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Canes relish FSU rivalry, share memories

They may not be the national title contenders or super powers they once were, but Florida State-Miami week still gets the blood boiling for the players and coaches involved. 

Sean Taylor's interception return for a touchdown against the Seminoles is Brandon Harris' fondest memory of the UM-FSU rivalry. Just ask Canes linebacker and special teams standout Jordan Futch. "I'm more excited than ever," Futch said Wednesday. "This is that one game that I came here for, that one game every UM football player came here for, to beat the hell out of Florida State."

Over the last two days, some Canes have shared their fondest memories of the rivalry. Some, like receiver Travis Benjamin, have talked about their own big moments against the Seminoles -- like in 2008 when as a freshman, Benjamin, compiled 274 all-purpose yards (the most by a Hurricane since Edgerrin James' 310 against UCLA in 1999). Others, like UM cornerback Brandon Harris, recall seeing the late Sean Taylor make big plays as some of their favorite moments.

"Watching Sean Taylor intercept the ball in the rain and running it back for a touchdown -- that's an image that a lot of us as kids saw and thought that one day we'd be in that position to make those plays, the ones that people remember," Harris said. "This is one of those games that guys want to step up and be remembered for a long time."

Of course, not every current Hurricane grew up a Canes fan. A Tallahassee native, cornerback Ryan Hill naturally grew up a Florida State fan. Receiver Leonard Hankerson said he loved the Seminoles growing up and was a huge fan of former FSU receiver Peter Warrick. But they both said they eventually saw the light -- and followed it to Coral Gables.

"Anytime you're born in Tallahassee you bleed garnet and gold for a certain amount of time," said Hill, who says whenever he goes back home he pulls his Hurricane car flags out of his trunk and flies them proudly. "But going into my senior year of high school I realized Florida State was not the school for me. I was a fan, but it wasn't a school I really wanted to go to as a player."

"Guys are excited. We've been waiting for this a long time. This is what you come to Miami for. Either you're garnet or gold or orange and green. You hate each other. When Florida State plays in Tallahassee, I think Leon County jail has one of the highest rates of incoming inmates that night. You can speculate why."


Lamar Miller > Don't count on redshirt freshman Lamar Miller playing Saturday. For the second consecutive practice Miller wore a green, non-contact jersey with an injured right shoulder. When he took his jersey off after practice, he was wearing a black harness on his shoulder to protect it. Players who do not practice by Wednesday don't usually play on Saturday.

> Shannon said special teams has been a focal point at practice all week: "We got a lot to improve from last week. We had the field goal blocked. So we're working on that very heavily. We're working on the kickoff team. We do some good great things on kickoff, then all of a sudden we'll have a bad play. We're focusing on that and our punt coverage. We have to make sure our fliers do a good job getting downfield. [FSU's Greg] Reid is an exceptional returner and we have to do a good job on that."

When asked if there would be any changes in personnel, Shannon said: "No. Just got to keep coaching. You don't keep trading guys everyday. You give them a chance -- twice -- and if a guy can improve you leave him in there. If not, then you make the change. Like anything, you just have to keep getting better."

Said Futch of UM's special teams: "Hopefully we can all do like [Patrick] Chung did against the Dolphins [Monday night] and make some plays on special teams."

> Shannon has been impressed with true freshman Brandon Linder, who has come in on special packages blocking packages on the offensive line. But if Linder is going to be given more playing time, he's going to have to earn it. "We gave him a small package in the game and he executed it," Shannon said. "Like anything, if you grow and develop, the more things you give guys to do. If they don't learn it, you back off it."

> As it stands, expect freshman Seantrel Henderson to start at right tackle and to split time with redshirt freshman Jermaine Johnson for the second consecutive game. Senior Joel Figueroa, who moved to guard before the Clemson game, is now on the second team. Brandon Washington and Harland Gunn are running with the first team at left and right guard.

Ryan Hill was asked about the Canes' 2008 recruiting class Tuesday and provided high praise. "I compare that class to a lighter," Hill said. "You take gas and take a spark, I think they were the spark. You have a bunch of guys here who are gas, want to be lit. And when they came in they just sparked us. You had older guys here like me, Jason Fox, Javarris James, guys who wanted to do whatever it takes to win. And then you brought these guys in who were used to winning - that's all they did was win in high school. You have a puzzle, pieces to a puzzle, and you finally put those pieces together to make a puzzle."

> Well after practice, senior Damien Berry was seen coaching freshman fullback Maurice Hagens through roly-polies. Not sure why Hagens had to do them. But it was another sign of seniors getting on freshmen. Sunday, Allen Bailey said he yelled at guys for being lazy.

> According to UM's sports information staff, only club level seats valued at $205 remain for Saturday's 8 p.m. kickoff against the Seminoles.


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Canecern, look at the quote below, and swap out Storm Johnson for Brandon Linder, that sorta says what I was trying to say....

> Shannon has been impressed with freshman Brandon Linder, who has come in on special packages. But if Linder is going to be given more playing time, he's going to have to earn it. "We gave him a small package in the game and he executed it," Shannon said. "Like anything, if you grow and develop, the more things you give guys to do. If they don't learn it, you back off it."

My favorite part of this very good post was the end, where the seniors are getting on the freshmen for work habits and such. We are finally re-establishing the pass-on-the-tradition mentality that left when we had all those underclassmen declare for the draft and essentially decapitate the hierarchy. I also love the Futch quotation..."beating the hell out of Florida State." That's attitude boy. Now let's take care of business Saturday.

Go Canes!

Thanks Canes over Gators! Don't get me wrong, I like Coop and all we want is to go on and win. I just think a healthy 220lb back should be more productive in what is expected to be a very physical game than a 205lb back that is not yet 100%. More importantly I prefer for Coop not to get reinjured. Coach Shannon probably prefers Coop to have a good year so that he can move onto the NFL. That would help define a rotation next year for Miller, James, Storm, and Clements. Hopefully I can stop calling myself Canecern a name I came up with after 2003, if you know what I mean.

ChicagoCane your right, as long as we take care of business, I love Futch's comment. I know Clemson was a tough game, but we can't afford to slack off. These Canes have got to come out strong and score quick (But don't limit the second half to just 10 points). Full throttle all day long. MANNY, any news on DT Curtis Portis? Need depth here. Can't wait to get back into my club level season seats. GO CANES!!

No problem Canecern, it's just great to be able to discuss the Canes on here without the delay and without the ID theft.

Now I want the staff to play the pregame comments to these guys from before the VT game.

Then tie them to their chairs and make them watch the VT game from last year.

Then play them the postgame comments about how they bought into the hype.

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Let's make sure that FSU catches a UM team that is NOT overconfident, NOT complacent, and NOT ignorant of their history.

Go Canes!

1. What are roly pollies?

2. This game is the season. Miami wins this game, who else is there to stop us?

3. If Coop comes in and has the desire and determination to show that he can play and what he can do (even if it's just for the NFL scouts in attendance), then put him in. He should be well rested and ready to go.

They need to come in and be all business. Celebrate afterwards. No BS. SHow the world that the hype given to Ponder and the noles in the preseason was just that...hype. Hope to see a huge crowd, and the canes feed off of the energy. Most importantly, they need to play all 4 quarters. That is where depth comes in. Coach needs to feed the ball to whomever is hot. feed feed feed.

D needs to make Ponder's life miserable all night long, or else he will make our lives miserable with his cheesy little bubble screens and his running ability (the latter not o cheesey.

Anybody know who it was that knocked out four of McDaniels' bottom teeth last week?

this is the week for all hell to break out when we face the noles it is a all out (war)but it is like playing your brother you want to beat the crap out of them but the gators that is pure hate i hate them with passion my son go to school there and i still hate them also check out the interview with Barry Sanders Jr he is waiting for Miami to get in contact with him he like the canes so why not randy

Does anyone know if turf has been installed on the field yet? Please people, scream as loud as you can when FSU has the ball on offense. I've noticed that when the opossing team has the ball every one in the stadium is quiet and when UM gets the ball every one wants to sream. Screaming is for D support and FSU O disruption.

beny, have you noticed that even though it is FSU week, no FSU people are coming to attack? It's just part of the reason the FSU rivalry (in football, not baseball) is a respectful one.

Even that 47-0 beatdown wasn't enough to get us riled to the point of hating them.

That's the way sports rivalries should be....

OK, I say 'Canes win, but don't expect it to be close. Ponder can hurt the defense, but not if Telemque stays in his face and let's him know what the deal is. VT has got to ram, like Blades used to do.

BTW: Has anyone seen Telemaque?

I like the respect displayed here...the feeling is mutual here in Tally!

I see the score being around 28-24...but I can't make up my mind which team will have the 28!! lol...


Go Noles! Hoping for another good game...

With love from Tallahassee.


Romance is seeking perfection, love is forgiving faults!

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