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UM's Tuesday practice before Ohio State

Good morning everyone. Susan here.

We got about five minutes today to view practice.

* Graig Cooper, who did a great job in his limited touches in the opener, was sitting out of practice. That would  be a shame if he's hurt again.

* Cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, who sustained an undisclosed injury against FAMU, was back -- obviously not sure how much he did.

* Defensive lineman Jeremy Lewis, seen on crutches after FAMU, did not appear to be at practice.

* Guys who coach Randy Shannon said were injured and therefore did not dress for the game -- offensive tackle Jermaine Johnson, defensive tackle Micanor Regis and defensive end Andrew Smith -- were back.

* Stephen Morris is the scout teamer acting as Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

* No 11-on-11 drills for us to view now. 

* According to one of the Vegas lines, Ohio State is favored by 9 1/2 points.

That's it for now. 

Have a great day!



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thanks susan,any word on storm

@JRP It seems that Storm will be red shirting.

"Stephen Morris acting as Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor" no chance Stephen Morris can act like Terrell, if not we would have a clear number 2 at the QB position.

QB's like Terrell and T. Taylor just need to be contained, popped in the mouth a few times where they don't want to run against you and would have to beat you with their arm.

9.5 points? Did the bookies see a mediocre USC team beat OSU in the shoe last year?

Stephen Morris is obviously not as good as Terrell yet, but I expected a more mobile person like and 3rd string running back or corner to play the role to practice contain. Of course, these are just the tidbits Shannon let the media see. I'm sure he expects those nuggets to get back to OSU, and it may not reflect what's actually happening.

On a side note, I am really pissed at Virginia Tech for blowing it last night. Do they ever come up big?

Go Canes!

Sonny that is saying that no one on OSU can act like Jacory...U practice what you got man that is how it works. Did u ever play high school football.. that is what they do "(prepare for the other team no matter who they have)...

I love Shannon as my coach, but somebody please tell Shannon to move Bailey to Middle Linebacker. He's done nothing at End. He played linebacker in high school. Move McCarthy back over to weakside, Bailey in the middle and Spence at Strongside. Smith and Ojomo on one side and Vernon and Dye on the other.

I like the Canes in the Ohio St. game. To my current Canes: treat this game like any other game. They are no better than you. Be the underdog, have a chip on your shoulder, and hit like a Cane. Your hits should sound like a pop. Just play the game. Mia: 34; Ohio St.: 16.

This is a different Canes team. Experience at receiver .Gamebreakers at running back. A bigger more athletic offensive line. Team unity and better conditioning. OSU cannot plan for Lamar Miller until they see it in person. You will see

What are u talking about. All bailey has done at end is force teams to double him every single play. That allows the rest of the dl to go one on one. He may not ge the sacks but he makes it so others do. He also is a great run defender. So lets not say bailey hasnt done anything at end.

Agreed mainecane. If you watch the FAMU replay, as well as last year's games, you see Bailey getting doubled all the time. Vernon, Smith, Regis, and Forston...one on one against linemen...I'll take that all year.

Ok Mainecane, "done nothing" is a little harsh, I suppose. I just see Bailey as a Ray Lewis prototype, you know what I mean? I'm a defense guy, I'm glad that Mincanor is back. That means, that if Bailey is double teamed, Mr. Pryor should go down.

I hope the line goes up to double digits above 9.5 favoring Ohio State. More pressure for them to perform, more motivation for the Canes to perform...

UCane, Bailey barely looks like a good end cause he doesn't change direction quickly or get upfield that fast. And you want to put him at MLB? Don't take this the wrong way, but I would leave him at DE before LB. His real position is DT where he can use the one thing he does have in abundance, which is strength.

Bailey is 280. Make sRAy Lewis look like a corner. BAiley is too big to be a mlb. He is even bigger than Urlacher.

You can't just move Bailey to MLB when he's played his entire career at the U with his hand down. I do think they should consider moving him inside though. At least on passing downs. He doesn't seem to get to the QB from the end position as well as he does at DT. I was always hoping he and Fortson could make a dynamic duo at the tackle positions.

Chi cane
No they never win the big game. VT is 0-22 against top 5 teams away and 1-26 overall....guess whot there one win was against...

While we're at it, why don't we put Seantrelle at running back?

UM 31, OSU 24

Its a shame that teams like Boise State and TCU are idolized by the media. They win one game against the only ranked opponent on their schedule and they are deemed "title contenders" and "they silenced the critics." That is total BS. BSU beat a VT that never wins big games and TCU creeped by Oregon State?!?!?! Have you looked at the rest of their schedule?

The U plays 6 ranked teams.

VT lost the soul of there defense and got exposed as rebuilding and were ova rated at 6. They ( VT ) are clearly a 4-5 loss team this year.

Boise SOS will drop by the end of the year.

the u will beat osu and if we don't get the big head i see a lot of good things happing this year but let take one game at a time go canes

I agree with you CaneBoy, but remember that is also the way we made a name for ourselves when we were independent int he 80's...we had 2-3 games a year: ND, FSU, UF, and sprinkled in an OU/Arkansas/Michigan here and there. The rest were the Cincinnati (well before they were any good), Akron, Temple, etc...

fyi, depth chart out at http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/mifl/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/2010-ohio-state-notes


Let's go Canes!! Let's play like a bunch of crazy men!

ILCane, but when we originally had those teams on our schedule, they were our peers, not free wins.

We then got criticised for beating teams that used to beat us, like UF, ND, ECU, PSU, etc.

Aside from the obvious of having the o-line play very well to beat OSU, the key to the game in my opinion is who else besides Hankerson, J. Harris, D. Berry and Bailey will step up. I am sure that both Hankerson and Bailey will be double teamed all day. So who on the d-line will step up and make game changing plays? Who else is going to make the big catch or run when all the attention is put on Hankerson and Berry? Same goes for Ohio State. There is so much attention being put on T. Pryor that it may the RB B. Saine who runs all over the "U" or D. Posey their WR making the big play. Or will it be their TE who gets us like in the Wisconsin game? Lets face it. For the "U" to pull this one out it must get top play in all areas and good solid coaching. The talent seems to be there but can they put it all together at OSU? Sure be awesome to see if they did. GOOO! CANES!

Depth chart released for Sats game and for the OL every backup is bigger and in 2 cases ( Bunche & Seantrell ) are stronger than the starters.

If we minimize the turnovers, we have the speed and talent to win this.........but we need to go into their house, and make it our house. It's going to be about attitude.......

As a buckeye I hope everyone who is coming up to the game to have a great time. It is a massive venue and a great place to watch football. Go check out eddie george's cafe and get a fried cheeseburger. WOW. I wont offer any score predictions bc i dont want to stoke the fire. Its gonna be a great game

Is there a website that has the UM VS fam game. Espn 3 doesnt work where Im from.... Thanks..

wow 1 guy on here talking real...as for your double team..lol..we wont br doubling any of your d linemen.or receivers..i hope your boys are up for hitting more than the wiscy game, that was jus a lil taste of what they got comming. I have only seen an entire team get demoralized a few times and that wiscy game was one of em.Miami wanted to go home before the2nd qtr was up because they were physicly dominated. how com none of u r worried that your last big game just 8 months ago you got slapped arouind? there about to run into a buzzsaw...34-17 OSU

Mobile QB's always give us problems...mobile QB's with big arms and nice WR, even worse.

We better get ready to score a lot of points because our D didn't look that good.

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