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UM injury report for Clemson

Here is Miami’s updated injury report for Saturday's game at Clemson:

RB Graig Cooper - Lower Extremity

OL Malcolm Bunche - Lower Extremity
DL Curtis Porter - Lower Extremity

BAILEY NAMED TO LOTT WATCH LIST: Allen Bailey has been nominated for the Lott Trophy presented to college football’s Defensive IMPACT Player of the Year, as announced by the Pacific Club IMPACT Foundation Thursday.

Bailey was one of four outstanding college defensive players added to the 2010 Lott IMPACT Trophy Watch List for the award given to a player who exhibits the same characteristics Ronnie Lott embodied during his distinguished career: Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community and Tenacity.

Bailey was joined by Quinton Carter of Oklahoma, Lawrence Guy of Arizona State and Prince Amukamara of Nebraska as additions to the initial list.

Voters for the award include selected members of the national media, previous finalists, members of the Pacific Club IMPACT Foundation Board of Directors and distinguished alumni of various schools around the nation.

The winner, who will be announced at the annual black-tie gala in December, receives $25,000 for his school’s general scholarship fund. Three runner-ups each receive $5,000.

 Video courtesy of University of Miami


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Repost from previous article

Posted by: Max Brody

Max Brody said:

"Exactly! We don't need any more caucasian QBs thats fo' sho'"



Just as predicted based on past performance the racist is spewing his hate once again. Granted, this is not his best work, but this is how he starts each one of his hate cycles by testing to see just how far he will be allowed go with each additional racial comment.

The old saying applies to you... "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Shandel Richardson to his everlasting discredit allowed the racist to spread his hate for almost 2 years. Steve Gorten to his everlasting credit observed the racist's act for 2 minutes and banned him for life.

This is not about football, but human decency and what is acceptable in a civilized society...the racist is without question mentally ill, which leaves the responsibility to stop this deranged hater from using this blog as his platform up to you, Manny and Susan.


But please don't an him "too much" as my life long work of monitoring the blogs will be for not.

PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING FOR LIKE A HALF A DAY OR SO AND BAN THIS HATE MONGER!(my mom is driving me to the mall tomorrow afternoon to get some new dickies so that would be ideal)

Go 'Canes!

What's happening with Latwan Anderson? Could he be unveiled with the start of ACC play?

I mean't "ban"

dude you are ruining this blog eith your nonsense stfu

Well, the racist is on a roll. First he posts a comment that is unmistakenly another of his racial hate blurbs. Then, he becomes enraged when I call him on his hate, which drives him to steal my ID and start posting more of his insane nonsense.

C'mon Manny and Susan, this guy is mentally ill and should not be able to exploit your blog to spew his racial hate and spend his every awakening moment trying to disrupt any and all communications amongst Canes fans.

Dang people ! You whine about racism and its 2010! If it bothers you ...DONT read it. I read the first couple of words of this guys comments and then skip to the next one without knowing exactly what he said.It doesn't bother me . Can we talk football instead of getting someone banned? Go UM for gods (oops! I'm sorry if that offends you too)sake.

Instead of trying to police the blog with his annoying, repetitive, and prolix posts, CANES FAN should be taking some remedial English classes. Ignoring the idiots--and there are many of them--is the best course of action. They are seeking attention. If they are ignored here, they will go elsewhere.

cane qb's win and keep their mouth shut, unlike the pin head. he keeps calling himself the leader. he better start leading before its time to go hang on the street and talk about the times he almost won at the u. this comes from a 30 year cane fan.

yea dude the pedophile pig stuff dilutes and obscures meaningful blog posts. who cares what a uneducated gator fan says? let it roll off your back, canes fan.

that said: any predictions for tomorrow's game?

He (The Blog Troll) should be banned just for stealing people's IDs (though I know we don't own them but his intent to act like another poster is still there nonetheless). It messes up all of our ability to have a meaningful conversation on here. And for ppl that say just ignore him, it's kinda hard when he is posting every other post and stealing people's ID. This stuff shouldn't be tolerated. Manny and Susan run the top blog about the U but this troll is trying to ruin it.

I think the Canes game will be close but it will be too much Clemson 24-UM 17

J12 will be just fine, quit your crying.

Can someone please tell me why Randy Shannon in his infinite wisdom burned Storm Johnson's redshirt last week while we are 4 deep (5 if you count Cooper) at RB?

Thanks for giving me one less season of Storm Johnson on the offense. Idiot.

This is to Max Brody, you are right , we do not need them for show as you say, we just need a QB to lead us to win...the last time i looked the Nat Champ teams were led by, i guess, caucasian show man....5 titles, 5 showman, i will take that EVERYTIME...do not tell me you are the leader or how good you are,SHOW ME......Harris hasn;t shown us anything yet

Posted by: Troy | October 01, 2010 at 12:12 PM

He did not burn his redshirt. Has 6 games to decide as long the player does not play in more than 30% of the 6 games.

Troy: You are the idiot as you are clueless about redshirt rules. Storm can redshirt as long as he plays in no more than 30% of scheduled games (4) and does not play in a game after game six. So, he could play against Clemson and FSU and still redshirt. Most fans were disappointed that Johnson was not playing from game 1. I have never been impressed with many aspects of Shannon's performance but it would not be an improvement to have ignorant fans micromanage every decision the coaches make. The coaches ARE in closer contact with the players than the fans and, hopefully, are making more rational decisions than emotional and uninformed fans are screaming for.

Cooper shouldn't get any carries at this point. Storm's development should be a priority over getting Coop the ball. Same goes for Lamar Miller and Mike James.

I like Coop and I appreciate what he's done for the program, there's enough film on him to get into the NFL.

That is such a backwards comment. Move into the 21st century man. Black qbs and black coaches win at every level now. This isnt the 1930s grow up. Jacory is very talented he doesnt throw picks cause hes black. He throws picks cause hes to much like brett farve. Terrell pryor is black has a huge shot at winning a national title. In this day and age its not always caucasians that win the title. Bama has a white qb but lets face it they win becaue of there d and mark ingram. There qb is average at best. From tommy frazier to vince young black qbs have been winning titles for over 2 decades

DALLAS CRAWFORD must come to The U. If U want a good story, go to the Fort Myers News Press on line/sports section/front page. There is a huge article on him. I live in Fort Myers (I am probably the only UM Alum living in an area that is ALL Gator fans--I love it), and this dude is the real deal. He plays Quarterback (breaking pass records), Defensive Back, and Running back. BUT, in 2009, as a DB, he intercepted 10 passes. That is what coaches are looking at. The U has a chance with this kid. He is only 5'11. U have to check him out.

That racist idiot took my screen name to spew his hate, don't be fooled, he is the same one who posts racist statements using other peoples names - he needs to be banned from this site... does anyone at the Herald have any authority or guts to ban this guy?

enough already with the garbage talk. These are just young men who happen to play football with the U on their helmets!

So Clemson will have a very good QB, two top running backs, a big productive tight end, DB's that are very solid, a d-line with one if not two top pass rushers, and four returning o-linemen (their starting guard is out for this game), so make that three o-line starters back. Not to mention that we did lose at home to Clemson last year. Atleast from what I have seen (Auburn game) and what is on paper this game will be a true test. The "U" needs to bring their A-game. J. Harris it seems will throw a pick or two. So, the key aside from winning the d-line o-line battle and avoid getting killed by their T.E. (Remember Wisconsin?), will be how the "U" overcomes the adversity on the road. It's safe to say that if J. Harris and the rest of the supporting cast can keep turnovers to a minimum, I think the "U" wins by 10. But if J. Harris throws 3 or more picks and the "U" is not able to get turnovers on their own then the "U" loses by 7. Play strong, play smart! GOOOO! CANES!

Once again the racist is employing a variety of screen names, many used by other Canes fans, to promote his hate.

He has some actually responding to the white/black QB debate, although most of it is him carrying on communications with himself.

Once he was banned from the Sun Sentinel site all of the countless moronic posts designed to disrupt this site and spread racial hate from the racists's many screen names instantly stopped.

Manny & Susan...if the racist's actions do not meet the criteria of doing what it takes to be banned from this site, then what does?

I want the Hurricanes to adopt the wildcat formation. The Dolphins, and Jets are using it. Why not us? It will give a playmaker more opportunites to make more plays. It'll also decrease the times JH has to throw the ball. I'm getting to the point were I have to hold my breath when he throws the ball. Just run the ball more. We have the RBs to do it. This offense needs to play more conservative. Here is for the team to have a great day running the ball. Hit Parker so hard he doesn't want to play football anymore, and he can go play baseball.

Ray Ray at QB in the wildcat. That could be fun.

Well, I am glad to hear Storm's redshirt is still intact. Randy is still an idiot though and so are you UtahCane.

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