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Canes talk after North Carolina win

Big win for the Hurricanes on Saturday night against the Tar Heels -- one I certainly didn't see coming especially by the final score of 33-10.

Couple of thoughts before we get to the video:

> I can't stress enough how much emotion had to do with this win. The Hurricanes looked like an entirely different team, playing with heart, playing with passion, celebrating big plays and not caring about drawing penalties. In the third quarter, I felt like someone switched the DVD and put in highlights from The U movie. The question now becomes will the Canes keep it up?

That's hard to say. But it if felt like after talking to Brandon Harris -- you'll see the video below -- that this team did exactly what Randy Shannon wanted them to do. They became accountable for themselves, started policing themselves. Harris said the team had a players only meeting last Tuesday, prompted by himself, Sean Spence and Vaughn Telemaque. He said during the private meeting, different players stood up and expressed themselves. It took them a little while, but the Canes started playing with that emotion Saturday. Like Telemaque told me last week, you can't be a vocal leader until you actually do something on the field. Now that some of these Hurricanes have -- especially on defense -- maybe we'll start seeing this team on Saturdays instead of the lazy, walk-through version we've seen far too often. Cross your fingers, anyway.

> Heard this after the game: Former Cane Antrel Rolle, who visited UM on Tuesday, was a big part of that players only meeting and encouraging Shannon to come out of his shell a little more. Not sure if Shannon actually danced. But he definitely chest-bumped Orlando Franklin.

> Quarterback Jacory Harris looked like he was getting off to a terrible game Saturday. He threw a wounded duck on a deep route to Travis Benjamin on UM's opening drive, then threw and interception on an absolutely terrible pass back across his body. But give Jacory credit. He rebounded nicely, finishing 21 of 32 for 217 yards and three touchdowns. What I liked most about Harris was that he didn't get down. According to Shannon, after his pick, he came to the sideline and said I should have run the ball. I'm not saying Harris is completely over his woes. He still couldn't hit the deep ball and was almost intercepted two more times. But this was his best game in quite a while. And that's a start.

> If Allen Bailey can figure a way to send just one tape to the NFL combine, he should make sure it's this one. Tremendous game -- 3.5 sacks and six tackles. It was nice to finally see the big dominate like Mel Kiper thought he would when he tabbed him the 11th best player in the upcoming draft.

> It's not even a question anymore -- Asante Cleveland is UM's best tight end. He should be starting and seeing a lot more balls going his way.



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Normally I would say something about that INT, but it was into about a 20mph wind. Last night THEY LOOKED LIKE CANES! I'll take a couple of those unsportsmanlike Penalties every game. THAT'S SWAGGER CANES. And , it's about time randy showed these guys he is not a robot. Although he does appear to be in interviews. Good job to Clevland...Berry...Seantrel...And the whole D. Randy needs to let thier swagger flow instead of holding them back. The next 4 are must wins, Lets hope they keep running hard , Catching balls,and dominating on D. For lands sake randy , Don't kill thier swagger. LET IT FLOW...LET IT FLOW...

@MontanaCane. Try Channelsurfing.net

Win lose or draw gonna always be a cane fan. Ive been waiting for some emotion and to see this team enjoy playing football all season was great to see that last nite. I just dont think when u beat a team like nc a team who was still in the hunt for the coastal title as well as the acc title u can say well this doesnt count carolina had nothing to play for. U cant rip this team for no emotion and fire and when the team and coach show it and win a game against a team they hadnt beaten under randy with butch at the helm ask for the coach to be fired. A real fan enjoys the win looks forward to the rest of the season and doesnt call for his coaches head. Not when that coach showed more emotion in one nite then he has in the entire time hes coached this team previously. Randy is getting better and better last nite was just another step in this teams develpement and his developement as a coach.

Hopefully, these Canes understand now this is the type of energy they have to bring every game.

If the offense can match the energy of the defense we could be the team that everyone thinks we should be.

Right now the defense leads this team.

Our wide receivers could be the most boring unit when it comes to encouraging one another and getting fired up over the big play. We need them to play with fire too.

Good job tonight, Canes.

Im not sure how to take yesterday's win. It just seemed like UNC wasn't interested. Why did they stop running to the outside? With didnt they throw over the middle to a slot or TE? Why wasnt Yates patient? He had enough time to look around. It just amazes me that we won.

There we good things that happened, but if Im UNC, im embarassed.

Im embarassed that post made it to this blog. Its not like Miami deserves any of the credit for making NC looking that way. Now go back and check on your best facebook pal Justin Bieber and finally leave this place seanwilson523@hotmail.com

need to start benching some of the wide recivers it seem like they only run full speed when they kno its a possiblty there getting the ball but i like the true freshman allen hurns he played alot and sometimes was the only reciver in the game he need to be the stater since it seem like hes the only one that want to block and run full speed along with hankerson and travis benjamin

I've been reading where some are saying we've seen this before and in so many words they are not going to be taken in by false hope and so on.

Let me ask those of you that feel that way...did you ever think that the Canes might get even better than their great performance of last night instead of regressing backwards?

I DO!!!

Instead of always pointing out all the reasons things could or have gone wrong it is time we 'ALL' start focusing on what has gone right and all the reasons IT WILL GET BETTER!

Play this way for 4 quarters and we can win them all. Play this way for 3 quarters and we'll win almost all of them. We need the whole game.

I love the excessive celebration too, but quick question. If they just run to the sideline and do that they don't get the flag. Run off the field first and you can dance like you're in a nightclub if you want. Why not have your cake and eat it too?

see what happens when we actually run the ball more that we throw......
great games are defense has a bend dont break attitude.... we still bend a little to much ......allen bailey had ggod game but need to shed blocks better., or some kind of arm shed technique ... he dancing with the tackle to long...2of his sacks were coverage sacks so props to our db/s ...are linebackers still need to cover the lanes better...they should know they can drop back and defend the slants ....coach randy is for some reason shttn on mike james .. he needs to be in more ..on jacory's int .. byrd just stood there didnt try to come back for ball at all ...and jacory he never goes threw atleast 3progressions... he looks in same direction all the time .. he nneds to look off his receivers for a change.....if the defense is flying to the ball so fast until some times we over run the play and they break a long one i can live with that ... at least i know they are trying to kill the runner .......what took so long to see chase ford cant catch a cold .... asante cleavland who showed out in camp shouldnt be playing this late in season ....same exampl why eduardo clemete gets play b4 storm johnson .........RANDY SHANNON IS STUBBORN .. he needs to make sure that dont keeps him from getting to the next level .

I was at the game last night. Great win . Unfortunately , the one thing I remembered the most was that after the UNC running back Johnny White ran that 70 yard + for a touchdown, the Hurricane fans started boo-ing the team. At that moment, 50% of the Hurricane players on the benches turned around to look up at the crowd yelling at them with a suprised and hurt look on their faces. When the team is not doing well everyone is upset, but the most upset are the players themselves. They don't need peaople yelling at them or boo-ing at them. The irony of a fan base boo-ing at them during a game they eventually went on to win.

whoa boys and girls a win is a win, yes i am so glad to get that unc monkey off our backs i was stoked to see the the fire in our canes but lets not get to excited just yet shall we. one game at a time and if the team stays consistant we can get our revenge against fsu.. so please stop the hate stop the ups and downs and just stay positive and dont pump them up to much so their heads explode and then we have a set back just keep hoping for vt and gt to win so the can jump in the ranks by time we play them.. on that note loved what i saw last nighT

always a true fan here!! and by the way i love what randy has done with the U sure he is learning remember folks he has not been a head coach before this so he has a lot more to learn!!


Great win by the Canes, great emotion and heart played a huge role in this victory. We need to see that EVERY game, no excuse for not coming to play with that EACH and EVERY week.

Worried Hurricane:

I, along with some others, have been trying to reason with those on this site and some Canes fans in general who do nothing but find ways to slam these kids to lighten up.

This phenomenon all started when unbelievably after the 5th National Championship win against Nebraska a segment of these same type Canes fans loudly complained and bitterly berated Larry Coker claiming he called the dogs off preventing a real beat down of the Cornhuskers. At the time and even now when thinking about it I feel sick to my stomach.

Today, not only are these same type of fans slamming the current players and coaches, they have now taken to ridiculing our recruits who have committed to the Canes before they’ve even played a down in a Miami uniform. There are those who have unbelievably been belittling Teddy Bridgewater whom most every major program in the country is recruiting and would dearly love to sign. That, ladies and gentlemen tells you that the apocalypse is upon us.

For weeks the current players and recruits have been saying publicly that they do not at all like what the most vocal Canes fans are saying. The current players have said they don’t need the fans and will move forward without them. When you start hearing the recruits voicing how little they think of Canes fans the fall of the Canes Empire is at hand.

For the thousandth time…the day the recruits no longer feel it’s cool to throw up the “U” or it is all of us (fans and players) against the world, is the day the music died!

No one got hurt on a celebration. Hank limped off after making a leaping catch and getting both his feet down in bounds on his td. Miller got hurt by a horsecollar tackle by bruce carter. They did call it but still thats the injury there. So i dont know where the celebration after a td causes problems.

It was AWESOME! Loved the Swagger. Loved the passion. I don't even care about the penalties. Players meeting reminds me of the game against BC when Ed Reed almost blew it for us. They stood up, took responsibility and boom we won. If we play like we did yesterday it can only be an avalanche. We can hit everyone like the freight train.
What I didn't like was the stands still looked empty, despite 43k people. I used to use the excuse that there's a lot of other things happening in Miami. It's no excuse. Dolphins play on Sun. Heat have tons of games. Fall in Miami belongs to the Canes. Lets represent. Lets support. Lets intimidate.


I would like to see a few more games with this energy and swagger... Looked like the old U last night congrats...

Bridgewater shouldn't come here, his skills don't fit this offense. Go to Oregon!

And the count of consecutive weeks in the NFL with a former hurricane player scoring a TD: drum roll please............................

129. This week: Willis McGahee and Santana Moss.

Lat us not forget that with one more Punt or kick off return for a TD, Devin Hester will be the Number one All-time in the NFL.

Are we surprised? Do you all remember hester's first one against the gaturd?

Bridgewater shouldn't come here, his skills don't fit this offense. Go to Oregon!

Posted by: Canesjunkie


To the real Canes fans:

It is clear this canesjunkie guy and his sidekick Championships blah, blah, blah are not Canes fans and only post negativity to create dissension amongst this blogs members or to dissuade a recruit from joing the Canes.

For anyone that has any clue to Teddy's staggering athletic skills to suggest he go to another program is plain and simple stupid. Making that point all the more clear this guy suggests the Canes not recruit Teddy and he should go to Oregon...THE #1 TEAM IN THE NATION!

To all u fairweather fans jump of a bridge or choke urself like I said b4 these kids r a different breed they have to find their owe swag to show that they are winners and be consistent every game firing someone in the middle of season does not make sense if u really love the U like u say love them whne they are dwn pic dem up n encourage dem to do well every game stop bashn dem on a wkly basis I love da CANES win or lose I am n always b a CANE fan no matter wat I will not bash dem they get enough of dat from u sometimin fans n da media CANES play ur game do u n represent the community n Miami well see u n da ACC championship game n DEC.

Canesjunkie, just said the truth and that is that his skills are more suited for Oregon's offense. And his skills are, thats all. He's not hating on us but we run a prostyle offense and thats what we need a prostyle QB. Get a life dummy.

@ ATLCANE and other fake fans. Good win by the boys. I still don't understand the negative reaction from some of you people. Maybe some of you all should support " a winning program " such as Texas or maybe UF. Despite what you make think of UNC, and all of their issues, their still a very good coached team. Ask Clemson and LSU. Even with a win, you fake fans can't find anything positive to post. Stop wasting page space so I may read quality post. GO CANES!!

championships is all that matters;

Hey Verne the Dwarf this blogs stone cold imbecile...Teddy is one of the best FOOTBALL PLAYERS in the country who may or may not play QB at the "U". He is so good that an offense could be built around his skills. At the very least he would be an outstanding wideout or defensive back. Please tell me you and your alter ego canesflunkie are not this stupid.

So, you and your many aliases decide that Teddy would be better playing for a school, who--oh by the way--would kill to have him join their team, along with about 100 other schools.

Again, to the real Canes fans, I realize the wingnut is a Gator fan posing as a Canes fan, but even accepting that to be true he's one of the stupidest Gator fans on the planet. And yes, I also realize he is most probably the soon to be made famous Sean Wilson.

For your hate to be taken seriously you will need someone who can read, write and count to 10 to start helping you with your posts.

Now run along Pee-Wee...you bore me!

Keep on thinkin dummy, we don't change our offense for one player. This is the U in case U forgot. It must be tough being a Gator these days. Especially one wanting to be a Cane. I'm still a packin and Ur still a lackin. Later Dummy

I just feel like being in "the state of miami" is a blessing that the right coach can always turn into a nat'l contender. I became a cane fan when I was six years old and I saw the Doug Flutie play. We're losing the Nick O'Learys....the guys who will flip off the whole state of ohio....we're losing that canes identity, maybe it's just a 1/3 life crisis and I should accept the miami evolution, but I still believe that the best corps of players and attitude necessary to win year in year out is raised in south florida, seems like four years would have been ample to turn these guys into winners, not just incremental improvement by 2 games, that's not the canes style. It's certainly not going to inspire anyone to film "The U, Part 3" any time soon.

Why would you not want an amazing athlete like Teddy. That kid is sick! i would love to the rollout with Teddy.

Championship douche, you are neither funny, clever nor insightful.

Reminds me of a blog Pig I used to know.

championships is all that matters:

Here’s the thing…they say that when someone realizes they are acting abnormally chances are they are not insane. Of course should they act oddly and think it is normal, then they are most probably suffering from some form of insanity. Now have someone explain the meaning of that statement to you…I’ll wait…anything? Oh well!

Moving ahead…in your case you don’t realize that the things you blog are painfully stupid, without merit, moronic. You do see where I’m going with this don’t you? …you don’t? ...it means you are stupid—stupid!

Teddy Bridgewater is a fantastic football player who will play on Sunday's when he graduates from the "U". Teddy Bridgewater is a leader. Teddy Bridgewater exudes the Canes tradition.

Pee-Wee, the only thing I can say to an outsider like you is: "It's a Canes thing--you wouldn't understand".

Well if I am stupid as U say what would that make U? Lets see that would make U light years beyond stupid. So that would be mentally retarded. Since U obviously can't help yourself. And who says I am trying to be funny? Clever and insightful yes that would be me. I can't help the facts are above your understanding. Ta Ta numnuts

Seriously, Championship Douche, how old are you? Are you Sean Wilson? Is that why you promote tolerance and forgiveness towards that dead man walking?

I smell a rat..... Errrr Blog Pig.

Indiacane...you asked about my thoughts on Coker in comparison to RS. Here's the big difference. LC inherited a stockpile of talented players and failed to win against OSU. Yes we were robbed, but I remember thinking that it should not have been that close to begin with. The talent of the program steadily then increasingly declined after that season. That was due to recruiting which was totally on LC. Proof positive was the 48-0 thrashing RS took against UVA in the last game at the OB...all with LC's players!

RS has steadily and significantly improved the talent on this roster. Please note true freshman Tyrone Cornelius #39 on special teams and true FM Cleveland as TE...as everyone on here as already acknowledged.

Player development falls on the entire staff. Whipple is supposed to be a top flight QB coach yet we have not seen the best of J12. Then again Pat Nix played QB pretty well and we never saw him develop Kyle Wright who had all the tools? So not sure if its always the coaching or just the reality of working with 18-22 yr olds?

Finally, RS did what the head ball coach and leader is supposed to do...get the team focused, fired up and fight ready! There are other coaches that could do that easily here, but RS has a unique story that resonates with the "state of miami" kids that no other coach can duplicate. And those are the kids that win NCs. RS can get 'em here. Staff needs to develop 'em and fans...true fans have to support 'em.

Go Canes!

Very nice win Canes. It was nice to see the fire back. Don't overlook anybody and continue to believe in each other. If you do that I have a real good feeling about the end of this story for 2010.

I just feel like being in the state of Miami is a blessing, and the right coach (usually someone relatively unproven and hungry from outside the program) can have them in nat'l contention every year. Maybe I'm missing the canes evolution, but we're going to lose the Nick O'Learys of the world--the guys who will flip off the entire state of ohio. South Florida is a miracle in how it develops football attitude and talent--not even the SEC can compete with Broward, Palm and Dade. "Improving by two games" is a consolation, not a victory. I hope we win out, avenge the FSU loss, and destroy someone in a BCS bowl, but I don't think it will happen under these circumstances--but the sad thing is is that it should, it should have happened last year.

Wouldn't U like to know. Is that the reason that U defend Shannon or what reason is it exactly that U defend him. Is it merit or accomplishment on his behalf or something else more personal. U see to a real cane like myself its all about the championships. I will say on Shannon's behalf I liked the emotion he showed last night. I do not know whether it was him loosening the reigns on the players or them just doing it themselves and could care less either way. All I do know is they showed glimpses of the Canes of Old last night and it made me proud to be a Cane. Now that being said all we did last night is what we were supposed to do. which was beat a depleted team. I felt that we should have won by at least 30 and we could have had they not pulled the dogs off late in the game. Which I can understand Shannon's reasoning behind it with Butch being a close friend and former colleague. I hope this is just the beginning of Something Big for the Canes. and if Shannon can keep the boys playing like they did the last 3 quarters of the game and dominate the rest of the season then he's cool with me. But if not get his pink slip and get to steppin. Its all about The U getting championships, wins, and rings for me.

One game at a time.

I hope we win out, avenge FSU, then destroy some team in a BCS bowl, but I just don't think the formula is right. Unproven yet hungry coaches from outside the program have been the best recipe. These canes still make mistakes that better coached teams would not. After four years, applauding "improvement" is a consolation, not a victory. Wasting the talent in the state of Miami is a tough pill to swallow, that's all. No need for bashing or name calling--we all want the old dominance, but can you imagine anyone giving the Ed Reed speech these days?

For Montianacane and any other Cane fans out of the country, I'm in Korea and watch all the Canes games on justin.tv You'll have to pay a monthly fee but it's well worth it.

one game at a time. Players- don't take UVa lightly. They run theball. A lot. come back home 6-2.

"A better coached team"...I'm still seeing that argument on Monday morning. Unbelievable Indiacane. Please point out the great success and championships that all these kids that have "flipped off the state" are having at other programs.

Where's the superior development and success of the 3 QBs that transferred? You don't think RS is hungry? Would you not be hungrier coaching you alma mater than someone else from the outside? You think RS is happy with just 2 game improvements?

It takes 3 things to win my man...heart, confidence and execution. This team has struggled only with execution. J12 has definitely shown the heart...playing hurt since Pitt game. His confidence may have been restored yesterday with his receivers catching and fighting for balls. But the team as a whole must execute better and the execution part is 100% on the players.

No coach...Urban, Boise St guy, TCU guy, Saban, Miles, Schiano, Leach, Tressell, etc can execute for the players on the field. Players make the difference sir. Are you telling me that Kelly has stopped being a good coach now that he's at ND? Or is the fact that he doesn't have the players to execute on the field the reason why they're 4-4?

RS will have them ready for UVA...but the players have to want it and they have to execute! GO CANES!


Get tha hell outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 24, 2010 at 06:16 PM

gatorflunkie, lets talk about the team you really root for. Your team is a joke. Three losses in a row with a fourth on deck this weekend. The gators reload all right.

ATL Kane I agree with you let's all stop criticizing the team. They did really good Sat and we made T.J Yates look like a "Pop-Warner" Qb. So what more can you ask for we receive another win and on top of it all we're in the BCS poll!!!!!! So let's continue on reving our guys up and give them the respect that they have earned. Jacory you did a fantastic job you might of over thrown ur guys twice but other than that you did what you had to do.

I'm ver proud of you guys especially the Defense you guys looked like some hungry wolves. Damien Berry keep on getting those 100 yard games bro your doing good. O-line lets make the penalties a minimum because Lamar Miller was suppose to get his TD after that big run he made. So keep up the good work and Vaugh keep the fire going on the sideline that made a big difference.

NICE win at home ! loved it. looking ahead, if this team plays with that kind of fire the next 5 games are in reach! play hard for 4 quarters and good things will happen.
some of n c runs cause some concern however , flags at the wrong u have to be smart ... holding taking away long runs, spaking flag we did not need ...kickoff coverage much better this week , do your job on d stay at home and dont over run a play. keep grinding it out on the grongd and the passing game will get better and better and better ! nice job o line ! unblanced gave them some head aches !GO CANES ! WIN LOSE OR DRAW I'M YOUR BOY !

To the real Canes fans:

It is clear this canesjunkie guy and his sidekick Championships blah, blah, blah are not Canes fans and only post negativity to create dissension amongst this blogs members or to dissuade a recruit from joing the Canes.

For anyone that has any clue to Teddy's staggering athletic skills to suggest he go to another program is plain and simple stupid. Making that point all the more clear this guy suggests the Canes not recruit Teddy and he should go to Oregon...THE #1 TEAM IN THE NATION!

Posted by: Bull Gator | October 24, 2010 at 07:00 PM


Actually he's right and you are plain and simply stupid. Apparently you have never seen Bridgewater play or maybe you're just too dumb to interpret what you see. I'm thinking it's more of the latter. Anyway, that guy is not a quarterback. He blows.

All the negative ninnies should just chill, or just stop posting here. The look on Shannon's face on this picture says it all: relief, pride, happiness. Like a weight was lifted off his shoulders (for now). Be happy for the man. Hasnt anyone here ever failed at something, done less than what you thought you could? Here's a guy who I know is trying hard. He is recruiting, and the players like him. Let's give hime some time.

These players are jelling slowly but surely.

At one point we will find "the formula", but right now they are slowly moving towards it. Check outthese perennial (at least in the 2000s or in years past) championship contenders and see what they are doing:


It isn't as bad as manyhere made it sound to be. Show up at the next home game. More than 45,000 people. Go canes. Bring back the swag.

Good win. The "U" did exactly what they were supposed to do to a under manned N. Carolina team. 10 starters out on defense? They got the job done just like they should have. But they did it with fire and emotion which is something they have lacked all year. The question now is, can the "U" keep playing this brand of football for the rest of the season? I know this was last year, but last year against Oklahoma and G-Tech the "U" played with the same fire and passion we saw Saturday. But they could not sustain that fire and passion for some reason in other critical games. So we will have to waite and see. But it was great to see them play that way again. The "U" vs. V-Tech for the ACC Coastal Division? The dream is still alive but with a sense of caution.

Celebrating after a great play..Wat is wrong with that?... I LOVE IT.....we need more of that..

Good win. But then again, UM is just what it is, middle of the pack. With the 2 loses, it's another bowl game in December. Rank: 22.

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