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UM injury report for Pittsburgh

Here is the University of Miami football Tuesday injury report heading into Thursday’s game at Pittsburgh.

OL Joel Figueroa – Upper Extremity
DL Luther Robinson – Lower Extremity
DL Marcus Robinson – Lower Extremity

RB Graig Cooper – Lower Extremity

OL Malcolm Bunche – Lower Extremity
LB Kelvin Cain - Dental
DB Lee Chambers – Upper Extremity
DL Curtis Porter – Lower Extremity

Surgery and Out for the Season
FB John Calhoun – Lower Extremity
LB Shayon Green – Upper Extremity
RB Darion Hall – Upper Extremity
DL Jeremy Lewis – Lower Extremity
LB Travis Williams – Lower Extremity


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Between your QB and some you of "Canes fans", you guys really need to grow a pair.

Stop whining to Mandy and the Herald and the Sentinel. You guys can hand out the "Ohhh we are back! It is National Title time!" in the preseason but once the season comes, you crawl into your shells. You can dish it but cant take it!

Man up and deal with it!!!

You guys make up some many excUses and live in the distant past.

Stop making excUses for your poor play and lack of preparation. You get what you pay for. You have a garbage head coach. Until you get a coach that has some fire and passion, a young guy that can recruit, coach, motivate, and develop talent, you are going nowhere. It isn't hard to see. Coaching matters, significantly! You cant have a Ron Zook, Randy Shannon, and the likes and expect to be a serious contender. You need a great head coach. Until you get one, you will be IRRELEVANT. The good news though, a new coach is coming soon. The bad news is, can you afford to hire a good one?


Did you really call Randy Shannon a… “Garbage Head?”

You must be a bad biker dude—a one per-center. Next you’ll be calling Randy a “Poopie Head”.

Oddly, your word usage is eerily similar to the redundant idiocy that the racist posted. Could it be? Hmmm?

Tick-Tock...your time is about up!

Well CANESFAN -I will reply, I never bash the Canes on here, I hold out hope, but enough is enough, the Cnes will win tonight and tomorrow most posts will include the words "back", "championship" " great QB" " more like it" and then in a few weeks when this undercoached,soft, overrated team gets smoked all the people might relize what most of us already know- run the ball, and be prepared, but sadly most will not take off the green and orange colored glasses and admit the truth- this team, with this QB is 9-3 at best

Also Canes Fan when I read some of your posts I am reminded why this program will never get back to elite status, the" doin' the best you can" crap won't cut it here and never has. Did anybody give the 85 team a hug after getting crush by Tenn in the Sugar Bowl? No J.J. GOT ON THEIR ARSES, and made sure that did'nt happen again- fans like you holding their hands and wiping their noses for them won't help this is football not chess, man up - I'm sure you already have the 4th place ACC trophy ready for them at the end of the year . And dont forget the cake and punch party after the " nobody cares. com bowl " we lose to a lesser team

We'll probably win a close one tonight. Our is dummer than theirs but we've got some talent.

Our is dummer than theirs but we've got some talent.

Doug113, let's for the moment assume that you are a Canes fan and NOT the namechanging racist troll that attacks this blog, 365/24/7, for the past three years while using the IDs of Canes fans:

After the Maryland game, Jimmy yelled at the players, and we then lost to BC.
After the BC game, Jimmy yelled at the players, and we then lost to UCLA.
After the UCLA game, Jimmy yelled at the players, and we then lost to UT in the bowl. After the UT game, Jimmy yelled at the players, and we then lost to PSU in the bowl.
Only after THAT did we get to elite status as you call it, with an undefeated season.

How? Walsh in place of Testeverde. Yelling didn't do it, getting better PLAYERS Is what did it.

Canes Fan isn't saying to accept mediocrity, he is saying that your suggestion that we not praise the team after a win (as if OUR comments here affect the team) is kind of like the comments made by a certain obsessed ID stealing Gator Troll after each of our wins.

So, if you are him in one of his IDs, no harm done. And if you are a Canes fan looking to lower our expectations while saying we shouldn't be content with 4th place and a bowl loss, you are confusing. Our expectations are too high, or are they too low?

Feral Cat- I am a Cane fan so don't even start with the conspiracy theories- Imean really spend more time thinking of the team and less about what someone writes.I'm really begining to think some of you are on the team, never letting anything go and sobbing instead of focusing on the task at hand. Now did we lose those games yes, did we get blown-out and embrass ourselves- no, and by what I read your saying you dont think we have a talented team, which is pretty much what most of us are saying the coach and QB and O.C. arent getting it done- but please Manny run my Address to make sure I don't work for Area 51 or god- forbid a Gator fan- Patheic just like these rah-rah homers

Oh and Manny maybe you should stop the insanity of Canes Fan and Feral Cat and their accusations . Iwas just accused of being racist for no reason what so ever, I'm a fan since '80 and don't need these "newbies" looking up facts on Wiki to prove how much of a fan they are, I know Inot alone in the idea that these and the ones like them need to go, this site would be better off without people thinking everyone is a racist Gator, ban these in-tolerant fools, the rest of us dont bother to coment when these UF fans write their crazy stuff, but these 2 continue to play their game- just stupid and old

And I did'nt want to bring it up but I have to, the year your talking about aint the year I 'm talking about you were mistaken the 84 year, which sounds about right from a "true" Cane fan, thanks for showing your true Cane knowledge, prehaps your just a GATOR fan or prehaps your racist toward Italians since you said Steve Walsh was better than Heisman trophy winning no 1 pick in the NFL draft Vinny? Do some homework first before you talk about season before you were born and quit accusing people of things you TRUE FAN

HA,HA,HA this is awesome, I dont even know what the sun-sentinel is!Thank you for the best laugh I've had in years, Diaz -HA,HA,HA

Memo to Randy Shannon: Please run the ball 25-35 times a game! Other teams do! Why cant UM?

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