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Lineman's message to Jacory: "Lead the troops"

With the Hurricanes playing a huge game this week against North Carolina, it would have been nice to hear what Jacory Harris had to say about facing a team that has been in UM's way the last three seasons and intercepted him four times last November in Chapel Hill.

Brandon Washington It would have been nice to ask him how he's feeling and why we've seen him standing off to the side on his own during games and not firing up his teammates on the sideline like he usually does.

Hey, at least I know I'm not the only one wondering what Jacory is feeling. Turns out, sophomore offensive lineman Brandon Washington, tabbed as the ACC's Lineman of the Week Monday, is worried about his quarterback too. While most of his teammates answer the 'How's Jacory doing?' questions with what sounds like prepared speeches, Washington provided something a little fresher Tuesday: his heart-felt concerns and some inspiration for J-12.

"Jacory is a very talkative guy," said Washington, who played with Harris at Miami Northwestern and has started at right guard for UM in all six games this season.

"I just want him not to feel discouraged or feel like he's not wanted. When he doesn't make the plays he expects to make, you can see it in his face. He goes into a shell, breaks off and sits by himself on the sideline. That's not how he usually is. Usually, he'll be like 'Line, don't worry about it we got another drive. The defense is going to get the ball back. We're going to score.' He's just kind of discouraged right now."

Harris has been on a steady decline since he threw four interceptions in the loss at Ohio State. His completion percentage is 52 percent -- third lowest among starting quarterbacks in the ACC.  "He just hasn't been having the season he thought he would,' Washington said. "That Ohio State game hurt him." 

After that game, Harris received a racially-charged message on his Twitter account. After telling reporters about it a few days later as the Hurricanes prepared to face Pittsburgh, UM coach Randy Shannon decided Harris "needed a break" from the media. He's been unavailable for interviews since.

I'm not in any way trying to say Harris' struggles are related to him not talking to the media. I'M NOT. But while he's been behind the scenes, it is clear Harris has quietly been having a hard time dealing with his struggles. 

"Sometimes when he gets in that shell, [we] just to talk to him and say 'Man, we still love you. Come sit by the offensive line, we still love you, nobody hates you here," Washington said. "Once you start talking, he'll usually come out of it real fast, smile, be Jacory again.

"It's not that we need him to be the leader. But he's our quarterback, he's the head man. Lead the troops, lead us to the promised land."


> After getting a first hand look at UM during its 45-17 loss to Florida State, ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit said last week that the atmosphere at Sun Life Stadium had too much of a "corporate feel" than it did a big-time college football game. There's no doubt FSU-UM games had a different feel in the Orange Bowl.

Damien Berry said while the student section has done a good job filling in for what used to be the old West End Zone crew -- being rowdy and obnoxious to the opposing teams, he admitted having fans sit farther away than they did at the OB has brought down the electricity level a bit.

Cornerback Brandon Harris made a great point about what it really takes to make a stadium rock. "I think what made the Orange Bowl special was the team that was playing in the Orange Bowl," Harris said. "That really amped up the crowd. I think the more we progress and the more put together wins, Sun Life will become just as crazy as the Orange Bowl was. It's just a matter of time."

> For those of you rooting to see more of freshman Kelvin Cain at middle linebacker after his stellar debut at Duke, here some news: You will. Just not in the starting lineup. Yet. Colin McCarthy was back practicing with the first team Tuesday at middle linebacker. Word is Cain will rotate in, allowing McCarthy to shift back outside every now and then.

> According to our Barry Jackson, freshman safety Latwan Anderson, rivals.com's 15th-best prospect in the 2010 recruiting class, has left the football team but remains on the track team. A UM source told Barry that Anderson is frustrated but should have known he likely would redshirt this season. UM is uncertain if he will return to the football program. I heard Anderson went off on Facebook over his frustrations of not playing.

> Saturday's win 28-13 win at Duke might have been a good win for some, but count Brandon Harris as someone who expected more. "As you team you want to dominate opposing teams," Harris said. "That was a game we felt like we played well in spurts, but we didn't feel like we dominated that game to the magnitude we were supposed to."

> After the FSU loss, Shannon said he was looking for more vocal leaders. Sounds like safety Vaughn Telemaque is answering the bell. The fact Telemaque has had three interceptions in his last two games has built a little more swagger under his belt, something he admitted he was sorely missing after going his first 15 starts at UM without a pick.

"They've definitely helped me tremendously," Telemaque said. "It's easier to be a leader, be vocal when you've done something. I just feel like I'm back in my groove. I hadn't had a pick in so long, I forgot the feeling of it, seeing the ball in, everything like that."

Several teammates said Telemaque has been a lot more vocal, talking trash to opposing receivers much more than he used to. "I told one of the Duke receivers tell your quarterback to stop throwing it this way," Telemaque said. "I wanted him to get mad and do it again."

> The quote of the day definitely belonged to Damien Berry. When asked what it might take to make UM fans happy, the running back provided some comedy. "I really don't know -- maybe give them some bean burritos after the game," Berry said with a chuckle, knowing full well national titles are all that keeps fans in a good mood. "I love our fans even though they put us up and down. They're with us when were up and sometimes they leave us down. But, it's not about the fans. Its about this family right here."

> Last but not least here is what Shannon had to say about North Carolina:

"The last couple of years have not been good for me or the University of Miami playing North Carolina. We're 0-3. We've had some games come down to the wire. We talked about it as a staff, football team - they have our number right now. We have a chance to do something about it. It's a home game. Watching North Carolina, you see their offense is doing a great job of scoring points and not having turnovers. T.J. Yates is doing a great job. The one thing he's done is stay focused, you can tell by his completion percentage. What he's doing with the offense, it's going to be tough. They run the ball to create passing opportunities for him. They have players that are skill guys. They'll miss the tight end [out with injury], but knowing coach [Butch] Davis they won't change what they do. Someone will have to step up at tight end for them.

"Defensively they have some great players. Their linebacker [Bruce] Carter is one of the best linebackers in the country, probably could have left last year and been a first rounder. You watch those guys on defense, they really fly around and make plays. They do a great job of creating turnovers like we've been doing. Their defense isn't going to do anything deep, will play backed off coverages, will see if we have patience enough to throw the ball underneath. We'll rely on receivers catching the ball underneath, make someone miss and get positive yards, and run the football. When we get opportunities to go deep we will. They're a bend but don't break defense. So it's going to be one of those games. We have to compete in our ACC conference. Coming down the stretch we'll have to play each other. All of us are geared up, ready to go."


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WOW! We better NOT lose Latwan Anderson!!!!!

Wow Manny, you are relentless with Jacory's gag order. Really man, you have to get over it.

No reason to think that we won't be 0-4 vs UNC. I didn't think Davis was that good of a gameday coach..but we have a worst staff.

"...but we have a worst staff"

Well, one thing is for sure, you're 0-4 in grammar.

To be a good troll hater it might be helpful to learn how to read and write.

Why cant we lose latwan? Sure hes a 5 star recruit but if a guy thinks hes more important then the team u dont want him. Those kinds of guys are cancers. They are the kind of kids randy has tried to purge from this program. latwan didnt even show up till almost the first game what did he expect. He was never gonna play this year showing up that late. Wanna play dude show up when fall camp starts even if u are on a track scholy. Get here the first day u can even if u have some clearing house issues learn the playbook play hard make plays in practice and ull get your shot. Randy has shown with cain,spence, forston, harris,the list is a long one in his tenure he will start u and give u a shot as a freshman if u earn it.

FIRE SHANNON and everything will be better... I can't stand him... Not watching any more games, no more $$ for the U.. He wouldn't win the ACC even if he had the Ravens D and saints O
that bad of a coach....

Just hope Shannon found his vocal and loud leader cause he'll get outcoached again...no doubt... I smell fear plus the OL should SHUT_UP they are the main reason the O sucxs
can't protect, open lanes etc...and the Sr's are the worst..Figueroa always gets flagged, J Johnson fat and slow, the center is the WORST, he even snaps dead ducks to JH, so when the ball arrives he has defenders in his face!!!!

Give Shannon a raise and everything will be better!

Can't wait to watch the Canes slam the High Heels, then G-Tech and V-Tech. Followed by us thumping FSU in the ACC Championship game and a BCS Orange Bowl victory.

ooo I forgot about the super special Teams.. Pansucios team... need I say more!!!

Hey my friend stay off the weed its harmful to your health..

I have always given Randy the benefit of the doubt, but its really getting ridiculous right now. The thing that made The U great all these years was the ability to recruit guys that would immediately push for playing time. Now I know I haven't been around the Canes practice, but Lawtan wasn't a big-time recruit for no reason. Get that man on the field if he can contribute. He immediately gives us a needed speed upgrade at saftey and our safety play has been ok at best and we don't have much depth. So get him on the field. Same thing with these backup WR, if Randy wants to complain about the drops and the lack of playmaking outside of Hankerson, but someone else in. I'm really suprised we have been able to keep a few of those recievers. I wouldn't blame them if they left. The margin for error should be small at The U. If you don't work hard the guy behind you will.

I'm pushing for Shannon to right the ship, but I'm not liking much of the recent news.

Just win baby, because you are gonna get slammed if you lose. That's Shannon, Jcaory, erverybody. This fan base isn't showing any mercy.

Latwan is probably gone, I wouldn't be surprised if Storm Johnson tranfers.

If Cooper isn't sharp, why won't Shannon play Storm?

IF we keep on losing players (already lost Rogers, WR from Northwestern), doesn't that say a lot about what is going on with this team? Don't you all think that current players talk with the oral commits who were "supposed" to be coming in? There is definately something wrong with this team, that's FOR SURE.
Now, we lose Latwan Anderson too...WHO'S NEXT?
HELLOOOOOO....what does Shalala & Co. want, a HOUSE TO FALL ON THEIR HEADS? Can't they see that this program is in BIG TROUBLE WITH SHANNON AT THE HELM? My God, it's as simple as one can say: 45-17, Free Shoes University!!

GET RID OF SHANNON, then we'll start a campaign to get that nasty dnome of a bi*ch Shalala out the door, too!
The sight of her makes me want to VOMIT!

Tuck the Far Heels!!

Shannon has shown his ability as a recuriter but once at campus their skills never improve to the next level....Shannon is not a head coach. The FSU game was a repeat of a game I saw last year, the year before and so on..These kids are not being developed to full potential. It's all in the coaching...Need some change we can believe in. Been in the stands since 1958, seen it all.

I disagree with some of you.

Its not Shannon's fault that playerslike Hankerson, Benjamin and Ford cannot catch a danged ball when it hits them in the chest or goes right through their hands Jimmy Graham did it last year 2X against Va Tech tro kill an important drive that could have changed the game!. These players have to make the plays.

As far aslatwan is concerned, we dont knowwhat's happening internally. All of this isspeculation, but if a true frehman is whing about play time, let him leave if he wants to. No, I dont want to lose him, but enough is enough with these prima donnas. I partially agree with some, that maybe he should play. How-punt returns? Ok, let him. Put him in and see what he does.

To say we are all dissappointed is an understatement.Shannon for the most part has manned the ship well however,tolerance is at a very low level and wins is the only thing we're looking for. No longer can we win games on fear or heritage. Though we are academically great we need to physically go out and punch somebody in the mouth and asked them how does that feel. Football is physical and we need to rally the troops on to victory. I want to see Florida State one more time this year. Jacoby remember it's a game, go out and have fun son. We love you and don't ever forget that , it's just that we hate to loose loose.I will never jump ship no matter what.

"Its easy to judge what you don't understand. We do it all the time, for one to speak on something they know nothing about is just pointless. This is the place we all wanna be but I remind you not ever one is wanted. This has nothing to with playing time I knew before I signed those papers I was redshirting no matter what.

Its great you feel so strong for your team, but tell me this if you had a son here and they didnt treat him right what would you do?

I knew I was leaving awhile ago, not cause I didnt play but cuz my mom is sick... and my grandparents are getting to old to take care of my brothers and sisters so I have to be closer to help out. I have alot of problems back home you would know nothing about, because all you know is what you see on the internet.

You complain that why would I go where they talk **** about me, well you just did the samething they did. You just didnt take it as far as they did. I understand you being upset based off what you think you know, but I was always told if I didnt exactly know something then I should ask.

Thsis program isnt what it use to be, its falling apart starting on the inside coming out. there is no excitement on the field or side line because no one wants to play for these ppl in office. My family was originally gonna try to move down here I dont wanna leave if I dont have to. The way these ppl treat US(ppl who arent playing) isnt right at all.

At half time of the FSU game they would even let us sit with the team, talk to them give them words of encouragement, hear coach shannons speech or anything. They sat us in a little as room lock the door and told us not to bring our[..]es out of that room. Is that what the U is all about is that the way ed reed did it Melvin Bratton is that the way its done? Then on top of that they brought everyone food except us not to mention its 1 30 in the morning, but when we ask where is our food they tell us to stop ***ing.

and thats how Ive been treated since I got here I bet you didnt know I quit football awhile ago Ive been straight track. I wasnt allowed to eat breakfast,lunch,or dinner with the team. Sometimes I wasnt even allowed in the meetings. I refuse to be used like a rag doll and then put on the field when he has no choice I know I can make a big name off 1 yr but I wanna win a ****** championship damnit thats what we are here for. If I wanted to just play I wouldve went to west virginia.

I understand you being upset, and I would be too in your shoes but you should never attack someone like that if you dont know fulling or understand whats going on. I love this place I still went and got the U tattooed on my chest 2days ago knowing I was probably gonna not be here. So you can never question my attitude toward this program I love this **** I miss 3 ****** funerals to help my team get ready for a fast shift return man in greg reid all damn week. and I get cursed out ppl tellin me I didnt work them hard enough in practice because they got in the game and acted like a bunch of ***es. Well im sorry if your upset because I think that the rest of the non-travel squad and myself should be treated like part of this team but it is what it is.next time ask questions ask any fan who has come to me respectfully I dont mind letting the fans see things from the athlete side of things"

The Fans have done much damage to this team. The U got to be the U because kids in highschool said instead of going other places lets stay here and represent our city.

Jacory Harris is the one that has brung that menatility back. All the talent that Miami has right now is due to him and Shannon.

Its unbelieveable that Shannon gets no credit for any of this talent being here, but soon as a kid leaves he is the total blame.

I remember that same kid said in an interview that he didn't mind being redshirted especially since he was starting so late with the team.

What has changed?

I believe that those comments probabbly did affect Jacory deep, not because of some bonehead made a slur.

It cuts deep because there is a sentiment of truth behind what he said "We don't want a Black quaterback."

GET RID OF SHANNON... lets not spend anymore $ on the U until they fire the coach that is giving us a bad name. Shannon is not allowing impact players in because he has his preference. he is only hurting the team.. Is just like any job, If u are not producing then get someone else who will... is that simple.. FIRE SHANNON NOW>>> AND DONNA could go with him.

Shannon will get out coached again saturday.. the Tar-heels will put a beat down on MIAMI on national TV.. and is all the coaches fault. Fire that sorry... A... coach lets move on to better things....If u guys want to go throw ur money away at the games, ill give u my tel number u can just give it to me.. dont go to the games until RANDY is gone and we start winning. Oh yeah and take Jskinny with u.. he sucks and he will throw 3 interceptions saturday.

Latwan, Latwan! All of a sudden Joe knows Latwan is a stud. He isn't on the field, so how much has he shown? He needs to pay his dues unless he beats people out NOW and he hasn't. Obviously, he is a very undecisive kid, considering we scooped him up late off of WV anyways. He missed spring, etc...

So don't get your panties in a bunch. Now storm, that's one just I'm worried about. He has actually PROVEN that he could play.

Posted by: UMike | October 20, 2010 at 05:57 AM

Starting early I see troll. Rodgers decomitted because UM started backing off of him. This has been known for a while. Steve even reported it a couple of days ago. Read his comments below. As far as Anderson goes the football team does not have a scholly to give right now so he can not play in a game. He is on a track scholarship untill next year if he sticks. The kid knew this coming in. He is a competitive kid who wants to be on the field now. unfortunately we don't have a scholarship to get him on the field.

Meanwhile, Bridgewater’s teammate, WR Eli Rogers, told Canesport.com on Sunday that he de-committed from the ‘Canes last week. (Update: I’ve been told there’s more to the Rogers situation; that the ‘Canes had already starting backing off on Rogers because they have concerns about his character)

I hope Anderson stays, but if he really quit the team because of playing time then his attitude isn't right. But I don't think we know anything about what he's thinking or what is happening, and I'm starting to think that this type of news just shouldn't be reported. Everyone is already looking to blame someone for this kid leaving and we don't even know if he's left for good or not!

We can't fire Shannon now so everyone just stop the whining. I'm no happier than you are but you might as well be screaming for the sky to turn purple. Who is out there that we could go get at this point in the season? Would we promote Whipple for the remainder of the year and then do the search? What would happen to recruiting (sorry, losing a 3-star WR in October isn't a catastrophe...recruiting is going well right now)? This is the first year we've had coordinators in place for two years running, and we're gonna clean out the staff in game 6? This stuff is all going to happen after the season so until then you might as well pray for some development. Sometimes the lightbulb just goes on for some reason and everything turns around. I'm not holding my breath, but it could happen. And hoping for it beats praying for a staff purge that isn't going to happen.

Curious if the 7:53 AM post was actually Latwan...if so, pretty interesting stuff. Would definitely confirm my suspicions that there is alot of internal problems on that team/staff...

And to all the gator trolls posing as Cane fans worried about our players and commits......


In all its glory:

October 18th, 2010 ║ Posted By: Josh Ward ║ Permalink
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Florida didn’t make its best sales pitch to Vincent Dallas when he took his official visit to Gainesville on Oct. 9.

The athlete from Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Ga., committed to Tennessee over Florida on Friday.

It appears Dallas’ trip to Florida helped solidify UT as his top school. Dallas said he asked several of the younger Florida players if they were happy with their decision to attend Florida. The reports weren’t positive.

“They were just saying they aren’t happy and they don’t think Florida is the right place for them,” Dallas said.

Dallas took two unofficial trips to UT during the summer but hasn’t visited officially. He plans to do so in December.

Dallas said he didn’t need to visit UT again to decide he preferred the Vols over Florida.

“I had a good time down in Florida, but I couldn’t really enjoy myself,” he said. “All I could think about was Tennessee.

Howdy Pards,
Jacory show some fire, run the ball more when opportunity arises. Berry and Cooper get these Canes Fires up . Treat this game as a MUST WIN.

Go Canes!!!!!!!!

What a Bunch of Clowns you people are. Moving away from the OB has definitely hurt the program and the players. I will continue to support the University and Coach RS. This team needs us as much as we need them. This is our HOME Team. Love them or become a Gaturd fan or ssomething. WASTE!


I doubt that was Latwan's post, but if it was I agree some of you people are ridiculous in the way you treat kids. Latwan, just keep pushing man the coaches are doing what they think is best for you and the program. I agree that we should embrace our Alumni more though kind of upset they do not treat them better. I am sure the whole way they may be treating you may be because of NCAA issues but I am not sure. I hope he stays, because if you really got a U tat then you have the love we need and want. Stick it out, your talent will show, and you will be on the field next year.






the only thing about the turnovers we create is it usually comes agains a really bad team. famu, pitt, clemson, duke. can we make it happen versus a powerhouse?

"U mike" I agree with you all the way man. But I feel like this "the Canes" will do great for the remainder of the season because of all our comments that they are receiving.

Now for Latwan Anderson "I think he should of been more patient". Second of all he should of stepped up in practice and learn the playbook. Hell i'm proud of Seantrel,Calvin,Lamar,Storm. But Shannon really need to use his other receivers alot more and stop relying on Hankerson because lord knows that fella will choke on you in a heartbeat. I wanna see Kendall Thompkins & Tommy Streeter get more action.

Did anyone actually read manny's post? B. Washington said it all. The OSU game hurt jacory and he goes into a shell on the sideline by himself when things don't go right. What a puzzy he is! Dude you are the QB! U need to be the leader, pumping up your teammates on the sideline not pouting off to the side by yourself cause you just threw a pick... damn. That to me says all I need to here about JH and that is why he is not mentally strong and no leader!

You are so fragile and weak mentally that because some jackass said some things on twitter you just went into the tank? Idk if any of you heard what the kid I think Cobb from Kentucky said on twitter this past Sunday after they beat SC. He called out the fans for being fake and not packing the house and booing when they played the #10 team in the nation. he went on to basically say F the fans this just makes me want to ride with my teammates more because that's all that matters.

He didn't get all down and fing depressed like that mental midget qb of ours. he used that as a rallying cry for his team JH you can learn something from that. but I don't think this team is very tight like that or mentally tough.

You hire the right coach and all these problems disappear. This project was doomed from the start with the initial staff Shannon put together. He showed his insecurity and paranoia by hiring a bunch of inept inexperienced yes men. Once Bill Young got a sniff of how messed up this situation was he made a smart decision to get out of dodge and flourish at Oklahoma State. Red flags have been circling coral gables for 3 1/2 years. The problem is systemic and starts with Shalala. I wish the media grew a set and started railing her destruction of UM football from extending coker and dee to hiring Shannon and blowing off Gary Patterson.

FIRE RANDY SHANNON...i am not spending a dime on a team that cant even get a win at home.. U people need to take your horse blinders off and watch the Game saturday because maybe u will see that RANDY SHANNON will not take us to the ACC or the NT.... so stop supporting him and his circus ring and lets get him out of MIAMI..

I don't claim to know anything about the issues that the miami football team staff has or why the players are not playing better than they really are. If its coaching, then we have to get better coaching, but not until the season is over. I hear most of the fans are calling for RS to be fired. But i ask you fans, whose willing to come and coach the miami hurricanes football team. Who will the university pay the big bucks to come in and coach these youg athletes whom you fans have torn down with your complaints. From what i know, it takes time to built a team into a winning team or a powerhouse. If a recruit decides to decommit, its his decision and we shouldn't be mad, we should just accept it and move on. I know shannon hasn't gotten the football team to the promise land yet but give a little more time, and besides whom amongs us has the power to fire him. Being a head coach is not easy, i don't what it takes to be one. But i'm sure it doen't involve just being in the stands and complaining when the school lose a game. There is no perfect team, every team can be beating anyday of the week. Its always been that the team that wins just made better plays than the team that lost. Lets stop complaining and lets support this team whether they win or lose. And when the time comes for the school to get another head coach, lets hope that they'll choose someone that wants to coach the miami hurricanes.

Hugues, my canes are eternal.

"@ Sunland Cane" (Latwann Anderson) Thanks for the info man I wish you the best and if the coaches & the program aren't treating you right then you have to do what you gotta do bro. I 'm sad that it came down to this and I was looking forward to see how you play but since that might not happen..........ummmmmm. And I must admit us fans, can get a bit "rowdy and ungreatful". But I do apologize on my behalf for the troubles that you have experienced with this program.

There are alot of changes, that will need to be made in order for "Da U" to be "Da U " again. And it's a shame that we are loosing recruits on a daily basis. I hear that "Anthony Chickillo" is on a high rise of looking @ other schools again as well as "Eli Rogers". So what will it take for us to get good guys again? I think for one we really do need to let Shannon work with the defense full time and get a new "Offense of Coordinator & Headcoach".

Shannon step down and let a real coach come in and get "the U" going again because this laidback kinda attitude don't cut it here in this program. "The U" have a great legacy and your ruining it and the sad thing is that you played & coached for "the U" so you already know what us fans are expecting. I fee like this if you can't win a "ACC Cahmpionship & a good Bowl Game" this year I suggest you clean out ur office and get the hell out of dodge pal. And last but not least you need to do what you have to do to bring back "Latwaan Anderson".

Here we go again Manny with you making a splash with half the story. There is more to the story about Latwaan's statements than what's in the story. He reported late, his schlorship situation, he knew that he would be redshirted this year, and we have been getting production from the players who play ahead of him at cornerback and punt returns. Same thing with the NW kid who decommitted. Let's remember that he committed to the U following Bridgewater. I have learned that the U was backing off of him anyway. Always more to the story. Stop poisoning the well with these incomplete stories.

we are loosing players everyday... just like we are loosing games on saturdays.. Shannon sucks.. fire him after the season is over..quit supporting a coach that is giving the U a bad name...WE like Winners in MIAMI not loosers. IF palyers cant figure that out, then figure out now cuz it will not change from the fans point of views...

JSMOOTH, you are a LOSER. Go back to the little A_ _ Rock you crawled from under. PUNK fans like you need to be burned at the stake!

Jaskinny is such a little brat and a big baby and the biggest pu**y I have ever seen! When the QB of your team is pouting every time he makes a mistake, which is alot mind you, no wonder he needs Shannon to coddle him all the time. Both Shannon and this kid needs to go!

Jaskinny needs to get a pair and go out and play football. This kid is a walking excuse. And this is all we can find to play QB for the University of Miami?! Really!?

Joe Roby Stadium will NEVER become what the Orange Bowl was. The OB was crazy with history and winning. Since the Dolphins left the OB, what have they done? Zero! Since the Canes left the OB what have they done? Zero! The Marlins are the only one out of the three teams that play there to have won anything and they can't get 200 fans for any of their home games. Old Joe Roby is a nice place to watch a game but has no atmosphere. Got to win some big games in Old Joe Roby stadium for the next 15 years before the atmosphere changes. GOOO! CANES! HOPE YOU SHOW UP ON SATURDAY CAUSE MY YANKEES ARE GETTING KILLED BY TEXAS!

Okay...it's time to become a positive, inspirational leader and grow a pair.

Otherwise...your sulking will lead you to the football graveyard with the rest of the pansy losers that become nothing in their lives.

Randy on with Lebatard yesterday ... Just plain embarrasing.


Losing Rogers is no big deal, losing Teddy B. wouldn't be a big deal either he comes from the same system as J12. and we all know how that experiment is going. What are we at, 32 int's in 20 starts. Whose team is he on? The only way we are going to stop barking negativity, is to win the dam games we should win and quit getting blown out in big games, when we have the supposed talent that we have. And ChicagoCane, recruiting isn't going that great, We need help At D-Tackle, LB, & TE and I don't see anyone signed up to play with us yet in those areas. Anderson must of thought he was in some kind of pro contract hold out if he thought he could miss Fall practice and then play once he was cleared.

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