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Canes talk after North Carolina win

Big win for the Hurricanes on Saturday night against the Tar Heels -- one I certainly didn't see coming especially by the final score of 33-10.

Couple of thoughts before we get to the video:

> I can't stress enough how much emotion had to do with this win. The Hurricanes looked like an entirely different team, playing with heart, playing with passion, celebrating big plays and not caring about drawing penalties. In the third quarter, I felt like someone switched the DVD and put in highlights from The U movie. The question now becomes will the Canes keep it up?

That's hard to say. But it if felt like after talking to Brandon Harris -- you'll see the video below -- that this team did exactly what Randy Shannon wanted them to do. They became accountable for themselves, started policing themselves. Harris said the team had a players only meeting last Tuesday, prompted by himself, Sean Spence and Vaughn Telemaque. He said during the private meeting, different players stood up and expressed themselves. It took them a little while, but the Canes started playing with that emotion Saturday. Like Telemaque told me last week, you can't be a vocal leader until you actually do something on the field. Now that some of these Hurricanes have -- especially on defense -- maybe we'll start seeing this team on Saturdays instead of the lazy, walk-through version we've seen far too often. Cross your fingers, anyway.

> Heard this after the game: Former Cane Antrel Rolle, who visited UM on Tuesday, was a big part of that players only meeting and encouraging Shannon to come out of his shell a little more. Not sure if Shannon actually danced. But he definitely chest-bumped Orlando Franklin.

> Quarterback Jacory Harris looked like he was getting off to a terrible game Saturday. He threw a wounded duck on a deep route to Travis Benjamin on UM's opening drive, then threw and interception on an absolutely terrible pass back across his body. But give Jacory credit. He rebounded nicely, finishing 21 of 32 for 217 yards and three touchdowns. What I liked most about Harris was that he didn't get down. According to Shannon, after his pick, he came to the sideline and said I should have run the ball. I'm not saying Harris is completely over his woes. He still couldn't hit the deep ball and was almost intercepted two more times. But this was his best game in quite a while. And that's a start.

> If Allen Bailey can figure a way to send just one tape to the NFL combine, he should make sure it's this one. Tremendous game -- 3.5 sacks and six tackles. It was nice to finally see the big dominate like Mel Kiper thought he would when he tabbed him the 11th best player in the upcoming draft.

> It's not even a question anymore -- Asante Cleveland is UM's best tight end. He should be starting and seeing a lot more balls going his way.



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Remember the humiliation Virginia inflicted on the Canes in the last Orange Bowl game. No matter how bad or good Virginia is this year, Canes should focus all their energies on destroying Virginia especially because of that sad ending. Revenge reigns eternal for the Canes versus Virginia!

Good win against an average UNC team. We did play with emotion but for this team it comes and it goes. To me the season was lost against FSU. Yes we can achieve a measure of revenge if we don't choke against either Ga. Tech Or Va. Tech but in case you haven't notice, we've struggled against these 2 teams too! Talent wise we have a top 7 team, consistancy, emotion, preparidness & execution boderline top 25. That's what's sad about this team. Aside from a few youngsters on the o-Line, this is a veteran team and at this juncture, I really believed we'd be undefeated. OSU & FSU, are you kidding me!, no way we should have lost to them. If, by some miracle, we can run the table and finish in the top 10, going 12-2, then I could state, that we are close but close is like finishing second, who cares! In my opinion, we let a great opportunity for a ship to get away.

Posted by: James | October 25, 2010 at 11:55 AM

That's more than can be said about the gators. They are not even middle of the road but you knew that all ready.

Posted by: carolinacane | October 25, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Let it go. There was no way this team was ship material this year. Most logical fans predicted 11-1 or 10-2 with the latter more realistic. We can still get there. 99.9% of UM fans would have taken 10-2 with a chance to play for an ACC title. Last I checked we are right on track.

Agree with []_[]. CArolina Cane is a bit off track. While I too secretly wished for a 12-1 or 14-0 season, the likelihood that was going to happen approached 0%. Tell me, what teams could pullsomething like that off with Miami's schedule. Ohio State went and lost to a team they could beat 7 times out of ten in Wisconsin. Oklahoma loses to Mizzou? After what they did to FSU?

Miami should think about a 5-6 year run of cream puffs to pad their schedule.Maybe they can add another 2 ships like the trds did. naaah. Thats not the cane way.

Anybody with anything bad to say is not a real fan of this team...you had to be impressed with the entire squad, starting with Randy who I've been harsh on the last two weeks. Hats off to VT (we've been looking for a captian all year), kudos to the O-line (we man-handled a depleted d-line like we were suppossed to). How awesome is that pic of randy chest-bumping! Makes me wanna :-)

Hey Manny - nice prediction for the UNC game - you were only 32 points off.

You guys are funny...graduated from UM.

Sorry I'm out-of-step with the "official opinion" on Teddy Bridgewater. I'm sure he reads the blog everyday and makes his life choices based on what we write here.

BTW, you guys are obessed with the Gators. Way to be true Canes fans.

Please, let's clean up the garbage on this blog. No more references to Gatard trash. That makes me puke. Or is it the stench from the unwashed trailerjunkies?

I agree with Fast Forward.

"championships" is not Curse.
"R" is not Curse.
"indiacane" is not Curse.

J Smooth? Perhaps.

But even so, the REAL Curse, seanwilson523@hotmail.com, is running around shutting down his internet accounts and hoping his relatives don't turn him in.

Now, on the other side, "championships", "R", "indiacane", etc., please understand that we just went through a rough time with a psychopathic racist troll that was saying SOME of the same things you are saying. Some folks are leery of comments like yours because they MIGHT be from that guy.

So, no mention of that team up north.

Critical Canes fans, we won by 23, and it could have been 30 easily. We beat the spread, and what failures in the past are in the past. We beat them worse than any other team this year, and showed the fire that was missing. Let us enjoy it.

Bull and others, let's get happy, and not worry about the Shannon/Harris/Whipple comments until we actually lose a game. They are improving, while teams above us are losing. From unranked (27th overall) to 22nd is a great jump. Three more wins, we might be Top 10 when we face VT. Time to enjoy the climb upward.

ATLCane, I came down from the ATL again also, you must have been sitting around Section 444, lol!
I was hearing the same stuff the entire time, even grumbles on the way out! The Canes did look better, but the thing that caught my eye the most, was the O-Line gave J12 enough time that he has actuaaly started looking off the Safeties, and hitting different recievers!!!!!
The O-Line is really starting to impress me, Sentrel was the real missing link. One thing I hate, is, how can you run the ball all the way into the Redzone, then three pass plays and a FG!!!! Thats ridiculas to me, stick with what got you there!


indiacane is a giant pile of decaying @#*#! How pathetic a life, how pathetic a human being. Dude, go see a psychiatrist! Why would you even view or follow a team that when they have a big win you come in to write the attacking, nasty, negative garbage you write. How sad and gross a life you have.

For the record, UNC played LSU to the last play of the game. Despite the suspensions, had won 3 in a row. And for the UM game they had gotten back 2 or 3 first round draft choices on defense that DID play in the game Saturday. So UM beat a decent team by 3 touchdowns, not a bad team, but a decent team by 3 touchdowns and you complain? Wow, how pathetic!

Ok, hold on folks. This was UNC. Whatz all the hoopla about?

I saw some good things, though. I liked how Telemaque got the fires started, etc. he's still got a lot to prove, but U gotta think that maybe, just maybe, Benny Blades was on the phone with him the week prior. We still got some probs with DL. How are teams busting through the line, for Pete's sake? Wasn't Forston on that 30-win Northwestern team? This was a good win, but it was against a depleted UNC team. I saw a little effort, if we had half of that against FSU, thn U'd have something to talk about.

RS is still on the hot seat, believe it. but as long as he keeps the discipline going, as long as he graduates players, as long as he kisses up to Shalala and HoCutt, he ain't going no where.

We got some coaching probs, Whip is not immune to this either. We need more screens, more running back options, more end arounds.

U know it's strange: Telemaque is so-so, but he's got to step it up, even some more. But he's the kinda guy who'd make an NFL team, what does that say about RS?

cool cat = nitwit

Telemaque is so-so? are you on crack? kid id on another level right now.

The problem with the Boise State and TCU rankings is it will encourage more teams to litter their schedules with cream puffs. In fairness to Boise they did play Virginia Tech and Oregon State.

As an example, Florida is ahead of the curve on this phenomenon by only scheduling 4 away games this year, along with an assortment of cream puffs. There is no doubt Florida plays some quality opponents, but considering this year’s schedule and them having avoided scheduling quality out of conference opponents in a home and away series for years takes away from the true spirit of college football.

Kirk Herbstreit, who I believe is the best college football analyst in the country, makes a persuasive argument for Boise State as a potential national champion. But, his opinions are only based on what he “thinks” Boise State would accomplish against a tough, quality laden schedule.

The bottom line in my view is the high ranking of teams that clearly play very weak schedules could diminish college football in the long run as more and more athletic directors try to schedule conference and national championships versus playing all comers during the regular season.

You guys continue to let that guy destroy the blog. People can't even post on here without getting attacked.

I'm not a Gator, I really don't even care about them and their little regional program.

Open your eyes and see that most fans don't want Shannon. I'm sorry if this is news to you, but it just goes to show you don't attend games.

WOW we beat UNC for the first time in 5 meetings.. lowly UNC with their second stringers and we are celebrating as it is a National Championship NOW THAT IS PATHETIC!!!

Whipple should take over the HC job... send Shannon to Cheerleading school... just get him out of the way, he has is no HC materia and he is a Horrible leader... now if we get to the ACC title game New Daddy Jimbo is going to humiliate him or us again..that is if VT doesn't Humiliate us First!!!!

I just can't stand this Frigid attitude of Shannon. He is lifeless!! and his FAKE SMILE makes me wanna puke... this team is his reflection.. JUST FIRE SHANNON let Whip be the Head Coach!!!


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