM to make tackles for loss unopposed. Pryor slipped out of them a few times.
-BH dominated, zero mistakes
-Bailey sprints 7 yards from the backfield to drag down Pryor on 3rd and 13
-Hankerson caught a tough 24 yd catch knowing he was going to get nailed
-the first man that touches Berry never takes him down
-Bosher 58 yd punt, 51 yd FG
-Gunn and Harland aren't quick enough to deal with speed, strong as they may be in the weight room
-RR took a bad angle on the 62yd pass, and ofcourse he should of made the pick, unacceptable
-the pass Spence dropped was super low, we're ripping on him but in slow motion you can see that was awfully tough for anyone to catch
-Lamar Lamar Lamar....the rest of the season coaches are going to be spending valuable time worrying about him
-JH missed Lamar on a simple pass and missed two easy touch passes for TD's to AJ and TB3--imagine how that changes the game....puzzling thing is, that's his easiest pass, the short lob...say what JH??
-DVD drops an INT
-KO coverage, unacceptable

my point is twofold:
1. these are correctable mistakes. the effort was there, with the exception of not utilizing Lamar on O the schemes were there, especially on D.
2. we are not going to face ANYONE near the quality of OSU or Pryor for the rest of the season...we fix these glitches and we can dominate and run the table. go back and look at the tape.

a loss is a loss, OSU is a better team, but not by much. hang in there Cane's nation, i'm just as furious as you about the lack of revenge but when you break down the tape there's a lot to be positive about.

i'm tired of the hype and "we're back", so are you. no, we're not, but i truly believe we are going to crush the rest of the teams on our schedule, based on what i saw on tape.

listen im not gonna bash the gators just keep in mind the gators have as many problems as the canes... ill tell u shannon is too relaxed... he needs to start getting more vocal and stop trying to be so polite... im tired of hearing how good the program has become... win some dam prime time games randy otherwise kirby needs to boot his reae end... and this whole people dont like me cause im black is pathetic... im a minority too pal... black.. white... asian... i dont care.. start winning some prime games randy!!!!

good gator shut up and go to your own blog pall!

So you barely scraped by the dregas of the SEC. Way to go, Gatards. The team looks great. Brantley could start for 90% off the teams in the country?

Pfffaw. That dude suuuucks. And the backup is Trey Burton? Wow. You have no depth. You have no playmakers.

SS Trailertrash is sinking.

Posted by: The Pig | September 18, 2010 at 08:17 PM

So canesian.

Wow, UFelony looks pathetic against a below average Tennessee team. Pouncy should use the agent money to get snapping lessons.
I smell a loss for the gaytors.

Posted by: Gaturd Fan | September 18, 2010 at 04:49 PM

He's classy too.

It won't much matter. Vols will DESTROY the SS Trailertrash.

Posted by: The Pig | September 18, 2010 at 03:45 PM

Not a very good prognosticator though.

nowhere in this story do i hear jacory harris getting yelled at...

tallycane makes a great point. Whipple unfortunately comes from the Andy Reid system of the philadelphia eagles system which runs the football less than any pro team. I think he calls his games very similar to the eagles. However jacory harris is not Donovan Mcnabb, and what upsets me is I don't think his game plan allows jacory to get in a rythm. He doesn't adjust to what is happening on the field. The Wisconsin game, there db's were consistently 10-12 yds off our receivers, yet we tried to throw route combos that were deep. hitches, slants, outs etc with our athletes would have killed them, but we never did it. Im not a jacory apologist, i have been critical of him but our game plan sets him up to fail. jacory is a good qb, but to me, whipple calls plays as though he is an elite pro qb.

randy is boring, over his head, sucks as a head coach. he was better running money for luke.

and if he keeps wearing those horrible 1980's pleated pants, they might come back in style - someday.

but i doubt that as much as i doubt him as a head coach.

canes fan i think a lot of what you said is tru... buddy it all wont mean squat and his life means nothing.. hes just gotta start getting this team to win the big games... enough of his rough upbringing... start winning the big games.... 1-7 vs top 10 teams... not good


I agree with you. The offense the coaches are running doesn't utilize our talents. We have at least 6 high quality WR; however, we come out using 2 of these guys at a time. The offense we ran against OSU fed into the strengths of their defense. We ran that underneath junk and tried a conventional pro-style formation. I'm sure OSU was glad they weren't tested deep. In addition, I'm sure they were concerned with the speed we have on the offensive side of the ball, but we never fully took advantage of it. I heard that OSU's weakness were their DBs.

In addition, as you stated, no gametime adjustments. Four years and seldom do we make any gametime or halftime adjustments. Yeah 305, I'm sure you have the answers. Remember loyalty doesn't mean you can't be critical. Bandwagon...I been a fan since you were wearing diapers.

After watching Iowa on the road a well coached team and a very good team, make the mistakes that cost them the game, a head coach who showed no emotion during the game, a proven winner and we all want to jump the Canes shizz. It happens on the road. Veteran QB and experienced OL and look what happened. The better team lost, It happens.

Get a clue Canes Fans, and layoff the name calling and the racist remarks. I read another site after the OSU game and it made me sick to think these people are Canes fans, NOT!!!!

You are not funny with the name calling, actually it makes you look like the loser you really are.

What was the comment? Did someone say that he is an unfocused idiot that throws to Db's and dresses like a jive turkey? Very racist.

A quarterback strugling to make it to the line of scrimmage because of cramps and no one calls a time out. Enough said. Not only will we never win a National Championship with Shannon as head coach we will not even make it to the ACC championship game. How embrassing. We used to strieve for National Championships now we struggle for a winning record.

HAHA another overrated year.

Well if you want to know the truth,and Manny I think you do know this, Shannon just cant do what Jimmy Johnson, Butch and Erickson did. This is a different era and Shannon is measured with a different stick. And us who understsnd the politics know this. When Jimmy yelled and pissed a fit he was considered fired up and into the game. If Shannon yells and acts on his emotion he would be considered out of control and in over his head. Perecption is amazing! Shannon does a good job at suppressing his emotions andhe does so because he knows he would be perceived differently. Dont believe it, check how fired up he has been over the years while a defensive coordinator. He doesnt have the leash that Johnson, Erickson, and Davis had. He has the leash of Ty Willingham and about as much support as Willingham had at Notre Dame.

10-2 ans play Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl.

Ty willingham was also fired so... yea. his record speaks for itself. shannon doesnt have the leash? the administration loves him. he just got a contract extension and his team has the highest APR in the nation. wtf are you talking about? maybe im wrong but it seems to me you're playing the race card. (that he's on a short leash because he's black) it has absolutely nothing to do with that. it has to do with this teams ascension to the elite of college football. and right now his progress in year 4 isnt cutting it. im seeing freshman mistakes from juniors and seniors. and im seeing a team who is soft and has no fire. im sorry but thats the truth.

Randy is doing a good job. This TEAM has improved their talent/play from year-to-year under his direction. Now look at the last time the Canes' won the National Championship or played in the NC Game. What type of players did they have on that team? Ed Reed, Shawn Taylor, Kellen Winslow, Jeremey Shockey, etc. All these guys had fire in there blood. They were the leaders....Coker was not the leader. We all remember the half time talk Ed Reed gave at the Flordia State game. That wasn't a coach! You can't make players/coaches be something they are not. Jimmy Johnson once said, "If player want to be flambouyant he would allow them to be...If that was them, but it had to be in the confine of the game." Jimmy has a pysch degree....Players that need to be kicked in the rear...kick em'. Players that need to be patted on the back...pat them. Bottom line, get everyone motivated and on one page to obtain one common goal.


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