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Canes talk after North Carolina win

Big win for the Hurricanes on Saturday night against the Tar Heels -- one I certainly didn't see coming especially by the final score of 33-10.

Couple of thoughts before we get to the video:

> I can't stress enough how much emotion had to do with this win. The Hurricanes looked like an entirely different team, playing with heart, playing with passion, celebrating big plays and not caring about drawing penalties. In the third quarter, I felt like someone switched the DVD and put in highlights from The U movie. The question now becomes will the Canes keep it up?

That's hard to say. But it if felt like after talking to Brandon Harris -- you'll see the video below -- that this team did exactly what Randy Shannon wanted them to do. They became accountable for themselves, started policing themselves. Harris said the team had a players only meeting last Tuesday, prompted by himself, Sean Spence and Vaughn Telemaque. He said during the private meeting, different players stood up and expressed themselves. It took them a little while, but the Canes started playing with that emotion Saturday. Like Telemaque told me last week, you can't be a vocal leader until you actually do something on the field. Now that some of these Hurricanes have -- especially on defense -- maybe we'll start seeing this team on Saturdays instead of the lazy, walk-through version we've seen far too often. Cross your fingers, anyway.

> Heard this after the game: Former Cane Antrel Rolle, who visited UM on Tuesday, was a big part of that players only meeting and encouraging Shannon to come out of his shell a little more. Not sure if Shannon actually danced. But he definitely chest-bumped Orlando Franklin.

> Quarterback Jacory Harris looked like he was getting off to a terrible game Saturday. He threw a wounded duck on a deep route to Travis Benjamin on UM's opening drive, then threw and interception on an absolutely terrible pass back across his body. But give Jacory credit. He rebounded nicely, finishing 21 of 32 for 217 yards and three touchdowns. What I liked most about Harris was that he didn't get down. According to Shannon, after his pick, he came to the sideline and said I should have run the ball. I'm not saying Harris is completely over his woes. He still couldn't hit the deep ball and was almost intercepted two more times. But this was his best game in quite a while. And that's a start.

> If Allen Bailey can figure a way to send just one tape to the NFL combine, he should make sure it's this one. Tremendous game -- 3.5 sacks and six tackles. It was nice to finally see the big dominate like Mel Kiper thought he would when he tabbed him the 11th best player in the upcoming draft.

> It's not even a question anymore -- Asante Cleveland is UM's best tight end. He should be starting and seeing a lot more balls going his way.



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The U has life!!!!!

Canes looked good ...

finish ?


props to the players. this win was all them. they played like a family and with... swagger. i loved tmaq's fire on the sidelines. i loved the dancing. i loved spence and b-harris' celebration penalty. i loved the resiliency. coaching, admins, and others tryin to hold this team back. and the players finally said f*** it!!! we're gonna do us! play with that miami swag! play free! keep it kids. its you against the world. real fans supportin the heck out of ya!!!

stay grounded though. learn from the past. we've seen these decieving "turn the corner" games from you guys before(OU, GT, FSU). play with passion every week... and NEVER LET UP.

True indeed they looked good. But, we need to see them against a team not riddled with injury or suspensions. Enjoy the victory gentlemen.

**keep it up kids.

This UNC win is as empty as when they beat Sam Bradford-less Oklahoma last year. Lots of false hope and propaganda, but no heart for the big victory. 2010/2011 will turn out to be the biggest waste of talent in the history of college football--the number of NFL stars on this team will show that Randy Shannon had no idea of to turn it all into a UM-style winner. Kirby, please let Mark Whipple(and Spencer Whipple for that matter) take it the rest of the way.

Really, India? Ask LSU if the win was empty. Carolina took it to them.

You are only happy when you are unhappy. The type that even if they were ever to win the NC , you are immediately complaining about next year's team.


Well if Miami stays undefeated for the remainder of there ACC season then we could see a possible rematch for Florida state but one step at a time right first UVA,Maryland,GT,VT. You know those last 3 will play you hard no matter what. I am down in south America for 4 months does anyone know where I can see the highlights of there games? thank you.

u r a complete tool...i can't even say anything else. give them props for winning and lets hope they keep it up. your nonsense is terrible.

Cant make some people happy.Good win guys.I like the enthusiasm, just hold onto it a bit more so there are no penalties.Allen Bailey is the man.This was A qb that had only been intercepted 1 time,and we made it look easy.So say what you want about Carolina, but we were only favored by 6,and won by 23.I think the experts probably know the game a lil more than the haters,and we beat those expectations.

Howdy Pards,
Great game Canes!!!!! Looks like Asante is going to be a go to TE. I loved the Passion on the sideline! No more long faces. Prepare hard for Virginia.
Go Canes

To India and other so-called fans:

I travel here from ATL to take my son to each home game. The FSU game killed me and I tore into RS like everyone else for not having the team ready. But I made the trip again yesterday and we had a blast last night! Great win. Great emotion. Solid, but not great execution.

But the negativity in my section was too much to bear. Even when things were going right I still heard "fans" calling for RS to go. I still heard folks knocking J12 real hard. I'm like, "damn, where's the perspective folks?"

This team could have tanked it big time after the FSU loss. But they got back up as best as possible for Duke then really brought it for UNC.

If we're going to knock the coaching staff when they come out flat then we also have to give some props to the staff for helping these guys rebound and focus. And after yesterday's losses for Texas, NDame, GT, BC and many others; 5-2 doesn't look bad. So I challenge the fans this week that post here to please put some positive energy on here! Stop taking shots for one week. Let the kids read some good posts about how we're proud of them getting up and fighting back! I'll see you guys again in Sec 112 for the Maryland game.

My little guy is looking forward to more chest bumps with the fans after Canes touchdowns!

God Bless and Go Canes!

Great win tho I aint gone lie defense running game the lines o and d the wrs played with pride jaja making throws on the run randy showing emotion you guys gave me what ive been waiting for all year and a celebration penalty thats right fire and desire reminds me when georgia got one against florida a couple years ago lets see where this goes

This UNC win is as empty as when they beat Sam Bradford-less Oklahoma last year. Lots of false hope and propaganda, but no heart for the big victory. 2010/2011 will turn out to be the biggest waste of talent in the history of college football--the number of NFL stars on this team will show that Randy Shannon had no idea of to turn it all into a UM-style winner. Kirby, please let Mark Whipple(and Spencer Whipple for that matter) take it the rest of the way.

Posted by: indiacane | October 24, 2010 at 06:49 AM

Do us all a favor and go far away like india you d**chebag.
You're the guy who never gets invited to go anywhere because you're SUCH A FU**ING DOWNER.

Go be a gator fan. They could use you right about now.

I'm so proud of this guys, just going out there at taking care of business and as a unified team. Go Canes!

Great job, Canes! Way to take it to NC! Loved seeing the energy on the sidelines, and the coming out of Heart and passion. Loved Coach putting some juice out there, and Jacory playing a strong passing game, balanced by a tough running attack. Keep up the intensity, one game at a time. But who doesn't want another shot at FSU? Don't let up!!!

Any news on Franklin injury?

WOW!!! this look like a new team...Love the dancing on the field.... the energy on the sideline. This is what we fans want to see... Bring the swagger back, who cares about the flags...Will dance with UUUUUU...

Years ago, the win over UCLA set a change in motion for Butch Davis. Hopefully, last night marked the change for Randy Shannon.

Stop bashing Shannon and Harris. Shannon improves the wins each year. Harris is not used to losing at any level so he is learning how to lead through adversity. The running backs are all NFl caliber. 2011 it will all come together. The U is not getting rid of Shannon while the program remains clean and graduating these young men. UF we see clearly now..you think Meyer is staying more than 2 more years? FSU is only a matter of time until we see the rules infractions. We are the U and we stand together through thick and thin.

RANDY let these kids play with pride.. let them follow tradition... let the flags fly, who cares we got the win.... this is the first time all season that these squad look like the REAL U, and look and the results....Nothing but A..... wooping, so lets continue to play with that kind of energy

You're on Whipple's jock so hard you don't realize that the offense has been the main concern of late.

DANCING on he field.... WEll IS ABOUT DA... time... u canes went out there against UNC and represented the U the right way... get fired up get pissed, start getting in the oppenets face, talk junk, lets go.. that is wat the U is all about......WE LOVE IT... Keep the fire burning dont let it Die boys... GO Canes....

I hope high school reccruits saw the game last night because only at the U will u see so much energy and passion, and dont forget THE SWAGGER!!!! football is an emotional game so lets go... celebrate and dance on the field... Who gives a F.... WE Are the U.....

Great win CANES!! kudos to Shannon for having the team fired up, playing with emotions and ready to play. Don't get the big head. Remember the 24hr rule. It applys after a win as well as a lose. We still have lots of work to do. Like tighten up on the run defense UNC avg 5.1 a carry. Penalties. Took away a couple of big plays. Stop starting the game flat and find out whats going on with Bosher. He shanked a couple of punts and missed a P.A.T. We got Virginia up next. Let's see if we can play with the same FIRE,EMOTION and PASSION.

FIRE.. thats wat we have been waiting for. continue to be fired up... Dance on the field.. U deserve it.. WE R THE U..Keep it going boys.. keep getting on each others face to be held accountable....Lets finish the season strong....Thats what the fans want to see

How bout Corey helms back on special teams. Never underestimate his impact. Holdng that left side helps out alot keeping everyone in their lanes. Good game canes

Finally, last night I saw the University of Miami football team. One game at a time guys - great work!!!

Go be a gator fan. They could use you right about now.

Posted by: jamescooper13@live.com | October 24, 2010 at 08:52 AM

He already is a Gator fan! The dude has mad 'cane envy! That's what happens when one team has two of the greatest seasons of all time in their trophy case, and the other teams greatest season of all time has a home loss to Ole F'ing Miss., and nothing resembling an undefeated season! F'ing Tool!

Go 'canes!

These guys showed that they have it.

running game: Beasts with Miller and Berry. Miller is a home run threat. haventhad that much speed and capability to turn the corner since Frank Gore. Berry is a one man demolition team.

receivers: went up and picked balls from the air. dropped a couple and cut routes short but this was a better performance. Coach davies kept saying that J12 should throw to receivers other than Hank, and he did. he was right. Asante is the TE of the future.

D line; Bailey- This is what we have expected from you for 2 years. Keep it up manimal. VT: That energy and fire on the sidelines is the leadership and spark this teams needed. Both you and #1 made incredibly key plays.

I am very proud of these guys. Makes me proud to wear my cane gear, and fly my flag. UNC was not a pushover, sanctions or not. There offense is solid. They should have beaten LSU. A bad play calling by Butch at the end cost them the game.

Likre last week, a win is a win. Tell thatto texas, who lost to the worst team in the big 12 (ISU), tell that to Ga Tech who was pummelled by the very same team that we should have blown out, tell that to Florida, Ndame, Oklahoma.

The swag could be back, but I wont be posting "the swag is back" just yet. Got to see it more consistently.

@ India Cane

Being as nice as I can, Let me inform you that Whipple is the Offensive Coordinator. He is in charge of play calling. Besides the FSU game, offense has been the problem for this team. Any int's and problems Jacory has had,is b/c of Whipple not developing him. But like I heard last night at the game, its all Shannons and Jacory's fault. There were fans that were complaining if we called a time out! I asked one guy why he was complaining about the TO, he said b/c now we gave NC time to figure our play out!!! Wow! Im sure it would make you feel better looking at Whipple as your Head coach. Strange how he doesnt get any criticism, or is it? Shannon has developed some of the best NFL talent currently playing in the NFL right now, and Id argue as a Def coordinator has more talent in the NFL than any Def coordinator. You think he forgot how to coach. Yes he is a Defensive coach, he has Whipple to coach the offense. Some of you people really neeed to get it together. And for the real fans, please learn to understand these idiots.

Someone posted above that we've seen false "turn the corner" games before and I completely agree. Our problems are probably not solved yet. BUT...what a game! What emotion! They finally looked like they were having fun. Receivers made great catches! Byrd dropped that pass and then got back up and caught a tough one. And you can't say enough about Berry and Telemaque! Talk about carrying the team on your shoulders!

We should handle the next 3 (though you should never look ahead, especially past Paul Johnson), so that VT games looms huge! Come out from the start next week...don't wait until the 2nd quarter. Kick UVA in the teeth from the opening bell.

Go Canes! Welcome back...I hope you stay!

Nice post by ATLKane...we head down for some(not all)of the home games from the ATL also(Peachtree City specifically). Unfortunately we missed last nights game, but a great win. Unfortunately, I don't thing we'll beat both GT and VT, but I would love to be wrong. What a story though if we win out and have a stellar 2011...

National Presser, UNC took it to LSU for a couple of reasons: Butch is a good coach, and UNC still had the drive to prove something this season; as things have dwindled, we saw a different Tarheel team yesterday. ATLKane, were you in agreement when fans were calling for Larry Coker to go? If some negativity comes across from fans who feel they are watching a once mighty team remain an under achiever, well, sometimes these comments affect action. Yes, Larry Coker had many more glaring problems than RS, but it still is not a good fit. Truly, he's a cane through and through, no doubt bleeds orange and green, but any Schiano, Wannstedt,(and Whipple), I think, would have prepared a team with this much talent much better. James Cooper, no need for name-calling, I love this team like everyone else and I just want the best. CaneBoss and Finkcain, I think that Randy and Jacory have gotten biased breaks because they're home-towners. Of course, that's all open to debate, but please, answer this question: are the canes truly fulfilling their potential? Could another coach bring it out better? We should be 7-0.

REally people some of u are still gonna rip this team. If this team had showed up at fsu they win that game. this is the kind of emotion and leadership they have been missing. If this team shows up the rest of the way they run the table. Wrs caught the ball and went up and made plays on the ball. The play calling had them throwing it underneath to rbs and letting them make plays. running it right at carolina the kind of game ive been hoping wipple would call. The turning pt for me was after that 76 yd run. Watching telemaque rip into his teammates u realized this wasnt the same team u saw at fsu and from that pt forward u saw 2 picks a bunch of sacks and 0 pts from carolina. Keep in mind this is the same carolina that lost to lsu minus 18 players by 6 at lsu. U all thought thy were gonna lose to carolina then when they blow them out rip this team. No u dont get to do that. i was as mad at randy after fsu as most of u but this game he coached his ass off. And the players finally showed fire and passion as did the coaches. Good win. shorthanded carolina was yes. U cant make excuses when the team u pick to win loses and denegrate this program for a great effort and fire after ripping them for the opposite against fsu.

What the heck makes you think Schiano, Wannstedt or Whipple would have this team better prepared? Thats flat out a dumb statement

India u must be curse of art kehoe that pig. Its the only thing i can think of. Are u kidding me wanny loses more games his teams should win then any coach in america go screw yourself. u are not a true cane fan all u do is whine win by 20 against a top notch team like carolina and u whine. go home u arent a real cane fan. All shannon has done is improve by 2 wins every year. If this team does that this year how can u fire him idiot. If the same team from fsu had showed up yesterday id be on fire shannon team also but it didnt. this team came to play with fire. Oh and carolina had alot to play for yesterday if they win that game they beat vt they would win coastal division so its not like carolina had nothing to play for. Also they have been getting there players back not losing more idiot. U have no buisness saying u are cane fan go home curse we see through you.

Didn't see the game but the score says enough. Hope they can keep it up.

Let Schiano win a Big East title before you claim hebwiuld be better. As for Wanny, he had good talent in the NFL and was run outnod Chicago and Miami so try again.

IndianaCane is just a typical hater....nothing new.

When Shannon wins a NC he'll still be saying, "But Jacory missed that wide open WR" or "The 2001 team looked better."

ANY excuse to show his pathetic, impotent hatred. lol

Youre another one that needs to leave as a Miami fan. This week to week garbage is weak. Always looking for a reason to leave anyway so just get off the Cane train junkie. Youre not needed

What are you the keeper of Miami fanhood?

What coach do you think, any of you that feels Randy should be fired, think is better suited to coach recruit and run this team?? And heres the equalizer, for the Money that the University can afford to pay??? Get back with me when you figure that one out.

I don't know if it is false hope or what. What I do know is that our boys came out and played a good game. After the first few series Jacory quit floating passes and started letting it rip. Good to see. Whipple did a much better job of running the ball more, Berry is just a battering ram and Miller may be the best running back that we have had since Portis. The wideouts did amuch better job of playin physical and catching the ball. Great job Benjamin, Aldarius, LaRon, and Hank but I would like to see Streeter more since That guy can stretch the field deep and he is huge. The TE CLeveland is without a doubt our best TE and should start as long as he plays like that the rest of the season. Defense was lights out Harris, spence, Bailey, Vernon, telemaque, HIll and Armstrong were all over the field, much better job.
And of course Shannon much better job of showing emotion and firing up the guys. I don't know about the rest of you but I saw glimpses of the Canes of old when Harris made the int and Spence and he were celebrating and dancing. Thats the deal guys, thats how its done. Who cares about the 15 yds for excessive celebration. Thats the emotion I and the rest have been screaming for U guys to show. Get back to being the Bad Boys just like last night. Maybe this is the beginning of the sequeal Bad Boys II, Miami style. Keep it up Randy, Canes.

Im one of many looking to make your life a live hell seanwilson523@hotmail.com. Dont even come on here trying to act like a Cane fan after all the garbage and negative yap you have been running while using those different names

I don't care what any of you say....The Miami Hurricanes have always and WILL ALWAYS be my favorite team. NO MATTER WHAT. Great game last night guys. Enjoy it. Get over it. Get ready for your next mission. Stay focused and give me some more discipline and we'll be playing in the Orange Bowl.

last nights game was the best. CANES PLAYED GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CANES FOOTBALL!!!!!!

Well good luck with ur deal with Sean. Really though U should just let it go and let the kid be.

Bravo Canes.
We ran the ball like beasts on a mission. Hope Lamar Miller is OK. Celebrations after TD's cause problems...(ask Teddy Ginn)...hope that wan't the case here.

How can anyone post negative after this decisive win. There was PLENTY of talent facing the Canes last night. We just powered them down. Even our passing game should power. Benjamin's leaping catch and run. Byrd's reaching out across the goal line with the ball.
Play this way, and we CAN win them all.

Sorry, I meant "showed" not "should."

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