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Alumni: Where is the leadership at The U?

With the University of Miami trailing Florida State 24-7 at halftime Saturday night, Melvin Bratton said he told a group of Hurricanes fans sitting next to him at Land Shark Stadium not to worry. 

Melvin Bratton

"I said this [expletive] ain't over," said Bratton, a running back on the 1987 National Championship. "This is The U. It's 0-0. We're never out of it."

But a little over an hour later, at the end of an embarrassing 45-17 beat down by the Seminoles, Bratton said he came to a sad realization: The U he played for isn't The U of today. What Bratton said troubled him and many other former Hurricanes -- including Michael Irvin, Gino Torretta, Dan Morgan and Leon Searcy -- wasn't that the Canes lost to Florida State. It was the way they lost, with a lack of leadership, urgency and fire from players and coaches up and down the Hurricanes sideline.

"You can blame the coach, you can blame the players. To me, it's a state of emergency right now," Bratton said. "Everybody needs to take control, take a step back and say 'What can I do better? Is it the coaching? Is it the weight room? Do guys need to spend more time studying, dissecting plays? I don't have the answer.

"But what I don't see is any urgency. I don't see that fight. And that is inexcusable."

Irvin and Torretta, who host radio shows on WQAM, have echoed those sentiments this week. Irvin went as so far as saying the program could use "one or two more thugs." He later clarified it to mean hard-nosed leaders on the field.

Although he pointed the finger at himself for Saturday's loss to the Seminoles, UM coach Randy Shannon said Tuesday the Hurricanes need some more vocal leaders on the field. But when asked if the coaches were urging that in practice, Shannon said: "No. [The players] have to do it on their own."

"The coaching staff and myself can demand a lot of them. We can get on them, push them, all the things we do. But like anything, when you have somebody standing next to you pushing you, it's a different voice, a different person talking to you, that helps out a lot," Shannon said.

"You don't just make a leader. I said this on the radio, talking to Michael Irvin. When I was here as a player it was Kevin Fagan, [John] McVeigh, Julio Cortes, Jerome Brown, Mike [Irvin] got involved. It started snowballing. When I started coaching, it was the same thing. Any great football team or really good football team always has leaders that demand stuff out of everybody on the team, not just a coach doing it. That's when you start developing what you need. We've got those guys, they're starting to come out. But we need them to voice it a little bit more."

Bratton said Shannon is right.

"I'm not saying these kids are soft," Bratton said. "But somebody needs to step up on offense and defense and be a leader. I don't see that on the sideline. You watch the game and keep waiting for somebody on the defensive side to go to the offensive side of the ball and say 'What the hell are you all doing?' Jerome Brown and those guys, when we screwed up, he would go check [Vinny] Testaverde, myself, [Alonzo] Highsmith. If we saw the defensive backs giving up long plays, we'd go to the defensive backs and say 'What the hell are you doing dog? Tighten your [expletive] up.' These guys don't hold each other accountable."

Leon Searcy Searcy, who hosts the Canes4Life show on CBS-4 every Saturday at 11:30 a.m., said he sees a huge disconnect at the moment between alumni and the program. Searcy said it has become increasingly difficult for former players to reach out to current players, a trend he said began when Butch Davis took over the program in the mid 1990s. Fewer alumni, he says, are being granted sideline access on game day. Searcy believes connecting more former players with current players could help the young Canes, whom he said never had the opportunity to have mentors like Searcy and his teammates once did, become the vocal leaders Shannon is looking for.

"All this throwing up The U has nothing to do with these kids now," Searcy said. "It has to do with the guys who back in the day that got the University of Miami the reputation for whooping ass every Saturday. These kids don't have that same mentality. They don't have anybody talking to them about the tradition of the University of Miami. They don't have any old guys coming back. When I played at the University of Miami, the older guys had access to the field while we were playing. If we weren't getting it done, you got freaking Cortez Kennedy right there in the defensive huddle telling you what you're not doing. If the linebackers weren't getting it done, you had Winston Moss telling linebackers what to do. If they weren't getting it done in the secondary, Bennie Blades was saying 'Hey man you aren't coming off the edge.'

"That kind of access on the field where not only your coach is telling you something, but guys who have been to the NFL that you'll listen to are saying it too, that resonates. You're a running back. How are you not going to listen to Melvin Bratton, one of the best all-time running backs and fullbacks at the University of Miami. If you're a defensive tackle, how are you not going to listen to Russell Maryland? All that access to the game was a huge plus. It's not there anymore."

Aside from leadership, player development has become another growing concern. Bratton, who went to Miami Northwestern, said he's surprised some of the Hurricanes signed from the Bulls' mythical national championship team of 2007 still haven't been able to get on the field.

"Look at Sam Shields starting [for the Green Bay Packers]. Look at Bruce Johnson. Randy Phillips. Tavares Gooden. These kids didn't get drafted," Bratton said. "Let's be real. This is the NFL. There are only 53 people that can be on a roster. These kids at the University of Miami were part time starters, didn't make any All-American lists. But they can go to the league and dominate? Something is wrong. I don't know if it's coaching or if its scheme. But how can you go to the next level and start on opening day? Somebody isn't getting the best out of these kids.

"You want to have chemistry and allow the players on the field to be who they are. The Ray Ray Armstrongs of the world, when he came in there, the reason he wanted to go to Miami was because he fit the Miami mentality, Sean Taylor-type mentality, knock the [expletive] out of you. You can't pigeon hole those kids. You got to let them go.

"It's not like they don't have it in them. Go to the innercity. Go watch those Pop Warner and Little League football games. You got parents fighting, kids fighting. They know football is their way out. You go to the University of Miami now, it's like a country club."


> After giving up two long kick returns Saturday, Shannon said Tuesday the Hurricanes have made some personnel changes on their kickoff coverage and punt return teams. Running back Lamar Miller, who returned a kickoff for a touchdown against Ohio State, practiced full-contact Tuesday and should be back for Saturday's game at Duke after sitting out against the Seminoles.

> The Duke Blue Devils might be really good at basketball and only 1-4 on the football field, but Shannon said the trip to Durham this week won't be easy and he's asking his players not to "fall into a trap and just go through the motions."

"Offensively they do a great job of throwing the football around," Shannon said. "They're averaging close to 400 yards on offense. It's going to be a real challenge for our secondary and also our front guys to control the game and get after it a little bit. They have two quarterbacks they use; one is more of a scrambler. They run inside-outside zone in their run game, will try to establish that a little bit and also take shots.

"Defensively they blitz. They bring the corner blitz, free safety, Mike, Sam blitz, every blitz known to man to stop the run but also get you in bad, negative plays on first down. So we have to do a great job on first down of getting positive yards. Second and nine is positive yards; second and 10 is positive yards. You can't get in second and 15 or second down and 18."

> Shannon said quarterback Jacory Harris, who at the very least tweaked his groin against the Seminoles, ran well Tuesday at practice and looked "back to normal." Since Jacory is still unavailable to the media, here is what fullback Pat Hill had to say about his quarterback: "Coming into his freshman year, a lot of people were talking about how small he is. But he's a tough guy," Hill said. "He's battled through injury after injury. He continues to fight for the team. He battles through what good is said about him and what bad is said about him. He's a competitor, he's a fighter."


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its bad when u look at are first play on offense and i can tell whether we will win or loose. o state game we cam out with that trick ball spreading our tackles out to the seams and and throwing some garbage pass. fl state game we ran that flimsy play action without running the ball. nothing good has happened from that play since fla state last year. since then we have thrown at least 10 picks and gotten jacory killed on that play sack after sack int after int. get rid of that play all together. when we ran the ball for that first possession against clemson we looked like the old miami then we went back to this. fire whipple randy or u will be next.

Shannon wants players to step and be vocal leaders on the field, but who is the vocal leader on the sideline? It sure as hell isn't him, becuase all he does is stand there with that lost look and his arms folded. This hurricane team is docile just like its head coach. They play with no fire and emotion because they aren't coached with fire and emotion. I bet the NFL scouts love it. They can get all of this talent in late rounds because our coaching staff doesnt know how to use its talent to put up big numbers.

I normally just read the comments and laugh at the responses. However, I am not happy with the responses, especially from formal players. I am a season tickey holder, and has been observing this program over the past three years. First, the logo (U) doesn't determine the talent level nor the outcome of a game. Secondly, the former players were surrounded by all americans at majority of the positions. For example, Dorsey was not mobile and he did not have a strong arm. Dorsey and Kosar played with top tier running backs and the number one rated defenses too. Thirdly, building a program must start on defense who will always create field position and/or opportunities for the offense. A good defense will keep a quarterback or offensive coordinator from high risk play calling...ask Dan Marino and Bob Griese!
Finally, I am please with the job coach Shannon and his staff have done with this program as a whole. Yes, I love to see the "U" win another championship, but not at the cost of character. Cream rise to top, and at times we must drink our coffee black. I support these young men!!

As an Alum and been going to the games since 1964, I could not have articulated it any better than CANE 4 LIFE. We are still the "U", simply the best program on the planet. We need energy and enthusiasm as the past and it will come. Coach Shannon is the perfect coach for our team, he needs to look at his staff and make some long term decisions. We have so much talent on the both sides of the line, I can't figure it out, We need a blocking tight end like Winslow, Franks, stop dropping passes and please let's stop beating up Jacory, I still love him and thinks he is the man and a wonderful leader.

EddieCane Said...
"It's Randy Shannon. Didn't anybody hear RS halftime interview? He said that he doesn't push the fire in his players because they lose fundamentals. WTF is that?"

Perhaps he's referring to the killshot tackling. These playesrs have no fundamentals just a lot swelled heads about their abilities.

Jerome..we're the best program on the planet?

We won't sellout another home game with this head coach? Doesn't sound like a great program to me.

I know I'm not the only one who gets annoyed when he sees a coach with no fire.I never see RS get mad. When something goes wrong he just stand on the sideline with his arms crossed and no expression on his face.How can you expect your players to have passion when the coaches have none? Can't he get PO'd occasionally?

People forget: we started our streak of greatness beating Nebraska. Now they are back on top of things with a great program, and they don't need a ton of ex NFL players on the sidelines, nor a thug mentality to get the job done.

There are other ways. Nowadays you can't get away with 1/4 the stuff that the ol' Canes did off the field.

Shannon was told to clean that up.

Even brooms have a price. Other teams have found ways to win without outthugging the other team, just knocking them off the line.

Our "wall" protecting high school recruits in Dade Broward and Palm Beach counties from other big time schools, is gone baby gone.

Our stud recruits are not developing at UM like they should

The most important position on the field (QB) is not getting it done

Our Special Teams are atrocious

Our defense misses way too many tackles

We got BLOWN OUT AT HOME by our in-state rival who has the same type of talent we do, in a game that should have been and usually is close.

Our head coach...
publicly calls out players (and sometimes even the wrong ones) for bad plays (has this EVER been done before at the U of M?)
is 3-8 against top 25 teams
made thousands of canes fans instantly realize as soon as the FSU debacle was done, that although he is a "nice" guy and done some positive things for our school, is in way over his head as football coach of the University of Miami

other then that we are in great shape..

Guys, trust that if Shannon had his way, he would do things a whole lot differently. He has a shorter leash than Schnellenberger, J. Johnson, Erickson and Butch Davis. Some of themore risque things that went on in the earlier years is what got us the reputation the university hates. Very true it got us a lot of wins,a nd im a advocate for Fu4k what people think or feel Win and Win some more. But the University is very image conscious and is certainly not going to let the rest of college football think its allowing Randy Shannon to run the place recklessly. Youc an clean it up with Erickson, Johnson and all the other coaches and say its the players and boys will be boys.But if its Shannon its a reckless coach with reckless players that have no mannerisms or respect for the game, blah blah blah and thats why you have Shannon always on TV giving politically correct answers when he cant say or do what he really wants. Sjhannon has not lost the respect of the Alumni, they Alumni knows the sad truth that the pressure they put on the coaches for image, grades, not cutting corners etc Shannon must be strict with adhering to that or his but will be out faster than Willie Williams!

I have to say after seeing these boys play saturday night...People don't realize that many of us live elsewhere and make a point to spend alot of money to come see the elite of the elite play. What I saw was a lack of leadership and a QB that is being pampered by the coaching. No pun intended, but we need to stick to the legacy at that QB position if we intended on winning period. These kids have no clue what it is to be a part of the "U" and I am glad we got the old tymers being hella vocal about there feelings. This is what the program needs! Cause these youngs dude are ruining the legacy that once was set in the 80's & 90's.

Bottom line is that this team is playing not to make mistakes, not playing to win. Shannon tells them not to go for "kill shots" on defense but instead wrap up and tackle. In the old days, linebackers would always go for kill shots because they don't get up from those. Here's a name from the past... remember Rohan Marley? The dude was like 5'8 and would knock your d**k in the dirt.
Shannon is out there trying to prove who he is as a man and a coach instead of winning games. He is a head case and I would be too if I had been through what he has in life. However, this team shouldn't pay the price for his demons.
Finally, Melvin Bratton is my favorite all-time Cane and if he didn't blow out his knee in the Orange Bowl he would have been the man in the pros. He was a beast!

This is the same broken record every year after the 'canes lose a couple of games..."this aint the same U", "these guys play with no heart", blah, blah, blah.

What's finally beginning to sink in, and some of the posters are addressing that now, is that a good 'canes team is going to be 8-4 or 9-3 and playing for a piece of the ACC crown. Academic standards are washing-out recruits who in the past would be playing on this team. Also realize that, like it or not, there are 4 additional D-IA football programs in the state since the 'canes heydays. Those players who are now receiving scholarships at one of these schools whould likely have been walk-ons to one of the Big-3 of the past adding much needed depth.

Time to face facts; the U of today has the same issues as Notre Dame....I think Bruce Springsteen said it best in GLORY DAYS! LOL!

p.s. forget about a new coach, RS just signed a 5 year contract; he's untouchable in this economic environment.

When you call for Randy's head, please do not ignore the real culprit here. Donna Shalala is ultimately repsonsible for this. Just keep that in mind.

One of the things that I admired about Pete Carroll was his enthusiasm on the sideline at USC. He showed real emotions that fired up his players and had recruits wanting to play for him. Shannon seems to be content on playing not to lose instead of being loose and letting the team get after it. He is who he is so I don’t anticipate that to change. I have to give credit where credit is due he has done a great job of keeping his players out of trouble and is getting it done in the class room. But you job is also to win games. I can take not wining to FSU but I can’t take getting blown out and the players and coaches not showing any leadership or fire. Looking grumpy on the sidelines all game is not going to do it. If we lose to UNC, the entire coaching staff should be fired. I think the other coaches in the ACC know that Miami’s staff will never outcoach them…

I am sad. I fear my Hurricane memories will be all the old DVDs I can find of games pre-2002. This program is on the fast track to obscurity. I see nothing that is going to stop this from happening. It starts at the top. By the time they realize how much money they lost and how much they need it, it will be too late.

This U thing is getting kind of old...just like the Dolphins clinging to the undefeated season legacy from almost 40 years ago.

Face it, FSU stomped on the Canes because they're a better team, not because the U lacked leadership.

Why don't the former players that are looking at the program in its disarray come in and do something. I am a diehard cane fan, have been so for 20+ years. I have been thru the good times with the canes early in the 80's, 90's, and thru the probation years. I've been thru the rebuilding years too and am not sure how many former U players still live in the area, but why don't they attempt to do something opposed to just pointing fingers and saying he is the problem or the coach is the problem. It is all to easy for someone to look on the outside and say do this or that... Shannon is a good coach, but is he a great coach?

What Searcy says about Ray Ray sums it up. These kids are getting neutered by the coaching staff.

And I agree with the consensus. Great article Manny. Thanks for the non-bias reporting.


I really thought I was the only person that noticed this but the leadership, accountability and expectations are lacking.

I made my first trip to a UM vs. FSU game and my first trip to Florida...Avenue 29 was the best time of the entire trip!

They say great leadership trickles down to the players.. and in this case, the athletic director is a poor leader.

First, picture this. I was given free coaching tickets and was very appreciative...thank you UM. the only problem is that the system was absolutely terrible. I entered through the H gate where herded in like cattle... no lines or nothing... once we got through the gates we then got our second herd of folks, about 200+, where there was ONE person holding his hands trying to keep folks in line...yes, one person.. no police officer... no lines... just a herd of people being held bakc by one person. Once I get to the table, there are two young ladies with printed out lists..it would have made sense to divide the lines A - H...I - Q... R - Z and at least one police officer assigned! Thank God I didn't sell the ticket I purchased before receiving free tickets.

Lastly, the lacking of accountability, expectations and leadership could be seen in one simple aspect of Miami's football team! I peered over at FSU's sideline and all the players, both offensive and defensive moved with the ball when on the sidelines. Nobody was ever sitting... nobody was ever alone.

Miam's bench... players were scattered everywhere. You had players on benches... some by the fan...the players and coaches were not together. Jacory would come to the sideline and just sit by the fan.. no communication with the receivers.

I love the way Shannon has kept the players out of trouble and they respect him... but it is okay to have the players, respect, keep them out of trouble, and still be there leader by holding them accountable and having high expectations. Randy, I need for you to make this team a team!


Man, Bratton is right, he reminded me that we never see those guys on the sidelines anymore. I can't believe that's Shannon's doing because he's one of them. I believe that's coming from the liberal dwarf, who doesn't want to make any waves to her soft liberal agenda. We have to play nice,nice. It is excruciating to see what the once mighty Canes have become. The alumni have the power to get rid of her, and better, before she destroys the entire program.

I wonder who motivated Randy when he played, because he coaches like he's high on weed. No emotion, just that frown on his face.
-Harris is gun-shy.
-Here some facts through 5 games:
1. 25 to 30 droped passes.
2. 9 int's & 1 fumble.
3. we can't tackle.
4. Our offense is out-dated & predictable
5. 2 missed FG's; 1 blocked FG; 1 blocked extra point.
6. We probably average 8 penalties a game and I don't know how many of them are false starts.
7. We can't cover a kick or punt return.
8. Our recruiting evaluation needs to change. Our LB's need to be bigger, as well as our de-tackles, they need to be bigger and taller.
We got away with being a small fast defense for years but everyone has speed now and size.
9. If we are going to keep running a pro-style offense recruit a kid who runs it in High school not someone who runs a shot-gun or spread.
10. Get out of the ACC, it's a mediocre football conference to begin with and we've fallen into that pattern.
11. Mix the defenses up more and quit being predictable.
12. Get our damn attitude back.
13. Get a Q.B. coach, Jacory's foot work is terrible, lokk at Peyton Manning, he looks like he's doing the Cha Cha out on the field.
14. Quit wasting eliblity of players on special teams, especially Jonhson & Clemente. Why is Hurns even playing, when he's the only WR you recruited last year. You have Streeter, Thompkins & Johnson, doing nothing and they played as freshman and Johnson even caught a T.D. at Duke 2 years ago.
15. Run the Fullback once in awhile.
In short go back & reevaluate everything because we no consistancy and what we have now ain't working.

Plainly, the hurricanes have no balls at this juncture... What we have here is a failure to communicate.

THE SEASON IS NOT OVER YET....let's give these kids a chance to get their heads screwed on right and finish out the season and see where we stand come January!

ACC Championship is still in the cross hairs!

Jacory Harris is a skate board punk more than a football player. I can't wait til he gets broke for good this season by a real football team!!!!!



"With the University of Miami trailing Florida State 24-7 at halftime Saturday night, Melvin Bratton said he told a group of Hurricanes fans sitting next to him at Land Shark Stadium not to worry."

Where? Stunned that nobody else saw that....


Time for everybody to take a breather.

Last year the Canes lost 4 games. If they lose 3 games this year, that would be progess.

If they lose 5 games say what you will. If they lose 4, that is stagnation. But if they lose 3 games, it will be progress.

Let the season play out. If they lose one game the rest of the year the chains will be moving forward.

Of course it doesn't look like that will happen but let them play the games folks.

They need to Fire Randy Shannon and Bring in mike Leach the guy might be a weirdo but he can flat out coach texas tech didnt have half the talent the canes do and they were a top 15-10 team for the last couple years he was there
Randy shannon should be the defensive cordinator he is good at that just not at head coaching much like Romeo Crenel. With our Talent and Leachs offense mind we would be a force to rekon with

FIRE BOTH Shalala and Shannon...NOW!

That's all that has to be said....writing paragraph after paragraph isn't the answer...the answer is right there in front of our eyes...BOTH Shalala and Shannon are not qualified at what they do.....PERIOD!!

i can remeber another great UM team that got thumped by fsu and there probably wasnt this much fuss.
the bottomline if and when we win out, we will have a chance at them again! HAVE FAITH!
i do agree that RS should let them loose and they will CRACK some seminole ass!

Hey Canes fans, you guys really need to stop trying to be the Miami teams of the 80s. You can't win national championships every year just because you have the most athletic thugs in the land on your team. Plenty of teams compete at the highest level with very few 'thug' players. Sure, UF is full of them, but Texas, Boise St., Ohio State, etc are good every year because of two things: superior recruits and coaching. You guys should be a lot more worried about why Allen Bailey can't beat FSU's small right tackle, and why the linebackers can't shed blocks to stop the running game, and why the punt and kickoff coverage overpursues and gets out of position. Correcting these is how you will get better, not all this waxing about being 'da U of old.'

No Excuses?! I have only one thing to say about the "U"s performance which I saw Saturday in person no less. GARBAGE. Destroyed at home to an in state rival infront of the whole nation. The "U" is what it is. What we witnessed against Wisconsin, Ohio State and Florida State is what this team is. Good but soft and overrated. Who does one blame for this fiasco? EVERYONE! I am giving the rest of my season tickets to Goodwill. But I have a feeling they won't take them. The "U" will be lucky to get 30,000 fans in their next home game or any other home game for that matter.

I grew up within 5 blocks of the Orange Bowl, naturally bleeding orange and green. I covered football for a Spanish sports magazine, was at the old McDonald's on Bird Road across from Tropical Park in Dade County. Coach Hubbard Alexander was signing Melvin Bratton and Alonzo Highsmith on National Signing Day to play at the U. These two brought a lifetime commitment to the Program. It was not only heartbreaking, it was embarrassing to see our Team unprepared, emotionless and heartless.

You hit it right on the head Mel, our kids are regressing instead of progressing. Jacory and his team mates from Northwestern were playing at a higher level as true freshmen than now.

Our coaching staff had the ability to get the most out of our players. We use to be able to coach them up!

Randy, with all due respect, college football is a game of emotion. If our players see an emotionless coach on the sideline being out coached game in and game out you can't blame them for quitting in the 4th quarter.

It's over. You know its bad when your alumn say the team needs one or two more thugs....THAT IS HILARIOUS! But it makes so much sense at Miami.

I've said before, if Miami can get the pure drugs that it could in the 80's, they could probably get close to what they once were. The drugs today are full of chemical and it makes for poor decision making. Ask J12.

The symptom is a lack of emotion and fire of the team, and the disease is a lack of emotion, philosophy and chemistry on the part of the assistant coaching staff. Randy is no leader any where near Howard, Jimmy, Erickson and Davis. Look what Davis has done at NC...that team, legal or not, has as many guaranteed pro caliber players as the U had in 2000. He is passionate motivator and leader, and one of the best talents in recruiting to ever be in the game, and the staff he has is just like him.
It has been a merry go round at the U for the last 5 years as all of the assistants have been transients. Whipple is just biding time in Southfla while his son is in HS in FtL. He lost every job he had because his ego compromised his play calling even in the pros. He will gone as soon as a job in the area opens up. Randy has no head coach experience, and no long term leadership skills that attracts quality assistants to him..and lets call it truthfully guys, the U is broke and will not pay for the caliber of assistant coaching staff you need. This program died when Coker fired the legacy assistants that did all the recruiting, coaching and motivating. They did the recruiting. Randy is done, and the program will never be back to the old days due to the financial competitiveness out there now in D1. The SEC schools average 5 million for there assistant coaching staffs...a small private school cannot play anymore on that field. We need to get over it, and be thankful for what we have...a perenial 7 and 5 ACC private school.

As a Cane alumni, this is one of the worst performance I have ever seen this team play. If I were the AD I would refund all the fans their money. And the coaches would have not have gotten paid. The way the economy is, people out there sacrificed so much to be able to attend the game. I am really close to writing to the President and Shannon and asking them what the heck are they doing?!?!? I am tired of seeing Shannon look like he is staring at a wall. The guy in the 80's was fist pumping while running back INT's for touchdowns!!!! and now as a coach he shows nothing?!?!? We invited "swagger" and it has to start from the coaches!!!!

The lack of fire, passion, intensity is unacceptable. I can't even comprehend how a team can finally come home to play after so long on the road, to play their biggest rival, during a time when they have their shot to return to the elite, and play so flat. The raw talent is there. The heart is not, and that's just pathetic. At this point the team does not deserve to called Hurricanes. Not given the history of greatness and effort that the real Hurricanes exhibited in the past.

My suggestion to coach Shannon: Remove the "U" from the helmets. Every player. That "U" is almost sacred...to the students, to the alumni, to the past players. It should be a privilege to be allowed to wear that symbol, and it should only be worn proudly, and with heart and passion. For the next few games this team should be wearing plain white helmets, and they have to EARN the right and privilege of wearing the "U". If they show the passion, will, and dedication that they need over the next few games, to prove that they deserve to the Hurricanes, then, and only then should they be allowed to put the "U" back on their helmets. The players came here to be Hurricanes. They need to prove that they are worthy of that name.

Also I'm riding with Jeremy Shockey. In an interview one time they asked him about The U. He said he's a Miami Hurricane, The U is some new stuff, I'm old school, I'm a Miami Hurricane. I agree with that, ever since we've been just The U we have done JACK. The U is about an elitism that the program embraces that was NOT built by many of the people here now. Its good marketing and good branding, but it stands for MEDIOCRE. Screw THE U, I want my Miami Hurricanes back!

Posted by: bg1906 | October 13, 2010 at 09:07 AM

I agree. Lose the U and bring back the Canes!

TN nole... youre a joke. fsu fans have no place to talk smack on our board. if i could arrange a meeting with u and jacory would u say the same thing in person. go back to your trailer park.

Tavares Gooden was a day One draft pick by the Ravens, who know a little about good linebackers.

This team simply reflects the attitude of the Head Coach, he convey's a steady demenor as if he's Tony Dungy. Won't work! Nice guy, great assistant and great recruiter! This is the hip-hop generation and you have to let them be who they are within reason! Who cares about a 15yd penalty for a little celebration if your up 28pts....ie. Lamar Thomas, Randall Hill, Bernard Clark, or intensity like Ray Lewis, Jon Vilma, Ed Reed, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow....we havent been right since the 2002 OSU game and I don't see it happening under the current leadership at Head Coach!!!

I agree bring back the Canes of old. You know the real Canes, the bad boys. Get rid of Shannon and get a young Smart coach and I guarantee you we will have a new QB, those recievers and backs would be given the guidance to be as dominating as they can be, and those safetys will turn into the Ed Reed and Sean Taylor that they could be. Guys we just have a staff in here that cannot develop players. So hire Harbaugh, or the guy at Virginia, or maybe that guy at temple, Patterson at TCU, or Sarkisian, and I guarantee you will see Championships come flowing in year after year just like the old days. Simply put SHannon must go, no ACC title or win will suffice.


The bottom line, it's time for Randy to turn this team loose!!! Let these players play with emotions and get away from the outdated schemes. This is not the NFL, let these kids play college football!!!

This is a great article. It doesnt feel like a miami football team. Shannon needs to go back to D co-ordinator and bring someone in who has some fir... Leach should be seriously considered... I feell ike im watching ivy league school ball when i see these guys...

You know how many Canes have been bashing the Gators all year because of 30 arrests? And now I read that Michael Irvin said UM can use a few more "thugs"? Melvin Bratton and the rest are pretty much echoing this sentiment. I would rather have Urban Meyer, 30 arrests, and 2 national championships (during his tenure), then Randy Shannon, 1 arrest, and a "soft" team (in the words of the alumni and fans). Not trying to hate on the U at all. UF has enough problems with our crappy Offensive Coordinator (Steve Addazio). But I am trying to point out the hypocrisy. There are some great points here, and you guys need to get rid of Shannon, but the problem is he'll win most of the remaining games, end up with a winning season and a ticket to some crappy bowl game, keep all the players in line, and Shalala will keep him for another decade. Just my two cents homies.

Hallejuah!!!!! Out of the mouth of a "HURRICANE". This article should be required reading from Shannon on down to the waterboy. This is what us fans, alumni and folks- want our team that we have adored and defended for years to become. It has always been a privilege to say I am a MIAMI HURRICANE fan and that is my team. Best article. Should be called "State of Address to all Miami Hurricanes"

Yeah that Cotton Bowl was priceless. Thats how real Canes play ball with Thrill Hill shootin them Longhorns down!!!!!!!!!!!

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