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Canes: Rolle's visit "put the dog back in us"

When UM lost to Florida State by 28 points back on Oct. 9, several former Hurricanes came out and criticized the lack of effort and passion they saw from their former team. Coach Randy Shannon said he didn't see enough internal leadership and policing from his players. 

Antrel Rolle Last Saturday's 33-10 rout of North Carolina was almost the antithesis of the FSU loss. Players weren't just bouncing around, arguing with each other on the sidelines and creating big plays, they were drawing 15-yard penalties for excessive celebration. It was almost as if some old Hurricane spirits had taken over the bodies of the current Canes and made them enthusiastic and fun to watch again (Hey, it's almost Halloween, give me a pass). 

Turns out, what really happened was that a visit from former Hurricane Antrel Rolle helped a rather large awakening take place in Coral Gables. Rolle met with the entire team and then privately with the defensive backs to deliver a strong message.

What was it? "Just to play for each other, have each other's back, have coach Shannon's back and our coaching staff's back most of all," cornerback Brandon Harris said Tuesday. "The main thing we talked about was how we've been taking a back seat and letting our coaches take the heat when as a team we have to get some things together and get some things going. You sort of hear a lot about what old guys used to do. But just to hear it come out of his mouth, it was impressive...

"He spoke his honest opinion on some issues. It was true, it was undeniable. As a team, finally hearing that from an outside influence, but also somebody still close to the family, it kind of hit close to home. Usually when you hear things you're able to wash it off. But hearing it from a guy of his caliber, who has been here, who has been a part of the program, it really stuck with us. In the back of our minds we were kind of like 'Man, we can't let these guys down.' They've established this program to where it is and we have to keep it going. He said a lot of good things to us. A lot of guys took it and ran with it the rest of the week."

Rolle has worked out in Coral Gables over the last few summers since he left for for the NFL in 2005 (8th pick overall by Arizona) and is widely admired by players in UM's secondary. Senior Ryan Hill said chose to come to UM because he thought he could develop into a player like Rolle, who was a vocal leader during his time at UM.

"I've been talking to Antrel for awhile," Hill said. "I know his mindset. He has that killer instinct, that dog, typical Miami player. For him to come back and talk to us, I felt like guys bought into it. One of the things he mentioned was that he didn't think we were having fun... he put the dog back in us."

That dog showed up right around the second quarter when the Hurricanes started bopping their heads and dancing during a North Carolina injury timeout. According to Hill, it even spread into a new team chant led by Spence.

"Sean does a good job getting the defense ready," Hill said. "We have his little chant now: 'Up and down, round and round.' "If it takes us having fun the rest of our games, I'm sure you guys will see a sequel to that."

Although the fun went a little too far for officials last Saturday (when Harris drew a 15-yard penalty for playing the role of a horse getting whipped by teammate Sean Spence after his interception), it doesn't appear as if Shannon is going to curtail the emotion or enthusiasm. After the game, Harris said he expected to be punished by Shannon for his antics. But it turns out, he wasn't. Shannon gave him a pass.

"Coach said he just wants me to remember next time not get penalized," Harris said. "But the fun, the dancing? He's all for that as long as we keep winning."

> I'll have more notes and blogs for you in the coming days. But here are the video interviews from this morning and afternoon. For more interviews including Randy Shannon's press conference, check out our audio section.


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I am 66 but now I want to jump around...

I am watching a replay that I recorded and let me tell you , the tarheels play DIRTY . And they did not even show when one of UNC's defenders ripped off Berry's helment when he was at the bottom of the pile. Ican't wait until the Virginia game . Lets keep the attitude rollin' boys!

And for once, finally, KUDOS TO SHANNON. Thank you for not penalizing Harris for the flag. I'll bet shalala is down his throat.

I like the fact that shannon said the dancing and fun is cool as long as we are winning. Sounds like the Shannon that played for Jimmy. Cool deal.

U got love when the old bosses check in on the family business...

Shannon's a true disciplinarian through and through , but i mean ...have some fun once in a while. let the homies have some too.

Where are all the Randy haters now? Where are all the fickle fans and for that matter the fickle alums and south fl media? Dan Morgan? Sid Rosenberg?

And all the others who so quickly jumped on the "Fire Randy, Bench Jacory! bandwagon step aside, we don't need you! U MAY have once bled orange and green, or even have been and All-American in the program before, but what is important here is THIS YEAR! Either U are with us or not. If not, just GO AWAY. And please don't come back when the ship finally docks at its final destination like U were with us the whole time because its clear right now that U are NOT.

The coaches don't need it the players don't, and neither do the most diehard fans!

wow...are you forgetting that we still have to beat Va Tech? Hopefully not with ur name being vasoulcane...im just saying.

Posted by: VASoulCane

First of all aint nobody hatin on Randy...they just tellin it how it is. And dont talk about Dan Morgan bcus he has freedom of speech and was one the the best LBs to come thru here and make millions in the NFL. Trust me you dont want the so-called bandwagon fans to go away either becus that stadium will only seat 10k a week. And dont give me half the fans never even attended the school either bcus then there will only be 2k in the stadium a week. Your talkin about championship but every year we talk championship and the same thing happens. We have all the talent in the world in South Fl but miami continues to be an average team in the league. All us fans want is to see our team win and succeed.(I already kno someone is going to call me a gator fan)

110% agreed with VASoulCane

I'm hearing that NCAA investigation of the Gators is getting nasty.

Too early to judge this season. I still believe, but I realistically expect 1-2 more losses given the inconsistency this year. Next year sets up well though with veteran skill position players, some young but good players on the o-line, a deep d-line.

The gators are currently #5 in the college football bottom 10...when they lose to Georgia on Saturday do you think they garner the honor of being the worst team in all of college football?

Ill admit i wondered if randy was right coach for this team after the fsu loss. That said i still thought he deserved a 5th year to prove himself. Considering where he brought this team from. It was great to see the team play loose and have fun for change this season. Its all well and good to be a disciplinarian as coach but u need to let kids especially college kids have fun playing ball and looks like randy did that. hey it was nice to see randy finally have some fun on the sidelines also. Its been fun watching randy grow as a coach the last 4 seasons. keep it up and win out and they are acc champs. Thats a nice step up from seasons past and will lead this team to a charge for a national title next year.

VAsoulcane- No you didn't. You are dissing Dan Morgan? R U ef--in serious? Let me tell you about Dan Morgan (in case you never saw himplay).

Dan gave his soul and sacrificed his body for this team. In 100 degree whether in 2000 against FSU, you could see the monster game he had.

What Dan said was 100% true. ANd why would he say it if he didint care? Fact is, he and the 100s of otherformer canes care a lot and havebeen highly dissapointed about the last 6 years of miami football. They were here in the OB fairwell game in 2007 when UVa came to the cathdral of Miami football, the OB, where glory had seen the U win NCs and where Dan Marino got started, and saw a team of quitters get plastered 48-0.

Dan Morgan bleeds green and orange. Dont you forget that.

The harsh constructive criticism is what is needed at times, and just maybe the lesson in all of this has finally gotten through to the players and coaching staff!!!
When SHannon stands their looking "stoic" with no expression except disguist at moments when his player's make a mistake is not what is needed from your leader.. Let the postion coach get in the kids face. tell him what went wrong but as the leader Shannon needs to pick the kid up tell them there is more game, you are gonna get another shot!! WHEN THE LEADER LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE GOING IN TO THE TANK THE TEAM FOLLOWS!!!SHOW YOUR KIDS YOU HAVE THERE BACK HAVE AND HAVE FUN WITH THEM!!!

AS for the player's, harsh criticism is what you get in this town. We are so tired of kids coming in here putting that U logo on and assume they are going to be big time. For the kids that grew up here you should know what is expected from you, the players that were here before you put the hard work in and let it show on gameday with dominating the person across from them.We are used to seeing this dominatiion as a fan and should we apologize for wanting anything less.. HARD WORK PAYS OFF! DOMINATE YOUR MAN!! PLAY WITH EMOTION!


wow...are you forgetting that we still have to beat Va Tech? Hopefully not with ur name being vasoulcane...im just saying.

Posted by: marble mouf | October 26, 2010 at 11:06 PM

Sean Wilson, who is this "we" you are talking about? When you use the "marble mouf" ID you are a Gator fan, remember?

Get lost, Curse Piggy, before it is too late.

can we play boise st on the smurf turf befor they win 57 in a row? need to protect that record.

Orlando Franklin being down is not good news. I'd keep him out, healing, resting, to get him ready for the VTech game. Not that I assume we are going to beat Maryland and Ga Tech (which we should). Just saying.

I like Boise State, but I agree, if only they played thelikes of Oklahoma, or whatever, at home, regularly, they would lose. That 58 game OB streak is definitely in jeopardy.

Simply put...it was the most rabid of fans and the disgusted former players that were not afraid to scream at the top of their lungs, "WAKE UP!" What if all the critical fans had done nothing to stir the souls of the coaches and players? Does anyone think things would have gotten better quicker without it? We are ONE big family and sometimes other family members have to 'check' the wrong behavior within the family. For you touchy-feely so-called 'real' fans remember one thing...one more loss and this season was over in regards to a Conference rematch with the Semiholes. Fortunately, the awakening of the team came just in time. Hat's off to those that made accurate and deserved criticisms. Believe me, the results have brought back a degree of fear and trepidation to those teams we face going forward. Intimidation is half the battle and a little swagger makes it fun. I hope we bury Virginia 49-0...one point more than they did to us in the last OB game. I hope we blast through the rest of the ACC this year leaving nothing but a trail of destruction. Rage-on mighty CANES, rage- on!

FSU did to Miami the same thing the Japanese Imperial Navy did to the US Navy at Pearl Harbor...came into our 'house' and bombed us mercilessly. Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto commanding the attack on Pearl Harbor was quoted afterwards, "I FEAR ALL WE HAVE DONE IS TO AWAKEN A SLEEPING GIANT AND FILL HIM WITH A TERRIBLE RESOLVE." FSU has only awakened a sleeping giant to their demise in Charlotte!
Miami is coming FSU and hell is coming with them!

I want to chime in here because I have been critical of the President, the athletic department, the coaching staff, and the players that DESERVED the criticism. There are some here that are asking where the nay-sayers are hiding. I am not hiding. I am right here. I got two things to say.

1 - I am just as happy as the soft fans the the Canes put together a great game. I was cheering and happy just as anyone else.

2 - They would have never put on that performance without the criticism they have rightfully received.

Do you think they would have showed that resolve and heart with you care-bears coddling them like babies? Wake up wussies. This is a man's game. Go play soccer.

To all who ask where all the Shannon bashers are ,We are still here and it is because of US that he is letting them have more fun now . It is because of us they are playing harder. It is because of us they are catching more balls. Do you actually think if the heat was not coming they would be playing like they did vs. UNC? Someone has to put the heat on them and it sure wont be the fans who keep saying "next year". We have talent here so coach it up and if you can't ...step aside. I show up to All the home games(with a 4.5 hr drive each way) and some of the away games. I stay to the END(0:00) at each win and each loss. I am optimistic with any oponnent. If you guys were even at the FSU game ( which I doubt) You were the ones clearing the stadium with 8:37 left on the clock saying as you were leaving " well, next year". I was in my seat looking forward to a LOOOONG ride home thinking two TDs and an onsides kick and we can pull this one out. This is not your kids team where everybody gets a trophy at the end of the season. It's either win or lose. And I like to win! NOT NEXT YEAR! If randy does not get it done then someone else will.

Sidecane you are the shizznit!!!! i am one of those in some respect that you refer to in your message. i do hate the fact that some are too critical and it can be a detriment to the team and recruiting. But after hearing your reasons. i have to admit that you are 100% right. im from northwestern, played with some hurricane greats in hs and grew up running the streets of brownsub and liberty city with fathers of current crop of canes. although i dont consider ever getting rid of shannon(jewel). i will admit the pressure from fans actually made a difference. i am also one of the canes that stays to the end. im a 26 year Army Vet from ft hood, texas with a purple heart and two bronze stars. i would give my right arm and leg to be at every game and that is the truth. love the kids, love the canes

JJonah, thank you for serving OUR country. We depend on you.


They lost to Boston College in the Micron PC Bowl in 2005.

They claim this loss doesn't count due to the fact that they were the visiting team in the bowl. Something Miami did against Oklahoma in the '88 Orange Bowl and Nebraska in the '92 Orange Bowl.

Really Bosie State? Really?

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